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-ROYALS- Part 8- Frolickings of the girls while their superlatives are away  

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6/28/2018 4:33 pm
-ROYALS- Part 8- Frolickings of the girls while their superlatives are away

The Baron and Baroness make their way from the Estate for the evening and for the first time in a long while, and the girls are left to themselves to do what they please. It was known and agreed that any person within the estate was permitted to be with another. Yet this was a rule that both of the girls, as house pets and understudies of the Dom and Dominatrix must tiptoe on eggshells with. Neither of them had made any approaches toward the other members of the house for the fact that they must be given permission. There was a certain interest of Vixen's that she wanted to fullfill some lust of within herself. A Souix Chef, Studying under the Chef of the house that she could not keep her eyes off. She had imagined her Mocha skin and his pale muscle bound body clashing in pure sweet extacy with one another for some months. She dared not make an advance for him becouse she not want to overstep any boundaries to her Dominatrix owner. Yet, she had no doubt that the Baroness had seen her watching him like a kitten waiting to pounce a catnip toy.

The Baroness spotted her eyes lingering at him each time they all were served on the dining hall's table. Vixen had thought of just grabbing him and throwing him onto the table and having a little feast of her own more times than quite a few. Held her restraints though. Mabye it was the few weeks she spent in the house with a ball in her mouth. Or it may had been the few weeks she spent with elastic wraps round her feet and leather bounds around her wrists. She knew to keep her stance after her first few months with the Baroness. They had worked like perfect clockwork while on the runway. But the perdona she had reflected when not being dressed like a doll for others to snap pictures at was not one of a true subbie that was anywhere near obedient. She was quickly taught the difference.

Vixen and Zenna had spoken with each other about her experience and it was revealed that Zenna had spent almost six months with a ball in her mouth becouse of her uncanny ability to pop her mouth off and continue on and on like a little attack chiuahuah. "Unsufferable yap-dog" was one of the comments that had embedded itself within her bones. Zenna was the Baron's housepet. Not the Baroness'. From what was very easily said to her face to face by the Baroness was-

-Zenna, you have the ability to be whipped, chained, suspended, tortured and mistreated. Yet you do not have the ability to SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU BABBLING CURBDOG! If you are ever to be recognized in the lifestyle you need to know when to keep that trap of yours shut and closed. And that is at most times unless spoken unto and asked for a response. Those of us whom had endured our time and had surpassedour pains and paid our dues do not need to hear your repettitive pobre Speech! Nor are any of us impressed with feeling your thoughts. You conduct yourself like a wild animal. Provoke horrible results and are a general disturbance for others lives with your conduct and childish behavior.

Of course the Baroness had been saying these things to her very early during her stay. And not to mention with two inches of wooden paddle in her hand. The Baron liked Zenna becouse she was ruff and gruff a volunteer when it came to proving her stance of tolerance. She was full blown dark chocoalate in her liking. She wasn't one of those sneak attackers and one whom played look what I did. She was you got the balls? Then let's do it! She wasn't a straw that broke the camels back type of girl. She had been in rumbles. And liked wild sex. she liked full blown attention and was a perverted exhibitionist. You wouldn't think of it when you seen her, but when given the chance she liked to take charge and play bad little girl as often as she could. She was not as smooth as she should have been and was not one to follow orders from any. She conducted herself like a crazy, wild woman and was that way at a constant. Untill the Baron and the Baroness had broke her spirits and trained her tolerance for pain with proper lady-like ediquitte. She was not a person able to be presented to a lord or some one whom was well respected. It took a long time for her to learn proper etiquitte. Whereas Vixen had ettiquite to the hilt and yet could not take pain or torture. Zenna had always kept it in the back of her mind to ropetie Vixen down and give her piercings in the most softest of spots. Slowly and gently. Letting the piercing needle penetrate the tips of the bundles of pleasure sensors just under the skin and drawing the long shaft through her skin as the small explosions of tingling feelings make her nipples hard and her vagina moist, then very wet and then soaking as the piercing needle was set in place and pulled back and forth. Then again Zenna had always been a little extreme when it came to Massochism, She liked bringing the pain becouse could take it.

