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BiOralLove 18M
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4/15/2021 10:02 am

Well there I was lyin in bed thinkin about my from Hot Hot Night. She's always a good one to rub one out over. That lil Jewish gal was so amazing in her search for Life Experiences after her Divorce. I often put her into Imaginary situations and can see her vividly and enthusiastically performing. I've had success with others in this same type of setting, But Alison is the Cream of the crop.
One such Fantasy involves her time as a fitness instructor at the local Gym. She came home 1 day and told me her Boss was getting quite touchy feely with her. He became so bold that at 1 point she was helping a customer at the front desk and he came up behind her, pressed in close as if to look over her work and touched her ass. He left it there resting on her butt cheek. This is where my Imagination begins to run wild.
I was not the least bit disturbed or jealous of her being touched by other men. At 1 point I even encouraged her to follow thru with their advances. As he stands next to her with his hand in place, he begins to squeeze and rub discreetly. She twitches and shifts her weight a bit each time. Sensing he is not going to get resistance from her, he lets his fingers slide diligently between her thighs and over her pussy. It's all she can do to keep focused on the customer. He can begin to feel the warmth and wetness building up. She's continually shifting and starting to shake. Her face becomes flushed with the onset of a possible orgasm.
Her boss finally suggests that they take this to his office where they can finish up the paperwork with the customer. Gathering herself, her boss leads them down a hallway to a secluded office. Once all parties are inside, he closes the door and takes his seat behind the desk. There is 1 other chair in the room and the customer gets that. Her boss motions her to join him behind the desk and as she rounds the corner, he takes ahold of her hand and pulls her into his lap. Surprised at such a bold move she stammers out...is this ok with the customer?...Her boss Says 'Why of course it is'. This is a good friend of mine that wanted to meet you. She looked over at the gentleman as her Boss began to play. He reached around her and took ahold of her pert little tits and squeeze her nipples.
Taking in what was happening, his friend stood up and took position in front of Alison. Seeing what was rising in front of her she reached out and gently grabbed ahold of it. She was quite pleased with his endowment she couldn't wait to get to it. With expert hands and fingers she had that cock exposed and between her lips in a flash. Her Boss's hands were busy roaming over her body and came to rest between her thighs. She fervently worked that cock to the best of her ability and had him rockin and swayin in no time. He reached up and grabbed her hair taking further charge of the BJ. Her hands grabbed onto his butt cheeks and, in unison, Fucked her face. Her pussy Hot and Wet, Face full of Cock and Balls, Her clothes started to come off. Sports Bra Pushed up exposing her breasts and her shorts almost to the ground exposing her Pussy was more than they could take.
Paperwork and pens, notebooks and other such office material were swept off the desk and replaced with Alison. They couldn't believe their luck in finding this little Smorgasbord of Jewish Delight. Without hesitation they jumped in. The customer immediately dove for that Sweet sweet pussy and her Boss offered his cock to her waiting mouth. Alison wrapped her legs around his head and her hands and lips around his cock. She couldn't hold back any longer and trembled thru her first orgasm. Swapping positions she once again had the friends cock in her mouth as her Boss began to suck and lick what I can describe as some of the Sweetest Pussy I have eaten. At this point being as wet as ever, the Boss stood up and guided his throbbing flesh to her opening. She was fully engaged with a cock being thrust into her throat that it came as a surprise when his Cock split her Pussy apart. She gasped as thee long shaft penetrated her. Her legs shot up into the air and found themselves wrapped around his body to try to hold him steady. He grabbed her ankles, spread em wide, and drove his cock to the hilt. The force of that drive pushed his friends cock out of her mouth and she desperately retrieved it. They were Thrusting, Ramming, and using her like the cum slut she was.
As if on que her Boss withdrew and took a seat. His friend pulled away as Alison went over to take up a seat in her Boss's lap. As she began to sit down he aimed his cock at her Ass Hole. She tensed up and resisted at first. The pressure was too great from her Boss's advancement. His cock found its' way and began to penetrate her. He thrust up and that cock just drove right in. She gasped and shuddered. He was fucking her in the ass which she hadn't tried before. She sat there for a moment taking in the feeling. Then she began a slow methodical approach to this new sensation. just as she was starting to get used to it, his friend placed himself in front of her, grabbed hold of her knees, raised them up, and directed his cock with a firm thrust into her pussy. She had never been DP'd but she found something she liked. She couldn't get enough of it and allowed them to rock her back and forth for full effect. She began to squirt and exploded in a Deep Orgasm. The 2 men continued their assault on her. She was delighted and was giving all she could.
Just as she was about to go for another Orgasm she felt his friend tense up, cock bulging more than it had all session long, Throbbing and Thrusting ever faster and deeper, He explode and dumped his massive load inside her. It wasn't possible for her to contain a load that size. His seed began to ooze out from around his shaft. She held on tight and began her 3rd cumming. Her Boss continued to thrust and enjoy the tightness of her ass. Deeper and deeper he drove. His pace quickened, his body tensed, and his rhythm became erratic. He pulled her tight to him and with 1 last glorious thrust, exploded in her ass. She grasped onto whatever she could and got to her 4th cumming. Her Juice sprayed out like a burst water pipe. She lost all control and soaked the chair and floor below her.
Collapsing in a heap they each rested a bit and gathered their wits about them. The office was in complete disarray. The smell of fresh Orgasm filled the air. With trembling bodies they helped each other sort out clothes and get dressed. Before his friend could get his zipper up Alison Grabbed his cock one last time and proceed to clean up his shaft, head, and balls in appreciation for the fine fucking she just received. All 3 of them knew that this was not the last time this was gonna take place and looked forward to their next session...

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