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My fantasy gay couple from Brazil/Terre Haute
Posted:Aug 26, 2020 1:43 am
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2020 11:51 am

There has been an older gentlemen couple that comes to town every month or two. When they do come to town they always come to my work. It is my sincere hope that you two see this post, or that at the very least someone here that knows you up there can guide you to this post. I consider this a hail mary play as I tried to contact you from the email we have on file for you at my job, but I suspect that would have been routed to a spam folder. Nor can I openly initiate this kind of conversation at work as it would be my job if the conversation was not well received.

Anyways, you two have been in my head for a long while! As my blogs indicate I haven't had the best luck progressing forward. Meanwhile the amount of things I want to experience increase exponentially! I have always had an older man fetish as I began to explore my own curiosities. When I first met you two I knew I had met a pair I would gladly cast away my "Woman has to be included" rule for. To surrender myself to you both and allow you to have me in every way you want me. When I see you two walk into my work I want nothing more than to get an invite to come visit you two later in the evening.

I want to enter your room and from the moment the door closes the demeanor changes from workplace professionalism to incredible no holds barred passion! I want you two to show me everything I have been denying myself by being hesitant. I want to be spit roasted and DP'd by you both. I would love to become your play thing when you two travel through!

I think about being fucked by you two so often that I even tell the girls I talk to that if the three of us got together they can not be mad at all. They can't accuse me of cheating. They have been told that if you two invited me up to your hotel I would be honest and tell them. I would even allow you both to send them video of you fucking me like a cock hungry slut! You two are grandfathered in to any future relationships I have.

Single, girlfriend, engaged, or married. I have a free pass to be your passing through sex toy without them being involved. If you desire to leave the women out of course.

If you read this or if anyone knows an older gay couple in the Brazil/Terre Haute area that might fit the description of the couple I'm fantasizing over please let them know! Show them this blog or direct them here.

If you do read this all you have to do is reply with your initials and I will know if it's you. I really hope this finds you!
Taboo fantasies
Posted:Apr 11, 2020 1:43 am
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2020 12:26 am

I was asked recently why I had posted pics of myself in lingerie and if I had taken cross dressing? While I suppose technically the act of wearing women's lingerie does constitute the act of cross dressing I can not say I have decided take the cross dressing lifestyle. It has a much deeper long harbored fantasy behind it and I'll just share that with those that enjoy my blog entries.

So if you have read my first blog entry then you know my background in regards my use of dildos and watching pegging porn movies from my parents extensive video collection that I discovered as a when snooping. However there were other things in their collections that were even more exotic than women fucking men with strapons! One day I found a story book called "X family letters". I'm sure by the title you can guess what these stories were about, but I'll clarify. These were stories about family encounters. Mother and , Father and , Grandparents and grand , siblings, etc etc etc.

I was both mortified and hypnotized by these stories as I read them. Being mortified however quickly gave way to being aroused. I started thinking about both my sister and my mother in very very sexual ways. I would find my sisters and mothers used panties in the laundry and I would take them to the bathroom smelling them and using them to stroke my cock. I would try and peep and spy on them as they would change clothes or bathe. I wanted to do everything I was reading in those stories and I mean everything. lol

Truth be told I came very close with my sister. I think she had found the same stories and was just as turned on as I was by them. One day we were arguing and she started to push and shove on me. This became a wrestling match that ended with her on top of me. The look on her face changed and she said something along the line to me of having new moves to show me. She then grinded her hips on me about times before jumping off and walking away. I regret not bending her over right then as she tried walk away and show her some new moves of my own. Fate it seems was not my side there. Now we do not talk and I would not bet in a million years I'd ever be presented the chance. However I would take it! Even if it was known for us both it would only be once. We could still hate each other after. I'd rage fuck her pussy and ass until she crawled back her home.

Anyways back the the reason this blog exists. What got me into lingerie the first time

There was one story that clearly cemented itself into my mind. The guy in the story had come across his mothers silk and lace lingerie. He went to put it on and was looking at himself in the mirror when the mother came home and caught him. Needless to say the guy was pleasantly punished for it, but that story in particular was the hottest I had read and I wanted that story to out with my mother. So I would have these days where I would come home from school and my goal that day would be have my mother catch in the same manner since she would get home first and hope God it played out the same way.

They were clearly into pegging porn so I decided the best way to get caught would be to combine the premise of that story I loved with the pegging fetish we seemed have. I would get into moms lingerie, put a pegging VHS and start cramming her toys inside . I would fuck myself wishing she would walk through the door and catch with her panties slid sideways as I shoved one of her dildos inside and the other hand rubbing and stroking my cock. I wanted her take control of the toy in my ass as she squatted over my face to let eat her pussy before sliding herself onto my cock. I desperately wanted to fuck her and be fucked by her with her strapons.

