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My Wife Wanted a 3 Some With a Younger Man  

BiMale4MorForCpl 70M
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9/25/2015 5:05 pm
My Wife Wanted a 3 Some With a Younger Man

My Wife Wanted a Younger Guy Now!

If you haven’t read the previous stories how my wife introduced me to cock by wanting a MMF 3some! I thought it would have been fun to have another guy join us in bed, and expected to have a MFM but it turned out to be a MMF as little did I know, my wife had a hidden thought for me to suck a guy’s cock! Twice! Well, few more times than that. She and I had met 2 guys she had chatted with and asked to meet us for coffee before inviting them back to the house to join us, or rather fuck her. That’s when she made me, ordered me to suck their cocks. I’ve always been straight, never had the thought of it, other than watching porn and seeing it. Now I understand why she loves to watch with me gay porn and male bisexual porn.

She, Karen, and I have met with two guys, Bryan and Jason, several times over the past 6 months or so. And each time I was asked by her, rather ordered by her, if I wanted another man to join us in bed, I would have to suck their cocks, each and every time. So I did. It turned me on seeing her with another man, but maybe two of the bigger reasons were, I wanted to spice up our sex life, and I want her to be pleased. As it turns out, she enjoys the attention of these guys, and gets really turned on watching me suck their cock, but more than that, she enjoys seeing me enjoy their cocks.

Meeting with these guys has given my wife a sexual sense of being wanted by another man. I was surprised and even shocked when she asked me one evening that she wanted to try a younger guy.

Of course I asked her why a younger guy, an older guy is more our age, has maturity, may be a more sensitive lover. She agreed but said the main reason, I want a young stud! That was it. She continued, I just want a young hard body, smooth, with a rock hard cock. I replied “That’s it?” No, I want everything, I want to feel a young guy get excited and lose control, I want a young hot mouth all over my body. That’s it. That’s all of it. I told her to go ahead. Go for it.

We discussed more of it. She was hesitant a younger guy would not want her because of her age, and her weight and with a few rolls showing when naked. I told her to go for it, chat with a few guys, tell them your height and weight, and let them figure it out for themselves. So she did. And she was shocked, it was not that a young guy desired her, but several younger guys were interested. She was getting hit on by guys in their 30s, late 20s, and early 20s! She asked me for advice, how young is too young? I told her certainly late 30s is not too young, even early 30s, maybe even late 20s but I would not go earlier than that. There is a maturity difference with the 20s and 30s than the 40s and 50s. Chat with the guy, go as young as you want, ask for pics, ask for body pics I told her, naked body pics of them if you want. They will supply it to you and won’t question it because you are in control. If they don’t want to send you pics, chest, ass, and cock pics, then forget them. You have something they want so you demand what you want. You are in control. At first her response was like “Really?”, then she thought it was worth the attempt and surprise, it worked. She started getting naked body pics of these young guys and like a giddy school girl, showing them to me. She loved all of them, well, all of the body pics but not all the face pics. I was now thinking that this was the right move for her, and enjoying the hunt also, though I am only somewhat of a bystander.

We felt comfortable meeting this young stud again at our favorite “spot”, a local coffee café. Karen looked great, her hair was in a pony tail, a pair of jeans on, she spent a lot of time prepping, more than usual. It was summer and when he walked in, Karen stood up so he knew who we were. He was dressed in jeans and a tight t shirt. We knew a number of things about him. He was 29, had a girlfriend, and never been with an older woman before but always fantasized about it. He was looking for a woman at least in her 40s and preferably in her 50s or 60s. So this worked out well. We chatted, went over some of the things Karen had chatted with him about, but also where he grew up, what he does for a living, how long he’s been with his girlfriend, and why did he want more sex than what his girlfriend is providing him. He said he had a high sex drive and loved sex. His girlfriend lived with him, was a waitress, and came home tired most nights. He was left jerking off, and some nights when she wanted it, he had already relieved himself and was not up to having sex so it was very sporadic and on her night off, many times she fell asleep early. So he said he was looking elsewhere. I asked him if he was ever with a guy and he said he had been a few times and he had also been with a couple in their late 30s who’s husband was Bi. He said he loved women but enjoyed a guy and saw that the couple’s wife really got off on seeing her husband sucking my cock and getting his sucked. He said it made her incredibly horny and they had a great time with her. She didn’t want to cum and just kept stopping and having us do something with each other then stopping us again and moved on to enjoying each of us.