The way the Baroness had treated her whence she first arrived stuck deep in her mind. Zenna was highly offended at fist although she had learned soon to respect the Baron's wife. Since that day with the Baroness there had been a small little wit spat between them both. The Baroness knew whom was in control. Zenna yielded after spending time in the vacum pack bag and set in the center of the house for all to see for a couple of days. Her most extreme of treatment. A clear see throgh bag her stewing for days in her own filth. Not being able to move an inch. The Baroness sitting next to her eating an apple or something and explaining how good and luscious it was. How juicy the meat of the friut was as it made her mouth water and the flavor hade her tongue dance with delight. All the while she was fed soup broth, cold, by the chef of the house. through her breathing straw. Not a movement of her muscles for seventy two hours straight. Soiled, spoken to like a little girl. Her most challenging of tests of torture. She made it through though, and once in a while.at her own request, she spent a few hours in the bag. Just in spite at the Baron and Baroness. To prove to her Dom and her Domma, her allegence and that she was strong enough for them both.

Zenna and lady Vixen were again in Zenna's room where they had been before Zenna left to finish her daily chores. Both the girls, naked and warm from being outside were applicating lotions upon them selves and chatting to pass the time. The scent of roses and lilac had filled the room. Vixen rises from the day bed and lights the candles nearby the vanity mirror. The scent of vanilla started to fill the room and mixed with the scent of the lotions on their skin, she felt much more in her own place. There was something about the scent of vanilla and roses that made her crave sex. When she was a she would go wild with fastasies when she smelled the two together. Zenna's shoulders slowly being carressed by Vixen, now as she rubbed in some lotion. The lights in the room off and yet the candles were enough for any person to see.

-Zenna, She says we could do anything tonight right?

-Yes, sweet Vixen.

-Would you help me realize a fantasy I had been thinking of for quite some time.

-Anythinng dear. Her British accent was soft and relaxed. Not like her normally, and there was some thing about it that Vixen liked. She spoke softly. In an understanding way.

-Help me seduce the Soix Chef tonight. He had been running throughout my mind for months. I can't keep my dirty little mind from referenceing to him. He is what I feel I want for my self.

-To be a companion? or to completely shag rotten?

-Zenn! No, He is what I think would be a great mix for me. He seems subtle, caring and he sure as hell has enough man hood for me.

-That's for sure. Seen him naked have you?

-No, I mean he seems a perfect man.

-Only one way to find out Vix, jump his bones! How about it, here's a plan. We both go over to the chef's and housemaids quarters knock on their doors and invite them to something childish. Drinking games where we get naked, or hide and seek. Or nude swimming or just walk right over with no clothing on and ask them if they want a have at it. Or ask them to prepare some turtle soup.

Zenna rolling her head and moaning as Vixen finishes her rub down.

-I suppose, let's go over there. The Baron and Baroness said anything we want. Stay out from the Study. What the better thing to do than to sit here all night. Than to get to know the two men of the kitchen better.

-I got a few things I could teach the Cook to get hot that's for sure. Marked Zenna.

Vix grabbs for the leather leash that hangs from Zenna's neck and tuggs it tightly downward. Pulling her to her knees while taking a seat on the edge of the vanity. Puts her leg up on the chair and then yanks her head forward. Burying Zenna's face into her shaven love spot. Zenna obeys. And Vixen gives her a sturdy smack to the cheek, reminding her that she is still her pet untill further notice.

-What better way to polish off a great day, Zenn. You had gotten your licks in on the Baroness, WITH the Baron's permission. Ohh, right there. The two of us managed to stay out of trouble. Your lashes are mostly healing quite nicely, I might add. The Baron trusts us both to make a night of our own. We may as well include the yummy men that we don't normally get to feast with. Put on your chaps with the split in the crotch and the velvet strapless halter. Gather some thin rope and let us tie an evening toghther. I'll bring my duffle bag with a paddle, crop, handcuffs, the usual.

Vixen drops Zenna's thick leather puppy leader attatched to the spiked and studded collar around Zenna's neck to the ground like a small that has lost interest in the playtoy in her hand.

-Meow! Mamasan.- Zenna Exclaimes.

