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-ROYALS- PART 5 - Munch, Nosch, Swallow  

Baronofsevens 43M
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3/28/2011 8:56 pm
-ROYALS- PART 5 - Munch, Nosch, Swallow

The table in the dining hall, usually long enough to have guests and serve twenty, had the leaves removed from the center, place settings only for the four of them. None of the other house reidents were invited to tonight's gathering.

Zenna, leaning into Vixen,
-I guess tonight is a little more special than other evenings, wouldn't you say, love?

The Baroness, appears from the service door of the kitchen and invites the two to sit with a gesture of her hand. Donning an Elizebethan style evening gown. Her figure shown delicately. As she encircles her guests and places three open bottles of wine upon the table, from off of a wheeled service cart. Her lovely rear, rounded, muscular and tight is exentuated from within tonight's dress. Frills along the cuffs, with button hooks on the front. Thin, womanly hourglass frame and swelling breasts suitably covered from within its restraints.

-The Baron will be along shortly, dears. In the meantime, won't you help your self to some wine,

The girls take their seats, as does the Baronness at one end of the table. Zenna, winceing and grunting a bit from her new wounds suffered.

-Unnng! How uncomfortable. Let me at that wine.
She pours helpings for all at the table, including the Baron and places the bottle down. Then sits back, waiting for the Merlot to breathe and release its body and flavors.

Vixen opens the conversation.
- Strange choice of wines this evening, Baronness. A merlot red served with cornish hen? Wouldn't a chardonay or a pinot grigio more of a suitable choice?

The Baronness smiles and replies as her left hand creeeps slowly up to the top of her evening gown, and unbuttons her top button. The tight fit dresss unhooks with an audible pop.

- Why, yes, Vixen, it would. But I thouht for tonights festivities, a dark, sultry red would better fit the mood setting. I am suprised that you, Zenna, had not made that observation yourself.

-My madam Baronness, given my current physical condition, I wasn't thinking of nothing but the soothing, anastetical effects of tonight's beverage. Although, red wine served with fish or game bird subtly hints at a Russian or a Prussian-West Northern European menu. Polish?, Baronness? Mabye West

German Cuisine?

The Baronness simply chuckles to herself as she reaches for her glass. She holds the glass close to her face smiles and retorts with
-Touche.....Zenna, touche.

Then takes a long and plentiful gulp from her serving of wine. Replacing it as soon as she places her wine glass down, and then, with her right hand, unbottons another button from the the bosom of her gown. Her perfectly shaped breasts, beginning to show their forms from their coverings. Underneath the flowing Elizabethean style evening gown she wears, a bright yellow lingerie peeks. The kind that covers most of the breast, and yet excentuates her womanly shape.

-Since you had mentioned observations, my dearest Baronness, I notice that you had unbottoned your second button from my side of the table. Directly after I made my valid comment.

-Perhaps you are catching on faster to tonight's pretence, Zenna, Hmmmmm? A Verrry valid and worthwile observation, indeed.

Enters, The Baron, Dressed leisurely, in slacks and a Polo shirt.

- My ladies, I am glad to see that you all had made yourselves comfortable and...

He hesitates for a moment as he gazes upon his wife.

- And I also see that tonight's activities had already been commenced. Obviously, our young understudies are showing their talents and using their brains instead of their animal instincts.

-Rightfully so, Baron, rightfully so.

The Baron caries on, raises his glass and proposes a toast.

- May all at this table forgive one another and get over any wrongful feelings. May the four of us commence with enjoyment of one another's companies tonight and take pleasure in the planned activities the Baronness has prepaired for us all. He sips at the wine and takes a seat. May our dinner commence!

At once, a cart is pushed from the kitchen by the Chef himself. Each at the table is served a plate with a silver lid on top. The Souix Chef follows with yet another cart laiden with sauce boats and ladles. The cart is placed closeby the table where the souix Chef takes post. The Chef and his Souix uncover the heads of the tables plates in tandem. Then circle around Vixen and Zenna's, doing the same. Their plates are beaded with driplets of warm water, hot steam rising from each one.

-My Dom, Mistress and guests... may I present; Cornish herb encrusted hen, asparagus with wild mushroom rice, and a variety of sauces to accompany. Rasberry reduction, Lemon drawn butter sauce, Sweet game bird jus, mint cremme, Bourbon and trouffle-chocoalate thick gravy.

