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Cabin In The Mountains  

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Cabin In The Mountains

Feeling all fresh and relaxed after her bath, she puts on a pair of yoga pants and soft oversized V-neck sweater. She heads downstairs and pauses out the window. The weather outside is nasty and cold. A cold and wet front has moved in. She gets a brief shiver and thinks herself that a fool would and about on a night lie this.

Downstairs she turns on the kettle for tea, finds her book and sits on the sofa. The fire in the fireplace is flaming nicely, casting a comforting glow in the living room. So grateful that her friend let her use the cabin. Cabin? She thinks. This place is huge.

She has been swamped at work and she is finally starting get over her divorce. Yes, she needed get away. She sits back and stares into the fire. Her mind wanders and in her mind, she sees a flash of a man at a gas station filling up his truck. Tall, full head of salt and pepper hair. Broad shouldered. She recalls him looking up at one point and their eyes meet. He smiles at her. Like then, her cheeks begin to feel a warmth. She lets the sensation happen as her fingertips slowly caress the bare skin just below her neck. She closes her eyes and sighs. Familiar sensual feelings are stirring. Her fingers move down a little further and she feels the warmth of the skin of her upper breast. She sighs at her own touch and is about to move down further when the high-pitched shriek of the kettle shatters her thoughts.

Startled back to reality she jumps up from the sofa and heads to the kitchen. She makes her tea and walks to the window to gaze out once more. Yes, she thinks, a fool would be out on a night like this.
Driving along, wipers swinging at full force, he is just able see a few dozen feet in front of his truck. Was 685 or 586 Mountain View Rd? 's too dark to see the map. He knows he should have stayed put back at that restaurant, but he really wanted to get to his destination. is just enough light see the house numbers as he drives along. For a moment he recalls that attractive lady at the gas station. Such a pretty face, such a pretty smile. Shaking his head, he thinks himself, focus man.

Up ahead on the left he sees the house marker 685. He pulls into the driveway and is surprised to see a vehicle in the parked in . The house is illuminated, and he looks over. Based on the description of the house that his friend gave him, he thinks, this must be the house. He puts his truck in park, grabs his bag and heads the front door.

She's totally at peace reading her book by the fire. Her book is a silly romance novel of love and loss. Her peace is interrupted by the doorbell. What the hell, she thinks. She gets up and moves to the front door. In a loud voice she demands, is ! The response is, 's Alan, I'm a friend of Jim's the homeowner.

She thinks that's weird Helen didn't say anything about another person staying here this weekend. She replies, just a minute. Alan says, 's pretty darn cold out here. She says, I'm gonna open the door a little give me your drivers license. Shivering and shaking Alan thanks, can't blame her for being careful. He reaches into his pocket pulls out his wallet, takes out his drivers license and passes it through the crack in the door. She says let me this out please, you can still sit in your vehicle. Having no alternative, he says, OK. Flash the lights when you're ready give me back my drivers license.
She closes the door and picks up her cell phone Helen explaining the situation. She was happy for the quick reply that Alan is indeed a friend of Jim's and that Jim had indeed offered the cabin Alan for the weekend. Feeling a little better, but still cautious, she thanks Helen. She looks at the drivers license and sees his picture and gasps. Oh my gosh! she says. It's him, it's the man from the gas station. She taps the card on her hand thinking herself, what do, what do. He is a friend of Jim's. is cold out. We'll keep our distance. She goes back the front door and flicks the outside light. Then she unlatches the front door and waits for Alan come back.

Alan sees the light flicker and breathes a sigh of relief. He gets out of his truck and heads back the front door. He knocks and the door opens. He looks at the lady and says, Hey! I saw you at the gas station earlier. She replies, yes, yes, you did. Adding, Jim has vouched for you and you look like a gentleman. Thank you, he says. Extending his hand, he says, as I said earlier, I am Alan. I am, Marie, she replies. They shake hands and given how cold is outside, Marie is surprised feel how warm his hand is. Feeling her cheeks beginning flush she turns away slightly and says over her shoulder, I was about make another tea would you like one. He replies, I'm more of a coffee drinker, but a tea sounds lovely. He watches as she walks the kitchen pretty girl, he thinks. He notices her body; shapely and she fits those yoga pants nicely.
In the kitchen Marie turns on the kettle pulls down another teacup. As she turns towards the fridge to get the milk, she catches her reflection in the window and realises what she's wearing. She puts a teabag in his cup and places and milk on the counter. She goes back the living room and tells Alan; I am just going go upstairs and change. The kettle is on and the tea and stuff are on the counter. I'll be back in a few.

