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Unexpected Cuckold  

BeachLover732 62M  
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12/6/2020 9:51 am
Unexpected Cuckold

{While in Italy, serving in the Navy, my gf fulfills one of my fantasies and one she didn’t tell me about. Could also be 1st time bi, 3-some.}

I joined the Navy when I was 22 and was stationed in Sardinia at 24. I went TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) frequently to Naples. Many times when there I would stay with this girl named Debbie who was 21. She claimed that although she loved sex, she wanted to maintain her squeaky clean reputation and only had 9 more months before her transfer. But since I wasn't from there, and she needed more than her toys, she would let loose whenever I stayed with her.

We have been together for a while and things were always great. I am endowed with 7" hard and I knew I could always satisfy her, but sometimes when she wanted more, she would play with her favorite 9" dildo.
Anyway....when I was there we'd have sex at least twice a day and usually talk dirty to each another. This one morning while she rode me I said how hot it'd be if another man was fucking her face. She came so hard that she flooded me and soaked the bed. Later that night when I mentioned it, she got all embarrassed and didn't want to talk about it. But later in bed, while having sex, I started to say hot it would be to see her sucking someone while I she rode me or I fucked her from behind. Again she came so hard she actually trembled. I realized even though she was embarrassed to talk about it, she really loved the idea, or she did so in her civilian life and was craving it now. That morning as we fucked before she left for work, I grabbed her dildo and placed it to her lips. "Look how hard you got him." As she opened her eyes to see the dildo at her lips, I shoved it in her mouth. "Go ahead Deb, suck that cock." She obliged. I then picked up the pace of pushing the dildo in and out of her mouth as she quickened her pace as she rode me. "That's it. Suck it. Suck that cock. Fuck me as he fucks your face."

She was moaning, squirming, drooling and was having multiple orgasms as she rode me and allowed me to fuck her mouth with that dildo. I pulled out of her and switched with the dildo. She laid back as I mounted her chest to fuck her mouth as she grabbed the dildo and began fucking herself with it. Looking
in her eyes I asked "Do you like him fucking you?" She moaned yes!
"Do you want him to fill your pussy with his cum?" ...she just moaned even louder. I loved that she was so turned on by the thought of two cocks about to fill her. I too was turned on more than ever and I came very hard.
When she got home that Monday evening, she practically me, pushing me down as she climbed on my face, forcing me to eat her to a wild orgasm, then fuck her hard and fast. She had multiple orgasms in the couple of minutes it was barely able to last until I came. As we caught our breaths before getting dinner ready I asked what all that was about. She said she was damn excited fantasizing about having another man. She said even though I always satisfied her, she does fantasize about sex with other guys, but won't follow through because most Navy women are thought of as sluts, even if they just flirt with guys.

I told her of my fantasies to be with a woman and man, preferably with her being fucked by some guy because the thoughts are huge turn for me. We spoke about how and where we should go from this point. I told her that if it's something she really wants, I am more than willing to be a part of it. I told her for her safety, we can go to Gaeta or Sorrento for a weekend so no one from the base will find out. Also in case she didn't want to go through with, it'd be easy to leave and not worry about anything. She thought that would be great.

The following Friday she came home with Paul, a guy she works with and I met a couple of times at the bar in the Marine Barracks. She was a little late, but I thought nothing of it. We all went into the living room and had a few drinks and were talking. Suddenly she looked at me and said, "Tonight's the night."

Before I could say anything, she got up, grabbed Paul's hand, and headed to the bedroom. Somewhat baffled, I got up and ran after them. As I got to the door, they were already naked and she was on her knees sucking his cock.

I undressed and was hard as a rock. As I got to the bed, she reached out to play with my cock while still sucking him. Looking at her working on Paul's cock, I saw it was almost the size of her favorite dildo. This made me feel somewhat intimidated.

What felt like forever, but was probably only a couple of minutes, she pulled me on the bed and began alternating sucking the both of us. I was about to cum all over when she stopped. She pushed Paul down on the bed and climbed up on him. She slid down on his pole, taking him deep inside her, gasping as she impaled herself down to his balls. She began riding him like I had never seen her do before. I was so excited I couldn't stand it.

After what seemed like an eternity, she climbed off him, then turned around and got on her knees. She looked over her shoulder at Paul and said. "Take that big cock of yours and shove it in me. She then looked at me and said, "I want you to lick my clit and watch Paul's cock slid in
and out of me."

Without waiting for a response, she straddled my face and I watched Paul ram his cock in her.

Every so often he would slip out, because of her moving forward. This caused his cock to brush my lips. A couple of times his cock slipped past my lips. At first I thought it was an accident, but soon realized it was a rhythm they had and I now could tell when Paul' cock would be at my lips.

Before I even realized it, I was taking him deeper on each ‘slip'.
He began to fuck her harder and harder until he came inside her hard. She then stopped sucking on me, turned around, and sat on my cock. While she rode me, she sucked on Paul some more, reviving his cock. Watching this and the feel of her pussy working my cock, I came in like 2 seconds. She didn't miss a beat sucking Paul. After I came she shocked me by climbing on my face to make clean our cum out of her as she came on my face.... to be honest, I found that I didn't mind.

Then she pulled me next to her as she was sucking Paul's cock. She then put her hand behind my head and pulled me closer. As she released Paul's cock from her mouth, she pushed me toward it saying "Come baby. Try it." I was hesitant about it and she sensed my reluctance. "C'mon baby. You didn't mind too much while you were under me. Go ahead. For me? Suck it babay. Go ahead." I felt my resistance waiver. So did she as she applied more force and I found my lips against his cockhead.

A little more pressure from her hand and Paul pressing slightly into my face, I accepted his cock and allowed her to set the pace by pushing and pulling my head up and down on Paul's cock. After a few strokes I heard her say, "Oh look Paul. He is really enjoying your cock." Paul then began fucking my face and a few minutes he shot a load down my throat.

He pulled out and I fell back gasping for air. Debbie then cleaned Paul's cock with her tongue.

After a few minutes we all got dressed and went back down stairs. Shortly after Paul left and Debbie decided to talk about what just happened.

"I hope you're not to upset but I always had a<b> fantasy </font></b>to see my guy suck off another guy. I guess we both wanted to see our partner with a guy."

Then giggled as she looked sheepishly at me.
"Well, I don't know if I would've gone through it if you asked or told me about it, but I guess I didn't really mind it."
She seemed really happy when I said that so I quickly added, "I enjoyed it but am not too sure if I ever want to suck on a cock again, but how I loved seeing you so satisfied."

She said that was fine as she cuddled into me,...then came the truth.

She told me that after we first spoke about her fucking someone else, she thought about it all the way to work and was never more horny at work. She said that Paul had been flirting with her for weeks and shortly after arriving at work on Tuesday, he followed her into the copier room and pinned her from behind against the machine. She said as he brushed against her, she felt his stiff cock against her ass and had to have him, so she fucked him right there and fucked him every day.

The first time they fucked, she said she felt so naughty and excited that's why she practically attacked me that night earlier in the week. She would then come home and fuck me. When she got home, part of the foreplay was me licking her pussy, and unknowingly eating another man's cum.

Since then she's added a couple of more men to our experiences and I am looking forward to living out some of the other fantasies we have shared.

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