Zenna observes her dish. A miniscule serving of wild rice, one sprig of asparagus and one half of a cornish hen. Then takes a not so obvious peek at house pet Vixen's plate. The same.

-Madam Baronness, it seems that tonight's main course may not be the focal point of the evening, yet there are many sauces to choose from. Be it so that it is not the food that we were here to celebrate?

-Rightfully so, Zenna. Rightfully so, Hmmmmm...

The Baroness reaches for another one of the button hooks on her gown and un latches it with her right hand once again. Exposing some of her torso. Revealing the tight lingerie corset underneath is cross threaded under the breast with white lace and matching white bow ties.

Zenna watches her as she finishes off her glass of merlot. The Baronness does exactly the same while slowly caressing herself upon the corset she wears. Her eyes straight forward, never leaving the Baron's.

Then pours another serving of wine for the both of them.

-Zenna, my sweet, please top off the Baron's glass, his seems to be empty. Is that any way to treat your
Dom? hmmmmm? Leave him without something to quench his thirst?

Vixen interjects
-And yet there was a failure to observe that I had that covered already.

Vixen pours the Dom Baron another glass, to the very top with the third bottle from the table. Subtly and gently licking her full and curved lips. Then raising her eyes from his built chest to his own face. Then quickly turns her head to face Zenna.

-May some of the drawn lemon butter sauce be passed, please Dom Baron. Says Zenna.

-I feel that you may have missed a point of tonight's gathering. Replies Vixen. Then swallows down her own glass replenishing it to the brim. Gesturing to the Dom Baron's plate, almost empty. Only a bite or two left on the main course.

- Have I? Lady Vixen?
Vixen slides her eyes towards the Baron's service. And a slow smile creeps its way upon her jaw. Deep and wide.

- My Master Baron, I feel so underdressed for the ocasion compared to Domma Baronness. Says Vixen.
And yet something tells me that it is not us the guests at the table whom are in the spotlight, Nor is it you that is on the stage. Seemingly so, it comes to my attention that mabye The Baronness is the main attraction this evening.

Touche, to my youngest love slave. Replies the Baronness. Touche! Her left hand flows from her own lips, down her neck, embraces her own breast, encircling the curvature of her flesh, and makes its way down to another clasp, releasing it from its hold on the Baronness' body, her undergarments almost fully exposed.

- I think the sauces are more for dessert, temptation and for the accompanyment of the taste of tonight's beverages. Finishes the youngest house pet of the house.

The Baron interjects,
- Let us finish the main course my ladies, settle down and resume to the real reason of tonights gathering. Aside the fact that I first observed that there was a short table set for a setting of four, and yet there are so many candles upon the table. More than enough for illumination. And the room is brightly lit. Ladies, Had you taken into consideration the observation of the room and not each other?

-Enough said, ponder the possibilities, my ladies. Let us finish our meals and resume. For tonight had been a learning experiment for all of us. And there is much, much more to be sought out, fore seen and explained.
May I top off my few remaining bites with the mint cremme, please Dom Baron?

The four of them sit in the room candles burning amongst them. They all finish their meal rather quickly and their plates are cleared. The cart of warm, delectful sauces left behind on the side cart.

Says the Baronness
-And yet amongst all the pitter patter,girls, The Baron gets the final of my meal's clues corrrect. A little bit of pleasure...... and a little bit of pain.....Hmmmmmmm?, ladies. Isn't that right , Zenna.
She smiles large and wide teeth exposed fully. As if to rub in tonight's earlier experience.

Zenna, only clears her throat and and wiggles in her chair. Winces a little from her lacerations suffered from the roses stems. The bare wood on her chair creating hard pressure upon her skin making her wounds pulse with discomfort.

She stands and takes the final hook button loose from the front of her gown. Unbuttons the cuffs of the legnthy sleeves and the gown falls from her subtle curves. The yellow and white corset under neath exposed. Ending at her hips. Her firm and smooth long legs, tone and rounded. have no covering. The soft and shortly shaven hair above her vagina exposed for the guests at the dinner table to view freely. The Baroness stands from her chair and turns around. Reaching behind her she unlaces her corset with one hand and pulls her hair to the side with the other. Then stands nude and spread legged and deeply bends to recover the gown from the floor and show her self off for those at the table. She drapes the gown on the back of her seat to display it for all and turns again to face them. Corset in hand.

