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The Park  

BIigDJ71863 58M
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1/8/2019 8:17 am
The Park

I pulled in and parked my truck next to your car. You quickly got out and met me as I got out. I pulled you in for a hug and you turned it into a hot sensuous kiss. I opened the back door and you climbed in and I hurried to follow.

You explained that you didn't have much time as I poured you a glass of wine. We chatted about different things for a few minutes as you slid closer to me. I finally couldn't take it. So, I took your wine and put it in the cup holder. I reached out and caressed your face as I kissed you. My tongue explored your mouth as my hands explored your back and legs. I wanted to throw you down and rip off your clothes but I know you like a slow tease.

I moved my caresses up your legs as our kisses got hotter. You began to suck on my tongue as I slid up between your legs. I reached the top to find your tights were<b> crotchless. </font></b>I gently slid one and the two fingers deep inside you. You moaned as I penetrated your soaked snatch. You clawed at my belt so I helped you unbuckle, unbutton, and unzip me.

Again I slipped my fingers inside you. You began to ride them as I hit your g-spot. Rubbing it with soft pressure then really hard just the way you like. You grabbed my hard shaft and began to stroke me. Faster and faster you ride my hand as your orgasm built. Each kiss harder, your breathing shorter and faster. I increased the pressure on your inner walls as you finally peak. You suck my tongue hard and moan out your release.

You grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away. Then you pulled my.hard cock out. I was already close from making you cum. You watched your hands stroking me. I watched your lips as the tip of your tongue touches them. You change positions and engulfed my cock sucking it deep into your throat. I almost exploded from the first contact. You began to suck hard and fast wanting my cum. I didn't even try to hold back because I knew we were pressed for time. I painted out asking if you wanted me to cum and your only response was a loud moan and increased speed. I couldn't hold back anymore and began to fill your mouth with my cum. You sucked harder and my orgasm continued for so long. I finally couldn't take anymore and grabbed your hair to make you stop.

You looked up with an impish grin and a little cum dripping down your chin and asked if I enjoyed it.

We put our clothes back in order and got out of the truck. I looked around the parking lot and saw several new cars but none nearby. You gave me a quick hug and rushed to your car to get where you needed to be. I got back in the truck and began to plan for our next adventure.

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