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My first live stream!  

AnonInMI 28M
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9/16/2021 7:12 pm
My first live stream!

Whether it's solo or with others, I LOVE RECORDING! It's so freeing to comfortably be able to share those intimate moments with others while having clear intentions of them wanting to find content that turns them on and me truly enjoying providing it and trying to turn others on. Last night I finally decided to try my 1st live stream....it was one of those things I always wanted to do and just went for it on impulse and boredom....In hindsight impulse may not have the best approach for the 1st time but at least I had fun and learned a few lessons.
1. Nervous ED is apparently a thing? I could not get/maintain a hard cock to save my life. The combination nerves, constantly thinking because of the live factor, and using lotion like a savage masturbating for my first time ever because I was too lazy to walk 3 rooms over for lube, made things hard but not literally.
2. How TF do you manage trying to respond to viewers messages, put on a good show, and avoid awkard fumbling closeups of your face and hands?
3. It's hard too be sexy when you can't edit those less than flattering parts out. Apologies to the viewers who had to see a rookie try and play it off when he leaned back thinking the wall just a little closer than it was. If it wasn't apparent, I wasn't slamming myself into the wall with passion from the flaccid dick in my hand. I tripped.

Despite some snags I seriously did enjoy it and can't wait for the next time. Any current broadcasters please comment with tips that you've learned over the years. Seasoned viewers: Let me know what you like to see with solo male live streams!

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