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Baronofsevens 43M
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1/1/2019 6:18 pm
suggested improvements o

heres a little something I wrote to corporate...You think any of this is valid?

This is the second time i have come to a frustrating point with communication options on the site over differences of site design from ago. I like this site, but it is not the worlds most popular site anymore. At one time it was...and maybe that's why now every turn has a " to.." tax on it.

(I understand in order to generate revenue, memberships must be purchased but), I would like to know if you are permitted to send an " on cam" message to your network when you finally do purchase a membership... if not, why have these luxuries been erased off from AFFs interface? Why are they restrained so bad now?... and if they are not available anymore, why not?

Its not worth it to subscribe if simply the amount of times to communicate is increased and not the ease of increased exposure and access to whom you are showboating to...LET ALONE THOSE WHOM ARE ALREADY MAKING UP YOUR FRIEND POOL TO BE FREE TO COME AND GO AS THEY PLEASE... if they become any type of sensation they will automatically become attractions site-wide, and serve their purpose as feature money makers for AdultFriendFinder as well as generate fame for such said person themselves...simple right?

consider this...
Simply permitting persons to contact each other freely AND permanently after both are mutual friends would generate at least 35% more interaction between accounts.,,,at least. Think about the amount of site traffic you are choking out that you could generate with no effort on the sites account if you let the puppies loose,,,your servers have the ability to handle such said traffic, no doubt, and comparatively..thats lots of clicks on your site..

Honestly its a better idea than drilling your base members with big pharma Erectile dysfunction adverts... talk about a contradiction in terms...

And yes Im talking of the standard no pays... Why am I spending ANOTHER 10 pts. every time I message the same person then close the IM box? why is it not covered for the entire day? maybe that was my dream hook up and I spent my the last of my Christmas money trying to get their attention. Why am I charged to speak to someone that was extraordinarily challenging to reach out and touch in the first? Free communication with them should be the reward for completing the long, hard way to do so.

I know the answers are 1) its a trap & 2) marketing...but maybe that has been pushing people away never to return before ever considering to spring for a membership.

In comparison to the three page erotic story I write... (that is bolstering, maintaining, updating and composing) the content of one of any of your special interest blog pages... (The one that I am awarded 40 points for)....again... (after review.)..is not worth the thirty points I use to speak to the SAME FRIEND in the SAME DAY. Is this Fair? Does it hold ANY incentive to slave away so hard on original content then give it away to the site so i can say hi to someone whom isnt there, and doesnt reply back? and then loose a free chance on a gimmie IM? If you put 25 cents in a pay phone and no one answers...you get your money back. not a notice to compose more original literary talent before said return occurs.

If you think its easy...make a dummy account and set a goal of 15 friends. Then time how long it takes to create that base of friends....thats friends you prefer, not yokels.

Simply lifting this block will gather more networks of friends together faster and create mass amounts of site traffic. Exposure is the commodity that you sell, and i don't believe you would ever give the keys to the castle away...but do consider letting everyone send alerts to the friends THEY HAVE IN THEIR NETWORK to bolster the sense of communal access to members that found THEM. give the standards a chance to make an impression without needing to provide the blogging material for AdultFriendFinder as a fee for spending points.

It may sound like a whiny complaint or it may be a way to...(with some simple coding rewrites) ...to generate a staying power for more members here as well as longevity for potential hook ups created by your site. And is there any reason to mention the potential of memberships to a dating site that helps them rather than seeming like the cock blocking grandmother?

But alas that decision is up to you and the board...

A simple solution could be a "send cam" or "announce to friends" button WITHOUT the cost of 10 pts. for a message. let us promote ourselves. Like there was back in the heyday of this HISTORICAL site.

Another helpful move..allow for message freebie redemption. Dont penalize for any attempt to contact with no reply... give peace a chance, already.

There is no opportunity for expansion without writing a blog for points and other such that will be gone in two messages.. or how bout a way to earn points more easily?

-more self promotion
- opportunity to gain points without missing a beat
-free communication between FRIENDS and groups

these things could and will create improvement
of site flow as well as increased interest between your clientele base.

I thank you for the opportunity and your time and consideration...

...just concerned, this place is a ghost town from what it once was... Baron

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