-In all reality Vixen, This gown is one of the features in your next runway show performance. If you were to accept the work for a close friend of mine. Feel free to take it, and place it within your collections. Zenna, This corset is a gift for you to adorn as a gift from the Baron to express our respect for you for taking your cummupance with such chivalry. Not that you had earned it, in my opinion. And this....

She runs her hands through her long hair, and follows through by brushing her hands all the way down her body. Both of her hands ending the caress at either side of her privates and spreading them apart gently, slowly and with no shame.

-... is for the three of you tonight.

The Baronness crawls bare bodied onto the thick wooden table. Turns and lies with her legs partially folded, yet spread apart so all may peek at her georgious privates. Leaning on one of her arms and caressing her her hips with her other hand. Her breasts nipples slowly getting firm and standing at attention from her own hand's caresses upon her pale, skin. Her waivy, long hair unravelling behind her. She then resumes to tempt her own skin in front of all three of them, with her long and manicrued fingers.

The Baron encircles the table and places the many candles on the outside corners of the dining flat. Then walks towards the cart with the various sauces opon it and wheels it next to the table.

-Stand ladies, and push back your chairs.

As Zenna gets up she inhales through her teeth with a sound like a snake. The Baroness smiles widely with pleasure and turns to Vixen, chuckling a bit. Enjoying that Zenna is in pain.

-That is what she recieves for damaging my little house pet, is it not so, Vix?

-The treatment of the lessers in this house is of the judgement of the heads of the household, my Madam. Vixen replies.

- We chose the the lesson of the long stem rose for Zenna because her pain threshold is very high and tempered. One day you too shall be at her level of tempered pain witholding, if you wish, my pet.

The Baron interjects,

-Tonight is one of my favorite group activities, We have planned tonight before what had happened
earlier, for we are going to invite our dear friends as guests to acompany us very soon. They have returned from their travels abroad and will be joining us within the next few weeks as house guests. We wanted to make sure that the two of you know what you were doing and to personally invite the both of you to meet these friends of ours.

The Dutchess and the Duke had been friends of ours for many years, and had been not visited this Estate for quite some time. I wanted to introduce our newest family members to them as a suprise.

The Baroness continues with further detail.
-The Dutchess, wether you know it or not Vixen, is the designer of a clothing line you had modeled for before The Baron and I had taken you in to live with us, Vixen. She is planning a tour for the release of her newest line of fashion, and I wanted the ensureance of some work for you if you would accept it. She says it consists of some runway work, magazine shoot, and some advertising if you would make the cut. You may land a really good contract for yourself. The benefit to me is worth much more. Yet I would be very proud of you if you were selected by her. It would be as if some family ties were knit a bit closer. There's even some talk of a conglomeration that would become a powerhouse within the fashion industry. Vixen, I can't tell you the importance.....
The Baroness trails off......

The Baron finishes.
-Zenna, The Duke is an owner of many Triple Crown winning steeds, and a good friend of mine. He was thinking of letting me take some of them into my care, here on the estate. He wanted to meet my caretaker and veteranarian before so said was done. Assuring himself that they would recieve the most loving of care. Zenna, I am telling you to be prepared when he arrives. Impress him professionally. That's what I want from you Zenna. I want these horses on the Estate. Prove to him you are worth while and you will advance. If he does not choose to keep these steeds on premisses it would not be the loss of your employment or place here on the Estate. It is only that these horses are parts of real history. They are prizes in my eyes. My colection of horses would be closer to being complete.

Vixen interjects.
-Zenna, you are the vet? I thought you scrubbed the horses stalls.

-I may be a lowly and loyal submissive on the Estate of the Royals, Vix. And I may spend time tending to the horses. But I never said that shoveled their shit for a living. Why? Do you need your shots? Or your blood drawn and tested? Zenna retorts.

The Baron clears his throat and halts the sass at his dinner table.
-Zenna, Stop that cheap taunt at this instant! It is well known that all here on the Estate had been tested before being allowed or asked to make residence. For all of our sakes....and health. That is never a question here. And is a reason, as our submissives and house pets, that you live such a guarded lifestyle. We are all compatible. That was the most important rule myself and the Baroness set for the Estate before inviting or hiring a soul.
And Vixen, Zenna earned her degree and training here, on the Estate. Living in the guest house attached to the 's barn before moving into the mansion itself. Zenna had been with us for some years before becoming a house pet. Let it be known, She and I are very giving and rewarding. Mark my words. I will stand for none of that cheerless volley.

