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The Penalty  

BeMe50310 49M/52M  
3 posts
7/14/2020 5:58 am
The Penalty

It started off the way it usually does, they would go the park and a few game of cards in the back seat and whoever lost would get a "penalty". Always something sexual. Interestingly enough they've cammed these games and penalties before. Well ME happened lose a game that afternoon and took his penalty with great stride. BE asked him to come outside and then pushed him over the front of the car. BE then came up behind ME and pulled his shorts down pressing his body against him. All of the sudden ME felt something sliding up and down his crac BE's hard 8 inch cock! Soon felt him pull back and could hear the wet sounds of spit dripping down behind him. Momentarily that big cock was slick and pushing against that tight hole. It didn't take long for that throbbing cock ease his way inside of .

After they were completely connected physically, they saw a random guy peering around the bushes on the other side of the car. Apparently this bearded bear had been watching them the whole time. He had pulled his cock out through the leg of his shorts and was stroking himself during this penatly show. BE kept thrusting inside ME and both watched the bear in the distance showing off. After a few minutes the guy in the bushes came closer and leaned against what appeared be his car parked next them. Again he showed his cock while Be enjoyed using that wet hole. After a bit, curiosity prompted BE call the guy over.

Words like "hey" and "how's it going" were offered as a matter of cordiality. It didn't take long for notice the wet spot on the shorts of this hot bear that had appeared out of the bushes. He was hot! A full, thick beard, toned hairy chest and handsome smile. BE had been sliding his cock in and out of ME this entire time making small sexual tal Finally the stranger pulled his shorts up again and showed off his thick cock that left the wet spot for see. With a closer view now you could see how big that sack was too! OMG, you need to hands to fondle those hairy balls. BE reached out to hold his cock but bearded stud said to be careful because he was ready to blow. Well not to miss an opportunity, BE continued to<b> stroke </font></b>that thick cock and he immediately blew his load all the while fucking ME over the car hood. It wasn't thin or runny, but heavy, thick and creamy. ME just stood there, bent over the car watching and getting more turned on after seeing that cum show.

All of the sudden BE held his hand out to ME and said "look". It was coated with the hot load from the bearded stud. After he showed ME he slid his hand on his ass and began to finger his own ass pushing that cum inside of him. He then told the hot bear he should have shot that load in his ass. BE never stopped thrusting in and out this whole time keeping a deep even stride. Soon the hot visitor took his leave and with that BE told ME to touch his ass. It was so slippery from that hot load the bear had left us. ME had to do it. He pushed back and with a quick step pushed BE over the car hood and began to rub his hard cock over his wet fingered hole. Pretty soon he was ready to push in and applied a little of his own spit, he let it drip down from his mouth right onto that hairy hole he was going to take. Slowly he pushed his cock inside and with every inch BE would moan showing his desire for it. It was a dirty little pleasure knowing some random guy's cum was being used to fuck him.

ME pulled Be upright and continued to thrust in and out but harder now. BE took his top's left had and wrapped it around his coc It was rock hard. He began jerk him off while fucking his now, sloppy hole. The moaning became louder, more intense and BE didn't have do a thing but feel the pleasure of being penetrated deep and hard while being stroked by another. shot his load and pushed in as deep as possible breeding that cum greedy ass. Soon BE's mushroom head was ready blow. He pushed back onto that familiar cock and tightening up released his load in distinct parts. The first oozed out quickly eventually dripping down his tightened up balls. Then the next shot far onto the hood of the car until the final push shot random spurts flinging the final dregs that began dripping down the side of the car.

Just then a car drove up. Hurriedly they got dressed and went to the backseat work up another penalty...

Buttlickup 52M
19 posts
7/15/2020 3:14 pm

Hot shit

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