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Impulse (his words)
Posted:Sep 11, 2020 9:56 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2021 1:05 pm

Wife gets wild at a club as husband enjoys the show (interracial, group, exhibitionism)

We were at a nightclub called Seacrets, in Ocean City Maryland during Bike Week, watching the crowd as they danced. We had a nice buzz. There were 2 black guys who were obviously there to enjoy themselves and get lucky. They were having fun with a bachelorette party. The bride-to-be had a shirt with nasty items to be checked off. One of them was "talk dirty to me". The bride-to-be seemed to enjoy all of the nasty little things one guy was whispering in her ear. She appeared to be getting all hot and bothered and started to rub and grind up and down his leg. I guess one of the bridesmaids was looking on and decided to break them up. The bridal party moved on as Mike excused himself to the men’s' room, leaving Inez alone with her thoughts... They both have fantasized of her being asked to dance by a stranger and then a second guy joining them as they swayed, touched, and flirted.

Well, seeing the 2 black guys all alone on the dance floor gyrating and grooving to the beat and feeling a bit "excited" and adventurous from the alcohol and from some of the comments she overheard, she decided to see what could happen. She moved next to where they were dancing and smiled at them as she swayed to the beat. They checked her out as they began to dance with her. She smiled at them. They said h She smiled, "Hi! Did you like her t-shirt?" The shorter of the two responded, "Oh yeah. It was cute." "Yeah, I heard your comment about the talk-dirty to me box." He chuckled a bit, but before he could respond, she said "Well, I got a question for you?" "Oh yeah? What's that?" "Well, even though I'm not a bride-to-be, would like to talk dirty to me?" she felt her face get flushed at her boldness.

The 2 guys chuckled as they surrounded her and started grinding against her and whispering nasty "nothings" in her ear. She felt very slutty and like the cream center of an Oreo cookie sandwiched between these 2 guys.

The first guy said "Oh, I'd love to slide my cock slowly into your hole." She smiled and asked, "Oooh really? Which one?" With a bigger grin he said, "All of them." "Mmmmm" was her response. The big guy then said, "I want to run my tongue around your nipples and feel them get hard in my mouth so I can suck and chew on them." This caused her to moan as the three of them bumped and grinded against each other in time to the music. Then he said, "I'd love to grab you by the hair and shove my cock between your lipstick-lined lips."
"Mmm. You mean that hard thing I feel rubbing against my ass?"
"You know it baby."

She got more and more into it and lost track of where they were and what she was doing. She reached down and started to rub the cock of the shorter guy and also reached back and rubbed the big guy's leg. They were grinding and swaying. The guy behind her placed his hands on her hips and then began to rub his hands up and down the front of her, grazing her nipples each time he moved. She was getting so hot. She reached back with both hands and grabbed his hips. She then pulled him into her as she pushed her ass back against his stiff coc

"Oh yeah girl. You want this black cock don'tcha?" In response she rubbed and grinded her ass up and down against his pole. Since she wasn't stopping his hands, he placed them both on her tits as he began to rub and squeeze them in front of everyone. She leaned her head back against him with closed eyes as she enjoyed the mauling her tits were getting. "Oh yeah! You like me squeezing these titties in front of everyone huh? I can't wait to put them into my mouth and chew on your nipples."

She moaned again as the guy in front of her closed in tighter against her now placing his hands on her hips. He pulled her back and forth with the music and into his cock and then his friends coc She spread her legs apart, grinding her pussy against his cock, rubbing her pussy up and down on his rod, dry humping him on the dance floor.
"Look at this. This girl DOES want my cock sliding in and out of her. Don'tcha?"
"Oh God yes."

At this time, her skirt had ridden up higher and higher that her panties were visible. The guy behind her grabbed the sides of her skirt and lifted it enough so he could see her crac He then placed his rod between her cheeks as he ground into her ass. She could feel her juices running down her legs. She was soaked!

They drew a crowd around them as she was lost in her daze. The camera guys were making their way around the room and soon zoomed in on their dancing. Everyone now could see what was going on as they looked up at the big screen showing this white girl being ravished by 2 black men on the dance floor.

She was loving the hands on her tits and the cocks in front and back of her as she was swaying and grinding into their bodies to the music. When she saw herself on the screen, she raised her hands up in the air inviting them closer to her. They moved in and got so close there was no space between them. She was totally sandwiched in and loving every minute of it. The camera then moved on, but everyone was now moving towards them to get a closer view. The crowd around her was going nuts, yelling, and hooting for these two black men to "fuck the nice white pussy!"

She then felt her panties pushed to the side as the guy's hand rubbed her ass down to her wet pussy. Before he could slide a finger into her, she pushed away from both of them, began to fan herself and said, "Whew! I need a drink to calm down before I get carried away." They both laughed as they walked back to the bar where Mike had reappeared. The place was much more crowded now. You couldn't move without rubbing against someone. ***This is the fantasy*** As they finally reached the bar where Mike was, he could see that glazed look on her face indicating how hot and horny she was. She tried to hide it, but it was too obvious. They two black guys introduced themselves and ordered drinks for all of them. They both complimented Mike on how good looking and sexy Inez was. Hearing this caused her to shudder with excitement. But she could sense he wasn't too happy. "You mad?" she asked.
"Well that depends."
She asked, "On what?”
"If you can dance in this corner right here the next time so I can watch you guys or if we leave now?" She smiled and said, "I can do that!" as she smiled and reached for her drin

The taller of the 2 reached his left hand in between Mike and Inez to pay the bartender. As he did, he pressed against her ass. She bent slightly forward pushing her ass back into him, wanting to feel his cock pressed against her once again. He then moved between her & Mike. As he asked Mike a question, mostly to distract him, he moved his right hand under her skirt and rubbed her ass. Getting no resistance, he turned to whisper in her ear, "I wish my finger was my cock" as he slid his finger up and down her ass crack as he searched for her hole. She was so wet that his finger easily slid into her ass.