Zenna then crawls on all fours to her dressing room and walk in closet. Vixen gives her a small kick to the rump as she turns. Rummaging about and making some noise preparing the night's sleepover bag. Being that the cook and the Souix Chef are up for the surprise party theladies would like to deliver for them. Being that the Baron and Baroness will be off on their special night together Vixen supposed they had somewhere between eight, mabye ten hours to rule the roost. Hoping there were no mishaps. Not that her small brush in the beginning of the week had not been enough of a warning. Vixen wasn't planning to push any limits. Only to seduce and get to know an interest for a love relationship. After all, she didn't know if he was at all interested in her. She though of them all mabye sitting around watching rugby. Or, if things went well spanking Zenna and burying her face in the carpet, while spreading a little sugar of her own with the Souix Chef and stealing him away for an explosive first time love session with him. She Knew Zenna was up for anything, the anxious nymphomaniac that she was. She could keep a circus tent full of people captivated for hours upon hours when she was feeling at her prime. There was nothing she liked more than a room full of voyers. She got off on it. Sexual performance was something that Zenna craved. It made her mouth drool, Her heart pound with excitement.

Vixen was developing these characteristics still. She always thought of the sacredness of personal relationships though. Her studies were always those of softcore, not like wild animals trying to kill each other. Vixen was never a head case and never would let her self become that way. She really didn't need other's personal approval. She got enough of that being plastered in magazines, billboards and catalogues. She knew that she was craved after. She wanted the exploration of never being a bore in the bedroom. Along with the knowledge of being able to initiate it. Any woman could play kissy-face and lay on her back for a span of seven to fifteen minutes and have sex with her lover. She wanted to never be the wife or girlfriend that becomes the second woman in a marriage. That, within her own mind was the reason she accepted the offer to live amongst these persons here at the estate. The development of a master lovemaker while she is in the bedroom.

The rustling inside the walk in closet stopped and out flew a brown duffle. Making a thud on the floor.

-Planning a bank heist, Zenna? My, Did I hear chains rattle.

-Well, not really. Vix. But it is better to be prepared for anything that the menu may call for. In a manner of speaking. Don't you think?

-Yes, but if all goes well and as I....

Vixen removes her hand from her breasts and from between her legs.

-as I fantisize. I may be disappearing with you know who for a little bit.

-Love, why do you think you heard chains rattle? I'm getting mine from the chef tonight whether he was planning on it or not. I think I will be feasting on the soup. While he will be sucking up the cream of some young woman.

Zenna Crawling on all fours, Returns to her feet.

-Okay, let's prepare ourselves.

-Prepare? I'm already prepared.

-That velvet shirt drapes perfectly on you. Lift it up a bit, Love. Hangs just low enough to cover the goods. The boys will be surprised. Crotchless chaps fit so good. God, I'm such a twig. Could never wear them.

-You should wear that silk, ultra thin, Indian print garment that splits up the sides. The one that looks like an evening dress. Then tie it up high. Ribs high. Show your abs, yet cover the sweet spots.

-The yellow one?

-That's the one I wish I could wear. We could use a broach here and here. [zenna motioning with her hands at the same heights on her front and back] Fold it inward to make it really thin under the breasts. Then an easy access tie right underneath the crotch with a silk strap. Simple, elegant, and whether he is left or right handed doesn't make a difference.

Vixen's eyes widen and flash.

-Perfect. Zenn! Be right back.


She turns.

-No shoes tonight. Mimimum on the clothing. Let the way we are dressed send the right message and we won't be drinking and arguing about rugby scores and sports heroes all night.

-Bring the extended mix play of the trance music?

-Yeah..... What do you think, billiard room? Alcohol, tables, Billiards if needed, Tele,...

-Television? Yuck, we'll never get laid.

-No sound. Oh shit, what if they're sports freaks?

-AHHHHH! Totally sucks! Worse than homosexuals!

-If they watch the game more than the women and cease the conversation OR start talking in that advertisement loop, we kill the television, tie them up fuck their brains out and leave them there untill just before dinner tomorrow.

-Game room it is. Smoking allowed for you. God it would suck if they are mindless advertisement robot sport freaks. Let's hope they are a little bit intellectual.