Karen said she was happy and asked me if I had any questions, I said No, I’m alright with Doug. She said OK, then let’s all go back to our house, OK with everyone? Doug and I said Sure, let’s go.

This time Karen rode with me and asked Doug to follow. Since he knew the area, was local, and knew our street, him and Karen seemed comfortable with him following us.

In the car Karen just gave me the ground rules, don’t interrupt, let Doug do what he wants, let him just fuck me for as long as he wants, and anytime he or I want you to suck his cock, do it. I said fine with me, I am real happy watching you. She said Great. She concluded that she may not ask me to suck his cock this time, she didn’t know.

We got back to the house, walked in the door, and Karen turned to Doug and they both embraced. He was all over her, so was she. Hands all over each other, feeling, tongues engulfed, they were both like hungry animals. I’ve never seen her like this. Was Doug that much of a turn on to her or was it he was a younger guy, or was she exceptionally horny? Karen pulled away and reached down and hurriedly opened his pants, dropping them, but with no underpants, no shorts! Out stood his cock, long, 8", hard, sticking straight out. Karen laughed saying “this is beautiful, come with me my pet, You are coming with me now.” She grabbed his cock and lead him into the bedroom by his tool, not dropping it, not letting it go. I followed behind, undoing my shirt along the way and taking it off.

She pushed him down on the bed on his back, and immediately went down on his cock and started sucking it, saying “Oh my, this is so good, this tastes so good”. She got off the bed, and took off her blouse, dropped her dress and panties, I was shocked. She had this beautiful red bra and something on, I never saw it before, it went down the front of her, with red black panties. And her pussy was trimmed! When did she do this? I finished undressing, and started nursing my hard cock. Doug was stroking his cock as he stared at her undressing. She said to him as she showed him her naked body, “You like”. “Oh yes” he replied, “Very much so”. She climbed back on him and continued to suck, moving his legs apart, putting her mouth to his balls, lifting them up and sucking them. Never has she done this to me! Licking the inside of his legs, his balls, and now her tongue going up and down his cock shaft before engulfing it and taking it all in, her lips against his groin, and he was moaning, “go for it Gal, go for it, take it all in, take my big fucking cock all the way in, do it, it feels so good”. He grabbed her head and held it there as he bucked his hips up pushing his cock in her mouth, then he pushed her off and she went to her knees, he moved down and slapped her ass with his hand. Surprising her, surprising me, when she responded in an affirmative way. He grabbed her hips and moved them around, slapped her again, put his thumb in her cunt from the rear as she was on the bed on her knees. He started fucking her with his thumb, saying “Nice, you are so fucking wet. That’s what I want from an older horny woman, so fucking wet”. “Do you taste good?“ She didn’t answer, he asked again “Do you taste good?” He slapped her ass again but a little harder, “Answer me!”, slapping her ass again and even harder. “Do you taste good” again asking. “Yes” she responded, “Yes”. With Doug asking “How good?” slapping her again and firmly this time, keeping his hand on her ass. “Very good”. Doug sternly followed with “Sir, Very Good Sir” with a hard slap on the ass. “Now, How was it? My wife then replied “Sir, Very Good Sir”. Good girl and rubbing her butt gently and brushing her pussy with his fingers moving his fingers around her clit and rubbing it. She responded immediately, moving her ass around and lightly and slightly moaning. He moved behind her, sitting back on his ankles, grabbing her ass on the sides, and moving her backwards, saying to her, “I want you to move back and sit on my cock. I want you to make me feel good Bitch. I want you to sit all the way back on it. I want to feel my long hard cock in your wet cunt, and I want you to really feel it.” “What do you say Bitch?” My wife responded with “Sir, Yes Sir”. Doug keeping with the same, “How good are you going to make me feel Bitch?”. “Good Sir, Very good Sir.”

My wife followed his directions and sat on his dick, moving back and forth, both of them moaning, and enjoying it, then with every upward thrust of his hips into my wife she left out an enjoyable groan. I knew she felt all of his cock, she moved up until it was almost all the way out and then slowly went down on it again, over and over again, then she got faster and faster, pounder harder and harder down, louder and louder she became, finally giving out a scream, “Of fuck, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, fuck, Fuck this was good, Fuck you were good!”

With Doug asking me if I want a piece of this, I said “Sure”. Doug then orderd my wife “Get off my dick and turn around and kneel over me with your ass up in the air.” She did and I went over and pushed my dick in her cunt and started fucking her. She was so fucking wet, I never felt her so wet before, and it was all her juices. She started to moan, it seemed she was getting excited again, so soon. I’ve never seen her want it this bad before. I fuck her, I cum, she cums, then that it’s, she’s done. And now, she wants more, more of me? More of Doug probably!

