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-The ROYALS- Part 6- the house pets share more of their pasts  

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3/13/2011 2:16 pm
-The ROYALS- Part 6- the house pets share more of their pasts

Morning, Vix and Zenna are together in Zenna's room. Both girls without clothing. Vixen lays back on the daybed, her long and curved legs on either side of the bed, proudly displaying her carefully shaven landing strip of pubic hair and tight labia that subtly peek from the bony frame of her model's body. She plays with a couple of legnths of rope and practicing her knot tying skills while Zenna carefully watches and makes sure she ties them correctly.

Zenna, with one knee on a chair turned backward stands closeby. The scratches on her shapely and muscular rearside still swollen and red from her punishment, keep her from sitting. The sting from the thorned rose stems sitting in finally. Her square framed shoulders and her posture absolutely straight. Her breasts standing on edge. Supple nipples, at attention. Partially from her body's reaction to the constant tingle on her backside, Partially from gazing at Vixen's body. Truly herself, She didn't know from which one more....The attraction or the slight pain.

The crimson lines that she bears for the time being, as the Baron has told her, will be the legnth that she shall serve her house sister as an underling. Although she out ranks her house sister, she is to help Vixen hone her skills to an art, as it was sternly stated to her after dinner the evening before. In his own words

-Until your earned wounds turn pink, and scar over.

She watches Vixen and without her knowing has her hand gently strokes her own soft spots. Keeping her slightly warmer than she would have been during this snowy morning.

-Remember love, two hoops with the ends pulled through. The ends of the ropes strung into the opposite other. Take the center fold it around. Pull the knot through the hoop. Then the knot goes under the slack. Pull it tight. Two perfect hoops to keep your lover tied all night.

-Easy for you to say, Cowgirl. You're the one who takes care of the horses on the Estate.

Then, Vixen humming the poem to herself. Closes the knot with perfect circles on either ends and places the rope on her tightly formed belly. Both her bare breasts, lower c cups, poking out from either hoop.

-You're damn right, Love. Been playing with rope since before I studied to become a vetrinarian. That's how I met the Baron. At an exhihition. She removes her eyes from Vixen and stares out her window that overlooks the pasture, smiling. Her hand's fingers slowly creep inside her moist and hot pleasure spot, seperating her self as she thinks of the Baron and her on that particular date. First one, then two of her fingers ease gently inside herself. Rocking back and fourth. all the way in. Her eyes flow back to receive Vixen's attention and to keep her attention to her story.

We got to talking and we just hit it off. We kind of clicked toghther, and before the end of the day I was tied and dangling from a bamboo pole by my hands and feet. Taking paddles and whips from others there while he was announcing...

-Free licks! Free licks! ...in his booming voice!
Her fingers plunging deep inside herself then retracting, but not exiting. Her hips follow suit in order to make the feeling more intense.

- It was quite satirical, really love. I had the time of my life that day. I really think every one there got a few swings in. There were people gathered round for more than an hour. She leans to show Vix what she is doing from behind the back of the chair, and smiles. She smiles back and her own hand reaches for the same place as Zenna's on her own self. Personally, I think he got off on how I was yelping, 'Yess! yess! give me more! love my ass! spank me! I love it!' He was so impressed that I played along so good that after a few meetings he invited me here to stay and finish my schooling.

-Does that account for your slight hobble, Zen?

-Matter of fact it does. She blinks, shakes her head and continues with her story. Jostleing her hand some to invigorate herself and erase the thought she did not want to go into so much. She shutters some getting closer to a orgasmic peak.

I really didn't know he owned any horses until after the fact. She pauses as stars explode within her body as an orgasm sears through. I stopped riding horses after I was thrown in competition and broke my hip. Before I hung it all up, I got myself into school to keep myself near the animals. Worked as a farm hand and got my vets liscence while working here. Stayed on as the Royals' love submissive. I really do love them. The horses too. They both, The Baron and the Baroness, were like benefactors, Family that really cared, and great teachers to me. I think I am one of the luckiest of persons to meet them and be included in their lives. She closes, and tastes herself from both her fingers.

- Bring some of that over here for me. On your hands and knees. Crawl to me you little love slut.

