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comments upon finding the person best suited for yourself  

Baronofsevens 43M
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9/3/2012 10:59 pm
comments upon finding the person best suited for yourself

most persons involved had a life before their hearts turned Black with malcontent for different reasons of their own. I feel all persons in life could be brought back to love and life when they are with the correct person for them and they stop plugging into the constant feed of the same person in another human shell. To leave the world of shrimp shell wraps and be embraced with loving human around them is what these persons need more than anther exciting episode of ESPN2 sports and being told that they need to work harder and faster. While bending over backwards for everyone that comes along is possible for someone, It strips them of their own real emotions and makes them closer to a macheine rather that a loving involved person that feels and cares for their own emotions as well. when a woman meets a man that supports her decisions as a woman, after taking time from his day to sit and conversate to her about what might be worrying her, She finds that she has not only found someone who says yes to her, she finds that she is with someone whom really cares and could be considered and trusted as a peer, not just a breeding mate. If a woman states to a man that she is going to do something or is at a decision point in her life, and the man she is with constantly comes back with "I don't care you could do anything you want' then she is with someone whom might not consider her worthwile to consider within his own. Being non-concerned with your love's life, and not involved in their life means their are communication gaps between the two. Would you want to be involved with, or even married to someone you keep falling into an emotional or relationship pit with? Not me.

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