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Caregivers and loss of intimacy in their marriage
Posted:Feb 7, 2021 11:11 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2021 2:19 pm

This is a very sensitive and controversial subject, that is ignored and sometimes ridiculed in todays world.

There are approximately 60 MILLION spouses in the United States are their spouses caregivers. Many of those people are dealing with heartbreaking health problems, from dementia, cancer, strokes, alzheimers, and many other debilitating conditions.

Caregivers lives are complicated, frustrating, and heartbreaking. The demands on their time and on their emotional health and well being are tremendous. Most caregivers suffer a form of burnout or PTSD. at some point.

Many of those caregivers are healthy adults, with an adults needs and desires. Is it fair tell them that they have no right those emotions and desires that every other human has a right to? Are those husbands and wives expected shut off that part of themselves that hungers for the affectionate touch and attention of another human because their spouse is no longer capable of giving that to them??

There are 3 options for the husband or wife of a person whose health no longer permits intimacy:
1) complete denial and celibacy ie pretending you don't have those desires.
2) masturbation when the urges become too great.
3) Have an affair or hire a sex worker.

In other words, there is no ONE answer, as everyone dealing with this sort of situation has deal with it in their own way. Most people deal with it with a combination of one or all three of those options.

It would be wonderful if were a site like AdultFriendFinder for caregivers exclusively.

I would LOVE hear from both men and women have had deal with this situation themselves. Have a story?
Hookers using AdultFriendFinder to drum up business...
Posted:Feb 7, 2021 3:06 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2021 10:16 pm

Not that I have any problems with a woman exercising her God given RIGHTS to use her body for profit if she has a mind to, that's called FREEDOM!
IF Women REALLY want to keep Govt. out of their vagina, than women should be completely agreeable to a woman's right to CHARGE for her services.

Back to the subject of the post:
I have been inundated with women who contact me for a date, but for a mutually beneficial meet-up, ie where benefits means cash. The term 'friends FOR benefits' seems to be the code for cash for sex now. (I'm having a hard time keeping up with the jargon sometimes).
Again, I have no problem with that, and I am happy they are up front, more or less, about it. Not that I will ever pay for the services of a woman, I want more than just sex in a relationship. But I do still consider it an option. The only 'care' a paid sex worker has is in your billfold, not in your heart.
My observation is one of economics.
In this era of covid, high unemployment, and uncertain economic news, more women are turning to as way of earning extra tax free income. I'm not saying they are turning into street walkers waiting for strangers on shadowy street corners, but they are simply looking to find customers on sites like this. Which can be a GOOD thing for both the women and the customers, as it is a bit safer than just jumping into a strangers car.
Just an observation.
How to spot a suspected chatbot
Posted:May 18, 2020 6:56 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2020 8:38 am

Do you suspect that the beautiful woman who is chatting with you is actually a chatbot?
How can you tell?

First you have to understand how chatbots work. It's not difficult, but as programs get more complex, and with the introduction of AI into the mix, it can be confusing. A chatbot is simply a program that reads keywords from your post, and responds to those keywords. There are other levels to how they operate, but at their core, that's all they are, Basically an if/then algorithm.

First off, and my biggest clue that I am dealing with a chatbot: That 'woman' who's profile shows they are from an area that I am familiar with has a difficult time referring anything in the area. ie ask what their favorite restaurant in the area is, or where they like to go on a date in the area. A BOT might have location software built into it, but unlikely as those are more expensive and cost much more to produce and programing all the local sites and restaurants etc. into is is highly unlikely.

My second tactic in exposing a bot: A Bot will try to keep YOU talking about yourself while revealing little about themselves. A bot is programed to keep YOU talking and when you pose a question to them, they will respond by trying to get the conversation back to YOU! This can be a bit harder to spot, as everybody likes to talk about themselves and what they desire, but if you persist in trying to get them to talk about themselves, and all you get back is a generic, and not specific response chances are you are dealing with a bot. Example:
YOU: Tell me about yourself"
BOT: "I like cooking, meeting new people, and traveling" (sound familiar?)
YOU: "really! Me too, what is your signature meal?"
A Bot is not programmed well enough to give you a straight answer on a question like that, so they will revert back to default and attempt to switch the conversation to YOU again, maybe by replying " I like to go out" or "Tell me about yourself" or "what positions do you prefer". Or they will just end the conversation.
You will rarely ever be able to keep up a conversation about 'her' if it is a bot.

