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Aphrodite_the_Vi 43M/34F  
2 posts
8/28/2021 5:08 am

I was nervous since I have not been with another guy in 7 years....once I felt the head of his dick pop inside my throbbing pussy I was no longer nervous..I looked up at my husband and said oh fuck...he shoved his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth..before I finish this part kudos to any girl that can be tag teamed and be coordinated sucking while being fucked. It is hard lol.

I felt James dick sink slowly deep inside me and he pushed all the way inside me...that little bit of extra length hurt but felt fucking good and I felt sensations I've only felt sparingly from hubby..I knew he was gonna wreck my insides but I didnt care..he slowly slid in and out making me feel every inch of him....then he grabbed my hips hard and thrust hard and deep...he went about halfway out and slammed in again...faster and faster ...feeling his muscular body slamming into my fat ass and pussy was sending so many sensations through me...he was relentless..hubby grabbed my neck and pushed my head into the bed and said take that dick...that sent me over the edge and I was cumming so hard...feeling james dick slamming inside me...over and over I kept cumming and James grunted and said I'm gonna cum hard and slammed harder into me...omg....his cock swelled up and got bigger and him throbbing and pulsing in my pussy hurt so bad but felt so good...he kept slamming into me..I felt the warmth of his cum filling inside me...

When he finally stopped...he slowly plopped out of my pussy...I felt it gape and his hot cum was running out over my clit...my pussy was<b> sore...</font></b>throbbing..swollen....he said to hubby look at all this cream...his cock was almost white...he laid down and hubby said clean him off...I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it...hubby got behind me and spread my ass open....

The next part coming soon

Carameltaste6 30M  
4 posts
8/30/2021 5:54 am

sounds like so much fun

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