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-ROYALS- Part 1- The simple somber subbie sucks it up for slipping her knots  

Baronofsevens 43M
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7/15/2011 9:28 pm
-ROYALS- Part 1- The simple somber subbie sucks it up for slipping her knots

Part 1- The simple somber subbie sucks it up for slipping her knots

Her, Dressed in tight, thigh high baby blue vynol, crop clutched in her hand, with her training dominant, The Baron, behind. Carefully watching her every move and step. She prances around her female submissive house- for the moment.

-How had you shamed him, hmmmm? How had you placed yourself in shame to bring yourself to me to be punished for your sins against him? hmmm? she says.

Bending at the waist to bring herself face to face with her female subbie lying flat on her stomach, restrained to the legs of the table. Her sub's head, dangiling over one side, with her feet, planted on the ground at the other. The vynol tightly creeping into the crevasse of her privates and rear end. Making a lovely view and display of her womanhood.

-Tell me, tell me now, she says, lifting her eyes to her dominant to seek his aproval in her mannerisms. He gives her a small lift of his chin to signal her with his approval she clutches both ends of the crop and bends it into a sign of an ohm. TELL ME, NOW! her thick British accent booming in the leaden room. Letting the flat side of the crop go to slap her shammed femme on one of her shoulders.

-I did not complete my dominant's training as I was instructed, And was very resistant to his bidding for it was not as I had wished to do. the subbie replies.

-Well, had you mentioned your yeild to her to stop or to let him know that you were not comfortable in your position? hmmm? she says. HOW COULD YOU FORGET PROPER YIELDING PROCEDURE! One of our family was almost choked to death instead of unconciousness!

A snap of the crop occours and a lash puffs onto the skin of the young subbie. She whimpers with no draw back, standing for the wrong doing that she had caused.

-No, my master was never informed by me that I did not want.

-Well when the school master tells you to complete such biddings, is it not practice to finish those specific bidings as fast as accurate as possible. Or were you in haste?

-I was in haste because I felt uncomfortable in the predicament I had been placed in. And being pressured for things that were not agreed to.

-Once again midwife zenn, did you or did you not make your dominant aware of this?

-NO, I had not.

-And why did perform such actions if you were not one hundred ten percent sure of how to execute them, hmmm? WHY!!?

-It was my time to prove my learnings and graduate to another level. I was eager instead of cautious. Where I should have been precautious instead of eager in the executions of my actions.

-So you know why my self and the Barron had summoned you here for an explanation. The last thing we want is any harm done to our family.

Another whisp of the thick whipping crop snaps through the air, landing upon the meat of midwife zenn. A yelp of pain and angiush escapes her with silence breaking anguish. Then another, and another.

-Tell us that you are sorry, midwife admit to us that risking vixen's existance was not worth your wrong doing.

Another full force lash perfectly lands itself on zenn's rear side

-Baroness, Baron I truly apologise for my wrongdoings in the house and for my sins against house rules I would freely take my lashes and punishment. Although public Humiliation is not in my interest and any wrongdoings I had committed, especially when it comes to the structure of our home I will with loving gratification, pay for them. my flesh is yours to treat as my dominants feel it shall be. Whether in scorn, pain, sorrow or love. I shall be content with my punnishment. Please do not hold back. Vixen's liveyhood was in my hands and I shall pleasure her after my comupence in any way she likes if she shall only for give forgive me....

The Baroness yet again bends at the waist to face her second to youngest subbie.
-Least she forgives you midwife zenn, least she forgives you.

The Barron steps forward from shadows hehind.

-In the meantime Zenna. On with the pain.
Stepping forward towards her. In his hand, a bundle of dried, thorny stems of a rose bush.

Excerpt from a novella written by-

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