They smiled at each other and he then whispered in her ear "You want this cock, huh, you slut?" "Oh yeah!" she moaned, enjoying the dirtiness of being fingered at a crowded bar by a stranger with her husband mere inches away, thinking he was unaware of what was happening.

The shorter of the 2 was to her right and was leaning with his back against the bar, enjoying the look on her face as his buddy slowly moved his finger in & out of her ass. "Oh yeah! You look so hot! I'd love to suck on your tits as my buddy slams his cock into you from behind."

"Oh Yeah!" she exclaimed as she bent forward allowing the finger to drive all the way into her. As she leaned forward the other guy reached up his right hand and began squeezing her right tit.

Mike noticed her almost fall forward into the bar and asked if she was o She quickly regained her composure, straightened up and said, "Oh I'm fine. Just relaxed a bit too much. I'll be right bac" She said as she headed to the restroom.

The 3 guys made small talk for the time she was gone. When she got back the tall one asked if she'd like to dance again. She asked Mike who was hoping something more may happen, so of course he said o

As they headed to the floor, Inez pulled him around to face her. She led him to the corner of the dance floor Mike had suggested. It was towards the back and not very visible by the entire room. She then pulled him close, pressing herself against him. He looked puzzled and was unsure because Mike could clearly see them from where he stood. She said, "I want him to watch!" He laughed and said, "No problem baby."

They melted into each other as his thigh pressed against her pussy, causing a little tremor of an orgasm. He just smiled at her and said, "Oh how I'd love to make you cum harder."
"Mmm. Me too."

The shorter of the 2 approached her from behind and again she was sandwiched between them. As she rode one cock, she felt the other in the crack of her ass. She turned her head to face him and asked, "Where's my husband?"

"He said he had to use the men's room again." With that she smiled, knowing he left to give them a moment to get into it. Smiling at the one behind her, she lifted her left arm to his neck, pulled him to her and kissed him.

Mike got back to see her with her hands in the air as both their hands roamed her body freely. The one in front slid his hand between his thigh and her pussy and rubbed her clit, causing her to shudder. He then appeared to move her panties to the side and slide his finger into her soaked snatch. She fell forward as she leaned her body against him.

"Oh yeah. I need that. Oh Yeah!!! Yeah!" She began humping his hand while his finger drove in and out of her. His friend sandwiched against her ass, looked like he was fucking her from behind.

They began dancing as before, the guy behind her started his "dirty talk" by saying, "You want your man to see you with 2 niggas huh?" as her licked her ear

"Oh. Don't do that." She exclaimed.

"Why not bitch?"

"Because it gets me too excited."

He laughed, grabbed a hand full of hair and forced her head to the side, leaving her exposed as he forced his tongue into her ear. She nearly lost it as her knees buckled and she let out a low guttural moan.

The big guy began licking her neck on one side as his friend continued talking into her other ear. "Oh yeah girl. You want this black cock don'tcha? Don'tcha?" He said more forcefully as he again tugged her hair. She could only moan.

"Oh you like this huh? You like it a bit rough?"

"Oh yeah!"

She was totally lost in her lust and could only think about getting fucked as she began to grind her clit faster against the thigh at her pussy.

He then reached his hand down and pulled her skirt up, she only moaned in anticipation.

For the second time on the dance floor, she felt her panties pushed to the side as he placed his hand at the top of her ass, slid his finger down her crack until he was at her pussy.

He slid a finger into her causing her to shudder with excitement. She bent slightly forward. He then removed his finger as he slid his cock up and down her ass crack as it searched for her hole. She pushed her ass as an invitation. It was just enough for his cock head to slide barely past her lips. "You want this black cock, bitch?"

"Oh yeah! Shove it in me." That's exactly what he did. She was so hot that he was into his balls in one stroke. She pushed back on the rock-hard cock as she felt her pussy fill up. She rode it up and down until she began to cum all over the hard-black cock inside her.

The guy in front of her had pulled down her bra over her nipples and was grabbing and pulling on her tits and nipples. They were driving her crazy! It wasn't long before she felt him drop a nice big load deep inside of her. After that she began sliding up and down running her mouth up and down the chest and stomach of the guy in front of her, all the way down to his pants. He reached down and undid his zipper and she began moving down further each time until she sucked his cock in her mouth like a Popsicle. He grabbed her by the hair and began fucking her face on the dance floor. There was a crowd around them watching and chanting for her to "suck it good".

"Suck that big black cock!" they were yelling. She could feel hands running up and down her ass and in and out of her pussy. She glanced over and saw one of the biker chicks next to her. She was bending down with her, watching intently as she was playing with Inez's pussy. She whispered into her ear "Good baby, suck that nice cock while I play with your hot cunt, go ahead, suck it all in! Make it shoot in your mouth. I want to see you eat that big coc"

Inez was ready to cum again just listening to her and feeling her fingers massaging her clit. She reached over and licked and bit her neck and ear as she plunged a finger deep in her pussy. "Make him cum baby! I want to see you swallow his load!"

