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A little about me  

BJInewSub 45M
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1/8/2021 7:42 pm
A little about me

I was a late bloomer, socially. I didn’t date in . I didn’t date through my first four years in the Marine Corps. I didn’t lose my virginity until after I turned 24 years old. It wasn’t that I was “saving myself for that special someone.” I was just socially awkward.
In the beginning of my second four year enlistment, I found the internet and its rooms. They were the thing the time. That was when I started to become a bit more of a social butterfly. It was easy to talk to people online. I still had a little bit of a hard time talking with women and I was a horny man. Somehow, I found myself exploring a gay site’s chatrooms. Guys were much more readily available for a quick hookup to get off. I concluded, “why not?” I hooked up with guys for a while. I was still interested in women. I was just trying things. I considered myself, “try-sexual.” I was a top more often than a bottom in most of those hookups during that period. It was usually by the choice of my partners more than my own. I did bottom a few times. I loved it when I did; some times more than others. I describe one of my favorite memories in my story, "Sailors Delight" on this site.

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