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Big Milf
Posted:Aug 10, 2021 5:48 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2022 2:6 pm

I had been hitchhiking for days without sleep, but when I got to my destination it still seemed a good idea to go to the gay club with the friends I was staying with, a lovely lesbian couple. This was long before my first experience with a man, but one of my friends gay friends was making a good attempt to persuade me, talking about how tight and slippery his arse was while rubbing his erection against my leg, when I saw her dancing with one of my friends.

She was about 25 stone and 25 years older than me. She was wearing a silk filmy flowing black dress that accentuated her huge breasts, massive soft belly, and beautiful gigantic bum. I was immediately entranced, and went over to dance with her. We spent the rest of the night dancing together, and when the slow numbers came on we entwined our bodies and I told her how gorgeous she was. We walked back to my friends house hand in hand, and there was no question about it, we got into the same bed for the night, by wordless agreement.

I caugh a glimpse of her perfect huge body as she shed her dress before she switched off the light and slipped into bed with me. When she felt how massive my cock was she exclaimed with pleasure, and was even happier when I went down on her pussy, sucking hungrily at her juices and sucking on her massive clit. When she started cumming for the first time, I rammed my hard cock into her sopping pussy, and she was shrieking with ecstasy as I pumped my hard cock into her again and again. I came so hard and we came together. And then lay naked on the bed.

When she realised I was helplessly turned on by the feel of her fat body she switched the light on. My cock started swelling again in 10 minutes or so and she took it in her mouth and started rubbing it between her hands to get it hard. Soon I was ready to go again, and she rode me like a cowgirl, with my huge cock way deep inside her pussy I could feel her cervix rubbing against my glans. When she started cumming her pussy milked my cock and I started cumming too. We didn't stop having sex all night, and fucked at least eight times before we fell into an exhausted sleep.

Fond memories of a fantastic fuck.
Seduced by my bi married boss
Posted:Apr 3, 2020 6:25 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2021 7:36 pm

It was an unusual place for your boss take you for lunch ... a strip club with a live sex show. It had been so hot watching a beautiful bbw fuck herself with a huge dildo stage, and it was hard not stare at the beautiful naked breasts of the topless waitresses. I had never been to a sex club before, and my cock was so hard that it was straining at my pants to be free.

I didn't stop him when he started stroking my thigh as we drove back to the office. I sighed and opened my legs slightly. He took the hint and stroked my inner thighs, and then casually reached out and held my hard cock by the tip.

" that feels amazing," I said,as he slipped my cock out of my too tight pants, and held it firmly through the thin material of my suit trousers. the way back the office he casually masturbated my throbbing hard cock, keeping just the edge of cumming in my pants..

We pulled into the parking garage and drove to his parking space in the depths of the building. We pulled into his space, and he said, "Wait here. I want to get the door for you.

I let him open the door for and stepped out into his embrace. He took in his arms and kissed , his tongue probing my mouth, as he pressed his hard cock against mine. I kissed him back passionately, thrusting my tongue into his mouth, rubbing my earection against his, pulling him against , cupping and squeezing his bum, as he pulled my cock free of my fly and started wanking it, telling what a beautiful knob I had.

It was late and everyone had gone home. We walked the lifts with our cocks in each other's hands, stopping now and then to kiss deeply. Luckily there was no one in the lift as it opened, We went in and pushed the button for our floor and then strarted kissing again, rubbing our hard naked cocks against each other as we pushed our tongues deeply into each other's mouths, and felt out hard cocks throbbing with desire.

We went into his office and he immediately took his clothes off, and stood in front of , naked. His huge hard uncut cock was curving upwards.

"Take your clothes off!" he told .

I slowly stripped naked, turning my back him, as I slipped my trousers down and took them off. I took off my socks one by one bent over with my back to him, pushing my erection back between my legs so he could see how hard my cock was, and pulling my arse cheeks wide apart and holding them like that a while before I stood and turned around face him, letting my big knob spring into view.

I walked over to him, and we began kissing again, our naked cocks touching, and tingling with horniness. He held both of our cocks in one and and began wanking them against each other. Stroking my cock with his erection until I was getting ready to cum.

I had never felt hornier as we started wanking each other as we kissed.

"God, I want to suck your beautiful cock, " I said.

We lay down on the carpet and took each others cocks in our mouths and began licking and sucking each other's cocks. I had never felt a cock in my mouth before, and it felt amazing as I sucked his head in and out of my lips and licked his frenellum as I cupped and stroked his balls at the same time. My cock felt so good in his mouth.

"God I am going to cum I shouthed and tried to take my cock out of his mouth to cum all over his face, but he resisted, and I exploded in his mouth, and felt an incredible sensation as he sucked all my cum down, and started moaning, his cock twitching and swelling in my mouth. When he came, I drank all of it, loving the taste of his cum, liberated by his enjoyment of my spunk in his mouth.

After we recovered our equilibruim, we poured a whisky, and enjoyed another long slow mutual wank before he dropped me at home.

And that was the start of a long and horny relationship.
Hot Older SSBBW
Posted:Apr 3, 2020 5:32 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2022 9:08 pm

She was swaying to the music on the dance floor by herself. Just the kind of woman I adored. About 20 years older than , pretty, voluptuous, with knowing eyes. I feasted my eyes on her 25 stone sexy body, and felt myself get herd as I admires her massive breasts and huge sexy belly straining at the flimsy fabric of her tight lacy dress.

It wasn't long before she caught me staring at her, and she smiled wickedly and motioned for me to come closer. I moved through the bodies filling the dancefloor, until i stood in front of her, and soon we were dancing suggestively together. When the music slowed down she didn't move away when I pulled her towards , and she smiled as my hard cock pressed against her huge soft sexy belly.

"Mmmm, you really want o fuck , don't you?" She whispered in my ear.

"My god yes..." I gasped. "I want to fuck you all night long".

We rushed back to her flat. As soon as we got in, she pulled off that tight dress and slipped into bed naked with me . She was shy at first, but when she realised how much I adroed her huge hanging tits and massive belly, she was happy to fuck with the covers off and the lights .on.

We could not get enough of each other, and fucked again and again, We hardly stopped for the rest of the weekend. I worshiped her big beaeutiful belly, and she adored my big cock.

We stayed in bed for three days, apart from getting food and drink, and what a three days they were. >>!>>!

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