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Posted:Feb 29, 2016 3:56 am
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2020 7:03 pm
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4) Exploring the Word HOTWifing

5) Lifestyle CUCKolding Vs Lifestyle HOTWifing

6) Tending The Marital Garden HOTWifing

7) Journey to HOTWifing

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Private MailBox
Posted:Sep 2, 2015 4:15 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2020 1:10 am

Only you and Me TOP Secret

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User Friendly Profile Info
Posted:Sep 2, 2015 4:28 am
Last Updated:May 3, 2020 4:05 am
Seeking Ecstatic, Delicious Demanding and mind seducer female lover. A Sincere self confident woman with a clear mind & with neat clean hygienic habits.

I hate irritating, rude, ignorant stupidity, liars, fakes, braggarts & sugar coated person

Couples- My preference is to befriend with open minded couples who are into hotwifing lifestyle & wish to add a Bull in their relationship and Looking for a HOT wife who is fully secured in her relationship and enjoying a comfortable sexually satisfied life but wishes to explore her sexual fantasies to next level. A fun loving orgasmic lady is what I look for. I got more attracted to women who dress fashionably, yet conservatively, and know’s how to think and reason

I considered myself as highly-sexed, colorful and hot in bed

I prefer ‘meeting of the minds’ and ensure a mental connection before I decide to drop my trousers. I take a great deal of pride in performing the preferred perfect technique and can spend hours so as to deliver the best ever orgasm. I believe in carrying a confident BULL behavior to bed.

Being born under the Zodiac Sign Virgo “I have a special talent for making my partner feel cherished and cared about. When it comes to performance under the sheets I do take time to do the research and take care that my partner has no reason to complain and What “Virgo” does will do the trick, definitely. It might not exactly be a laugh, but deeply satisfying & Orgasmic
I am very much quite precise about how to treat my lady when making love, and always curious to investigate the partner's reaction to learn exactly what the partner prefers.

…. Though I am creative via my tongue, with an eye for detail but still I am enthusiastic to learn new skills & can pick up new ideas quickly

I am open & consider myself fit as a Bull in a Hotwifing lifestyle and looking for a strictly discreet relationship with space of mutual respect and honesty for all.

WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have our permission to use any of my profile info, Blog posts and my pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications as per respective laws of countries.
If a post is marked "source:external" that means I took it from internet.Rest of the stuffs are source to me and pictures are posted here with the consent of the involved parties!
I respect copyright laws. During Blogging I will be using images/ pictures from internet assuming their availability to be in public domain. If you have any copyright concerns the same may be communicated to me and it would be withdrawn immediately. All views expressed via post/ comments at my blog section will be my personal views
Exploring the Word HOTWifing
Posted:Sep 2, 2015 5:02 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 6:35 pm
A HOT-Wife is a married women who is encouraged and supported by her husband in the exploration and enjoyment of Extramarital sexual relationship

A HOT-Wife is really just what the two words together mean... a Hot + Wife - meaning “Any woman that has a man who feels she is hot enough to attract & seduce other men! It also implies that the man would desire some level of interaction between the Hotwife and another man.

"Hot" being the modern term that is deemed attractive & "Wifing" could be considered a combination of the two words "wife" and "sharing"... thus we have "Hotwifesharing" or Hotwifing -

The “hotwifing” lifestyle is more of a husband watching and wanting his woman to have sex with as many people as she desires. No humiliation, no angst, just the hotness that is an insatiable woman enjoying the physical pleasures of other men. Husband also probably has sex with her just as much as she’s fucking other guys.

I really want to debunk the myth that husbands into HOT-wifing lifestyle have small dicks and/or are not good in bed and the cpls had a bad sex life.

So the Question is – Why the need of HOT-wife??

The answer is simple! There is no correlation between the two. You can be a god in bed and have a massive cock but that doesn’t compensate for the missing thrill your wife might feel of flirting with someone new, kissing him the first time, feeling the butterflies in her stomach, seducing him, feeling a new hard cock in her hand, mouth and pussy. A lot of women miss that, regardless of your prowess in bed.

In fact its well proven that Couples with strong and sexually satisfied married relationship are into HOT-Wifing lifeststyle.

The fact that the HOT-wife is married makes her desirable to many men because she is not going to demand being married or getting impregnated. In fact a HOT-wife presents a no strings-attached sex

It is a great compliment at the very least; when a husband feels his wife is so attractive that other men would desire her

The HOT-wife equally needs the pleasure and excitement that comes as a result of having new sexual partners

Some will eventually do something about it and maybe cheat.

Others won’t. The lucky ones will have married a willing cuckold that will encourage her to do anything she wants.

But to think that if you had that extra inch on your cock her deep ingrained need for multiple partners would magically disappear, you are mistaken.
Some women want new partners and BULLs in their relationship because it is fun, it makes them feel good and they love the whole experience just simple as that

HOT-wifing isn't for everyone, but it can be approached in an intellectual and realistic way by those who choose i
Lifestyle CUCKolding Vs Lifestyle HOTWifing
Posted:Jan 9, 2016 10:41 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2019 11:00 am
Cuckolding and Hotwifing - Is there a Difference between the Two, If yes, What’s the difference?

