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How are you keeping busy during this time
Posted:Apr 16, 2020 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2020 9:15 am
So I am doing a lot of skype sessions and the other day I messed my back, Im sure it was when I was riding my Sybian machine during a skype session, such a expensive toy, alot of power and that lead an online group asking "does anyone know of a bi woman that is a massage therapist that gives happy endings"?

Guess what.......I FOUND ONE and her response was......"Hell yes, I haven't had a request from a woman for a happy ending in a long time! come on over!"

So I went her house, she gave a incredible massage come find out..........she's the massage therapist at my chiro office!

OMG small world......

So after the incredible massage, she asked if she could lower my blanket down, I said yes, she was the right side of the bed and she started rubbing my neck, breastbone area, across my body, both hands then my belly, then my pelvis.......... then back my breasts, she was needing them, cupping them, then she started pinching my nipples, softly. The massage was very sensual, nice not too firm....erotic, it stayed slow and sensual.

So then she was rubbing my pelvis area again, she then started rubbing between my legs, I spread my thighs a bit more........just gently caressing inside my thighs touching my lips every once in a while. I started squirming......

Then she put my clit between her forefinger and the next finger, slowly stroking it up and down...flush against my lips........then she licked my clit, sidways as she still had my clit between her fingers, which was pushing my hard clit OUT! .then she came up and and kissed me...she took her top off (braless) and put her nipple in my mouth........after kissing for a bit while she was stroking my clit up and down

she then crawled on the massage table, between my legs and started sucking my big clit (sucking it like it was a cock)....up and down.....while putting just the tip of her 2 fingers in my pussy......my clit was HUGE

It was so sensual, I usually love being fucked hard, aggressive.......this was slow...........sensual, erotic........she licked my pussy, and fingered me for about 40 min....

I came 3x, my back is feeling MUCH BETTER!

She invited me over this week to sit in her hottub!

Ill be seeing her monthly!

Another bi story- fulfilling my mommy lesbian fantasy
Posted:May 29, 2019 1:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2019 11:50 am

So a few weeks ago I went to Houston for a concert, and I posted in a Bi chat group "Hey I'm in town for the weekend -anyone want to get together?" A young gal of 19 yrs old reached out to me and said she would love to get togehter, I told her I was a bit old for her- seeing how I am 50 yrs old and she is the same age as my youngest .

She told me that she had a fantasy she wanted to fulfill with a older woman-- a and fantasy.........I asked her for more details, she said she was very bad and needed her bottom spanked, she confessed and admitted that she was VERY, VERY, very bad.

I have always had the fantasy but have never acted on it because I have 2 younger daughters (23 and 19).

She pretty much was begging me to see me, sending me naughty pics --she was lighter black, beautiful skin....had perfect tits..........very suckable nipples.

So I go and pick her up....she gets in and says "HI " and we have small conversation.........we get to the hotel and go in.

Once in, she says........I've been really bad , I think I need a spanken! She turns over and puts her ass towards me and I spank her.......she let out a gasp............I did it again.........she then said, "I'm sorry , can you just hold me now?"

We sit on the bed and she nuzzles her head between my boobs, then she starts licking between my boobs slowly moving towards my nipple and then sticks my boob in her mouth sucking my hard nipple! She says " is that ok"? I say yes girl..........she says ", I've never told you this but.......I want to know what your pussy tastes like". I said " girl, you know we can't go there"......... she said i dream of licking your pussy every night! every night I want to sneak into yours and daddys room and climb under your covers and just fuck you with my tongue"! she then starts kissing me .....harder and harder.....I then I tell her......." girl, if you really want to suck on mommies pussy Ill let you but you cant tell anyone".

She takes my clothes off and then starts licking my wet pussy! Her body is so smooth......after a while i climb on her and scissor her pussy.......our pussies are so wet together! She keeps yelling out, "fuck me ".....Im like, "do you like mommies wet pussy on yours"? Does mommies pussy feel good?"

She worshiped my body for about 3 hours......I even climbed on her and rode her face.............putting my face in between her legs and licking and sucking her sweet wet pussy!

My concert was cancelled and I am scheduled to go back on June 30th and she wants to stay the night with me!
My happy ending bi massage
Posted:Apr 11, 2019 3:53 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 1:52 pm
So I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and on my last night there my husband surprised with a massage in my room.

When she got there -she hugged (she was a tall Polynesian ), she seemed a bit nervous first. She set the table and i laid down, dropping my towel exposing my naked body...

