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BendMeOver278 29F  
1591 posts
5/9/2018 8:54 pm

No theme, ops!
Just laying around trying to an enticing photo for R.

A view of stealing his boxers, too.
He did not like that as much...

Summer and warm weather seems to keep my household SO busy. I didn't know the theme for today. But better off topic than nothing at all right?

... right?

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!

topherific 57M
4689 posts
5/9/2018 10:34 pm

proteus_2a 54M
7929 posts
5/9/2018 10:42 pm

Mission accomplished ,on the "enticing" subject
my lady - Indeed !

And I find it very sweet when an occasional lady "steals" my boxers
- especially if she is so well rounded on the hips, to fit her

Cheers,and keep it up


BendMeOver278 replies on 5/10/2018 2:04 pm:
Haha they're pretty comfy! Boxers and hoodies are what I enjoy stealing.

Thank you!

BukkNakked69 51M
5 posts
5/9/2018 11:22 pm


BendMeOver278 replies on 5/10/2018 2:04 pm:

RobK2006 53M
5578 posts
5/10/2018 4:39 am

Very enticing! You look so hot. You pics are really turning me on!

BendMeOver278 replies on 5/10/2018 2:05 pm:
Thank you!!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62528 posts
5/10/2018 6:34 am

I don't know about R, but surely enticing to me girl!

Happy HNW

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BendMeOver278 replies on 5/10/2018 2:05 pm:
Thank you

I think he liked them too.

citizen4722 62M  
67973 posts
5/10/2018 12:33 pm

Phew! This week the HNW theme was outdoors.
You had no excuse
Happy HNW

BendMeOver278 replies on 5/10/2018 2:06 pm:
Ops, my bad.
Maybe I'll be more on top of things next week?

KItkat1415 58F  
19979 posts
5/10/2018 2:26 pm

Oh all you have to do is post half-nekkid and it's on theme!
Happy HNW!
Warm weather was the theme.

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BendMeOver278 replies on 5/11/2018 9:38 am:
Very true!
Maybe next week I'll be more prepared.

Shots30 44M  
2300 posts
5/10/2018 6:28 pm

Very nice! And yes I agree that it's better to post off topic than no post at all. Especially with your sexy body!

Cheers! ?*

BendMeOver278 replies on 5/11/2018 9:38 am:

rpistud3 24M
22 posts
5/14/2018 7:35 pm

Oh? How did he respond to you wearing them?

nawty99daddy 45M
51 posts
5/24/2018 3:42 am

sexy stuff gorgeous

discreteSteve62 52M
2078 posts
5/30/2018 4:43 pm

Thanks for sharing!

Leegs2012 47M
55250 posts
6/9/2018 9:54 am

You have a sexy Body!! Sexy Legs!!!!!

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