She sucked and licked his cock like a starved woman. She could feel his balls tightening up and feel his body tense as he shoved his cock further down her throat. With that, he let out a yell and came down her throat with wad after wad. She swallowed all that she could, but it ran down her face. He relaxed his grip on her head and the girl next to her grabbed her face and began licking off his cum and kissing her face.

Inez then turned towards her and reached down and slid her hand into her snatch. She was soaked! She stuck a finger in her pussy and reached up and licked her juices off her finger. The woman gave her a glazed hot loo "Fuck me" she said. Inez reached over again with one hand on her tits and the other hand in her cunt and began finger fucking her as they danced back and forth. The woman licked and kissed her face as she held one hand behind Inez's head and the other hand in her pussy. They were finger fucking each other with the music and the crowd. It was too much that they came within minutes. The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering them as we came. Inez looked up and there was her husband with a smile on his face next to the "biker chick's" guy, clapping. The woman turned to Inez, put her arm around her and smiled. "The fun is just beginning!"....
Frustrated Bi-Cur
Posted:Jul 14, 2021 10:14 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 2:47 pm

Seems couples where the guy is Bi, don't want a bi-cur guy. So frustrating.
When I was much younger in a few MFM's with older couples, I had guys blow me and I even did a few anally. But I never was the recipient back then. Now I am extremely curious. However, I know my 1st time cannot be an MM thing.
I tried twice and couldn’t. I tried twice with a couple, but the women never told the men, so when they ‘persuaded’ me and I got close, they stopped it. So I know, with slight urging, it will happen, with NO expectations of reciprocity from him.

Then, it doesn't need to be this way, but ideally as we’re enjoying foreplay, she goes to her knees, taking me with her, she then asks/tells me to help suck him. She puts one hand on my head and the other on his cock as she gently pushes me to take him in my mouth. She controls my motions until I start to suck on my own. She then says how good that cock looks in my mouth, how she knew I’d love sucking coc She asks him & he tells her how good I’m doing. She then helps take my pants off so she can play with my ass. Soon I’m spit-roasted by them.
USN Bowling Team
Posted:Mar 7, 2021 2:54 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 2:47 pm

Fantasy of sucking cock for the first time

While in the Navy and stationed overseas, I tried out for the Navy Bowling Team, which travelled all over Europe competing with other military teams. I made the team and we would fly on Sundays, practice Mondays through Thursdays, compete on Fridays, relax on Saturday and on Sundays fly to the next meet.

Since I was an E4 with wife working at the Childcare facility part-time, I chose to stay in the barracks as we traveled, saving the diem we were , while the rest of the team stayed at the Navy Lodge. John and Ed were the alternates. They were married as was Randy. Glen and Mike were single and hoped to have a better chance scoring if they weren't in a barracks dorm.

After about a month of travelling, we were heading back home for a week before heading out again, but we ran into foul weather and were forced to spend an extra night.

Randy called and the Lodge had rooms available for one more night. Rather than have me head back to the base and spending another boring night in the barracks, Glen suggested I stay at the Lodge. He offered the pullout couch that was in the room. When I accepted, Randy said I could have the second bed in his room instead. I quickly jumped at that offer. This was the first time I would be spending ‘off-time' with them. John and Ed had one room, while the rest of us had connecting rooms, so the door was left open. After unpacking, we went across the street to the local pub for a late afternoon, early evening meal. We ordered a few steaks and a lot of beer. The guys started the typical sex talk with Randy telling some wild stories about his wife with, as he described it, his "incredibly huge" cock. That was not too hard to believe since he was 6'6" 250lbs of black man. He said his orgasms were so enormous that the mattress would get soaked. This brought out bursts of laughter from us.

Around 7pm, we got back to the Lodge and sat around in Randy's room. Soon Randy asked Mike to pull out the cigars he had and the selection of porno tapes he apparently always keeps handy. We sat through the first tape laughing, smoking, and drinking, just like a small bachelor party. As Mike put in the second tape, Glen started complaining, saying that he didn't like getting so turned on with no women around.

"Looks like you'll be stroking the pickle tonight." Mike said, slapping Glen on the shoulder.

"Yeah, unless you can get one of us to stroke it for you." I added, not really knowing why.

"Oh, man," Mike said, "that'd be hilarious. We should all a round of poker and the loser has to stroke off Glen."

Randy jumped in, "Whoa! Why should I be left out?" I thought this idea would be quickly laughed off, but with four guys not laid in over a month, beer and porno tapes...

Mike ran and got the cards. We all gathered around the table as Mike dealt. "Ok guys, here are the rules," Mike said rather excitedly. "One hand. 5-card draw. Loser is the one with the lowest hand and he will jerk off everybody!"

Randy chimed in, "Hey dudes, I gotta better idea. Since we're in this far, how about we raise the stakes?"

"Raise the stakes? To what?" I asked.

"I want my cock sucked."

Everyone laughed nervously and looked at each other. It grew silent, but before the silence became uncomfortable, I said "You might be the one sucking cock tonight." This seemed to loosen the mood as everyone chuckled and took their seats. It was on.

I don't know about the others, but my cock was rock hard from this talk. I was excited and looking forward to getting a blowjob from one of my teammates.

