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Nerdy Guys
Posted:Jan 25, 2022 12:41 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2023 6:20 pm

I met a younger shy nerdy shy guy at a little bar a few weeks ago. Probably never been laid. After a few beers I started to ask about his fantasies. He wants to tie up girls and just have his way. He also wants to walk them around on a leash etc. We took a walk afterwards and flirted when we started to pass a trail head. He asked men to walk down it. So after about 20 feet i slowly got down on all fours and looked up at him and said I'm ready for my walk if you have a leash. He quickly made one out of his belt and a phone charge cord. I was only wearing yoga pants and a hoodie.

Then he stopped me and told me Ive been so fucking bad and slapped be twice in the face and a few times really hard on the ass. I was stunned but turned on. He grabbed my arms and tied them to waste so fast. He pulled my hoodie over my head so I couldn't see. He picked me up and carried me to a fallen tree where he tied my ankles up to trees so I was spread eagle. Thats when I felt him rip a hole in the crotch of my pants so he could kiss my pussy and spit on it. He straddle my face and rubbed his dick all over it forever and made me beg for him to fuck my mouth. He had thought about this before. He pulled out his phone and filmed it. He finally came all over my face before blindflolded me and gagged me for what must've been 2 hours., When he removed them there were 3 of his littler nerdy friends with their dicks out touching me all over and took turns fucking my face, pussy and tits. They let me go after they had cummed all over me and got dressed. So I went over to one of them and pulled out his dick and told him wasn't done. I made him cum again in less than a minute. I still wasn't done.
Posted:Jan 19, 2022 9:23 pm
Last Updated:May 29, 2023 6:20 pm

Last weekend I housesitting for a friend. She a way for 2 weeks and I took advantage of their pool and hot tub. I getting out of the shower after work when I heard the door close downstairs.

Their decided to have a few friends over from college. I went downstairs to introduce myself. One of they guys told me I hot and even asked if I married. haha They offered me a drink and we all ended up in the backyard. They all took off their clothes and jumped in the pool and then the hot tub. Naturally I got in the hot tub after they begged me. I got in after I changed into shorts and tshirt.

I got in and sat on the guys lap who thought I hot. He asked me to get naked and the other 2 guys begged. So I did. I got up to pee. But when I came back only one guy there. We talked for a few minutes when he asked to rub my shoulders. So I let him. He so hard. A few minutes passed when I stood up and asked him to make me a drin We went to the kitchen I felt like I needed to suck a coc

So I got down on my knees and opened my mouth. I almost done with him when I heard the door open and saw 3 guys watching. So I let them. The guy got stage fright and couldnt finish. Oh well.

I sat on the couches with the other guys for a while watching a movie when a guy started playing with my hair. I only wearing a long dress shirt and horny af. He only wearing shorts and a tank top. I layed my head on his lap up at him and licked my lips when he stuck a finger in my mouth. I rolled over and pulled out my prize and licked it up and down. I felt another guy sit on the couch and start playing with my legs and ass. The other guy taking video with his phone when I told him to join.

I blew them all for awhile when I got on all fours and begged to be pumped from the bac One of theguys tried and came in 2 minutes all over my ass. The next guy pumped me hard for almost minutes before rolling me over and cumming in my mouth. The last guy drilled me hard and came all over my face.

Afterwards I went for a walk when I noticed an older man watching me. I only wearing a long jacket with a hood. One of the guys came with me and so I let him drill me again on a swing in the par
An Older Man
Posted:Nov 1, 2021 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2022 10:04 pm
Older men rarely approach me because of how young I look . I’ve always wondered what being with older men would feel like. I saw my friends dad getting out of the shower in my teens and fantasized about sucking his dick.

One of my dads friends lives not far from me and sometimes I run into him at the park where I walk my dog. He’s decent looking and I caught him looking at my ass a few times.

Anyway, last weekend I was walking through the park in the rain wearing a raincoat and a dress. I saw him walking through the park in business casual clothes and a raincoat, so I flagged his down. His car had just got a flat tire so he was just walking home change. I was drinking some wine as I often do when I’m alone so i gave him some because he was frustrated. We talked for a few minutes when I told him my shoulders were sore from the gym. He offered a shoulder rub and I accepted.

I was sitting on a bench and he stood behind me. He was good. talk about family and blah blah. He tells me that I’m beautiful and can’t believe I’m still single. I was feeling good and warm when I tell him that I’m really just trying experiment with casual and public places being me. He played with my hair for a second and touched my lips.

