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Stood Up Again...  

Ashley99991000 41F
43 posts
7/31/2019 8:10 pm
Stood Up Again...

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NJGUY08090 54M
3425 posts
7/31/2019 8:16 pm

I'd never stand you up

greeneyedgrlinsc 52F
2 posts
7/31/2019 8:36 pm

That's so frustrating. I get annoyed with the guys that chat and exchange pics and numbers and talk about meeting and then they suddenly stop talking. Like can't you say you aren't interested anymore or met someone else or whatever the case may be instead of just disappearing. I thought we were adults here but i wonder about some.

Ashley99991000 replies on 8/1/2019 4:28 am:
Thank you so much for chiming in...Yessss!!!! All that time and info shared.... WTF? And sometimes you get the ones that’ll message or call random as shit months later like nothing ever went sour. Smh

DoctorBooty 40M
6397 posts
7/31/2019 8:45 pm

Its the bad ones like that that ruin it for those of us who dont mistreat women.

jolielaide 49F  
1555 posts
7/31/2019 8:49 pm

Ashley99991000 replies on 7/31/2019 11:27 pm:
Idk...he simply didn’t think about me after work...

really? but the text message was 6:16am, the same one he initiated. and twelve hours later he forgot just like that, even though he acknowledged you back with the smiley face. y'know dude had to be scrolling through his phone all day long. i'm sorry, but i don't buy the "didn't think" excuse. guy has made himself look like a total douche.

Ashley99991000 replies on 8/1/2019 4:29 am:
Exactlyyyyyy thank you

thikhead 63M
3261 posts
7/31/2019 9:03 pm

his loss.

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

us2foragirl 58M/40F
14 posts
7/31/2019 9:39 pm

Unfortunately that is how some of these people are.

s2ndegree 62M  
9741 posts
7/31/2019 9:42 pm

Anonymity in the ranks makes everyone suspect and it fuels an apprehension that eats at people. Just like women guys that read profiles sometimes get the feeling someone is married.
The great news is that it isn't gender specific!

Using more than all the road!

us2foragirl 58M/40F
14 posts
7/31/2019 9:45 pm

post 4237170 Unfortunately that is just how some of these people are.

14275 posts
7/31/2019 10:12 pm

He Probably Couldn't Get Past 8 Pumps Without Cumming Anyway.


Ashley99991000 replies on 8/1/2019 4:30 am:
HAHAHA!!! Thnx!

Urbaddhabit 47M  
7 posts
7/31/2019 11:30 pm

I can’t believe it , those are guys who ruin it for us who are serious !!

Yours_4A_knight 56M
1444 posts
8/1/2019 12:18 am

because I am unmeetable, I can safely say that I have never stood anyone up, but I guess that the dude in question has so many opportunities that he didn't put much thought into it.

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

Ashley99991000 replies on 8/1/2019 4:30 am:
Very nicely put.

andimnowhere1976 42M

8/1/2019 5:25 am

Wow...just wow. I'm in your neck of the woods, if you ever want to chat. And I am also looking for something ongoing and just fun.

Neruda4fun 46M
1 post
8/1/2019 11:40 am

That's when his balls got really small and all confidence vanished instantly. SMH...That is why it's not a good idea to over-promise on what you can deliver.

If I got that text from you, my best bet is I'd get a big rush of adrenaline, grab my keys and run...your way...lol

His Loss! Right?

alltobe5555 42M  
19 posts
8/1/2019 12:23 pm

I would not stand you up! Would love to take sexy videos and pics with you too!! Yummy



-Be cool, be fun and laugh >>!

RyuFujin 53F  
1323 posts
8/1/2019 8:14 pm

Could have been worse. I had been chatting with a guy from here on the older version of I.M., before this version was active. Trust me, the "older version" worked a lot better. It was a bit twitchy, but behaved well if you refreshed the site about every 20 minutes while it was running. But I digress...

We exchanged numbers, and made plans to meet for lunch on the weekend. He "lives on the other side of town from me", or at least that is what's listed on his profile. I got stoked; I'm thinking this is a cool deal.

So I get his address, and go over there. BUT (ahh yes, here's the *but*), he failed to tell me that he lived in a condo complex (according to the *directions he gave to his place*), and when I texted him that "I'm here, but don't know which complex you live in...?", he proceeded to play stupid.

"What do you mean which complex -lol" (sic) Really?

This "meeting" that was supposed to take place ended up being a series of unanswered texts and... long story short, a ghosting on his part. After about 10 minutes of this BS, I sent a final text,

"It seems that you're not serious about a simple lunch meeting. I understand life and work happens, but when we make plans to meet, you text me your address, then proceed to play stupid with me when I ask for clarification or maybe WHERE you are... THAT only makes YOU look stupid. I wish you well with the games you play. Do no contact me again."

We were friends, not any more; he's been blocked from that. His profile is still active, and he "keeps tabs on me", as it is. Some features, unfortunately, you can't block from others on here.

Long story short-- at least the only thing I wasted that day was 45 minutes of time. The good take-away was that it was a very nice day for a drive. The bad take-away is that this guy is a flaky gold member.

"Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind won't matter." ~ Dr. Seuss.

fisting562 38M
10 posts
8/7/2019 9:00 am

you should come over

PizzaAndGelato 42M
1 post
8/7/2019 10:13 am

that's cray

MrBigCock3210 44M
16 posts
8/7/2019 1:13 pm

I got your email. I'm back to standard and out of points so I can't reply.

MrBigCock3210 44M
16 posts
8/7/2019 1:19 pm

My thick throbbing python's itching to pound your slick juicy lil honey hole.

shoals 36M
19 posts
8/12/2019 6:25 pm

Sad to say, this is the norm in my experience on here. I can't help but wonder if the majority of profiles on here aren't run by bots or employees of the website just to keep you on the hook.

slvrnblkOC714 38M  
2 posts
8/22/2019 10:32 pm

I can't believe someone would be dumb enough to flake on a beautiful lady like yourself. Personally, I would be too exctied to taste that ppretty pussy!

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