A few moments later, I was looking at a pair of 5's, Jack . As we laid our cards on the table and compared our hands, I lost!!!

The guys started cheering each other that they didn't lose. I began to think of a way out of it, but Randy clamped his hand on my shoulder, handed me a beer and said, "I'm glad you aren't trying to welsh out of the bet." He didn't need to say anything. Just his mere size standing next to me was enough intimidation to squash all any idea of trying to get out of it.

The next thing I knew, there were three naked men, sitting on the couch. There was a lot of tension in the air as Glen started to the new movie. As the movie started, Randy looked at me and said, "Well? Are we getting our cocks sucked or what?".

Well, being drunk and suddenly very excited, I walked over to Mike and took a long look at his cock that was 6" long with neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Here I was, nervous, in front of my teammate, about to live out one of my bi fantasies, that was always to be a fantasy. As the tape got started, I saw three hardening cocks as I lowered myself to kneel on the floor. The nervousness soon left, and excitement replaced it as I reached over and began stroking Mike's cock.

My teammates began glancing between the porn movie and my handling Mike's cock. It was quickly hard as could be and soon there was the beginning of pre-cum at his slit. Tentatively I moved closer to his cock. My heart began to pound, and breathing was ragged as I leaned closer to his cock. Cautiously, I stuck my tongue. I gently, softly touched his cock. As I touched it, it felt like I got hit a bolt of lightning. As if my mouth was someone else's I felt my tongue lick his pre-cum, then I vaguely felt my mouth open and close on Mike's cockhead. Lightly, I began to suck on it. When I heard him groan, I became encouraged and began taking him in slowly. Another moan gave me the encouragement to start moving my head up & down his length. The feel of his stiff cock in my mouth was stimulating! As I bobbed my head slowly, the scent coming from his cock made my own cock hard with excitement. I was becoming ecstatic with the fact that I lost the game as I placed my hand on his sack and gently manipulated his balls. Soon Mike wasn't watching the porn. His eyes were closed, head tilted back as he began to enjoy my mouth. His moans and body movement made me feel like a natural. Soon his hips began moving in time with my bobbing head. I reached up and grasped this wonderful cock at its base. Mike put down his cigar and put his hands on the back of my head. Holding his balls in my hand, I gave a nice squeeze. Mike blew a hot load into my waiting mouth.

Feeling quite proud about my first blowjob, for making him cum not gagging, I was eager to try again. Glen and Randy were holding their cocks, ready for my mouth to relieve them. I chose Glen since he had the smaller cock. Randy's cock was 9 inches with huge balls. I began to believe the stories he told.

As the movie continued, I opened my eager mouth and swallowed Glen's skinny dick. His cock fit nicely. I began treating it as a Popsicle. Soon Glen forgot all about the movie as did Mike. I began having so much fun sucking that cock. It felt great to be able to be pleasing my friends like this. It made me understand why my wife loves sucking my cock so much!

Glen swung his legs over my shoulders, wrapping them around my head. I could tell the increased moans the end was near.

After a few seconds, Glen let loose, dropping his beer as he coated my throat! I was surprised that his small dick had so much cum, half of it dripped out the corners of my mouth onto his thighs as I swallowed all I could. When he stopped spewing, I was so light-headed from excitement that I wasn't aware that I was rubbing his softening cock all across my face until it was covered with cum. As Glen got up, he slapped me on the back as he thanked me and headed to his room to clean up.

Sucking down the rest of my beer, I looked at Randy's enormous cock. It was about 6 inches limp. As I moved toward it, it began to grow. I grabbed it at the base and geared myself up. Randy put down his drink and with a smile said, "Now suck me like a good bitch, Mike." Although I felt my face redden from embarrassment, I became so excited anticipating that huge cock sliding down my throat.

I started slowly tonguing his balls, hoping to excite him so he would want to fuck my face. I then lifted his balls and moved my tongue around the edge of his cock. Finally, I locked my lips around that rock-hard cock. Randy's cock was so big that it took me a long time for my throat to accept the whole shaft. I was slurping on that cock so much that the cushion beneath him was soaked!

Glen and Mike were now watching me sucking that huge cock, jerking their revitalized cocks, the movie all but forgotten.

Randy was just smiling as he smoked his cigar. He gave no indication if he was enjoying himself or not, but at least I was. The contrast of that big black cock in my hand as it was sliding in and out of my mouth looked so hot. Finally, as Randy finished his beer, he put his hands on my head as his cock erupted. It felt like a gallon of cum. I was no way prepared for that load! A lot of it spilled out the corners of my mouth and as I looked down, I saw Randy's legs were drenched with come and saliva. I was so turned on at the sight, it caused me to cum without being touched.

I was ecstatic and wallowing in the afterglow of cumming. Once again as I regained my senses, I found myself rubbing this beautiful large black cock all over my face. After only moments, it started to twitch. Suddenly I knew what was coming next.

"Well, Mike, looks like you wanna suck me off again. Do ya?" Randy said with a chuckle. Glen and Mike just cracked up as I began laughing as I licked his thighs clean. I didn't need to answer. Since this would never happen again, I was glad I didn't have to stop just yet.

Glen and Mike said good night. Randy moved to one of the beds, stretched out and smiled at me.

"C'mon bitch! Come suck this big black cock."