Unfortunately I was also terrified of a negative reaction and what it could do to the family so I always chickened out and would change back and put her toys away before she would actually get home. This cycle went on for months and months and it just never happened for me. We lost her not long after so it will never happen, but every now and again I get to thinking about those fantasies and I take a trip down memory lane.

So there you have it. I don't put on lingerie to be a cross dresser. I do it because when I was a I read taboo story books that made me want to reenact the stories I read with a twist and I just do it now and again when the memories flood in.

Side note. I would lay in bed late at night and could hear my parents through the wall when they fucked. Trust me I would lay there with the biggest hard on to stroke thinking about the fact that they were using the same dildos on each other that I had just used on myself that day.
Fantasizing about my fantasies
Posted:Feb 18, 2020 1:59 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2020 7:43 pm

I just has a fun evening and I figured I would share with any of my fans that follow my blog posts. Now let me just say from the start, no... I was not fortunate enough to finally enjoy a real life sexual encounter with another guy or couple. I am just as disappointed as you as well! So I was sitting here thumbing through the naughty areas of the internet watching a variety of porno genres. BBW's, Bi sexual couples and orgies, Male on male matures and gangbangs, Transsexuals, etc. Needless to say I had gotten myself quite worked up and got to thinking about some of my fantasies! More importantly one fantasy in particular.

The fantasy I speak of is having a lady and at least five older bisexual/gay gentlemen to have their way with us both and turn us into a couple of cock sluts. To help accomplish this fantasy I gathered up my 5 biggest dildos and placed them in the kitchen all nearby and within arms length of one another along with a vibrating egg on a remote. One stuck on the fridge. One stuck on the dining room chair. One on the side of the stove, etc, etc. Next I went to the closet and thanks to years of exes leaving behind an article of clothing here and there I gathered up some lingerie and ladies clothing and got dressed. Stockings, garter, G-string panties, A skirt to my knees, and a blouse.

In the fantasy me and the lady walk into the room together both dressed up for the occasion at hand. While I did not have a lady to walk in the room with me I did carry my pocket pussy. So I walk in and start stroking my hands along some of the dildos pretending and wishing they were real hot throbbing cocks! I eventually dropped to my knees in front of my King Cock dildo that feels the most life like. I began sucking and deep throating that fake dick until I felt my cock starting to stir inside my panties.

I then placed the pocket pussy next to the dildo I was sucking on and started going back and forth sucking that dildo and then eating that pocket pussy like it was going to cum in my mouth and get her nice and wet for those cocks too. Reaching under my skirt I began rubbing my cock through the lacey material and using the precum dripping from it to rub on my asshole. This provided enough lube for me to push the vibrating egg into my ass. I went around the room sucking each dildo for at least a few minutes as that vibrating egg hummed in my ass making me moan as I gagged on those pretend dicks wishing so much they were real!

When I came back around to that first dildo I bent over, hiked up my skirt, rubbed some lube on my hungry asshole and pushed back against it as I felt it slide into my ass. I began grinding on it and humping it as I reached out for two other dildos. One in each hand and then started sucking a fourth. I bucked and fucked that dildo while stroking and sucking off the three others until I almost came all over the floor. As I pulled away from it I looked back and the whole thing was covered in white froth from my already obviously well fucked ass.

One thing I can't wait to taste is my ass on a real cock! I already know I love tasting it on my toys and that's even with the bleh after taste of a fake dick in your mouth. So I wasted no time at all on turning around and started sucking and licking my frothy ass off of that dildo as I lowered my ass onto the one sitting in the chair. I rode that one as I removed the blouse and began rubbing my nipples through the lingerie. By the time I had gotten my skirt off I had fucked my ass with every toy at least once and my ass had become a sloppy mess.

I finally removed the skirt leaving me only in my lingerie and began DP'ing myself with two dlidos placed on the wall. I also had placed the pocket pussy on a stool in front of my cock so as I finished the fake fantasy fuck fest I was bent over grinding on two in my ass at once and was also fucking that pocket pussy with my cock as I fucked the wall. To complete the image I was stoking and sucking the other three dildos.

Needless to say I came so fucking hard! I was quivering on the two in my ass and blowing my cum through that pocket pussy and watching it flow out the back side. I wanted so badly for all of those cocks to be real and to start taking turns burying themselves in me and shooting their hot loads of cum deep in my ass! One by one pulling out and feeding my their cocks covered in sticky cum and the juices of my ass until the last one shoves his cock down my throat smeared in the cum of all five.

Damnit I have some vivid fantasies!
Pride month
Posted:Jun 13, 2019 10:59 pm
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2020 12:26 am

As anyone that follows my blog knows I still consider myself more straight acting than anything even though I crave getting fucked by a versatile older man/men on multiple occasions. I still wish for a relationship with a woman that is into this lifestyle so we can play with couples and have tons of fun together!

