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My first bi experience
Posted:Jan 1, 2022 7:29 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 2:14 pm

I've been meaning to write about this event for some time but seeing as I've been thinking about it a lot recently, now feels the right time.

When I was 19, I was on a five day long cricket tour with a group of lads from the same league. I knew some of them well, and others not so well. Towards the end of a very enjoyable week, we'd played a game which had been played in quite wet conditions but it was a humid day and we played for as long as possible before further heavy rain meant the match was abandoned.

With it being a tour game, some of us headed into the bar whilst others went straight into the showers. After a couple of beers, feeling hot, sticky and dirty, I headed back to the changing rooms with a team mate. He was called Mark and I'd played against him loads over the years. We'd had some contests but he was such a nice lad that we'd never fallen out and always had a good chat before and after matches.

On arriving at the changing rooms, everyone else had gone and the showers next door were free. I stripped off and entered the hot showers before Mark followed me in. Even though I'd played against him loads, I hadn't seen him naked before and immediately I was drawn to the size of his large cock. It was long, thick, uncut and had a nice bend to it. We chatted about stuff in the showers but I was totally distracted and kept looking down at Mark's cock. He noticed I was looking so he grabbed hold of it and pointed out the bend in his dick as if it was misshapen. Look at that he said? I said I thought it looked really good.

With this conversation, I was starting to feel turned on and to my embarrassment I started to harden and in a matter of seconds I was almost fully hard. A guy had never seen my erect penis before. I said I was sorry and that honestly I was straight - in fact I had a very attractive girlfriend back at home. Mark said he didn't mind, he was straight too. I was relieved and just told him I thought his dick looked great and girls must really like it inside them.

Do you want to touch it, he asked. I said yes, I was curious but nervous. Mark walked over and for the first time in my life I was suddenly holding another guy's cock. It felt really thick in my hand and as I held it tighter I could feel it harden. I began rubbing it and then suddenly his huge bell end was revealed. His cock was massive, 9 inches I would say. I asked him if he minded me wanking him as I'd never stroked a cock so big before. He told me to go for it. Considering I always thought I was straight, I was incredibly turned on and as the water beat down on us from the shower, I'm looking down on two erect cocks next to each other.

I just had to point out how much bigger his was compared to me. I'm about 6.5" and Mark's nearly 3" longer and thicker. I wish I could have photographed this moment. We lined them up next to each other until they were touching. Both were pointing skywards, both had bends in them and then Mark wrapped his hand around both at the same time. Suddenly he was wanking me off against his own cock. I felt like I was going to cum in no time but I didn't want this to end.

I asked Mark if I could wank him from behind, as I was curious about how it would look and feel to wank his cock. Our bodies were now touching. Mark was slightly smaller than me so my cock was rubbing up against the top of his thigh. Mark was muscular and an athlete. When I wrapped my hand around, I initially went too low and stroked his balls - they were huge also. I reverted back to his cock and began wanking him hard. He felt so good. I asked him if he wanted to cum, he said yes. It took a few minutes but when it did arrive the load was huge and it shot across the shower, splashing heavily against the tiles. As he did, his bell end felt incredibly hard and big in my hand. I just thought you lucky guy and lucky girls.

I said I wanted to cum too so Mark began wanking me and I knew it wouldn't take long. Mark's cock was still hard and the bulging veins were turning me on. I'm going to cum. Mark asked where, and I said on his cock. As he pointed my cock at his, I shot my load all over him, it was such a nice orgasm.

And that was that. We finished our showers, got changed and never spoke about it again. I never saw Mark naked again and our paths rarely crossed after the tour finished. I always wish we'd stayed in touch but no social media or mobile phones back then. I will however never forget the experience or his beautiful cock.
Cuckold fun
Posted:Apr 18, 2021 8:45 am
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2021 7:18 am

My current partner isn't interested in sharing so I often look back and reflect on when I first moved to London in the late 1990's with my then girlfriend of two years. We rented a small new apartment quite close to the City with great views across London. Everything was brand new including the building and with the location being so central, the apartment was in easy reach of the many bars, restaurants and clubs.

I'd met this particular girlfriend at university. She was tall, slim, reasonably attractive and had very long legs and 36D boobs. Personality wise we got on quite well but I always knew she wasn't the one. When we initially met, our relationship was very sexual from day one and we would be spending most nights with each other. As time passed by we got closer and closer and it was more than sex.

One year into our relationship, during the summer when we were apart, I found out from a mutual friend that she had been with another guy. I was angry and jealous and questioned our relationship. When we went back to university, everything had calmed down a but and our relationship was good again. I did feel I'd been given a green light to meet other people however and over the course of the next year I had fun elsewhere, as did she no doubt. On one occasion she admitted to cheating on me but when I found out it was an attractive female friend I was absolutely delighted. This lead to a particularly fun night but I'll save that for another time.

