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Posted:Oct 11, 2020 11:14 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:52 pm

First time doing this but here it goes.

Me and a friend have been having sex for a while we both love eachother as family and we both agreed to a friend with benefits. She was green as anything and really shy first but over the years she has been growing in confidence and starting to feel more relaxed about sex ashe still is scared about some things like for example, I am trying to convince her to let me shoot my load in her mouth as she is worried about the taste of it but I have showed her all the benefits of swallowing my spunk and she is still scared to do it.

Anyway the other week we meet.ul on the cycle path after I finished work and we went for a little walk, we found a really quiet area and went into the trees to a clearing to sit down and talk about eachothers and to try and help build her confidence. As we gazed into eachothers eyes I moved In for the kiss and pressed my lips against hers. She was wearing a beautiful flowery dress and as our lips locked and our tongues clash In eachothers mouths, I placed one hand behind her head and the other went down her dress feeling her breats and started playing with her sexy nipples on her small but really sexy tits making them go hard, I started kissing her neck and making my way down to her sexy tits and pullthe the top of her dress down exposing both her tot for to suck on, I suck on her nipples and lick them she is moaning with pleasure and tells to not stop, my hand then wanders down her body and slide up her dress along her thighs and lifts up her dress where i find she is not wearing any underwear amd feel a smoth shaven pussy, I start rubbing her clit and slide two fingers in her pussy she takes a deep breath when I first enter her and she tells to finger her so I start making a come her movement with my fingers and with my thumb I rub against her clit, as she moves her hips in a circular motion and moaning with enjoyment I can feel her getting wet and wanting to so a lie her down and start eating her pussy as I love the taste of her sweet pussy juice and she hold my head in place as she orgasms hard, when the orgasm subsides she kisses and then with her hands goes to my pants and undoes my pants belt and button pulls my flies down and pulls both my work pants and my boxers down exposing my cock, she takes it into her hand and starts walking off and as it gets bigger in her hand she puts it into her mouth and gives her best blowjob yet going up and down my shaven shaft and with her tounge doing a circular motion around the tip, I moan with excitement and pleasure and I get the feeling of wanting to nut and she can tell I am wanting to so she stops and then bends over exposing her arse and pussy and tells me to fuck her so I kneel down behind her and slide my cock into her wet pussy, a thrust in amd slowly first till she is comfortable and then with each thrust I get faster and deeper into her pussy, the feeling of having my cock in her again after not meeting up in a month or so is so satisfying and feels just right that after a few minutes of riding her doggy style with her moaning in pleasure I tell her I want to nut and she stars pushing back making me go deeper inside her and then I give it one last thrust and hold her hips in place as I shoot my load deep inside her gorgeous pussy, as I shoot my load she tells me that she can feel it and how it feels and that she loves and how badly she has missed filling her up as try and time the creampies so the risk of her getting pregnant is low but we both agreed if I did get her pregnant we would keep it. After I filled her up she got up and we kissed. We cleaned ourselves up and we both went home. To meet up again soon.

The other pics on my profile are of her and videos of us we will be recording us having sex and posting it on here.
Need a boost.
Posted:Sep 17, 2020 8:48 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2021 6:52 pm

I would like enquire if any women on here would actually like fuck . The reason I am asking is because I have tried message a few women but nobody wants have , and I just wan know why, am I not anyones type. Even just for a shag or regular sex with nothing attached as I am lonely and just want some regular sex. Please message me if your interested i really need a confidence boost right now. Thank you.

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