However in the spirit of pride month I have been bombarded by mature guy on guy porn and I just want that first cock in me so fucking bad! It doesn't mean I will jump on the first cock out there, but I am determined to get that first cock in my ass before the end of the month to keep with the spirt of the month. I'm not looking for a coming out party for pride month. I'm looking for a shove it in party instead! Couples... Single ladies looking to have some fun... Guys... Let's all chat.
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The things in my head and in my ass at 4am.
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 2:36 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2020 7:43 pm

I just got out of the shower after being overcome by of my "slutty moments". I came home from work in the mood to fuck myself like a . So I get in the shower because the lube and steam come together so well that my ass becomes as sloppy and wet as some great pussy! I broke out all my toys and laid them all out around me like a fake cock and pussy buffet! I turn that shower into my fantasy playground as I stick dildos on the walls and on the shower floor. From there I go from dildo to dildo stuffing myself with fake cock after fake cock spit roasting myself and loving the taste of my own ass on them!

While I am doing that I will use my pocket pussy on my own cock fantasizing about a girlfriend riding me as we share a room of cocks. Just to add to the fantasy I will take that pocket pussy and use it on a dildo I was just riding imagining that this "girlfriend" of mine is taking a cock from my ass in her pussy so I can then DP myself as I eat that fake pussy tasting my ass on them dreaming of what my ass mixed with this fantasy girlfriends pussy would really taste like as I was getting cock pumped deep into my ass!

However being fortunate enough to have a real and heartfelt relationship with a woman that would also be into something like that and isn't a junkie or crazy lady has not been in my cards. So when do I finally say done hanging on to this rule? Will I eventually just say to hell with it and actually go through with it with a guy or even a couple of guys? what point does the desire of the physical act overcome the hurdle holding you back that is having a woman involved?
Curiosites - Over a year later.
Posted:Mar 3, 2019 10:47 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2020 7:43 pm

It has been over a year now since my previous blog entry and would you believe I'm no closer to fulfilling my fantasies as I was then!?! I think I'm almost too picky. Like I need the stars to be aligned perfectly for me or same damned crazy idea before I can take some cock deep in my ass for the first time. I get no shortage of offers on here and I do not wan't to seem uninterested to the folks out there. There is just so much nervousness surrounding this that I instantly clam up. For the type of upbringing this is a huge step for me and to do it completely pushes the kind of things I was raised to believe. I still of course would love to find a great bisexual couple or find a gal of my own into this whole idea and have a nice real relationship with some outstanding evenings from time to time! At the end of the day I always see myself with a woman and I don't ever think that ideal would ever change, but with that said I can not stop thinking about having some cock!!!

Many times a week I hide in my shower and fuck myself with my dildos while using a pocket pussy on my cock. Day dreaming about a couple having their way with me before I cum so hard. I will put one dildo on one wall and one on the other and spit roast myself going back and forth between them tasting my ass on them. In my shower I honestly become a slut for my toys as I fantasize about the different ways I could be getting fucked! As I'm spit roasting myself sometimes I'll reach back with another dildo and DP myself. Moaning like a fucking as I fuck my pocket pussy. I just get so hungry for cock but having only sucked one cock before I do not have any idea what that will actually feel like. That drives me crazy and makes me want it more and more! I look on various sites almost ready to throw my "Woman must be involved rule" just to get past this hurdle!

It is not easy to hook up with a couple as a single male, and it's not easy to start a real and honest relationship with a nice woman out there because I when I tell them of my fantasies they leave. It's clear that many women out there are not into the idea of a bisexual threesome with another guy or fucking their boyfriend with a strapon before she gets fucked hard in return. So I find myself looking more and more to meeting with a single versatile mature guy or a couple of mature men where at least one is versatile. After all I certainly want to fuck as much as I want to get fucked! A couple of older versatile gentlemen would fill that role and my holes quite well.

We could start off sucking each others cocks. I haven't felt that hot, swollen, pulsing, fleshy feeling in my mouth in 6 years now! I still remember how good it felt in my mouth as me and that guys wife sucked his cock together! After sucking each others cocks one of them or both gives me their ass for my first time. I don't want to fuck first cause I'm greedy. I want to fuck first because I want to cum so hard and have my body be relaxed and ready for the fucking it will be taking in return! I want to be spit roasted and DP'd!! In an ideal situation I would want to feel those cocks exploding inside me before I suck their cocks tasting their mixed cum and my ass together!

I mean while I would much rather have a woman involved in any action I can only take so much more before I break and finally get up the courage to not only get passed this personal barrier holding me back but to rocket passed it!

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