Zenna does so. And Vixen tastes her house sister's velvety juice from her fingers as she closes herself. Thrusting harder and a bit more violently than Zenna had. Making herself come and bites her fingers as she sucks them clean. Vixen pulls her fingers from inside her self and offers them to Zenna for a taste herself.

-Lick my fingers my little mutt, lick them tell me how you like the taste of me.....

Zenna does so.....
-Better than any of the sauces we had dined from on the Baronesse's body last night, my sweet.
And puckers her lips a tad. Speaking of the horses, I need to throw on an overcoat and feed them before it gets into the afternoon.

Vixen sighs.....
-Very well, bitch, get on and complete your duties for the day, then report back here. There isn't much on my itinerary. I'll wait right here for you in your room, playing with my ropes and knots. But before you go, stick your tongue deep inside me and make me clean.

Zenna squints her eyes at her. Swings a leg over her head and burys her face in her lap. Backing herself up for a mutual. Swings her leg over again and kisses her. Without a word, enters the walk in closet and places on her heavy woolen lined leather coat and her wollen lined snow boots.
-When I get back, tell me a bit of your modeling career and how you had met the Baroness.

-Sure thing. I'm taking a nap until you return, bitch.
She throws the rope onto her bed, and turns over, one hand between her legs. Exposing her rear, perfect in every way. The kind that you could peer the vagina from without any bending or leg spreading. A model's body indeed.

-By the way, bitch, do you think the scratches on your ass or the bruises on my neck will heal first, Zenna?

-Touche, love. Although I think the purple of the bruises go well with the dark chocoalate mocha tone of your soft and elegant skin, Vixen....

-Zenna, I am still a runway and photography model. Bruises might be hidden a little easier on the skin of a black woman, but the camera never lies. If I were scheduled for a photo shoot, I would not be able to go for it, and I would be out of some good work and pay. By the way if the broken blood vessel in my eye doesn't heal before my next photo shoot, your paying for the laser surgery fix at the optomitrist.

-Very well, my narcissistic friend. Zenna replies back. Want me to bring some tea and crumpets back?

-Yes, that would be nice. I still think the punishment The Baron gave you fell on the side closer to pleasure rather than pain. Oh and, bitch. Wash your hands before, please.

-There won't be much delay, it's frosty outdoors today. Jam also?


-Vixen, keep in mind that I will have scars to remind me of almost killing you for the rest of my life. Don't think I wasn't shaken. I messed up horribly. And I will keep them.

Zenna, exits the room and dims the light on the way out. Candles that illuminate the room cause shadows that dance on the walls as Vixen gently drifts into a slumber.

Zenna takes one of the golf carts that are parked right outside of the kitchen and drives up the cobblestone pathway slowly to the large enclosed barn. The structure was made from stone from the foundation and built six feet high. From the stones jutted large wood posts and finished with wood that raised to the pitched barn ceiling. The barn enclosed and warm inside was a luxury compared to some of the other estates in the area. She slid open the barn door, drives inside and then closed the door to protect the Horses from exposure. She drove to the feed room and loaded the cart with hay and then prepared the feed for each of the animals. She took each of the horses their share of the feed and spread fresh hay out for them to eat. Returning to the feed room once more and loaded up the cart with hay to be placed out for the phillies and mayors when she planned to let them out the following day. She slid the barn doors open and drove the cart out to the pasture along side the pasture.

Vixen wakes from her slumber. Noticing that nearly fourty minutes had passed. Almost the amount of time that it took to feed the Baron's steed. She sat up upon the daybed and stretched her upper frame and twisted from side to side. Stood up, placed her hands on the daybed and stretched her lower half with a cat like motion and arched her back. Then bent herself in half, touching the floor and holding her position by grasping her ankles with her legs placed together. Feeling the soothing comfort of the stretch, she made motions with her upper legs to slightly massage her vagina. Then walked around the king sized bed. Holding one of the bed posts, she looked out through the large full sized double glass window pane at the snow covered pasture.

She peered past the tall rows of oak trees and saw Zenna placing what seemed to be the last of the bails of hay out for the horses. She pulls the sheers closed and exits the room. Grabbing her freshly tied double leg loop from off of the matress and Zenna's cowgirl hat from the coat rack near the door as she exited.