Left alone Alan looks around the house nodding his head affirmatively at how nice this house is. Jim and Helen must really enjoy this place. He hears the kettle start whistle and he goes into the kitchen. He makes himself a tea and walks back into the living room. The fire is nice, warm and comforting. He sips his tea glances down and sees the book that Marie was reading. He picks it up and reads the title aloud, “Lost In The Appalachians”. A romantic, he thinks to himself. He assumes she is here alone but does not want to presume so he'll ask her when she comes down. He looks around and sees a fishing magazine. He picks it and begins leafing through the pages.

Upstairs, Marie is feeling a little anxious. Why am I? she asks. He is just a guy, but she feels compelled to look nice for him. She picks out some jeans and liking the look of her sweater, decides to simply put on a bra, but then decides on a silk cami instead. A quick application of makeup, subtle as to not appear to obvious, she thinks with a smile. Hair looks good, feeling a little excited, she heads back downstairs.

Alan hears Marie coming down the stairs. He was looking at his cell phone checking the weather status. He puts his phone down and stands up as she enters the room. You look great, he says. Marie replies, thank you, I see you got your tea. Yes, he says, thank you. It's very cozy in here. Yes, it is, she replies. Alan says, I was just checking the weather app and it appears this system will move out in about an hour. So, if you don't mind me hanging out for a bit and then I'll be on my way. Oh, not at all, says Marie, make yourself comfortable, it's nice to have someone to chat with.

They both sit down on the sofa. Alan asks Marie what she does for a living. She replies that she is a lawyer in the city. How do you like that type of work, he asks, is it rewarding? She replies, for the most part, yes. We've been dealing with some heavy cases the last few months and it became a little overwhelming to the point that I needed a little getaway. Not to mention that my divorce was finalized awhile ago and I'm still kinda dealing with that. What do you do? she asks. Alan says I'm a contractor. Mostly commercial some residential. I work in the city as well. Alan asked if she and her ex-husband had any . No, she said, in one way I'm grateful that we did not so that they would not have had to go through the divorce, but it would have been nice. My career is finally where it I want it to be and having a family would be nice. How about you? Alan says, no I'm a Bachelor. I have not found Ms. wonderful just yet. They spend more time talking and getting to know each other. They look into each others’ eyes often. Hands touching arms. They lean in from time to time. Comfortable moments of silence. Before they knew it two and half hours has passed. Alan looks at his watch and says, oh my we've been chatting for a long time I really should be on my way. Marie says, I'm surprised it went quickly. I'm feeling a little hungry would you like something to eat before you head out. He says, yeah OK I could eat.

As they move to get up, they look into each other's eyes and have a moment. Alan feeling a little brave moves a little closer he sees Emery does not pull away he moves closer her eyes are Misty dark and alluring. He leans in and sees that she's coming up to meet him. They kiss slowly and tenderly. Soon their passion ignites, and they are in an all-out embrace. Alan's hands are on Marie’s back. Marie's hands are on the side have Alan’s face pulling him into her so that their kisses can be even more passionate. Alan's hand slide down Marie’s back come up to the side she lifts her arms around his neck inviting him to explore her body.

He moves his hands gently, slowly, tentatively, not wanting to alarm or push her away. She seems to be OK with what his hands are doing. Taking a chance his hand comes to the front and slides along the side of her breast. Marie turns outward a little allowing Alan to be able to caress her fully. Alan cups a breast and squeezes gently. Marie slides her hand down, covering Alan's hand encouraging him to squeeze her breast harder. As he does so she lets out a low guttural moan.