She started rubbing my back, lightly without oil, then all the sudden I felt her kissing my back...I responded with a mmmmmmm...she asked if i liked it? I said YES!! She said would you like it if i kissed and licked you everywhere before I put oil on you? I said yes.

So she started by licking and kisses my neck and back...... then oiling ...she did this all down my arms and legs.........then she poured oil on my ass and started massaging my ass cheeks.........every once in a while she would slowly slip her hand down my ass crack. I was starting to respond by thrusting my ass in the air. She asked if I liked - I said YES ...she spread my ass cheeks and started licking my asshole. She said - your husband asked to give your asshole alot of attention...how is this.........and she spread my cheeks and started fucking my asshole with her tongue......

At this point my ass is high in the air and she finishes massaging my ass and asks to flip over...

I roll over and to my suprise she was only in her gstring! She reaches over to rub my right arm and she is on my left side which puts her nipple in reach of my mouth and i reach up and start sucking on her hard nipple! She is loving it.....i then reach between her legs and start rubbing her pussy. She is moaning loudly..........then she starts licking my boobs and sucking on my nipples!

and then her mouth comes to mine and we start kissing harder and harder.........she climbs on the table and we are legs between legs (tribbing) --and she starts to ride me.....until we both on each others legs!!

She asked if I like ? Did I ? I said oh hell yes! She said......can i lick it ? and then puts her head between my legs and slowly starts to lick my ...omg excites even more!! within a few minutes I cumming on her as she is fingering !

She proceeds to lick and oil the rest of my body and fucks with her tongue 3 more times.....!! After the massage is over (60 min later) she asks me if we can move to he bed. We start kissing and then she goes down on me again licking my ass and pussy while finger fucking me!!

I a few more times!!

It was a great experience! I have her contact info if anyone is interested meeting her in Vegas! (she gives referral discounts LO!
Story 2- My True Stories of my bi encounters
Posted:Feb 21, 2019 1:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2019 11:06 am

My very first Lesbian encounter with a woman. ..

I used to work for the airlines...and my ex husband and I were going to a Halloween party a swingers club in AZ so we flew there last minute, I was so nervous I started drinking on the plane...I went as a dominatrix, he went as a priest.

We got to the club and I was pretty nervous...so we were sitting there drinking and a beautiful blond walks up dressed as a playboy bunny. She got her drink and was talking to a guy about how her boyfriend chose today of all days to break up with her and said "fuck him so I got the balls to come here alone and here I am"......they chatted for a few more min and then he went away leaving her by herself. I leaned over and said but I said " you like you've been very naughty and you need a spanken! Here please" and I patted my legs ( (OMG I Dont know where i got the guts))............she bent over and laid on my lap and I spanked her a few times.........then she stood up and kissed me, deeply with her tongue. A very deep kiss...she then took both my hand and my husbands and said come with me.

It was still early in the night and she took us back to the voyeur room (you know the room that has like 20 beds and no rooms)- open so everyone could see. Luckily, for me no one was in the room because it was still early. She laid me on the bed and told my husband to stand there and watch us, hell have his turn but for now, I.m all hers..........she laid on me and we started kissing......

I was so lost in what was going on, she felt so good.......my legs were spread and she was laying on me, kissing me, stroking my body, feeling her hand between my wet pussy, I still remember how she smelt, she smelt so pretty and she was so soft and smooth, so different from being with a man! Feeling her boobs on me was incredible! Her sucking on my hard nipple, it was so soft and gentle!

Next thing I knew we were naked and she was going down on me, licking my pussy, I was in heaven!!

At some point my husband jumped in and the 3 of us were having an amazing time, a cock here, a pussy there.......she was sitting on my face while he was fucking me...it was amazing.......UNTIL...

I was in such a place of ecstasy- I was so unaware of my surroundings because my eyes were closed the majority of the time being totally aware of just the sensation and feelings of having 2 people totally worship me and me being the center of attention!

I finally opened my eyes to be shocked and amazed that the room was full, there were about 0 people standing around the bed watching us...others were sitting on the bottom corners of the bed getting blowjobs or going down on their partner.

I have never experienced that kind of attention before.......I was over the top turned on! I finally squirted all over them...the bed was drenched and so was everyone on it!!

I have to admit- it was amazing and I was addicted to women and pussy! *Y*

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My True Stories of my bi encounters
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2019 11:22 am

Ok so a friend and I were talking and he is dazed and amazed with all of my stories of the women I have been with and he is encouraging me to write about it...Its funny because I often come to the blog page wanting to write but never know what to write about.

