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Burnt Eggs and Ham: The Sequel  

BiOralLove 18M
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6/1/2021 10:28 am
Burnt Eggs and Ham: The Sequel

Soon after David and Michael enjoyed themselves, was time resume my life. My GF and I had some Sex during the week and then David invited us over for a Party. Sensing more of the Erotic behavior we gave our RSVP and set out get Deb some Sexy new outfit. We settled on a Short Lil Black Dress, Stiletto Heels with Laces up above her ankles, and some Bling Jewelry to enhance the . The day of the party she asked if she should don an exotic Thong or go commando. I told her was her choice, but she would probably lose the thong at some point.

We got dressed and headed over his house, rang the doorbell and were greeted by a Young Lady in a French Maids outfit. We entered and noticed a mixed group of Men and Women enjoying the music, conversation, and atmosphere. Bellying up the bar Deb asked for a glass of wine and I beer. David Greeted us and introduced us his friends. Casual chit chat consumed us and we found ourselves separated and carrying on with others. I spied Deb off in the corner surrounded by 3 Gentlemen. 1 pressed in next her with his arm around her shoulder. Soon she was positioned in front of him and his hands wrapped around her waist. The other 2 soon took up position on her sides, Her hands dropped down and began to rub their upper thighs. They in turn ran their hands up her taught belly and soon fondled her braless breasts. She leaned back into guy behind her and found her fingers stroking the bulges growing in their pants.

I became aware of the presence of a woman next to me and looked her way. She was Gorgeous by my standards. Short fiery red hair, bright green eyes, pouty lips, and a physical presence of fitness. She introduced herself as Kathleen and we chatted. She found me attractive and said she wasn't interested much in Black men. We chatted some more and then she suggested a move to the back porch for a little less noise. I gave one last glance at Deb, at this time was fully engaged in a groping session with her 3 Studs. We made it out the porch, toasted to the party and soon became very close. She was leaning against the railing when she reached over and pulled me in front of her, Wrapped her arms around my waist, looked deep in my eyes and planted those pouty lips against mine. I lifted her up and sat her on the railing, her legs wrapped around me and we swapped tongues. My hands roamed her body and quickly moved to her Breasts. I bent my head down and took the let one in my mouth thru the material of her blouse. She just grabbed my head and pushed down running her hands thru my hair. As I lifted my head she slipped off the railing and reached down my belt. Soon was unlatched, button of my pants undone and the zipper pulled. Like a demon possessed she grabbed my cock and began to devour .

I looked around catch a glimpse of Deb see her being Ravaged by her 3 studs. Her breasts had been exposed, dress pulled up and 1 with his cock in her mouth, 1 in her hand, and the other pounding her from behind. As their action continued she was lifted up, legs thrown over the shoulders of the guy in front and sandwiched between them. As she held on tight they proceeded DP her and slammed into her ass and pussy. A couple other guys joined in the fracas and each took turns using every hole they could get into. I looked around the room and noticed others had taken up and turn into an Orgy.

Meanwhile, Kathleen, being quite aroused herself stood up and I quickly dropped down her pants. They were a tight fit and with a little extra pressure slid right off her amazing Ass. I slid them down to her ankles and grabbed those marvelous buns, kissing and nibbling as I went. I slid up her body pressing close and reached around to her breasts. My engorged member finding its' way between her cheeks. I could feel the wet friction of her pussy against my cock as she swayed to and fro. Her tiny hand reached down and guided me into her pussy. So warm and wet I couldn't resist just letting it sit for a bit. She started with slow gyrations and movements that drove me crazy. I grabbed her hips and started my own slow pumping action. In N Out, In N Out. The head popped out and slid back in with ease. I kept up this rhythm for several thrusts when she began quicken the pace. She tensed up with moans, raked her nails against my thighs, Shivered, and exploded in her first Orgasm. The juices not dripped down both our legs but splashed upon the floor. The sloppy sound of being pounded from behind reverberated in our ears. >>! As I continued the pounding, she gripped the railing and screamed out , Oh Yes.... Me!... Me Harder! I slammed that Pussy for all I was worth. We took a second to let her turn around and get back on the railing, grab my cock and pull me in with her legs around my waist. I grabbed her waist and resumed slammin her gettin deeper with each thrust. She began to gasp again, tighten up, quiver and gush yet another orgasm. Sensing my own approaching, I throbbed, Pulsed, and just as I unleashed my load I jammed that cock as far as I could into her. In between pulses I pulled back and jammed it in again. Several thrusts later I was spent. It was all I could do to continue standing . Her legs dropped down put her feet on the ground. She dropped down her knees and began clean up the juices we had just mixed together. When she was finished she stood up and shared the elixir with me. Tongues twirling together and tasting the rewards of our passion.

We reaffixed our clothes and went back inside. Strolling around we stumbled upon Deb, at this time, was in a full on Gangbang. Several more guys and some women had gotten into the scene. At one point, with one woman eating her pussy, One sitting on her face while being fucked from behind, the guy released his huge load partly in the pussy Deb was licking and into her face. ...\8 As he finished another guy jumped in and stirred up those juices to a creamy delite and did the . 4 or 5 guys, I lost count, did the . Deb was drenched in Cum. The woman eating her pussy was replaced by yet another guy and he drove his Massive black cock \8b into her. Her scream was muffled by the pussy on her face. He grabbed her ankles and thrust that monster with each stroke deep into her. She finally couldn't take any more and convulsed in her own orgasm.

I wasn't about to interfere with Deb's mazing adventure so I suggested to Kathleen we proceed back to my place for the rest of the night. We collapsed and embraced with a long powerful kiss and nodded off to sleep.

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