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Applebutter2018 41F
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1/19/2022 9:23 pm

Last weekend I housesitting for a friend. She a way for 2 weeks and I took advantage of their pool and hot tub. I getting out of the shower after work when I heard the door close downstairs.

Their decided to have a few friends over from college. I went downstairs to introduce myself. One of they guys told me I hot and even asked if I married. haha They offered me a drink and we all ended up in the backyard. They all took off their clothes and jumped in the pool and then the hot tub. Naturally I got in the hot tub after they begged me. I got in after I changed into shorts and tshirt.

I got in and sat on the guys lap who thought I hot. He asked me to get naked and the other 2 guys begged. So I did. I got up to pee. But when I came back only one guy there. We talked for a few minutes when he asked to rub my shoulders. So I let him. He so hard. A few minutes passed when I stood up and asked him to make me a drin We went to the kitchen I felt like I needed to suck a coc

So I got down on my knees and opened my mouth. I almost done with him when I heard the door open and saw 3 guys watching. So I let them. The guy got stage fright and couldnt finish. Oh well.

I sat on the couches with the other guys for a while watching a movie when a guy started playing with my hair. I only wearing a long dress shirt and horny af. He only wearing shorts and a tank top. I layed my head on his lap up at him and licked my lips when he stuck a finger in my mouth. I rolled over and pulled out my prize and licked it up and down. I felt another guy sit on the couch and start playing with my legs and ass. The other guy taking video with his phone when I told him to join.

I blew them all for awhile when I got on all fours and begged to be pumped from the bac One of theguys tried and came in 2 minutes all over my ass. The next guy pumped me hard for almost minutes before rolling me over and cumming in my mouth. The last guy drilled me hard and came all over my face.

Afterwards I went for a walk when I noticed an older man watching me. I only wearing a long jacket with a hood. One of the guys came with me and so I let him drill me again on a swing in the par

RobK2006 54M  
5998 posts
1/20/2022 4:04 am

Your posts are so hot. They are great masturbation material. Wished I'd been at the pool or park. I would have ate out your pussy.

69ereatwetpussy 59M  
6784 posts
1/25/2022 5:05 pm

love to be there i shure could use a good sucking'
along with a place to put my cock
and to eat you so you can enjoy cummmmmmming

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