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Looking for Role Play Partner  

Bdnaz115 43M  
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10/7/2021 7:50 pm
Looking for Role Play Partner

So I’ve had this recurring dream where I’m in the dr office and he walks in say hello. I notice his zipper is down… I don’t say anything but I can’t stop looking at the opening because I think I can see his skin …
Anyway, He tells me he has to do a full work up because my bloodwork had anomalies in . He tells me take all clothes off including underwear. I take my pants n shirt off but leave my boxers on. He tells me stand up and raise my arms. Dr starts lightly touching my chest and nipples (which are very sensitive) and my cock instantly starts to twitch and fill with blood flow. Luckily my boxers were on…’you need to remove those boxers, .”
Embarrassed, I complied. At this point, my cock was hard as a rock ABD pointing straight out at the doc. He took a loooooong at my cock, adjusted his zipper area, and told me that is very normal. I was taken aback, yet intrigued nonetheless.
After a series of breathing in and out, he slid his hand down my abs and near my pubic area. The tingling was insane. I was very excited for some reason. I put my head down in embarrassment and as I did, I saw my doctors cock popping out of his zipper/pants. Shocked, I turned away. He asked if I was okay… I said yes. He proceeded to grope my ballsack - feeling for irregularities and what not. Next, he worked my hard shaft. He actually turned away, put something slippery on his bare hands and returned to massaging my cock shaft. ‘This is to make sure are no lumps.” I eagerly shook my head in agreement..
“I’m going your prostate. Have you had checked before?” Standing willing succumb any request, I answered no…
He made me get on all fours on his table. My ass was exposed him. With the slippery stuff, he lightly examined my hole area… my eyes were closed but felt amazing. I thought for a second I felt a tongue. But no way. .. right?
Finally his fingers worked their way into my hole and massaging my prostate…this is indescribable. While doing this, he reached for my stiff cock and started to master ate me vigorously. After literally ten seconds I said, “dr, I’m about to….” He told me turn around, face him, to go ahead. I was sitting on the edge of the table. My cock was at his face level as he was on his knees now staring up at me. “Explode on my face I need the semen for a sample.” So, I obliged. The first stream shot out in a rope and blasted the dr on his upper lip and mouth. The next load shot him in his chin and onto his dress shirt. We were both moaning….I didn’t realize he was stroking his cock too until he stood up and shot his load right on my cock… I continued to strike and ejaculate all over the<b> doctor. </font></b>I finally finished as did the doc.
He abruptly told me he had all he needed and to please get dressed and leave. I said, “but what about ~” he said to simply get dressed and go. Everything is good here. See you next time.
So I got dressed, grabbed my boxers off the floor and stuck them in his pants pocket. Then told him goodbye.
I want to experience this in real life… or as close to it as possible. Can anyone help with this? I’d be willing to travel and …

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