-Congnac gallore and leather couches. MMMmmmmmmmm.

-AH!!! [Vixen Squeals] I'm gonna fuck his brains out! You're wearing the leash.

-Oh, no I'm not, Bitch.

-You're wearing the collar, and I'm bringing the leash.

Zenna rolls her eyes and quickly snaps the leash from her collar. Bats her eyes, puckers her lips and tilts her head to one side, as she drops the leash from her grip. Vixen crinkles her nose and licks her top lip with her tongue.

-Be right back, bitch. [She says in a soft, film noir-esque voice.]

Vixen comes back with the silk, floor legnth evening dress draped around her and Zenna immediately gets to work at attaching the broaches to reveal her firm, flat and muscular stomach. The pins making the dress under the dress very thin. Barely covering the V shape of Vixen's hips and vaginal area. Affixes the other broach on the backside of her gown as planned. Revealing the tops of her hipbones and most of her model's perfectly sculpted rear.

-like an exquised, perfectly toasted cinnamon muffin, Vixes, No need for butter.

Vixen Squeezes her ass to show off

-Want some sugar? Mama?

-Want,Mama! Definately! Want! I thought of the dress because the silk wraps the neck and hides any unpleasantries you might feel self concious about, Vixen. Good choie?

-I thought of the crotchless chaps for you for the same reason. Just remove the long velvet shirt for easy acess and the reveal of your perfect 38 C cups that need no bra, Shweetumms!

-Let's get it on! The Baroness and the Baron drove off while you were off dressing.

-Really, then?

-I'm the one with the front window.

-Let's go get the chef with the sauceier tied up and ride them like a couple of cowgirls!

The girls were immediately off and up the hall, down the foyer grand staircase and headed towars the kitchen. Beyond the kitchen lied the cook's and house maids quarters. Zenna had hoped not to disturb or cause any knowing of the housemaids. Not untill they had the men in agreeance to be their fuck toys for the evening. Mabye, if they were in luck they could strike an agreeance real fast. The girls both knock upon the door of the souix chef and await his answering with anxiousness. In a moment, the door creeks open and there before them is the Head Chef.

-Yes, ladies? Insaciable appetite this evening? Something the two of you need prepared? What may I be of assistance with you for this visit, my ladies?

Says Zenna rather quickly
-Oh, We were looking for the Souix Chef's room. But we are happy to have found yours also.

She places the bag behind her back and spreads her legs informally.

-I'm Zenna. We had been introduced yet we had never spoken informally. It was of interest of mine tonight to invite you to join myself and Vixen, here for a little loose time spent in the game room. This here is Vixen.

-Hello, my lady Vixen...and Zenna was it?

-MMMMMmmmm HHHmmmmm.

-Well, ladies, if you are looking for the souix Chef's chamber he resides in the room only across the hall. The housemaids are the two doors down from mine. and the gardeners are the two doors consecutively down from his. Not hard to commit to memory.

He creaks his own door mostly open and gives them both a quick eyescan from toe to head.

-Informal indeed, he says. No footwear?

-We thought it might be a come as you are night, and skip some of the expected formalities. Answers Vixen. Weather it may be a silk dress or sweat pants, is not the reasoning of our visit. Interested? Umm? She holds her hand up as he takes it.

-Greg. Names Greg.

-Well Greg, may I compliment you on the finest cuisine I have had the pleasure to pass through my lips in my very own entire life. No lies.

Greg is taken aback by her words.
-Lady Vixen, it is few and far between when a chef recieves such praise. How could I ever turn down the invitation. Especially when suggested by such, may I say insatiable women? And may I add that it is an honor to finally touch the skin of the great model known as Vixen.

He takes her hand and kisses the top gently and softly. Then does the same for Zenna's own hand. His warm and moist lips caressing her skin sends pulses of slight excitement through her entire body.

-Greg, I wouldn't had dreamed you would be such the gentleman. May I compliment you on the becoming first introductions with great anxiousness leading to the night's events. what so ever they may be or become. With great stregnthenings of friendships for our future.

-Of course.