When the move to London happened, for work purposes, we found a place together for convenience more than anything. It was obviously a lot cheaper sharing a one bed flat with another person. The bright lights and excitement of a big city such as London was quite different to where we had come from. We worked long hours but played hard too. Many nights out were spent apart but we always returned home to see each other back in the apartment and reflect on the evening's events before sex, which was still taking place most nights.

Over the next few months, our relationship drifted apart slightly but we remained a couple. At weekends, we both had different interests so whilst I was away watching or playing sport, she would be shopping or socialising elsewhere. One activity she also took up was rock climbing and she had joined a club in East London. She liked the people there, they were very accommodating and physically her athletic body was well suited to climbing, despite her large breasts. I was slightly jealous that she had found these new people and that she wanted to spend a lot of time with them but I had my own interests and friends too. Our relationship became quite tense at times.

One weekend, she decided to head down to the south coast for a weekend away with the rock climbing club. I said go for it. I had plans anyway. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to go again in two weeks time. She told me about some of the characters in the group and basically it seemed to be a mostly male group, all slightly older than her.

Two weeks later, she was away for the climbing weekend. By Sunday evening she still hadn't back so I gave her a call. She said she was still a couple of hours away but she was in the car of one of the guys from climbing club and they had stopped off for a break on the journey. Her tone of voice was completely shifty and I knew something wasn't quite right. I asked her what was going on and she promised to tell me when she returned to the apartment that evening.

Whilst I waited for her to return, my emotions were all over the place. Should I be angry, jealous or just happy that she had found a passion in life? What had actually happened that weekend anyway, just rock climbing or something else?

She finally returned late on the Sunday night. When she walked in the door I was angry. She had a shifty face on and I asked her for an explanation. The rock climbing club this weekend hadn't been a club on this occasion, it was just her and another guy, one of the guys she had spoken about fondly of previously. I asked her for a full explanation. Have you slept with him? Yes, was the answer. I was angry but I wanted to know more.

She went into the bedroom and started to undress, telling me she was exhausted. However, I wanted answers before any sleep. She undressed down to her underwear and I could see she had picked up a tan. I asked her to tell me the full details. My heart was racing.

Apparently, they had camped out on the rock face after a days climbing. The weather was warm and they drank wine overlooking the sea from their tent. One thing led to another and they had begun kissing. I asked her to describe the guy as I wanted to picture the scene. He was around 20 years older than her, toned and muscular. Carry on I said. Feeling tipsy and with the mild air, they had begun removing clothes.

At this stage, I was still angry but also incredibly turned on. I removed the remaining underwear from her body and she was now lying naked across our bed, her new tan lines on her breasts a major turn on. As she explained more details, I removed my t-shirt, shorts and pants to reveal a very full hard erection. I was now crouched over her and had begun to slowly masturbate. I asked her to describe his cock. Nervously, she said it was huge and using my own cock as a comparison she explained that he was around two inches bigger than me and had a large girth. She hadn't seen a cock that big before.

I felt slightly inadequate but more than that I was now incredibly horny. I spread her legs and began to slowly fuck her. Tell me more. He was so big that the first time he fucked her, she orgasmed within about 20 seconds and it was intense. As I fucked her, she wasn't going to orgasm but she calmly continued to tell me the full details. This was some of the most intense sex I'd ever had. I was fucking her hard, she was soaking, her breasts were bouncing around, her arms out wide but she continued to speak about this guy.

I asked her why she was late back that night. She explained that as they drove home, she had begun wanking and sucking his cock. I knew this would be true as she had done the same to me when we first met. They had stopped off in the country somewhere and gone into a field to have more sex. It was at this point that I had spoken to her previously. She went into more detail about the sex they had. By this stage I was fucking her hard, kind of as a punishment. I was angry but really enjoying the sex and her story. My cock was inside her only a couple of hours after this other guy had been fucking her. This thought took me over the edge and I exploded deep inside her. It was noisy and intense and once it was all over, the anger had mostly gone and I felt good.

From this point on, our relationship became a lot more open. We basically were no longer an item but the convenience of sharing a flat meant we would still see each other daily. Before our tenancy ran out, she met other guys and would tell me a lot of detail. Somehow she always seem to meet guys with huge cocks. That was fine with me, I enjoyed that thought. I met other girls but she didn't want to know. That was fine with me too. I would much rather hear her stories than repeat mine.

Looking back, I enjoyed that open relationship. It's not bee repeated on the same scale since but I suppose it's one of the reasons I'm here on AdultFriendFinder now.

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