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Once a Bull always a Bull?  

BiCocoTemptation 49M
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2/25/2020 10:44 pm
Once a Bull always a Bull?

So here I am beginning yet another chapter in my love life and sexual adventures. In the previous chapter I was in a deeply loving relationship with a most wonderful woman. Highly intelligent, sexy a joy to be with and a true friend. In fact we still are friends but the dynamic of us living together in a committed loving relationship ran its course. As a non-monogamous relationship, it meant we both got to indulge in some rather naughty adventures together.

As I reflect on it I’m so relieved by the fact that sexual jealousy resulting from our lifestyle was not the reason that the relationship came to an end. That for me is a source of reassurance, reassurance in that I feel yet more confident that when with the right woman it is indeed possible for me to be in a loving relationship and still have the ability to express my sexuality with persons other than my loving partner whoever that might be in the months and years to come.

However although the relationship was non-monogamous in nature compromises were made on both sides so as to ensure that feelings were not hurt. Some adaptions were easy, others over time and in retrospect were somewhat more challenging. At the time I was ok with it but there is one particular compromise that I’m not sure I will be able to make again. I may find myself eating my words at some point but right now I doubt it.
So what was that compromise? Well it was the ability to meet couples by myself. Foursomes are great fun but with the way my mind works there is something particularly and ever so wickedly pleasurable about planning to meet a couple as a single male.

I am forever drawn in by the lure of other men’s wives and girlfriends. This box was opened years ago and trying to close it again would just be an exercise in futility. Oh and just in case this is the first blog of mine that you are reading. Please be aware that I’m not one of those guys that gets a kick out of stealing people girlfriends or sleeping with married women as a danger sport. Clandestine fucks just isn’t my thing, I can most certainly understand the thrill, its just not my thrill.

The thrill for me is very particular to the fact that one way or another everyone is involved and getting something out of it. Its a three-way mind fuck that for me is intoxicatingly delicious….and addictive. I love witnessing the liberating effect on a woman when she is free to express her sexuality without judgement from the man that matters most to her in her life. As a Bull I get to be with a woman when she is at the peak of feeling free, sexy and desired….and as a man who has been in open relationships I have a keen sense of what it feels like to be the man witnessing his loved one being fucked by another man.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m no angel so if a hot cheating wife or girlfriend were to relentlessly pursue me, theoretically wouldn’t say no but the thrill of biting into juicy forbidden fruit just wouldn’t be there…....wow as I type this and think back over the experiences that I have had with women I can’t think of a single time that I have knowingly fucked a married woman without her husband being fully aware of the fact……hmmmm interesting.

So what’s next. Here’s me single again and pondering what path to follow, what’s my highest priority at this point. Build another special relationship with someone, try to quench my insatiable thirst for another man’s wife/girlfriend or somehow get the best of both worlds?

The latter sounds like the best fit for me right now and that’s exactly what I have been doing. Perhaps in my next blog I will talk in detail about the two sexy wives that I met at an interracial swinging event a few weeks ago. Both encounters were deliciously naughty and in two very different ways.

With one the sexual chemistry between us was so unbearably intense it was almost like self-inflicted torture. Up until that night all of my communications had been with her husband online. However all of my communications with him had been fairly abstract and I only had a vague idea of what his wife was like.

When we finally got to meet that night as soon as our eyes met there was instant chemistry which for me is quite unusual. The three of us were chatting and I just knew I had to kiss her. So I did, I’m not even sure if I asked for permission on this occasion the chemistry was that potent. There are two things that I do remember quite clearly though. I whispered two very romantic things in her ear while caressing her neck. I remember telling her that I would fuck her that night….and I also remember telling her to fuck any black guys that takes her fancy and to come to my hotel room with her husband before the night is out. I will tell you all about what happened in one of my future blogs.

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2/26/2020 12:49 am

Very much enjoyed reading your post.

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
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2/26/2020 3:49 am

I completely understand the thrill. I'm looking forward to reading more.
The Mrs.

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

seems6666 49F  
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2/26/2020 9:05 am

Interesting post. I must admit I don't get the cuck thing, and certainly couldn't be with a man who played alone too.

w4w4play4ongoing 63F

3/10/2020 3:47 pm

What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it. I guess we all shape our play to match or meet our relationship partner's needs. Once you find yourself here alone, whether due to the end of the relationship or, as in my case, when your partner is no longer able to engage in sexual activity, you get in touch with some of the interests you suppressed as a result of being considerate of your partner's needs. If I'm being honest, it's freeing to only think of your own desires and you discover some interesting things about yourself. Understatement! Thanks for an excellent post.

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