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First Time  

BiOralLove 18M
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3/30/2021 10:48 am
First Time

As I think back through the years are several encounters that really stand out in my mind. This is the first of those encounters.
was a Spring evening and I was on my way home from the bar. Not drunk enough affect my driving skills, but just enough stir my excitement. As I drove along I noticed a slender lady in a flowery dress hitchhiking. I pulled the side and asked her where she was headed. Imagine my surprise when she in turn asked me if I was looking for a date. ??? I was tongue tied looking at this little hottie and damn near slipped my foot off the brake. I finally realized she was hooking and I wasn't buying. We parted ways and I still had a hardon.
Down the road a piece I passed an adult book store and thought I'd dropin and pick up a video. The store was void of any other customers. Got some change and took a seat in a video booth to see what was hot. As the videos played the door opened and in walked a Black guy wearing a White Fedora. He casually strolled over to my booth and looked in. He made no move to look about the store, he just stood watching the video with his waist in line with my face. It seemed he kept pressing closer and closer me. I looked up at him, then down his crotch, and found my hand touch his thigh. He took ahold of the situation and placed my hand on his crotch. OMG! It felt Great.
I proceeded to release his manhood and stare at that Black cock.=8b I took hold and brought my lips to it. My tongue darted out and I got my first taste. It seemed natural open up and begin slide that Chocolate stick in. \8bI began move back and forth as put his hands upon my head. was soon evident him I needed no coaxing. All I could think about was Sucking that Cock\8b. At this point in time he had no choice as what happened next. I reached around his sides, Took ahold on his ass cheeks, and proceeded to make him my Face. I began slowly sliding in and out, in and out, and then ramming as far in as I could. I held the back of my throat and then back the head. Then with rapid movement I fucked my face with his cock some more. Ramming it again the back of my throat i managed get more of him in.
Finally I got the point where his balls slapped against my chin and his pubic hair tickled my nose. I held him deep and was able get my tongue out to lick his balls. his moans were quite evident he Loved what was happening.
Just then I began to feel him tighten up and start to throb. I pulled back and licked some more. Then I rammed that Beautiful cock back into my throat. He pushed forward. I held it for a few seconds and backed off. Slamming home again and again made him quake. I finally<b> slammed </font></b>him back down my throat and waited for the Eruption. I could feel the pulsing and throbbing as his load rose from the depths and began fill my mouth. He grunted continuously as I took every drop he could release....\8
At this moment I couldn't resist playing and sucking on the head. His knees became weak and he started to stammer and chuckle trying to remove my mouth from his cock. I released him, all shiny and wet from my saliva. Then I swallowed that load with two gulps. He quickly got himself back together, Thankd me, and disappeared.

I never did buy that video...LOL

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