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Are Sex Toys Still Fun for Seniors? Let’s See!  

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5/7/2020 9:33 am
Are Sex Toys Still Fun for Seniors? Let’s See!

Introduction Adult Toys for Seniors

Note: Some following content has been copied, and used with permission, from the author’s published Amazon book: Irresistible Oh’z: Every Body’s Adult Toy Resource!

Adult toys are sexual products designed to produce or enhance sexual behavior and/or genital responsiveness. Yes, they are designed to stimulate a man or woman until they reach orgasm or ejaculatory climax; in many women, this can occur repeatedly. Yes, sex toys ARE still fun for seniors!

In the marketplace, there is a wide variety of product diversity and they may be intended for men, women or both sexes. Their operation and control may be done by the user or a romantic friend; they may be adjacent, or remotely controlled via Bluetooth distant from the actual toy. These will be explained beginning with those for women, then men, and finally, for both simultaneously. As older adults’ concerns for aggressiveness and the use of gentleness and care are important. If you are beginning the use of adult toys, read a lot to understand yourself, your interests, and the available products.

One writer, in particular, has focused her knowledge, experience, and talent on the topic of senior sexual behavior. Joan Price is an excellent resource who has an extensive inventory of webinars and blogs to bring newbies “up to speed.”

Adult Toys for Senior Women
Beautiful Rabbit-Style Adult Toy
Nora by Lovense
Here’s a fact that’s not entirely shocking: Sex via toys maybe even better than penetrative sex for some women. You can lay back, relax, and get a mind-blowing orgasm in the process—what’s not to love? For a simulated penis-replacement, dildos are universally available. And if allergies are a concern, they are available in (virtually unbreakable) glass or silicone material which is easy to clean and hypo-allergenic.

I will separate women’s toys into erogenous zone categories, vaginal, clitoral, and g-spot, but the market evolves, technological progress inevitable and products can change the categorization. One thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturers’ goal is to make products that fulfill the goal of female sexual climaxing.

The basic category of vaginal includes those that do NOT move and those that DO have movement. Perhaps the oldest style of female toy is the dildo or a penis replica. It is typically rigid and may be constructed of glass, plastic, or hard rubber. Variations may include thrusting, heating, and vibration.

Clitoral stimulation may be caused by physical vibration, by sonic waves or air movement. These may also be combined with a vaginal extension to massage the g-spot. Such dual-zone products were originally known as a “rabbit” because of their shape.

Singular-purpose clitoral toys are available from many manufacturers and are priced from basic to luxury costs. By using online research to view product evaluations and your budget you will find many product choices.

Single-purpose g-spot toys are also commonly available. Their features include vibration and massage functions that are controlled by the user via buttons; many are also waterproof for reliability. These products are designed to be placed within the vagina and provide stimulation to the upper wall. This is where a woman’s g-spot is located.

Often, effective g-spot stimulation must be preceded by significant sexual arousal either vaginally or clitorally. Then the g-spot becomes engorged and capable of sensual responsiveness. There is ample online instruction regarding the stimulation of the g-spot using human fingers. Adult toys can also perform this using vibration, shaft movement, massaging motion, and heat. Those with a massage feature can simulate a human finger’s g-spot massage by using a “come hither” type of toy movement. Other manufacturer toys provide a g-spot vibration that also feels good.

Finally, some companies have created products that combine clitoral and g-spot stimulation. The methods can vary based on the previous descriptions. The price points too can vary from basic ($50) to luxurious ($200 or more).

Adult Toys for Senior Men
Adult Toy for Men with Remote Control
Available from HotOctopuss.com
With age, a man’s body typically produces less testosterone, a hormone that helps produce his penis erection. However, the production of semen and/or seminal fluid continues. Therefore, ejaculation is possible, albeit with a less-rigid penis. All that is needed is sexual stimulation to create his climax and the methods to increase rigidity are common. Erections produced as a result of various prescription drugs have been popular for many years. Additionally, many adult toys for men are also widely available.

There are primary areas for stimulating a man’s penis. These are the head, the shaft, or a combination of both. Additionally, there are anal products available stimulate either the prostate or anus.

All types of adult toys for men can be powered either by the user, or an electronic motor. Some of those that simulate the feeling of a woman’s vagina have been based on molds from porn stars.

Adult Toys for Both Players
These can be either separate toys that can provide simultaneous enjoyment for people or electronically-controlled devices. Some toys designed for simultaneous use by people are available from We-Vibe, Hot Octopuss, The latter are in a family known as Teledildonics, aka App-Controlled Toys

Teledildonics is a technology used for remote sex, where tactile sensations are communicated over a data link between the participants. The term can also refer to the integration of telepresence with sexual activity that these interfaces make possible. The term has also been used less accurately to refer to robotic sex, i.e. computer-controlled sex toys that aim to substitute for or improve upon sex with a human partner.

Support Materials for Senior Adult Toys
Furniture for & Comfortable Body Part Access

Throughout most of our lives sexual experience with a partner has been a matter of using whatever furniture was available at the time. It might have been our car’s driver seat, a living-room couch, bed or many other locations. During sex , some discover that physical access our partner is difficult or awkward; this may be because of mutual sizes or shapes. Like other technologies, creative engineers have created erotic products help us better fit a partners’ body more easily. The products can range from a simple wedge larger and more elaborate pieces of furniture.

Conclusions about Adult Sex Products for Seniors
There are devices and an assortment of adult toys to create imaginative feelings and stimulate the sex organs of mature adults. They can be enjoyed individually and/or as a couple for the purpose of orgasmic satisfaction. Most have comfortable designs and a battery to provide sufficient power to enjoy reliable and predictable fulfillment. Lastly, ergonomic designs are available to physically help where our bodies may be slightly deficient. They can enable couples to touch, caress, and express their love. The market awaits your investigation and<b> shopping </font></b>experience!

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts and comments about this post, your comments about using the sex toys mentioned, or others you’d like to share with this audience! Thanks.

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