Well here it goes (Please don't judge the grammar or sentence structure, I type how I talk LOL....

So all the stories I plan on sharing are true and I am changing the names to protect the guilty LOL.....

This first story is about Sandy....she is about 35...married, mother. She is a church goer (2x a week) and her dad is a very well knows politician. She is also a VP of a huge company here in Kansas City, the woman is hot and has status here in KC.

She answered my add a few years ago on Craigslist. She had had only 1 encounter with a woman before and it was in College. She and I have been playing for about 4 yrs.......every 6 mo or so.

She called me and asked me to come and see her new office. She works in one of those corporate office buildings, where your company can rent one office or a entire floor.

I got there and she was on a business call so I sat and waited for her.......very impressive listening her talk about her business. Then I started snooping around her office, walking around.......I walked up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders.....stroking her hair.......slowly putting my hand deeper down her neck line...while she was on the call. She was doing her best to stay focused. I had my hand all the way down her bra, rubbing her nipples between my fingers making them hard as a rock.

She finished up her call said hi...and then said lets to see my new office. It was right next door, she opened the door and closed it and locked it and then pushed me up against the door and started kissing me. it was a brand new office with nothing in it (it had furniture but no paperwork as she hadn't moved in yet). She pushed me up to the desk and I sat on the desk --she was standing between my legs. Both of us had on skirts (same thought great minds think alike- no panties).

She was fingering me while we were kissing and i was fingering her! her pussy was soooo wet~ she laid me down on the empty desk and started licking my pussy!! I came almost instantly!

I cum so easily with women! i think its the taboo concept!

After she ate me, she then wanted me to sit in the desk chair, she straddled my leg and started riding my leg (she does squats and has amazing legs and an incredible ass)! her pussy was so wet on my leg...she rode me until she came all over me!!

There was a leather couch that hadn't been broken in..so we walked over to it and got in the 69 position, me on the top and we ate each other out! I was so excited I almost couldn't control myself riding her face as she licked my wet pussy!

After that...............she walked me over to the window (full windows all the way around floor to ceiling-- corner office). And she had me bend forward boobs pressed against the window and she got below me and licked my pussy all the way up my ass.....until I came on her face!

Ok swear to god................this is a true story!Each time I see her she tells me that she cant see me again, its against her religion and she feels guilty cheating on her husband.............. I am scheduled to meet with her next week!
Will I let this fear get in my way?
Posted:Oct 24, 2018 10:42 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2019 11:04 am
pretty excited - next week I going on a business trip to Phuket Thailand.
very excited but I traveling with business partners. I would love to go venture out experience a "erotic happy ending oil massage" by a hot Thai woman! But fear is getting in my way. To venture out, I to go alone...so a single woman alone going to get a happy ending massage in Thailand.......not sure I will have enough guts to give that one a try! I would also love to try out the beautiful Trannies there! Hey when in Rome! Do what's available! I want one with beautiful boobs and a massive cock............

What do you think? Will I do it? in fear but hell--you only live once!

The downfall of having an affair
Posted:Aug 22, 2018 9:37 am
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2020 8:41 pm

Ok so, I've not been in this situation before.......you know "the other woman" and I haven't really had any feelings about it, no judgement.. It is what it is.......it is OMG the most amazing sex I've ever had and the thing that's so weird about it is he's my best friend and I am his.......

We share everything with each other (all without judgement- things we've never been able to share with our spouses or anyone else)....feelings, emotions, wildest fantasies along with acting them out, my hookups, his hookups. All the naughty details and its hot! It's foreplay for us.

The thing that I am finding is we don't have emotional attachments for each other, I mean we care about each other and have the most amazing connection when it comes to sex, the sex is mind-blowing (Ok I'll quit bragging LO...but here's what I find myself thinking of when were not together...I don't want to date him, I don't want to know what his wife and look like.......but I am curious of the other things........He has a Harley, I would love to go for a ride with him in his environment! He loves to cook, I would love to see him in a kitchen, he used to be a stripper- I would love to see him dance. My hubby and I went on a float trip a few weeks ago and hubby isnt social, guys were whistling at me and offering beads if I took my top off...I politely said "no thank you" because I was there with my husband and that's not his thing, he a bit on the conservative side..and then I started thinking about my "play-toy" and realized if he was there, he would've been egging the guys on about my incredible body and would've loved it if i would've taken my top off, he probably would've helped me take it off offering a awesome show.....he would've loved to have seen me topless all day long!

