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-ROYALS- Part 2 -Long Stem Roses-  

Baronofsevens 43M
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1/28/2011 5:32 pm
-ROYALS- Part 2 -Long Stem Roses-

The Barron steps slowly toward Zenn. Looking her right in the face. Normally this is not his normal practice. Explaining situations to his younger submissives was a job he had assigned to the Baroness, but in this case, there was a need for him to address his chosen submissive directly. The girls knew that when the Baron was present they were either going to be treated to a new and useful lesson in their studies as pets, they were going to be tested for their stregnth limits, or punished for their wrong doings. With the petalless long stemed rose in his hand. Zenn knew she was going to pay for her wrong doing to her house-sister Vixen.

-My sweet Zenn, I had hoped that in the past year and months that you had been with us that you had learned the respect of the yield and being aware of those that you play with. When I taught you at first I was impressed with the way you showed your attentions to detail. These are reasons that I sped up your teachings and gave you privlidges over our dear Vixen. She is younger than you, and less experienced than most you have conducted excercise with.

His British accent, thick and determined, echoed as she listened in their families' dungeon-playroom.

-Yet when something goes wrong it may scare her into doubt about furthering her learnings. And creates trust issues between you and herself. The last thing I want to end up with is a submissive I have personal interest in stop her learnings with us because of a scare. When I give you priveledge to play with your house-sister, I expect you to respect her such as that. A member of your family, first. Knowing that you will be in her company in the future. Not to create doubt in her mind about the amount of trust she could place in your hands. I do not want Vixen to be nothing more than a very pretty body model. All of us know that she, and you both possess the talent to one day become a respected and experienced Dominatrix, but until then you must learn to conduct your learnings in a professional manner.

-I know your personal lust for power, and anger Zenn. Interjects The Baronnes. There is only a small gap of self control in the void that must be filled, my dear. And in this instance, The Baron and I have decided to fill it with pain.

The Baron stands in front of Zenna. Undressed for her to feast her eyes upon. Although past his twenties and probably in his thirties, she guesses, still in good form. Always keeping statue like posture. She steals a chance to look at him completely. Without the Baroness to see her do so. She always felt a bit of contempt emulate from her Madam.

-I can see from the welts on your haunches and back side that Baroness has not held back on you. And let me warn that I will neither. I had not introduced you to the love within a thorned-rose stem, Zenn. And let me explain that your threshholds WILL be tested. You do understand me? Do you not?

-Yes, master Dom Baron. I understand. I will withstand the pains that I am to take. And do apologise for not concerning myself more with the well being of my house-sister, Vixen.

-Do not hold back tears if they shall arise. and if you need a break or a recess in this punishment, say so, Zenn. As your Dominant, I am not a tyrant, and will adhere to your personal needs. I may be grisly at times, but I am not without heart.

-Yes, master Dom Baron.
-Zennie, will you prefer a bit?
-No, master Dom Baron, I will not.
-Then we shall proceed.

The Dom Baron steps behind Zenn, making cuts in the air with his chosen tool. The Baroness takes her place in front, donning her baby blue vynol lengerie. The Baroness steps forward, her pelvis, a centimeters legnth from Zenn's face, slips her garment down around her lower thighs. The Baroness' light brown pubic hair, although shorn and perfectly groomed, tickles Zenna's nose and lips. Zenna, although in an unwanted predicament, licks her lips and feels a bit of temptation and anxiousness at this.

The Baron raises the stem high and comes down onto his eldest submissive's bottom with great force and speed. The sound cutting the air crisp and clear. The connection to the skin instantly creates a line of blood as the thorns rip in to her skin. Zenn immediately squeals in anguish. Her mouth open as the intensity of the strike settles in.

-Ohh! escapes from her lips and she inhales a deep breath with a hiss.

-Now, kiss the Baroness and tell her your sorry for almost ruining her youngest.

-I apologise my Madam Baroness...

Zenna, raises her head and caresses the Baroneses' privates. Baroness holds her head with her hand.

- Softly my dear Zenna, it is caution and softness that you must learn. Even in the most intense of situations, mmmm? Zenna begins to caress Baronesses' hood. Body heat from the House Madam's privates moistening her lips. Succulent silky secretions flow onto Zenn's tongue. That's a good girl, remarks the Baroness. Very nice.

Baron comes down with the rose stem three more times. This time with no holding back. The stems splitting the stillness of the air inside the dungeon like a pointer to a chalk board. Zenn lets out an excruciating scream that pierces through the ears of the three in the room.

-Give your apology to your Madam, the Baron directs.

Zenn does so. As tears well up from her eyes and fall from her full cheeks. Toungue out pleasuring the Barronness and whinnying like a startled and scared left with no night light for the first time. The Baroness raises her leg and lets a moan out as she plateaus in pleasure. Rubbing her hips and pelvis to her Dungeon-'s mouth.

-Your apology has been accepted, Zenn, says the Baroness, pulling her vynol coverings into place over her now full-sized vagina after being stimulated and fully pleased. At least the skill of pleasuring your Madam has not been lost, Hmmmm? One of your skills I feel that you had always been good at.

The Baroness slams her leg down to the floor making a loud thud with the heel of her knee-high stilleto boot. Her breasts, full and rounded, nipples hard, bounce in unison. Then turns and exits the dungeon. The baby blue under garment riding high on her hips. The string-bikini back making a georgeous display of her finely toned, round and muscular rear. Leaving the door open wide. Zenna, watching her make an almost model like exit, enviously wonders to herself where The Baroness finds such garments that perfectly color co-ordinate.