Their kisses are passionate with their tongues are exploring their mouths. Marie moves her hands down to the hem over sweater and in one fluid motion pause the sweater up and over her head. Alan sits back and marvels at her body. The silk cami clearly showing Marie’s arousal. Her nipples are clearly poking under the fabric. Alan moves in and begins kissing Marie again. His hand his hands resume the caressing and squeezing of her breast. He takes a thumb and forefinger and finding her erect nipples rolls it gently but not too gently between his fingers. Marie has her hand on the back of Alan’s head. Pulling away from their kissing she guides his head down to her chest. Alan leans forward extending his tongue and begins to roll it around her fabric covered nipple. Alan takes the lead and lifts the hem of Marie’s cami thereby exposing her naked breast in all it’s glory. Oh my, he says, and leans in. He parts his lips and circles here nipple wit his tongue. Slowly, firmly, watching it bend to his touch. His other hand finds her other breast and begins to caress it. His hand and tongue pushing Marie over the sensual edge. Alan gently pushes Marie back down on the sofa arm and continues his attention on her blushed breasts. Marie’s hands are in Alan thick hair, she is lost in the moment. Never has anyone touched her this way before.

Alan pulls away and moves down her body. He reaches her jeans and asks, You sure? She looks at him with desire in her eyes and whispers, yes, Alan, yes. Alan, unbuttons her jeans, pulls down the zipper and with a strong confident motion he slowly pulls her jeans down. He looks down at her shapely body. Admiring her. Lovely. His eyes move up and down her body. He pauses at your mid-section. He cannot help but notice the dampness of her panties. Marie, seeing where his eyes are focused, slides her hand down her body into the hem of her underwear. As he watches she begins to rub herself up and down. Totally capturing his attention, she removes her hand and brings it up to her mouth. She parts her full lips and begins to lightly lick her pussy juice off her fingers. Alan parts his mouth in hungry anticipation. You want? Marie asks. Yes, please, he replies. He leans forward and together they lick and taste Marie’s sweet nectar.

Alan moves back down Marie’s body and hovers his head over her panty covered pussy. He comes down and inhales her sex. So fine. Marie slides a leg off the sofa, resting her heel on the coffee table. Alan uses his forefinger to pull aside her panties. Her pussy is bare. Her lips and small and full. He sees the swollen nub of her clit. He reaches out with his tongue and circles the tip of her clit, more pressure. A small nibble, she gasps. He puts it between his lips and sucks, pulling back and forth. Alan’s fingers begin to open her pussy lips, so wet, so .

Alan spread her lips with his index and ring finger. His middle finger slides inside of her. Moving in and out. Fingers rubbing her lips. He sees she is getting wetter, and he massages her more deeply, two fingers inside her. Feeling for her spot. Ah, yeah, her body tells hm. Right . More pressure, deeper, in and out, circling inside her. Your hips are starting roll. Marie is moaning and sighing. Alan leans in and covering her with this mouth he begins lick and suck her pussy. His tongue running up and down her labia. Flicking her clit. Probing her vagina. Marie’s hands are back on Alan’s head, pulling him into her. Her moans are getting stronger, her hips are rolling higher. He senses she is close to orgasm and presses his mouth and tongue deeper into her. Marie gasps, fuuuuck! As the first sensations of her climax cums. She gasps and groans. Marie opens her les and bending her knees clamps her thighs around Alan’s head. Squeezing she cries out, Ooooh, Alan, yes, yes, cumming, I’m cumming. Alan presses harder, lapping her juices, sucking your clit finger fucking her pussy. Then Alan stops just holds his open mouth over her pussy. So wet, so delicious. Marie quiver two, three times then begins to settle. Breathing heavy.