The Baroness Speaks.
-I AM OBSERVING... the conversation has led away from tonight's pleasant meal and activities, and branched toward a conversation that could be considered given closure. Hmmmmmmmmm, Baron.

-You are right, Baroness. Let us commence.

-The Baroness lays flat on her back upon the table as the Baron dips the first ladle into the butter and lemon server and pours the warm and slick concoction on the breasts of his woman.Using the back of the serving ladle to spread the slick sauce upon and over her skin. Then places the sauce boat upon the table.

-It is important to use something that will create a good skin protectant first. It keeps other substances from sticking to and prevents burning of the skin girls. Come my Zenna, since you had said that you were interested in this flavor, be the first to sample it. Drag your tongue from her throat to the tip of her nipple, Then to the tip of her other breast, and to her belly button. Observe, ladies. the belly button, when noshing, or sploshing is the perfect place to put a nice shot of sauce, whipped cream or cherries, other such delectables. It makes for a nice resivoir of your favorite flavor. Vixen, come hither my dear, at the foot of the table.

She quickly, yet with elegance commences and obeys. He reaches over and dips one of the silver serving ladles into the corning hen gravy and drizzles it on to the Baronesses' left foot.

-Now, Slowly. kiss and caress her foot with your tongue and lips. Slowly now, to enjoy all of the flavor for yourslef, and not make sure that the other is experiencing some form of pleasure is just not right in an excercise such as this one.

Vixen, starts at the center of the Baronesses foot, and slowly tickles it with sensual tongue lashings to the pads. Stopping and taking tender care of her toes.

-Carefull, Vixen remember the person you serve may be tickelish. Uncontrollable reaction may lead to unsuspected injury. A kick in the face while worshiping a foot is always a risk. While you are commencing, Utilize some heavy breathing. Hot deep breaths and temperature difference from heavy breathing to cooling soothing light blowing may create goosebumps or sometimes create the feeling or start of climax in some persons. Depending on the preference of the person, of course.

- A note committed to memory, my Dom Baron.
- I hope of both the sensuality, and the reactions of tickling sensitive areas.
-Yes, my Dom. Vixen replies.

-It takes a gentle touch and caring sensitive time to make someone get to the start of sexual climax though. Either that or there must be conditoning and adjustments made that help the recieiver with the appreciation of such sensuality being placed on such odd parts of the body. As for me.....

The Baron moves back to the serving cart, dips a ladle into the sauce of raspberry, and serves the
Baronness some of it for a tasty reward. Overfilling her mouth and letting the reduction drizzle down her cheek as the Baroness sticks out her tongue from her mouth as she swallown with pleasure.

-Thank you my Dom Baron, my favorite.... She Replies as she licks her full and supple lips.

The Baron takes another ladle of the Mint creme and splashes in between th Baronesses legs. The cream making her loins hot and tingle. She rolls her hips and spreads her vagina open again and lets the sauce enter inside her as he removes his polo shirt. His chest exposed to her, he is most assuredly ready to enjoy his favorite desert. The Baron spreads his woman's legs apart and uses his long tongue to gather some of the desert sauce. Sucking and swallowing from off his wife's labia is short and fast pulsing bursts. Creating the effect of her curling her spine and bowing her pelvis with all her might as she grows closer and closer to an orgasm. The girls, along with him between her legs, tantilize her erogenous spots.

Suddenly from behind his back the Baron reveals one of the candles and pours the hot wax upon the Baroness' chest plate, breasts and nipples. Through her clenching teeth she deeply inhales, and then releases her breath. Exclaiming an -OH!!! FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

The Baron leans towards Zenna and with a Deep resonance in his voice and says
- I suppose after receiving your punishment for being such a naughty girl today, you weren't observational enough to expect such a sultry treat were you, Zenna?
His hand softly petting her down the center of her back and then spanking her with a forceful slap on the ass. Then grabbing her ass cheek with a firm and assured grip. Feeling the warmth of her own center from behind.

Through the night the threesome feast from the silver platter made of the Baroness' body. Pouring sauces and candle wax onto her supple skin. Peeling the both from her with their fingers and tongues alike. Feasting on the whines and moans of the Baroness, and one another. A rather tastefull vanilla style skill of their lifestyle demonstrated and completed for the girls. A class to conduct for the Baron and the Baroness finished.

Excerpt from a novella written by-

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