At the very same moment The Baron strikes Zenn's rear again and again with the quickness, speed, strength and increased succession of a seasoned professional. Harder and harder making the sound of the rose sing as if it were one constant note being played on an orchestral instrument.

Zenn screams at the top of her lungs letting out all of the air within them. Taking another giant deep breath and shouting once more in astonishment. While the thorns, razor like, make thin tears at her skin.

The repetitions stop, and she lies there hands bound to to the table, Almost hyperventilating with sting. A constant stream of tears falling from her eyes, blurring her vision. Wimpering, head swirling. The Baron makes his way from behind, and stands in front.

-My sweet, I hope that you will not let your faltering affect your performance. I hold no hard feelings to you and I am most impressed with the honor that you had received and taken your punishment. Then again you always were one of gruff and strong makings. I was most impressed by you not to beg for mercies. Some do. This excercise was a little accelerated, even for you and a little harsh, believe me you. I shall give you respect for taking your pain dealt. As, for me.....

-Yes, my Master Dom Baron. Accept my apologies.....

She takes his manhood into her mouth, caressing him gently with her tongue. He grows to full length inside her warm and wet mouth, penetrating and retracting slowly. With each stroke becoming deeper and deeper against her tongue, She could still taste the Baroness. The silky, yet salty taste of her Madam-Domma, recognisible by her, makes her roll her tongue gently, As tears continue to stream from the corners of her deep green eyes.

-Take a deep breath now, he instructs.

She takes a large breath in through her nostrils as he fully buries himself deep in her throat. She humms lowly, to pleasurue him. He becomes stiff and she feels his penis pulsing and stretching at her esophagus. He slowly girates his pelvis, and she feels the velvety skin of the tip of his manhood reach the center of her airway. The slow movements of his are accompanied and excentuated by her as she makes quick and strong swallows while he is in place. He had taught her this, and moans slightly at her with approval. She is happy to accomadate her Master. With each pulse of his, she could feel the pressure of the oxygen inside her own lungs building, creating pressure of it's own. Making her head throb at first, then pound, with more and more intensely. She lets a whimper and a shrill humm escape to yield and warn him. He retracts completely and she lets the unused air escape from her lungs. She coughs some and inhales fresh air in gasps for replenishment. He rubs his stiff cock onto her lips to keep them from drying out or cracking from lack of moisture.

-Ready? He asks

She licks her lips, nods her head and replies
-Yes, Master Baron. She takes a very deep breath as she opens her mouth. Waiting, willingly for her Dom to enter.

He does, yet this time as he places himself in her esophagus, he thrusts hard against her mouth. Her muscles wrap tight around him as a gag reflex ensues. He starts to stroke himself faster and faster in side her airway. He slams his pelvis against her teeth, never letting his cock leave from the tight grip of her throat. Faster and faster, with greater and escalating intensity his strokes become a wild barrage. Zenn could feel the pounding in her head and chest again, reminding her that her oxygen was slowly in need of replacement. She focoused on not panicking. Her vision blurred, started to blacken around the edges and tears again started to stream from her ducts.

-Now, the Baron commanded her, midstroke. She then started to humm as hard as she could as she had been taught by him. When Zenn reached her absolute limit, she stopped humming and raised her foot from the ground. The Baron, immediately pulls his prick from the confines of Zenn's tight throat grip. She coughs and gags while gasping for fresh air. Wimpering slightly like a scared .

-No more tears from the pain my sweet, you are forgiven, he whispers to her as he wipes the proof of her pain away from her eyes.

He takes her by the hair and holds her head back. Gripping her pony tail, he slowly and completely penetrates her mouth, climaxing within her throat and gently pulling out, making a trail of semen to the end of her tongue. She gladly accepts. I do express my love to you, Zenn. Your house-Sister will be in shortly to release you from your bounds and assist you with attention to those welts and cuts. I suggest that the both of you discuss and smooth out what had happened between you. She explained to me that she is not angry, only shaken by her experience. In the near future the three of us will get together and asphixiation will be further, and with care, demonstrated, so you may get the experience you need to master the skill. Though that will be later. Vixen, your house-sister will be in very soon, Zenn. Relax now, catch your breath.

From his hand he takes the rose stem bundle, most now snapped in half, kept together only by the outer skin of the petalless blooms, and places it as if it were a bit between her teeth. A sharp thorn landing near the center of her tongue, pricking her. Zenn could taste her own blood from the lashes to her rear end caused by the prickly stems. The flavor, immediadely mixing with her own Master's, makes her mouth water. Her vagina starts to warm and tingle. And Zenn decides the taste of the two, although new to her, is a delightful treat.

The Baron turns and leaves the pleasure-dungeon.

Moments later Vixen appears within the doorway. Dressed in her elastic breast restraints, and in hip hugging elastic wraps that, Zenn, her elder house sister helped her create. Her beautiful and full sized vaginal lips, squeezed by the elastic, showing with their full size between her long and slender legs. One of Zenn's favorite features of Vixen. She peers up and smiles through the running mascara on her face. Vixen's sculpted, yet small breasts standing at attention for her sister, nipples hard, stadnding out from their quarter sized bases. Vixen enters the room with a small tub of warm water and a wash cloth to ease the pain for her.

- Zenn. Zenn, darling. Give a moment. We will have your wounds dressed in a moment......

(Part 3 to come)

Excerpt from a novella written by-

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