Alan lifts his head, looks at Marie says, if you follow me upstairs, I’ll take you in my mouth and let you me.
They get up off the sofa and move the stairs, Marie leading the way. As they make their way up, Alan is marveling at her shapely behind. They reach the top of the stairs and move to the master bedroom. As they walk in, Alan removes his shirt. Marie turns around and faces him. Alan puts his arms around Marie’s waist and pulls her close to him. He lowers his head and gives her a long, passionate and loving kiss. His hands move up and down her back over the silky fabric of her cami. He reaches down takes the hem of her cami and pulls up and over her head. Marie’s hands come down and wrap around his neck.
Alan continues caress her naked skin up and down around the sides as they continue their passionate kissing. Alan's eye catches a glimpse of them together in the full-length mirror standing in the corner. He gently turns Marie around so that her back is to him he pulls her into him. She feels the swelling of his pelvis area pressing into her backside. Allen brings his hands around the front of her body over her waist, upper stomach to the sides of her breasts. He cups both breasts and squeezes them together, his thumb and forefingers rolling her erect strawberry-coloured nipples.

Marie is lost in the passion of the moment. She leans her head back on Allen's chest. Her breathing is heavy, her chest is rising and falling. She opens her eyes for a moment and sees the scene played out in the reflection of the mirror. She gasps in surprise then sighs and whispers, this is so fucking ! They stand in front of the mirror and continue watch Allen's hands move up and down Marie’s body. Squeezing her breasts and rolling and<b> pinching </font></b>her nipples. Slowly his hand moves downward into the hem of her panties. She gasps, again, as his fingers find her soft wet mound. His fingers slide between her lips, he can feel how swollen and moist they are. With a slow steady motion Alan penetrates Marie’s vagina. His finger moving in and out. You’re going to make me cum, again, Marie sighs. Alan adds, of course, I am. Not yet, lover, Marie replies. Alan removes his hand and brings it to his face. He inhales the scent of her sex then licks a pussy juice coated finger. You’re intoxicating, he says.
Marie turns around, takes Alan’s hands. Walking slowly back toward the bed, Alan allows Marie to guide him , she sits on the edge of the bed. The storm must have passed, and the skies must have cleared because sitting on the edge of the bed her naked breasts are illuminated majestically by the moon light cascading down from the bedroom skylight. Alan looks in awe at her loveliness.

Marie leans in and begins to kiss the skin of Alan’s stomach. She extends her tongue and lightly caresses his skin. The short soft hairs of his stomach tickle the tip of her tongue. As she continues to kiss him up and down, side to side, she unbuttons his trousers pull down his fly, then slowly slides his pants down off his hips. They fall at his feet and Alan lifts them and kicks his trousers away. Standing in just his socks and boxers Maria’s eyes widen slightly at the obvious better than average size bulge in his briefs. She leans in further and opens her mouth and slides the length of his fabric covered penis across her mouth. She lightly bites down feeling the firm hardness of his erect shaft. Alan let's out a moan at this wondrous sensation. He feels Marie’s fingers at the hem of his boxers then the coolness of the air on his naked flesh as she lowers them the floor. Standing in front of her in his full nakedness Marie runs her hands behind him and squeezes his firm butt cheeks.

She looks down at his engorged length in awe. Extending her tongue once again she begins to run the tip of up the underside of his erection. Getting the top she flicks the head of his penis. A drop of pre-cum oozes out and she twirls around his head. Her desire becoming stronger, she begins use the full flat of her tongue, sliding up and down his shaft. Her saliva coating so that looks like a flesh-coloured glistening dildo. Marie looks up see Alan watching her intently. The idea of him watching her is making her vagina extremely wet. With their eyes locked on each other Marie moves her mouth up Alan’s fat purple cock head and opening her mouth she slowly lowers over . Bit by bit Marie takes more of Alan’s length into her mouth. She wraps her lips around the shaft and begins to move her head up and down. Alan places his hands lightly on Marie’s shoulders caressing the skin. He looks to the side and sees that with her one free hand Marie is squeezing a breast, her own fingers<b> pinching </font></b>and pulling an erect nipple. Alan is so turned on, never has anyone made him feel this aroused, this desirous, this passionate.