So its not that i want to date him....I just want to see what he is like outside of the bedroom.........or wait, I would also like see in the bedroom- morning sex.. Oh damn..... MMMMM .............what I wouldn't do for morning sex!

K so open to hearing what others have to say about it......
Does size really matter?
Posted:Jul 6, 2018 11:40 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2018 10:48 am
Ok I hope I dont hurt anyone's feelings for this one.......but I have been in a committed relationship for about 15 yrs and have never been with a different guy while in this relationship, bisexual, I love women and perfectly content with the guys I have I have, so I haven't been looking (now don't get wrong, I HAVE been with other guys in the past).

We have great sex! I mean amazing sex and alot of sex! We have a great toy box and are very creative using toys and even go to swingers clubs. I'd like to think we have a amazing sex life and he has a average size cock (about a 6 inch cock (average size cock is actually 5.1).

Recently, within the last 6 months or so, I have been introduced to large cocks.......I chatted online with a guy that had a 2 handed cock (I would say 9 inches)....OMG I never knew......Keep in mind we only chatted online, I saw videos and watched his technique in stroking it .....WOW- 2 handed!

I started wondering........what is a large cock like? I started having conversations with guys who have large cocks, seeing pictures.....its crazy but its like having big boobs- its hard to find the right bra......they told me its hard to find the right girl with the right pussy!

WHAT? OMG I never would've thought!

Sometimes it doesn't fit, sometimes they can't get it all in (I felt bad for these guys)......girls are scared...its not just something you ram in there! And with anal-- girls say "no fucking way"!

K- Ill admit, it have been OVERLY infatuated with it! My original large cock... Disappeared... Up and vanished.. Broke my heart in more ways than one.. I can't stop thinking about it... fascinated to the point I have been interviewing for a to find the right one! (Still hopeful that my original cock will return, and I can take him for a test drive).

I found one and .........HOLY FUCK........wow! It fits like a glove! A 9 inch glove! OMG a expensive glove! Like a Ferrari in my pussy ...Perfect fit, holy crap I never knew what I've been missing! All the way in until it won't go any further! I never knew how far in a cock could go! Damnnnn!

I will say; the one I found and can't stop playing with.....he knows how to use it! I have also heard, that it's a skill and there are alot of guys out there that don't know how to use it, how to prepare a woman for it......how to use the entire thing....how to help her prepare for it...its not just something you shove up there, the preparation is part of the joy of having a large cock ( getting hot thinking about it)....

Guys you need to know know.......If you have a large cock.....learn to use it! Its like art!

How do I go back? I use it as fantasy, I use toys in addition......yes I can have the best of both worlds but I tell you.........I don't see how I can ever give it up!

Ok so now.......I need to go LOL
my next brain dump- being stood up
Posted:Jun 25, 2018 9:31 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2018 10:49 am
What is the point of being on a dating/ sex site if your going to stand someone up? I don't get the concept...is it anger? I hear it over and over (from guys and women).......so what's the point? Are you mad? why take it out on the poor unsuspecting peeps on the site?
Its hurtful............Thought it was going well, its not like we're asking to date (or maybe they are- and hopefully they are being honest), I for one know I am totally transparent in what I am looking for.....I'm sure were wanting the same thing......you expressed that you were wanting what I was......is it fear? This is the place to be totally transparent without judgment (if they are judging you, the conversation probably stops?) ..........put it all out there and then worry about it after you meet! That's where the blushing and the wow so here we are happens..... I get that I and others can be intimidating but.... really? Why go there in the first place? If you didn't think you had a chance then why message and waste everyone's time.........

I for one am an open book, I'll tell it like it is and put what I want out there (sorry- I'm blunt and too the point with no filter--wait, NO!! I am not sorry)....Is that too much? I also respond to messages right away and was told not too--it looks desperate.....Ok that's a game this almost 50 yr old doesn't want to play! .......... (fyi- my memory is bad and if I wait, I'll probably not respond because I will have forgotten LO.

It may or may not be about me, but I just don't get it.......why pursue if you have no intentions?
My first blog post
Posted:Jun 22, 2018 6:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2018 8:42 am
Not quite sure the purpose of this section... Who reads it?? What's the purpose....So I went around and snooped on other people's blogs... Kind of sounds like it's just random brain dumping.. I could use some brain dumping.. A lot of crap going on in my mind.. Which if I keep the blog post.. You'll get to know me pretty well LOL... lots of questions about sex.. About men.. About large cocks.. About women.. about white people stand people up.... So I guess in the days to come.. You're going to get to know me well LOL

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