-Gregg? interrupts Vixen turning a quarter to the side and revealing the silk dresses design. The bare naked skin of her body almost glowing with life from the lotions applicated just before. You say the souix chef's chambers are just across the hall, yes?

Still with Zenna's hand in his.
-Yes. The Souix Chef's name is Antonio.

-OOOhhh! Exclaimes Vixen. I kind of like that!

With that said, Zenna feels the grip of his strenthen subtly. and then as he lowers her hand his fingers making an effort to interlace hers with his. As she allows.

Being that Vixen will invite Antonio to join us all toghther, Zenna, it was in my interest to....

His vioce trails off as Vixen turns to the door across the hall from the trio. The man behind it had been on her mind for weeks, months, almost the entire time she had spent while staying there. Making appearances in her deepest personal fantasies and generating sexuall prowess within her that she felt a need to fullfill so intensely that she could taste the sweat from his skin on her tougue at times. She wanted him and tonight she would realize her fantasies and dreams into realities. She was sure of it. She took a stance straight in front of his door. Standing at silight angle for the reveal of her body inside the dress to be obvious. She knocks and the door opens almost immediately.

-It's you! What a surprise.
His eyes meet hers and then trail to fullfill the realizationing of the beauty in frot of him. He blinks with excitement and his eyes, light brown meet again wiith her blue eyes. Then seek to realize that his co-worker has another unexpected guest. Immediately, his attention is no doubt pulled back to the live angel in front of him.

-What was the subject that had brought you women all the way to this side of the Mansion?

-Well, Antonio. It is Antonio isn't it?


-Well, Antonio, I'm Vixen.
She slowly juts her hand up to greet him formally.
-And I wanted to ask if you were interested in joining myself, Greg and Zenna right now for an evening of drinks introductions, conversations and more. And furthermore, since our invitation had been accepted by Greg, Your attendance would be foreverly appreciated with benefits beyond your wildest dreams, Antonio. Take that as a personal guarantee from myself.

Antonio meets his own hand with hers.
-With such an impressive personal invitation, Vixen. and given the star studded list of guests, I wouldn't turn down the invitation if it was only myself that had been asked to attend anything that the beautiful Vixen was hosting. Lead the way.

He takes her hand and kisses it. then noticing that she was not at all making an effort to pull it back, He gives her another embrace upon her wrist and then another aboue that and yet another and another.

-Dearest Vixen, just tell me when to stop. I would be of the highest honor to serve you in any way you see fit. It has been an honor preparing your meals all this time. Consider me...at you disposal.

-Right here, right now. Antonio. May I let you know that this had been the introduction between us both that I had been waiting for for so very long. And to finally get you close enough to me is something that I had wanted to happen and now My dreams had been answered. I....I don't know what further to say.

-Say no more Vixen. Only request and I shall fullfill your every word. Me, Antonio, Shall never let you down, Vixen. I shall never stop making you happy nor shall ever I stop the search to make you appreciate our new friendship more and more with each day, with every passing hour, when your needs are at hand I shall take the time to make every second between you and I a gourmet delicassy.

Antinio steps from his room into the hallway where the ladies had been standing. Zenna then turns. Revealing that she and Greg had also not let their hands unmeet. Both Greg and Zenna smiling wide and with mezmerising auras pulsation from them both.

Says Antinio.
-Shall we make it a foursome this evening? The both of you seem to be hitting it off quite well, and far be it from me to make any interruptions...

There is a pause within the air that that suggests the four of them may not make their way to the game room. At least not this evening.

-Well then, Vixen...
He turns to the starlett and with no doubt in his mind or words says through a undoubtedely honest smile.
-May I invite your company in my chambers for a drink and conversations.


-Greg, Zenna. My door will be open to assure you of no foul play. Just remember to knock first, then let yourselves in. Give us at least that much respect and notice.

The two men look at each other, then turn to the women in their company. Vixen walks without turning into Antonio's room, as Zenna tilts her head to the side while facing Greg. He steps to the side and permits her in. The Chef and his partners doors shut at the very same time. And the Game room remains silent and cold for the remainder of the night. Yet, muffled screams of pleasure and sexual innuendo echo through the doors and fill the air on the other sides untill early in the morning.

Excerpt from a novella written by-

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