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My fantasy gay couple from Brazil/Terre Haute  

BiGuy4FunCpls 40M  
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8/26/2020 1:43 am
My fantasy gay couple from Brazil/Terre Haute

There has been an older gentlemen couple that comes to town every month or two. When they do come to town they always come to my work. It is my sincere hope that you two see this post, or that at the very least someone here that knows you up there can guide you to this post. I consider this a hail mary play as I tried to contact you from the email we have on file for you at my job, but I suspect that would have been routed to a spam folder. Nor can I openly initiate this kind of conversation at work as it would be my job if the conversation was not well received.

Anyways, you two have been in my head for a long while! As my blogs indicate I haven't had the best luck progressing forward. Meanwhile the amount of things I want to experience increase exponentially! I have always had an older man fetish as I began to explore my own curiosities. When I first met you two I knew I had met a pair I would gladly cast away my "Woman has to be included" rule for. To surrender myself to you both and allow you to have me in every way you want me. When I see you two walk into my work I want nothing more than to get an invite to come visit you two later in the evening.

I want to enter your room and from the moment the door closes the demeanor changes from workplace professionalism to incredible no holds barred passion! I want you two to show me everything I have been denying myself by being hesitant. I want to be spit roasted and DP'd by you both. I would love to become your play thing when you two travel through!

I think about being fucked by you two so often that I even tell the girls I talk to that if the three of us got together they can not be mad at all. They can't accuse me of<b> cheating. </font></b>They have been told that if you two invited me up to your hotel I would be honest and tell them. I would even allow you both to send them video of you fucking me like a cock hungry slut! You two are grandfathered in to any future relationships I have.

Single, girlfriend, engaged, or married. I have a free pass to be your passing through sex toy without them being involved. If you desire to leave the women out of course.

If you read this or if anyone knows an older gay couple in the Brazil/Terre Haute area that might fit the description of the couple I'm fantasizing over please let them know! Show them this blog or direct them here.

If you do read this all you have to do is reply with your initials and I will know if it's you. I really hope this finds you!

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