Another clue: A Bot has NO sense of humor and hickup when you use sarcasm.

Many more ways to spot a bot. As they grow more sophisticated, it will be more difficult to trip them up and expose them. But those require much more programing time and are more expensive to purchase. And yes, there are MANY companies that make bots either custom or off the shelf for the consumers. Do a google search on Bots and the list of companies that create them is extensive.

I was on some other dating sites for a short while, Fling and MaturesforFuck, and both of those where saturated with Bots. I quit them after only a month due to the fact that I HATE being played!
Should be legal?
Posted:May 16, 2020 6:21 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2020 8:45 am

The argument FOR it is strong, and I fail understand why the same people who defend abortion by using the argument that 'govt. should not control my pussy' are silent on this topic.
Why should a woman be prosecuted for trading her labor for cash, if that labor is sexual?
Why is it perfectly legal to be paid for sex if a camera is recording the act, as in the production of pornography, but illegal if there is no camera to record it?
Isn't a woman RIGHTS being squashed if they wish to trade sex for ?

The argument people use is that those laws protect women from harm. Really? I fail see that as a valid argument. If it were LEGAL, women would have the protections available them under the law that they do NOT have when it is illegal. The right charge men with battery if they are abused, the right health care just as any other employee is granted in any other profession. The right unionize for their protection.
Not mention the wasted funds used by the police enforce those laws. When those same funds can be used protect those women.

Not mention that it is MEN who are the real victims of laws. Basically, the law says that if you are ugly, socially inept, or otherwise judged unacceptable women that you have NO right enjoy sex, ever! That you are just supposed accept that you will go through your life never having sex, and live as if those drives do NOT exist!

Just a thought consider.
Just a thought.
Fake Profiles, Bots, and hookers
Posted:May 12, 2020 2:15 pm
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2021 5:05 am

I have been the site for only a short time, basically out of curiosity, and in the hope of actually meeting with women in my area interested in a casual 'you scratch my itch, I'll scratch yours" relationship.

Every mans dream right????

Apparently that is what makes the site money, the HOPE of meeting miss right.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are many REAL people out there having success in their venture, but I have a suspicion that those numbers are highly inflated by the people that run the site.

I don't live in a rural area, on the contrary I live in a suburban 'bedroom' community near Washington DC. So seeking women in the area should be easy right? And when doing a search, yup, LOTS of women near here!

So, after eliminating many because they are seeking 'my soulmate' ie a husband, those who live farther than 50 miles from me, and those seeking couples to with (not my thing) I still had many choices left investigate.

The trap:
A woman texts you, saying something like "I would love get know you" One would think GREAT! a woman in my area is interested! So I reply, my hope meter pegging out! First thing I do is check her profile see if she really is from the area, and that her profile shows the kind of woman I am interested in. (Sorry I am NOT interested in BBW, Swingers, or transexuals). So I compose a respectful first post, something along the lines of "what a pretty picture, what a nice smile!" or " Dang You are a fetching woman, how can any man resist" and wait see if she responds. I always mention the area I am in, as many profile do NOT match where the person is.
The reality:
Many of those are either BOTS run by the company, or people getting paid fish for responses (the idea is keep the HOPE right? ) keep people signed , and get the money. At least that is my conclusion, no real evidence but a strong suspicion.
How do you identify a bot? First you have understand how a bot works, they have key words that generate a response, They are designed impersonate a person.
My easy way identify a BOT is simply ask something about the area that they supposedly live, example: YOU: " I'm new around her, what is there do that is interesting and fun nearby?" A BOT will either ignore the question or try and steer the conversation back sex. A BOT can not handle a complex question, and will try steer you back into talking about sexual preferences instead of answering a question.
Then there are women who want you to text them, before you even get to know them. I tried that a few times, and they were hookers seeking customers.
Just my rant.

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