I climbed between his legs and resumed my sucking as Randy helped placed all four pillows behind his head. Apparently, he planned on this taking a while.

I spent half the night rubbing, sucking and fondling that cock, and I loved every moment. Randy filled my mouth two more times with so much cum, it felt as if I was drunk.

As I woke up, the entire team was in the next room having breakfast. As I walked in it was as if nothing happened. I was so relieved because although I loved every moment, I was now feeling very embarrassed and afraid someone might have told John and Ed. But everything and everyone seemed normal.

Once we landed John and Ed's bags came first and they quickly left to get home to their wives. Our bags soon arrived and as I was about to leave, Glen called me over. It seemed they agreed I didn't need to sleep in the barracks any more on these trips. I could stay with them at the Lodge. When I mentioned that I couldn't it, Randy said "Don't worry about it. It the same if it's one or two in a room. Besides, it's worth it to have you suck us off". I looked quizzically at them and asked, "Oh really? What makes you so sure I'll lose again?"

Apparently, they talked about this before I woke up. Mike spoke up saying "Well Mike, it's like this, since you did such a great job at sucking cock, and to be totally honest with you, none of us would've gone through with it, regardless. We would've quit before sucking a dick, never mind three. So with that in mind, we decided that you will suck our cocks when we're travelling and alternate who you spend the night sucking off." Although last night I was able to live out what was so much better than any fantasy I had, that was a one-time thing that I had no desire of reliving. "Sorry guys. That was a one-time thing. You know? The beer, the porn and just the whole thing."

Randy chimed in, "Hey Mike, you don't really want that do you? I mean you don't want us telling your wife that you suck cock better than my wife does, do you?"

I must've turned beet red as they all laughed. Mike then said, "Hey, don't worry Mikey! You really enjoyed it didn't you?" I had to admit to them that I did.

"Well then, what's the problem? We'll make you happy letting you suck cock and you'll keep us happy emptying our balls for us. As long as you do your part, it'll stay just between us."

There was no point in arguing. I was now sucking cock for the U.S. Navy Bowling Team.
Unexpected Cuckold
Posted:Dec 6, 2020 9:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 1:53 pm

{While in Italy, serving in the Navy, my gf fulfills one of my fantasies and one she didn’t tell me about. Could also be 1st time bi, 3-some.}

I joined the Navy when I was 22 and was stationed in Sardinia at 24. I went TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) frequently to Naples. Many times when there I would stay with this girl named Debbie who was 21. She claimed that although she loved sex, she wanted to maintain her squeaky clean reputation and only had 9 more months before her transfer. But since I wasn't from there, and she needed more than her toys, she would let loose whenever I stayed with her.

We have been together for a while and things were always great. I am endowed with 7" hard and I knew I could always satisfy her, but sometimes when she wanted more, she would play with her favorite 9" dildo.
Anyway....when I was there we'd have sex at least twice a day and usually talk dirty to each another. This one morning while she rode me I said how hot it'd be if another man was fucking her face. She came so hard that she flooded me and soaked the bed. Later that night when I mentioned it, she got all embarrassed and didn't want to talk about it. But later in bed, while having sex, I started to say hot it would be to see her sucking someone while I she rode me or I fucked her from behind. Again she came so hard she actually trembled. I realized even though she was embarrassed to talk about it, she really loved the idea, or she did so in her civilian life and was craving it now. That morning as we fucked before she left for work, I grabbed her dildo and placed it to her lips. "Look how hard you got him." As she opened her eyes to see the dildo at her lips, I shoved it in her mouth. "Go ahead Deb, suck that cock." She obliged. I then picked up the pace of pushing the dildo in and out of her mouth as she quickened her pace as she rode me. "That's it. Suck it. Suck that cock. Fuck me as he fucks your face."

She was moaning, squirming, drooling and was having multiple orgasms as she rode me and allowed me to fuck her mouth with that dildo. I pulled out of her and switched with the dildo. She laid back as I mounted her chest to fuck her mouth as she grabbed the dildo and began fucking herself with it. Looking
in her eyes I asked "Do you like him fucking you?" She moaned yes!
"Do you want him to fill your pussy with his cum?" ...she just moaned even louder. I loved that she was so turned on by the thought of two cocks about to fill her. I too was turned on more than ever and I came very hard.
When she got home that Monday evening, she practically me, pushing me down as she climbed on my face, forcing me to eat her to a wild orgasm, then fuck her hard and fast. She had multiple orgasms in the couple of minutes it was barely able to last until I came. As we caught our breaths before getting dinner ready I asked what all that was about. She said she was damn excited fantasizing about having another man. She said even though I always satisfied her, she does fantasize about sex with other guys, but won't follow through because most Navy women are thought of as sluts, even if they just flirt with guys.

I told her of my fantasies to be with a woman and man, preferably with her being fucked by some guy because the thoughts are huge turn for me. We spoke about how and where we should go from this point. I told her that if it's something she really wants, I am more than willing to be a part of it. I told her for her safety, we can go to Gaeta or Sorrento for a weekend so no one from the base will find out. Also in case she didn't want to go through with, it'd be easy to leave and not worry about anything. She thought that would be great.

The following Friday she came home with Paul, a guy she works with and I met a couple of times at the bar in the Marine Barracks. She was a little late, but I thought nothing of it. We all went into the living room and had a few drinks and were talking. Suddenly she looked at me and said, "Tonight's the night."