Though broadly there is not too much difference between Cuckolding & HOTWifing but there is a thin line which differentiates between both lifestyle

In my opinion, the HOTWife lifestyle is more of a husband watching and wanting his woman to have sex with as many people as she desires.
No humiliation, no angst, just the hotness that is an insatiable woman enjoying the physical pleasures of other men.
He also probably has sex with her just as much as she’s fucking other guys!

In contrast a CUCKolding lifestyle is very similar to the HOTWifing lifestyle in regards to the woman having as much sex as she wants, but the feelings of angst can be strong, humiliation is usually there on some level, and sometimes there are other fetishes such as chastity or interracial or feminization thrown in the mix.

Cuckolds Hubby don’t always have the privilege of having sex with their Cuckoldress, either. The wife would tease him, tie him up, make him kiss her feet & keep him in chastity. She would tease him by waving the BULLs / lovers cock in his face and let hubby present the BULLs/ lover cock to her and forced hubby watch her in mercy when lover slide his cock in her wet pussy. That’s a one way of humiliating a cuck & Cuck always finishes ups to cum is by way of humiliating sex and by the time the lover & she’s begin giggling and laughing at CUCK hubby.

To conclude - If you can still call the shots and ‘put the genie back into the bottle’, it’s a HOTWife scene. If she rules her sex life, you’re a cuck.”
To some extent, that’s seems pretty true. I think regardless, it’s difficult to cork the genie. Once this door has been opened, it’s hard to forget about. If you’ve been having incredible sexual experiences why give it up?

I think that’s part of the reason some hotwife couples & cuckoldin couples sees no difference between the lifestyle HOTWifing & CUCKolding instead.

Enough of MY thoughts, what are yours? What separates a hotwifing couple from a cuckolding couple?
Tending The Marital Garden- HOTWifing
Posted:Nov 28, 2015 11:39 pm
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2020 9:56 am
Consider the analogy of marriage being a garden both spouses tend together. Within this garden are many blossoms representing the aspects of their lives which bind both individuals as couples! These blossoms are ’s, friends, family, hobbies and finances among others. For many couples there can be one blossom they cannot make thrive like the rest. The reasons are varied but the result is the same: COMPROMISE. I believe both accept that this flower will never blossom like the rest. This stunted flower is what we called SEXUAL SATISFACTION . Two individuals may be emotionally intimate yet both recognize perhaps silently, that something is missing

So the Question is “ How does being a HOTWifing solve this” ????

Its about roles :Husband and Lovers

Does the hubby likse the guys her wife dated when she was single ?? Probably not

Those were the lovers who made her blush, lovers who caused her nipples to stiffen involuntarily and an ache to grow between her thighs. They were the males with whom sex was great but they weren’t much for relationship or being part of her life.

Just as Great lover are usually the worst boyfriend (let alone husband), the best hubbies are rarely the best lovers

Even if hubby is an efficient lover he may feel you still deserve to experience better and as a HOTWife one can still enjoy all the benefits of marriage while reap the erotic benefits of being sexually single and most Importantly the emotional satisfaction that “It’s not CHEATING”

But again the Question – “Does hubby really want this”??

And the Answer is – He gave you this, didn’t he? If the wife is still in doubt – “Check his Penis , it Can’t Lie”

HOTWifing can have many benefits for a couple. It is among one of the top male fantasies, and is often the answer to many women's hidden or undiscovered desires.

Although I have tried to chalk down the list of potential Hotwifing relationship benefits, it should provide a good sample.

• Fulfillment of lifelong fantasies for one or both in the couple.
• Freedom for a wife to enjoy the company of the opposite sex.
• The man is freed up from most feelings of jealousy.
• Couples share in many more activities together.
• Increased communication and trust.
• Increased faithfulness and reduced thoughts of infidelity.
• Husband feels he has the hottest woman in the world.
• Women gain confidence and freedom to express themselves.
• Women realize their full potential for intimacy and fantasy.
• Intimacy is improved and intimate knowledge is gained.
• Variety and new excitement is enjoyed by the couple.
• Physical satisfaction is better attained.
• Husband's increased interest in his wife's clothing and looks.
• Husband tends to want to please his wife more in all things.
• Closer friendships can develop.
• A wife's wardrobe increases and improves.
• Men are very satisfied with their wives' enjoyment.
• Married women can go out on dates and husbands love it.
• Husbands can become more romantic and caring.

The advantages of HOTWifing are really greater than the average person would think.

These potential benefits listed here give a couple a good idea of howHOTWifing can be of great value to their relationship

HOTWifing isn't for everyone, but it can be approached in an intellectual and realistic way by those who choose.


Enjoy Lifestyle HOTWifing
Journey to HOTWifing
Posted:Sep 7, 2015 8:04 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2020 12:50 am
What works wonders is always a question of Curiosity- How to turn a Wife into a hotwife ?

The question of ultimate worry is how to train a normal wife who is into training to be a sexy slutty hotwife and ensure she does quite well and she could be the center of attention

The big Q is the the mostly discussed topic between the couples........

Coz Being a HOTWIFE means – Realizing her full potential for intimacy and fantasy

What encouragements steps you suggest to a hubby to turn his wife into a HOTWife

To link to this blog (BULL_4_HOTWife) use [blog BULL_4_HOTWife] in your messages.

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