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Yet ANOTHER bottom in Bemidji  

BJInewSub 45M
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1/7/2021 7:41 pm
Yet ANOTHER bottom in Bemidji

That's all I seem find around here. Are there any real tops that with CD's around here? Or is it REALLY that vanilla around here? It seems that I would have drive about a couple of hours in any direction find anyone that fits that bill.

I got bored of not finding a hook up and have FINALLY begun exploring other features on this site. It hasn't really helped in that sense. But, it passes the time.

After being in a<b> monogamous </font></b>vanilla relationship/marriage for 18 , I found myself single a little over a year ago. I have chosen pursue more action with hard cocks.
I've had experiences in the distant past. I topped more than bottomed; more by the choice of my partners at the times. I LOVED the few experiences that I did get to bottom. My new penchant for crossdressing has me wanting to experience more as a bottom, especially while dressed en femme. I have a strong desire for another man's cum inside me; to further feminize me by "breeding" me.

I may not be the prettiest gurl at the ball. The odds are in your favor to get laid.

"The great thing about sissies; no matter how hard you try, you can't knock us up." But, you can have fun trying!

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