Zenna mean while after completing her chores makes her way through the large barn and proceeds to shut the doors to the feed room and the hay storage. She drives her cart past all of the stables inside the barn assuring that each one of them are secure. Stopping to feed her favorite, Mon Senior, a carrot and a stick of celery. Fondly she remembers helping Mon Senior during birth. She had taken extra special care of him since then. Her first fawn she had helped in birth. She pats him on his large jowell and kisses him on the nose.

-Good night, my prince. she says to him.

Sharply, in the back ground Zenna hears the crack of a whip and decides to investigate. She walks around the corner to the large extra room of the barn used for examinations, cleansing the horses and breeding at times when the Barron is asked to produce purebreads. The sliding door, usually shut to keep the room clean and sterile is cracked enough a human to enter.

There she sees the Baron and the Baroness. There, in the grooming stall the Baroness stands, leather straps around her wrists and ankles. She is tightly bound with her apendages spread apart in a midevil X formation. The Baron stands behind her holding one of the bull whips from the barn. The Baroness with her back turned. Hair in a pony tail draped around her shoulder. The Baron pulls back with the whip and gives her a lash. Exquisedly executed, it is neither horribly hard, nor is it weak to not make a snapping sound at contact.

Baroness whinnies like a fawn, shaking her head from side to side. Revealing a human bridle in her mouth to prevent her from speaking or biting her toungue as the leather, quick as lightning, caresses her skin. She sticks her rear out and shakes it and waits for another lash from her lover.

Then the Baron notices they are not alone. Silently he motions for Zenna to join his side. He gives his wife another lash on her lower haunches, then turns back to Zenna. Motioning to keep perfectly quiet as he places the relic in his hand into hers. He bends to her ear and whispers to her.

- I trust you could give a few lashes to your Dominatrix. She seems to have placed you in many loosing situations of humiliation before. How about a little personal restitutional satisfaction? I know you are experienced enough with a driving whip. Let me see you perform.

She takes her stance at center. Pulls the leather rope back and matching the same force as her Dom watches at her side. Makes her mark on the Baronnesses other bottock cheek.

-You have fine execution style, my Midwife Zenna. I even like the way you had placed your first strike on the opposite as mine. Making sure she felt your wrath upon her skin.

Baronesse's back turned not knowing the the whip had exchenged hands, she screams out for more.
- Want! Want! Please! Oh!! Yessss!
Even though the bridle muffles her speech, she exclaims enough to be heard.

The Baron nods then and whispers....
-I'm going for a stroll.

Vixen enters the barn not from the work enterance, but from the main door. Walks past the small yet elegant kitchen and the sleeping quarters then opens the connecting door, entering the barn.
Taking silent steps and knocking the melting flakes from off of her overcoat as she walked past the stalls, she notices one of the doors open.

The Baron stands petting Mon Senior. Turns and notices Vixen.

-Hello, my pet. What brings you up here?

-Don't know, my Dom. Sheer bordom I guess. I took a nap and noticed Zenna had not yet returned from her duties here.

-She is......Quite busy at the moment. Had you been introduced to any of the steed I keep here on the Estate.

-No, I must say I don't make it up here to the stables very much, Dom Baron.

-Here, beloved. Pet him. There is no need to be shy.

She places her long mocha hand onto the steeds stiff jowel. The prickley short hair of the beast was a new feel to her. A long time activist against fur and yet forced to wear it being a runway model. Vixen was more over a nudist than a dress up type being in the public eye and focoused all her professional life. Her own preferances was for letting it all hang out bono natural. A very tall woman indeed, and yet the year old steed stood almost to her own height.

-He is quite large for only being a pony. she says.

-Oh, he will grow to stand overhead, being a thoroughbread. He is the prize that I wanted to show the Duke when the Duke and Duchess arrive. If all goes hand in hand in a year's pass he may be on the track of Triple Crowns in America. The Duke you see, is a known breeder and trainer, a personal colleague, and a friend of years long passed. Breeding may not be my way of living, yet it is a passion of mine. And a good money making side busuness from time to time. I breed and train the horses to be show. The Duke trains the horses to Run for prize. Zenna, I hope would take on and understudy underneath myself. Another agreement She and I had already discussed. She had proven herself as a Farmhand, graduated to personal groomer then, after completeing her studies, a Vetrinarian. Her final step is be coming a liscenced breeder. Mabye after all processes are complete I might make her partners with myself. A step closer to another wife some may say. And between you and I, I feel some times the Baroness is quite enough.