Doug grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled her to him and kissed her. He then said I want you to taste your juices on my cock. He then position his cock at her lips and she started sucking him, but only for a moment as he then told me to wait, and keep my cock inside her, “I want you sit on my cock” “What Sir?” “I want you to sit on my cock. I want two cocks inside you, go slow, don’t let your husband’s cock fall out”. He moved on the bed as she moved over and lowered herself and sat on his dick with my cock in her. I then started slowly moving my cock in and out of her as she lifted up and down on his cock with Doug matching her hip movements, sometimes she would lie on his cock and just do circular grinds with her hips, with me being careful not to have my cock slip out. “Oh Man, does this feel good” she said. “Oh my, I feel so filled”.

He then told her to lift up off and told her he was horny to get his cock sucked again. She moved up as Doug slid forward on the bed. I grabbed her hips and kept fucking her as she started sucking his cock. “Lick my balls” “Lick my shaft” he told her. I thought he was going to cum then and there as he wrapped his hand around her hair and grabbed her head pulling her down close to him, lifting his hips, pounding his cock in and out of her mouth, almost hearing her gag at times. And me, I had to pull out, I was so excited seeing this I did not want to cum though I would have by now had it been only my wife and I. Doug was making my wife his own slut, doing whatever he wanted with her. Then stopping and pulling her up and kissing her

I was surprised how long he lasted then even more surprised when Doug said to her “I’m going to fuck you in the ass” Do you like being fucked in the ass, “Sir, No Sir.” Smack, that is the wrong answer, with Doug replying “Sir, I love it” is the right answer”.

He moved out from under her and kept her on her knees, tying her wrists to the bed posts using velcro straps covered, then making sure she was kept in a kneeling position he put more straps behind and around her knees and again tying them to the front bed posts.

I stood there, seeing this guy make my wife submissive to him, and keeping in mind what she told me, to stay out of it and let him do anything he wanted. But I had to say something, I was not sure if she wanted to be in this position, and tied, and ready to be fucked in the ass as she never let me, so I spoke up with, “Honey”, her reply was! “Shut Up! Leave me alone”.

He reached down to his bag on the floor and put on a condom, he knew what he was going to do and brought out a silicon spray mist specifically for anal (I read the container when he handed it back to me!)

He puts his lubed cock in her ass hole, my wife’s ass hole! And starts to enter slowly, very slowly, she says I’ve never had it before, he was kind, he says I know, I can tell, you are very tight, so very tight and it feels really good., Thanks she replies. He then enters her completely, slowly, she gasps, and surprises me with it feels good, thanks,, very relaxing, he then asks me for some more lube and sprays some more on in the meantime going slowly. In the meantime, my wife has reached down and is playing with her pussy, fingering her clit, and now getting more and more excited, I can see her hand moving, here her breathing and sounds. He says he’s getting excited, she says No, keep fucking me, I’m almost there. He pulls out and signals me to put my cock in her. I quickly respond and start pounding her cunt, I am there. I am so horny watching, this made me so horny, I have to immediately explode inside her, shooting my cum, blasting my cum, I was so horny watching and stroking my cock, as she is now screaming she is cuming, without letting her come down, I pull out and Doug puts his cock inside her, cum dripping out of her now from me, and she is still high on her orgasm, pounding her also, with her screaming, I’ve never seen her like this before, I’ve never seen her have<b> multiple orgasms </font></b>before, his hips thrusting and now he’s being very vocal as he’s cuming, seems like with every thrust he’s shooting another load into her, with her screaming go for it, shoot, go ahead, shoot, shoot all of it, I can feel it, it feels so good squirting. Doug pulls out, undos the remaining straps on her as she collapses on the bed and he collapsing on and next to her, with his mouth on the back of her neck. Shortly after, he moves off of her as she turns to him and kisses him, very deeply, thanks, now moving her hand to his balls and cock slowly touching them, enjoying them, bringing her finger from his cock to his lips for him to taste it, then reaching down to her dripping pussy and saying to him, have some more, with Doug sucking on her finger for a minute.

After this, this was so good for her, I know she will want to meet with Doug again. But will this spoil her for an older man? Secrets! I will let you know.

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9/26/2015 8:45 am

my fwb too wants a young cub...and I want to watch! thanks...your story now makes me want it even more! Wow!

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9/25/2015 5:15 pm

thanks for sharing!

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