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The Orgasm That Lasted An Hour And How I Achieved It!!  

Artemis789 51F  
118 posts
1/4/2021 4:58 pm
The Orgasm That Lasted An Hour And How I Achieved It!!

I’m a very orgasmic woman. I cum very easily and numerous times a day. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that my orgasms can last as long as 1 hour!! I like make sure I have plenty of “me time” enjoy these long orgasms. After all , if I’m going put in some extra work achieve this amazing orgasm, I want enjoy every last minute of it!! I close my eyes, taking a few deep breaths, centering myself, making sure my only thoughts are of what fantasy I’m going use. Sometimes I like dress in sexy lingerie with thigh high nylons and heels. Other times I like being completely naked, wearing only my collar. I like imagine that I’m doing this please the Dom in my thoughts. This really turns me on and starts getting me wet. I spray a little perfume around me heighten the senses. So now I’m feeling sexy, turned on and ready find orgasmic bliss. I start by tickling my body with my fingers, tracing patterns all over my body, exciting my nerve endings, causing goosebumps erupt. My nipples are hard now. I can feel the wetness in my pussy, which aches for my touch. I<b> tease </font></b>myself, not allowing my hands to wonder there just yet. My mind is focused on one thing only...that mind blowing orgasm that is building . I finally allow my fingers to<b> tease </font></b>my pussy, tickling the lips briefly. I want so badly touch myself. I imagine that my Dom is telling me what to do now. He orders me to play with my clit. I can feel the tight collar around my neck, reminding me that he is in control. I start breathing a little faster now. I start rubbing my entire pussy. He tells me to insert 2 fingers. “Yes sir”, I think to myself as I comply with his order. Ahh, my pussy is so warm and wet inside...it feels so good. I start grinding on my fingers. I am getting close to orgasming, so I imagine he tells me to edge. I stop touching myself immediately. My pussy tingling, my body aroused... I want so badly to go over that edge, but I know what awaits me if I don’t. I take a moment to relax, taking a few deep breaths to slow my breathing. After a minute or so , I resume. My pussy is so wet that I can feel some of that wetness trickling down my ass. I start breathing faster again, moaning a little louder, begging my Dom to let me cum. He tells me to stop, again. He takes me to the edge 2 more times. By now, my body is on fire, writhing, covered in little beads of sweat...I desperately need to cum! I can’t contain it anymore! I imagine he whispers in my ear, “cum for me baby”, my body exploding in sheer ecstasy! That last flick of my clit sends my pussy into convulsions, my body rigid, holding my breath as I continue to grind, over and over until I feel that gush, cumming on my fingers, soaking the sheets underneath . My pussy is swollen and throbbing. It feels like waves crashing down to my feet, one after the next, after the next. He says, “good ”, which makes me melt even more. I lay perfectly still now, completely enveloped in bliss for the next hour. Mmmmm.

big54al 67M
2244 posts
1/4/2021 7:40 pm

That certainly would be a sight to see!

justme51 70M
1742 posts
1/4/2021 7:45 pm

Awesome blog

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

darnit1023 58M
20 posts
1/4/2021 9:08 pm

wish I was with you to clean up after you cum, with my tongue

Artemis789 51F  
18 posts
1/4/2021 11:02 pm

I do not understand why “me” and “to” keep getting deleted throughout my post. I have edited this like 5 times, shortening it each time, but it still keeps happening. Ugh!

hardrocky8205 39M  
11 posts
2/26/2021 10:16 pm

this is so well written. It's so erotic to have an insight of the sensual mind of a woman! thanks for sharing!

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