Before I could say anything, she got up, grabbed Paul's hand, and headed to the bedroom. Somewhat baffled, I got up and ran after them. As I got to the door, they were already naked and she was on her knees sucking his cock.

I undressed and was hard as a rock. As I got to the bed, she reached out to play with my cock while still sucking him. Looking at her working on Paul's cock, I saw it was almost the size of her favorite dildo. This made me feel somewhat intimidated.

What felt like forever, but was probably only a couple of minutes, she pulled me on the bed and began alternating sucking the both of us. I was about to cum all over when she stopped. She pushed Paul down on the bed and climbed up on him. She slid down on his pole, taking him deep inside her, gasping as she impaled herself down to his balls. She began riding him like I had never seen her do before. I was so excited I couldn't stand it.

After what seemed like an eternity, she climbed off him, then turned around and got on her knees. She looked over her shoulder at Paul and said. "Take that big cock of yours and shove it in me. She then looked at me and said, "I want you to lick my clit and watch Paul's cock slid in
and out of me."

Without waiting for a response, she straddled my face and I watched Paul ram his cock in her.

Every so often he would slip out, because of her moving forward. This caused his cock to brush my lips. A couple of times his cock slipped past my lips. At first I thought it was an accident, but soon realized it was a rhythm they had and I now could tell when Paul' cock would be at my lips.

Before I even realized it, I was taking him deeper on each ‘slip'.
He began to fuck her harder and harder until he came inside her hard. She then stopped sucking on me, turned around, and sat on my cock. While she rode me, she sucked on Paul some more, reviving his cock. Watching this and the feel of her pussy working my cock, I came in like 2 seconds. She didn't miss a beat sucking Paul. After I came she shocked me by climbing on my face to make clean our cum out of her as she came on my face.... to be honest, I found that I didn't mind.

Then she pulled me next to her as she was sucking Paul's cock. She then put her hand behind my head and pulled me closer. As she released Paul's cock from her mouth, she pushed me toward it saying "Come baby. Try it." I was hesitant about it and she sensed my reluctance. "C'mon baby. You didn't mind too much while you were under me. Go ahead. For me? Suck it babay. Go ahead." I felt my resistance waiver. So did she as she applied more force and I found my lips against his cockhead.

A little more pressure from her hand and Paul pressing slightly into my face, I accepted his cock and allowed her to set the pace by pushing and pulling my head up and down on Paul's cock. After a few strokes I heard her say, "Oh look Paul. He is really enjoying your cock." Paul then began fucking my face and a few minutes he shot a load down my throat.

He pulled out and I fell back gasping for air. Debbie then cleaned Paul's cock with her tongue.

After a few minutes we all got dressed and went back down stairs. Shortly after Paul left and Debbie decided to talk about what just happened.

"I hope you're not to upset but I always had a fantasy to see my guy suck off another guy. I guess we both wanted to see our partner with a guy."

Then giggled as she looked sheepishly at me.
"Well, I don't know if I would've gone through it if you asked or told me about it, but I guess I didn't really mind it."
She seemed really happy when I said that so I quickly added, "I enjoyed it but am not too sure if I ever want to suck on a cock again, but how I loved seeing you so satisfied."

She said that was fine as she cuddled into me,...then came the truth.

She told me that after we first spoke about her fucking someone else, she thought about it all the way to work and was never more horny at work. She said that Paul had been flirting with her for weeks and shortly after arriving at work on Tuesday, he followed her into the copier room and pinned her from behind against the machine. She said as he brushed against her, she felt his stiff cock against her ass and had to have him, so she fucked him right there and fucked him every day.

The first time they fucked, she said she felt so naughty and excited that's why she practically attacked me that night earlier in the week. She would then come home and fuck me. When she got home, part of the foreplay was me licking her pussy, and unknowingly eating another man's cum.

Since then she's added a couple of more men to our experiences and I am looking forward to living out some of the other fantasies we have shared.
Seduced to perform my first bisexual act
Posted:Sep 11, 2020 11:12 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 1:55 pm

(My fantasy with a couple comes true, but my fantasy with a MF, not this way!)

