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Stress Break  

BIigDJ71863 58M
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10/21/2021 7:15 am
Stress Break

I am out for a ride in my bike and in the neighborhood so I pull into your lot. I knock on the door and you answer still dressed for work in your skirt, button front shirt and<b> heels. </font></b>You invite me in. I ask to use the restroom and you say to meet you on the balcony. I do and you are sitting and relaxing incredibly sexy with your head thrown back and eyes closed. Your legs stretched out in front of you. I just look for a moment and then sit beside you. We talk of nothing and plan how to save the world.

You unconsciously caress your breasts as we talk and your nipples begin to poke through. I just watch and enjoy. You tell me you miss my magic fingers and I laugh. You close your eyes and begin to caress your legs. I continue to just watch. You turn your chair toward me and put your feet in my lap. I remove your shoes and your feet. You moan about how good it feels and your legs flop to the side spreading wide. I move my hands up your legs gently caressing and massaging the stress away. You begin to get visibly excited as your nipples poke out even more and you begin to pant. I move behind you and pull your hands around the chair. Before you realize what I am doing you are handcuffed to the chair.

You moan out asking me what I am going to do to you. I smile and ask what you me to do.

You just pant, "anything ", as I gently kiss your forehead, eye lids, cheeks, and finally your lips. I ask you where you store your vibrator and you tell me. I unbutton your blouse and slide your skirt up to your waist. Anyone can see how wet you are and how hard your nipples have become. I put a blindfold on you and tell you to think about all of your neighbors being able to see you.

Then I go inside for your vibrator. I slip it between your panties and your dripping wet pussy. You have become so wet I can see through your panties and align the vibrator on your clit. You begin to squirm and thrust right away. I ask if you to suck my hard throbbing shaft and you moan you it inside your pussy and then in your ass. I smile and step back and take a few photos of you. You are so very close and if I touch you it will cause you to explode. I turn the vibrator off and take it out of your panties. Then I slide them off your legs. I slowly slip my cock into your pussy, just the very tip and you try desperately to get more. You are right on the edge. I finally hit your clit with my public bone and as I bury myself all the way inside you. You begin to cum and scream out how good it feels. I begin to ride you hard and fast. You cum over and over as I pound into you. I feel my orgasm build and ask you where you it.

You pant out , "mouth face and tits", in rhythm to the thrusts.

I laugh and look to the side to see your neighbor watching and fingering herself. I finally begin to feel my explosion cumming and pull out doing as you asked and spray my cum on your face, in your mouth, and on your tits. I place my spent cock in your mouth as the last spurts cum. You smile and swallow it.

I unlock the handcuffs and take off the blindfold. You wipe the cum from your face and lick your fingers clean. Take a look at your watch and begin buttoning your shirt. You look at me and thank me for a wonderful stress break and explain you need to leave to show a house. With cum dotted on your tits, no panties, and dripping pussy juices down your legs, we walk to your car where I kiss you and tell you good luc Of course, the couple the house and can't keep their hands off each other. You get to watch as they play and tease. You decide to let them play and call me so we can put on a show for them. That is another story though.

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