Marie continues her oral lovemaking on his penis. She has amazing technique, knowing when to apply pressure and when to just hold him in her mouth, her tongue twirling over his crown, as she strokes his shaft. Then using both her mouth and hand moving as one over him. Marie’s effort is intensifying, and Alan is on the verge of climaxing. Oh, , he says, you’re going make me cum, but I want feel myself inside you. Marie slowly and firmly slides Alan’s cock out of her mouth. She smiles as she watches up and vibrate. A slight drop flying off and landing on the side of her mouth. Marie takes a finger a slowly wipes her mouth, then teases Alan as she licks her finger clean.
Marie slides her panties down as she stands. They drop the floor and she steps out of them. She turns around, parts her legs and bends over, her hands on the bed. Alan moves in behind her and taking his penis in his hand he begins run the head of along her labia. He feels how wet and smooth her pussy is. Marie has moved a hand between her legs and is rubbing her clitoris as Alan continues to slide his shaft back and forth. Marie reaches further and parting her lips she guides Alan to her opening. Alan slowly presses his cock into her vagina. His swollen head slowly penetrating Marie. Bit by bit he pushes in until that final press and his head is inside her. He marvels at the sensation. Marie is tight and wet. He can feel the smoothness inside her as he pushes his sword further and deeper inside her vagina.

Marie moans as she feels the initial pressure of his manhood. Then that sweet comforting sensation of him being inside her. With Alan’s hands on her hips, he begins to move back and forth round and round, slowly and rhythmically. Marie begins to roll her hips moving them back and forth to meet Alan's gyrations. They continue this for some time slowly building up tempo. Alan reaches out and takes a breast in hand and squeezes it as his hips start to move faster and faster. Harder and harder his penis moves in and out of Marie. She is beginning to moan and ah. Marie lifts her knee up on the bed to allow Alan more room to thrust his penis inside her even deeper. Marie moans out, I'm gonna cum, Alan, I’m gonna cum Oh , , yes, yes, yes. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Alan stops and presses his shaft in. He can feel her clench and release her vagina as her orgasm coarse through her body. As she settles, he resumes is thrusting, but after a few moments in a whisper loud enough for Marie hear he says, I'm close. Marie says I want taste you. Alan groans saying, you’re so fucking , Marie. You feel so good…oh shit, he groans, I'm gonna come.

Alan pulls out and Marie quickly flips and goes down on her knees. She takes hold of Alan’s cock and begins stoke him. Fast and firm. Her open mouth waiting for his sweet release. She looks up and sees him watching her. She enjoys his look. He places his hand on her shoulder to steady himself. Now, , he says, jerk me faster. Yes, yes, oh shit, , , cumming. Marie feels him about come and presses down on the vein of his shaft. She feels and pulse and let’s her hand open as Alan erupts. He ejaculates in a large thick stream of creamy with semen. It covers Marie across her beautiful face. A large string entering her open mouth. His semen is a mix of sweet and salty. She jerks him some more as a second and third stream is released. She slows her hand down and Alan has a final body quivering squirt. Marie is hungry for his cream and wipes her face with her fingertips ensuring she gets every drop. She then proceeds tongue clean Alan’s cock. She enjoys the taste of their combined juices. Slowly she cleans him until his crown is shiny and clean. Alan calms down and his manhood starts to relax to a still impressive semi-hard length. Marie stands up and kisses him, the subtle taste of his cum shared between them.

Marie bends over and picking up Alan’s shirt, puts on. Hope you don’t mind? she says. Not at all he, replies. Alan puts his jeans on and together they head downstairs. The fire has subsided, but Alan gets back a roaring state in no time. Marie heads the kitchen and sees what she can whip up. She looks back into the living room and watching Alan move about, the word she can think of is, serendipity.

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Thank you so much. I have created a new profile, DaveMassey69. I will be copying these stories and posting them to my new blog page. More stories to cum. cheers. xo

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    Quoting Ayros66:
    I love to write. I hope you like this post.
That was such a brilliant read and enjoyed the storyline to it also my fellow Canadian. I shall make sure to put you on my watched list as this story has me wanting to come back for more. Thanks for sharing your gift..xoxo

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Ty for an amazingly erotic afternoon read.

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Quite titillating.

Ayros66 55M

4/28/2021 11:58 am

I love to write. I hope you like this post.

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