Then he walked around the bench and stood In front of me when I see a nice bulge. I looked up and smiled, licked my lips and opened my mouth. He slowly undid his zipper and pulled it out. He asked if a casual blowjob would be too much. So I leaned forward and kissed it for a few minutes before swallowing it. His eyes rolled back. I blew him for about 20 minuets. He pulled me up and told me to bend over with my hands flat on the bench. I took off my rain coat and turned around. i stood up on my tip toes and bent all the way over thinking he was going to pump me from the back. He was so amazed that I wasn’t wearing underwear that he just got on his knees and ate my twat and ass for almost an hour. A couple walked by and saw the whole thing. We walked over to another bench when I laid on my back and asked him to fuck my mouth. He came all over me within minutes. Zipped up his pants and kissed my pussy. We exchanged but I insisted next time he bring a friend.
A bet on the 10th of July
Posted:Jul 10, 2021 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2021 5:30 am
The bet we made the day prior was that if I could use him for my oral fixations as long as I wanted without him cumming then he could have his way with anywhere and do anything he wanted. I teased him for hours.

After an hour drive early the next morning, and ironically in Cumming, he pulled over walked out into this field on my hands and knees. He had just ripped off my panties, so I was extremely turned on. Then he tied my wrists to my ankles and poured at least 3 large bottles of KY all over me before pounding my tight little pussy hard and quick for about 3 minutes.

He came in me and then propped me my knees so he could lay back rest with his dick in my mouth and my head between his legs. He promised that I was going be nothing more than a cumbucket for the rest of the day, and I liked the sound of that a lot. I let him know by winking at him and trying swallow him more. He slid his dick between my breasts and in my mouth before spraying the hot and sticky all over . Then he cut the bindings and made me put a black sheer bodysuit and red lipstick on before putting a collar and leash on my neck. As if it wasn't the best morning already, he facetimed his friend while he walked me over some trees and asked him if he had a good idea of what do with next. He tied the leash to a high branch as he walked away still talking with his friend.

After about an hour past before I see him and his friend appear. They gave me some water and some fruit and insisted I drink some wine. I figured why not because I know the day is about become more interesting. After they tell me how sexy I am and what a great time we're about have, blah blah, my friend puts a blindfold on me while we sit down on a fallen tree. I feel kisses all over my body for about half an hour when I hear a motor running. I guess they invited another friend with a 4 wheeler. I drank a lot of wine and he gave a pill that was supposed make things more euphoric.

They began to mist me with a sprayer and it felt amazing, especially while blindfolded and bound. They then picked me up and put in tight yoga pants and a little white tshirt on me. on the four wheeler sandwiched between them, we rode for at least another hour before stopping and drinking more wine.

We walked down a trail to a small waterfall and river. The guy sitting behind me on the way there had been playing with my hair and rubbing his dick all over my back the whole ride so I really just wanted a cock in my mouth. They put music on and asked me to dance so I did. Next thing I know his friend, the guy sitting behind me on the way, suddenly bends me over and rips a hole in the crotch of the pants and just kisses and spits on my pussy from the back for awhile as the other 2 watch. He rips off my clothes and makes me crawl into he water. It felt so good. I swam over to a rock and gestured for him to come, which he did. But he brings an amazing little dildo and a bottle of mineral oil. He eats me out forever while I beg him to fuck my mouth.

Oiled and spread out on another rock, he finally grabs me by the hair and fucks my mouth like he is angry and my mouth is a pussy. It was so hot that I came. We were so loud. Then he drags me over to a tree by the edge of the water and straps the dildo to it and makes me suck it while he pumps me deep and hard from the back. Then turns around and puts the dildo on an insane vibration while he pushes me onto it with his cock in my mouth. I came probably 6 times before he makes me look at him while he pumps my mouth full of cum and then kisses me and licks it all over my face leaving me there in exctasy.

Eventually, I walk back to the other 2 guys and have some more wine and fruit while we talked. His other friend pulls out a lil bo peep type of costume and asks me to dress . They must've been setting the tree platform and the cameras up while I was away. They put masks on and proceed to give me what I want until I'm proper soaked with my favorite fluid.

They cleaned me off before putting me in some booty shorts with a bikini top. They put a belt on me that my wrists could be bound to by my sides and begin writing over my body in red and black markers when the third guy shows up and shaves my pussy and legs. They took turns giving it to me on the 4 wheeler on the way back.

They blindfolded me again and put me in the back of a large SUV and drove while listening to really loud tehno music. They put my leash and collar on and took me for a walk before removing the blindfold. We were in the middle of a large parking lot of mostly men and they had written the cumbucket and some other names over my back and stomach with marker already. It kind of turned me because that is definitely what I was that day. Amazing!

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