Vixen laughs long and loudly. Then bows her head and shakes it a little.

-Quite a character, from time to time, my wife, isn't she.

-I feel the Baroness acts in such manner because there is purpose to each one of actions. My Dom. The same as yourself.

-Words spoken are true, Vixen. Yet believe me whence I say she does opress for good reasons. The instillation of regimental behaviorisms could not be complete in any other such manner. There are some that take the Way a little too extreme or bend the rules for only their own pleasure. Trust you when I tell there is complete trust from myself in the Baroness. She, undoubtably, is of upmost profession and could be trusted, as a friend, real professional and as a House Domma.

-My Baron, Do you feel Zenna may share the same qualities as an equal to the Baroness some day?

-After resussitating you with no heartbeat, Vixen, She has much to learn. Zenna I feel being my choice as house pet, had let me down a bit. She gets zealous and carries things a little far at times at her own excitement or bitterness. I feel this is something that is instilled within her and is deeply rooted within her past. She being a roughian and closely used to dealing with beasts and animals with large thresholds of pain at times forgets that Humans on the other hand are frail, no matter how strongly conditioned. Their physiacl breakpoint arises before their mental. Where as in animals it is the other way around. A race would run itself to death if it is trained to. A human would tell itself that it could no longer run. The beast being broken mentally would not stop. The human would stop becouse they are stronger mentally, and know their limits. Zenna, herself needs time to recognize this very important lesson. And there was a reason I had told you that. If and when you graduate as a real Dominatrix. Always remember the thresholds of others and take it in stride and consideration.

-Yes, my Dom.

-vixen, that night, when we had almost lost you, I thought I would be ruined. I thought I were to loose a student and a house pet, a friend and a lover forever. Something that had never once crossed my mind. Something that all caring Doms Consider. Passion of the heart must be within you whence you are at play. Never let happen to another what had happened to you. Trust me you, I will properly train you if and when you would like and the time is right. The ability to heal is just as important as the ability to instill control.

-Let me see the bruises upon your skin, . I had examined them, yet I want to make sure they are healing properly.

She lifts her neck as he examines her.

- I think you will be just fine, . Time heals all wounds, these will fade. Although I am more concerned with wether you are or are not mentally shaken or at doubt with us, Zenna, Myself or the Baroness at all. Take your time to answer.

Vixen takes a moment to reflect. Stares some at the floor and at Mon Senior. Petting him while thinking her brush with death over. The Baron, still checking the ring of broken blood vessels upon her neck. Feeling his hands run through her hair a little at the base of her skull. Her body shivers some with excitement from his gentle touch as he looks her over.

-No, my Dom. I have no doubts. I still have trust, completely and entirely. And to tell you the truth, I had one hell of an orgasm.

She says with a smile.

-To be quite honest, Vixen it scared the hell out of me. I'm glad you are still here with us.

The Dom steps back after examining his house pet and she unbottons her overcoat slowly and drops it slowly passed her shoulders showing the square and georgeous upper frame of her shoulders and bare chest, and then opening it to expose the total of her naked body. Her skin contracts, breast's nipples standing on end from the coolness of the barn as she drops her winter's coat, holding it in one arm. The Dom steps forward and gives her a kiss, first on the cheek then gently on the lips. His pale skin and her deep mocha skin dancing toghther in perfect unison for a perfect moment, together. He raises a hand to carefully pinch a nipple on one of her perfect model's A-cup breasts.

-Come with me, Vixen there's something I would like for you to see.

Vixen pets Mon Senior a final time and they both leave the stall.

-By the way my Dom, may I be so bold as to ask what your profession is?

-Vixen, I am a Surgen. amd a damn good one if I say so myself.

Making their way to the equestrian examining room they could hear whips cracking and pleasurable screams and moans getting louder and louder with each pace they make together as they both get closer.

Excerpt from a novella written by-

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