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Wax Play  

BendMeOver278 30F  
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3/31/2020 9:14 am
Wax Play

A fun package arrived for me today, Wax play candles.

I laid ass up naked on the bed while he sat by my hips. Lit the candle and waited a moment. The first few drops were a surprise.

He started on my shoulders, my toughest area. I felt the weight of the droplet and then the heat. As the candle lowered to the middle of my back, I held my breathe in anticipation. Those drops hit my skin and the heat was what I felt first. I felt their weight after they cooled and became solid.

My lower back was the most sensitive. Several drops put into the small of my back were strongly felt and they look the longest to cool off.

He blew the candle out and proceed to gently caress my skin between the dots of cooled wax. Feelings his skin and fingertips made me shiver a bit. My body wasn't yet ready to relax.

He pulled the crop up and gave a few fun whacks. These hits got harder and harder until they stopped completely. He lit the candle. Starting, again, from the top. Slowly to my lower back and finally to my ass. The drops there gave heat and a tickle. I laughed and squirmed as most of the wax hit my skin there. My body relaxed a bit and again I got a hard smack on my ass with the crop.

Back and forth he went with the candle, his hands, and the crop all over my back and ass.

Apparently I am a big fan of wax play.
Are you?
Have any suggestions or tips?

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