I walked into B-Dubs around 6pm. I’ve been coming here once a month when in town for the past few months. I saw some familiar faces as I sat at the bar to eat. Dining alone it’s much less awkward sitting at a bar than in a booth or at a table.
Anyway, as my food came another familiar face sat seats away. We usually chatted but we never were actually introduced.
“You here get an early start for the game?” he started. It Thursday and the football season recently started. I didn’t admit that I had no idea who playing, at what time or that I even aware the NFL season began, while sitting in a sports bar.
“Nah, just grabbing a bite and catching it at home.”
We made the usual talk and then he leaned over, reaching out his hand, “I never got your name. I’m Don.”
“Mike” and I shook his hand. His food just then arrived, and he moved sit next .
Again, some talk as he says he doesn’t see me too often like the others in here.
A few minutes later another familiar face shows up and sits next to Don. They acknowledge each other and it takes a brief moment before I realize they know each other well. I hear them talking about Al’s recent breakup from his girlfriend.
Don then apologizes and introduces us. Al asks, “You have a wife or girlfriend Mike?”
I tell him, “Nah. I’m single.”
“Sucks doesn’t it?” Al asked.
“It has it’s pros and cons,” I replied.
Just then Don chimes in about the game. Al tells him he’s forward to just kicking back and watching it at home.
Don asks, “I thought you were going to watch it here?”
“Thought about it, but I’m driving, and I know I’m going to be in no shape to drive home afterwards. Why don’t you both come by and watch it at my place?’
Don then turns to me and asked, “You’re going to watch the game at home, right? Why don’t you come and watch it with us, better than watching alone, right?”
Before I can reply Al says, “Yeah man, why don’t you come over too?”
“I don’t know.”
“Come on. Misery loves company,” he then laughs and adds, “besides some friends are supposed to come over, some girls too,” then winks at me comically.
I smirk, shake my head, and agree.
We get to Al’s and Don plops into the lounge chair, Al offers me to the sofa as he gets us a couple of beers along with a bottle of tequila, but none for him. He leaves the room but quickly returns having removed his jeans for sweats as he says he wants to chill a few before everyone arrives. He then turns on the pre-game show as Don & I take a shot, then Al & I take one. We aren’t paying too much attention to the TV, at least I’m not.
Then as what usually happens with guys, especially when drinking, the topic turns to sex.
Al takes a seat next to me as he pours me another shot as he tells Don how lucky he is to have a steady piece of ass at home. Don laughs, “Yeah but man that comes at a price. It’s you that are lucky.”
Al shrugs is disagreement, “You are kidding, I haven’t gotten a blowjob in weeks. I haven’t gotten laid in a month.” He then nudged my left leg with his as he asks, “How about you Mike?”
“How about , what?”
“When the last time you got your dick wet?” Don laughed at this saying, “Al! Dude how can you ask him such a personal question. You just met!”
Al laughs, “Fuck that man. What’s the big deal, right Mike?”
“Right.” I agree. So, he asked again. I confess that it’s been awhile. He pushes know how long so I say, “About 4 months.”
Al looks shocked, then grabbing his crotch, spreading his legs wide so his right leg is pressed against mine, says, “If I don’t get this wet soon, I’m gonna bust.”
Then drunkenly (or so I thought), he rubbed my thigh as he asked, “How do you not go nuts Mikey? I mean, you must jerk off like all the time, right? I mean I would, right?” He directed that last question Don.
So, Don says, “I don’t know about that, but I tell you, sometimes jerking off does feel good.”
Feigning shock, Al says, “You’re married, and you jerk off?” Turning and once again rubbing my thigh, “Do you believe that?”
By now I’m getting an erection, so I adjust myself and say yes.
They both notice and Don laughs telling Al, “We better stop talking about this, Mikey’s getting excited.”
I get a bit flustered but don’t respond. Instead I take another shot of tequila.
Al keeps touching , rubbing my left thigh with his right and occasionally with his hand, as if emphasize his point.
Chuckling a bit Al asks, “Is that true Mike? This talk is getting you excited?”
So as explain it I say, “Well I did say it’s been about 4 months.” They both laugh.
Don then says, “I guess then I shouldn’t tell you how well my wife sucks my cock huh?” Al laughs as I just shake my head. He then describes in detail how she teases, his cock with her tongue, then swallows his entire coc He has his eyes closed, smiling, as he details how she does it.
Al and I are silent, listening. I then see movement from the corner of my eye, and I see Al has a hold of his cock through his sweats, slightly rubbing himself with his left hand as his right is slightly moving, caressing my leg, mid-thigh.
As Don finishes his story, he looks at me and at Al. Laughing he says, “What the fuck AL?”
Al snaps out of it and smiling says, “Sorry, I just remembering how it feels.”
They notice I’m hard & Don says, “Well it seems Mike liked the story. Or he likes what you’re doing to him,” as he’s smiling at me.
Al asks, “Is that so Mike? Are you enjoying me touching you?”
I don’t answer, but I feel my cock twitch. Al then moves his right hand from my thigh, grabs my left hand and gently moves it towards his crotch.
I’m too, I don’t know what I am, but I don’t resist. It’s as if I’m watching him move someone else’s hand and then he places it on his coc
His hand over mine, he starts making squeeze him. He then asks , “Do you like what you feel?”
I don’t answer, but I allow him keep my hand on his coc
Soon I realize my hand is moving on its own, without any assistance from him. When he realizes it, he removes his hand as I continue slightly squeeze and rub his cock through his sweats.
After a moment he leans back slide down his sweats. I pull my hand away as if I just realized what I doing.
He lifts his ass and slides his sweats down. It catches his coc As his sweats gets past his ass, his cock springs free.
“You wanna touch it?” I say no.
Don says, “Go ahead Mikey. You know you to. We can tell the way you’re at it. Go ahead, it’s just us here. Besides, you were just rubbing him through his sweats so it’s nothing to do touch it now.”
As he’s saying this, Al is slowly waving his cock at . Don then moved us and standing before , he places his left hand on my right shoulder and is gently pulling , turning face Al as he’s also pulling off the couch, onto my knees in front of Al.
Al takes my left hand and places it back on his coc I immediately and on my own start stroking it slowly, staring at it.
Don says, “You taste him?”
Al says, “Yeah, go ahead and taste it.”
I see precum leaking from him. I’m mesmerized and don’t realize that Al put his hand on my head and slowly, gently pulls me him.
I come out of my daze when I feel my lips touch his coc I pull back!
They both laugh, but Don grabs my shoulders stopping from pulling away. Al leans forward and grabs by the back of my head. Again, gently he pulls towards his cock as he says softly, almost seductively, “Don’t stop. You got my cock like this. You made my cock so hard. You’re not leaving like this, are you Mikey? You’re not a cock-tease, are you?”
Don says in a soft voice, “Go on. Suck that coc Open up and suck it Mikey!”
I concede as my face is just an inch from his crotch. I open my mouth. Al sighs as I take him past my lips. It’s electric.
“That’s it. Suck it good. Be my cum slut & suck off”
I place my left hand up against him at the base as my right hand has a grip on him, twisting and rubbing as I suck on him, as I have had done many times before.”
Don then says Al, “He looks like he’s enjoying it. How’s he doing?”
“Not bad for his first time,” then , “You feel so good Mikey. You’re doing so good.”
For some reason, hearing this excited me as I begin suck and stroke him faster, deeper. My cock is so hard, it feels like it could burst my jeans.
Don then says Al, “Hey Al, his ass looks so good bent over like. I wonder how his ass feels?”
Then he says, “Your ass looks cute in those jeans Mikey. Did you wear them show off that tight ass? I’m so hard at it. Is it just as cute out of them? I bet your ass is nice and tight, right?”
I just moan, fear, excitement, thinking, wondering, if he’s going … I then feel his hands around my waist, undoing my pants.
Al’s hands are on my head prevent from resisting my pants being pulled down, but he quickly let up when he didn’t feel any resistance from as my jeans were pulled down just enough expose my ass.
I could hear the excitement in Don’s voice as he said, “Damn that ass is so cute Al. Not a hair on it.” He then pushes my pants my knees. It like I being possessed when I felt one of my knees raise up. Don says, “That’s it, Mikey,” as he pulls my pants past one knee. I then feel my other knee. Once my pants are past my knees, my ankles, Don pulled them off as my sneakers got pulled off with my pants at same time.
Soon I feel wet fingers penetrating me. “Yeah this ass is nice and tight. Just like a virgin pussy. Right Mikey? I’m gonna fuck this virgin pussy. You me fuck this pussy right?”
I don’t respond. SMAC “I asked if you fuck your pussy Mikey.”
I stop sucking for a moment to say, “Yes. Fuck my ass Don.”
He rubs his cock up and down the crack of my ass, teasing my sphincter, he grabs my hips firmly and said, “What? I though you said ass. This is not your ass Mikey. It’s your man-pussy. Tell me you me to fuck your man-pussy Mikey. C’mon sweetie, say it?”
I pull off Al’s cock for a moment and in a harsh voice I say, “Fuck my pussy.”
SMACK, “I’m sorry Mikey, I didn’t hear you. Ask me nicely to fuck your pussy.”
“Will you fuck my pussy Don. Please fuck my pussy?”
As I am saying this, Al reached down and then pulls my shirt up and over my head. I am now totally naked except for my soc”
SMACK, “Not bad but you can do better Mikey. Make believe you.”
“Don, I you fuck . Stick your cock in my pussy as I suck Al’s coc”
Then like a man possessed I greedily engulf Al’s cock with my mouth and try make this the best blowjob he ever had.”
Al and Don laugh as I then feel Don aligning his cockhead with my virgin ass. I then feel his cock pushing into my ass.
I so embarrassed, excited, worked up, more than I care to admit. I can feel my face beet red from excitement. My mind reeling as I felt the slight pain quickly turn to pleasure, as I realized that my first bi-experience is not in a threesome where I fantasized a woman would persuade me to suck her man. Instead, it’s being spit-roasted by straight guys, relative strangers, I just met, who are abusing me like some cheap slut, hungering for satisfaction.
In what seemed like forever and yet at the same time too soon, I felt Al’s cock begin to swell.
“I’m going to cum. I about to cum baby.”
OMG, he called me baby. More humiliation and excitement. I pull my mouth off him as I pump his cock to finish him.
He shoots and his first blast goes past my face and hits Don in the chest. The next one, , ropes sprays my face. I turn look at Don. My cum filled face must’ve sent him over the edge as he grabs my hips and plunges deep in my ass as he lets loose.
What a hot, erotic, and weird feeling it is have his hot cum explode inside , causing my own hard, huge orgasm, then I collapse forward into Al’s lap.
We stayed in that position as we all were catching our breaths. Don the first to move as his softened cock slipped out my ass. I then fell back onto my haunches and began to wipe my face clean using my shirt.
Al the first to spea “Damn, I’m so glad I invited you over Mikey. That blowjob amazing.”
Don agrees saying it fucking hot. I just smiled out of embarrassment.
As I got up, I felt Don’s sperm leak out of my ass. Al said, “Damn that looks hot. Next time I get your ass Mikey.”
I looked at him, “Next time?”
“Well yeah. I telling Don I horny enough that I’d be willing see how it’d feel have a guy suck my coc He said had a feeling that he might know someone we could get do it. You can’t say you weren’t easy for a straight guy and that you didn’t love it, right?”
Don then said grinning, “You’ll come back right Mikey?” When I didn’t respond he held up his phone & said, “Of course you will. Otherwise everyone at the bar will get see this video of you being spit-roasted.” They both then grinned with an evil chuckle.
As Don talking, his cock began stir. I guess I can blame it on the alcohol, so I just looked at his cock, then in his eyes as I smiled slightly. I then reached out and grabbed his cock, leaned over, and as I took my second cock into my mouth, I got back on my knees, and offered up my ass to Al.
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