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On a Gay Night  

BiOralLove 18M
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5/24/2021 8:38 am
On a Gay Night

It was a lonely night, a few drinks and a hardon to boot. I felt the urge to check out my favorite Theater and perhaps get a much deserved BJ. Then the unexpected happened.

The theater was not very crowded but the movies were quite arousing. The first featured Straight sex, The second was Bi-sexual, and the third was Gay. I took up a standing position with an advantage to watch both the Straight and Bi movies at the same time. I was leaning on my left side against the wall when I was joined by someone behind me. Soon another took a spot in front of me. Others came and went. I stood there massaging myself through my shorts when I suddenly felt another hand touch my thigh.

Not to seem too alarmed I made no attempt to remove that hand. He soon found his way up to my bulge and proceeded to replace my hand. The goose bumps and pressure began to rise. Then I realized his was not the only hand getting busy. The guy behind me had moved closer until I caught myself leaning back against him to revel in the attention on my cock. As I began to feel lips on my neck, I became aware that my shorts were being loosened and pressure released. Fingers were tugging at my cock to fully remove my cock and balls from their confines. The kissing soon turned to sucking and nibbling on my neck, shoulders, and ear lobes.

Fingers were soon replaced by lips, tongue, and then engulfed by a mouth. I started to melt. Suddenly the buttons were ripped from my shirt exposing my chest, pulled off my shoulders and used to confine my arms. o-o My shorts slid down to the floor and I was exposed for the night. The guy behind me began to press even more while starting a slow grind into my ass cheeks. I did the only thing I could and reached for his bulge. He felt magnificent in my hands. Soon a third guy appeared and began to twist and squeeze my nipples. He bent down and proceeded to nibble on my nips. All these sensations sent my mind into overdrive.

I was able to release the monster behind me and felt it rise to glory. My cock was on fire, nipples rock hard, a handful of cock, and<b> kisses </font></b>licks and nibbles around my neck. Who could ask for more???? The answer came quickly. A fourth knelt down in front of me and started to share in the delight of my throbbing member. Soon I understood that I was in the midst of my very first gangbang. Being manipulated and ravaged by the attentions of 4 men seemed...well....exhilarating! I didn't want it to stop....so I went all in for the ride.

I don't recall when it happened, but all the guys cocks were on display, everyone standing, and I felt the pressure on my shoulders inviting me to my knees. I took the cue and my lips opened up and engulfed a member. My hands were being held behind me by my shirt, my head directed to feed on each of those cocks, and the saliva dripping from my lips down my chest and over my balls. One cock after the other were thrust in front of me and I did what I could to please each one of them. I felt 2 pairs of hands reach down to my hips and lift me up. I was not allowed to stand upright so I continued to suck cock.

The feeling of a slick substance began to be applied between my cheeks, around my hole, and the immediate area. A finger found that hole and it's way into my ass easily. I was being prepared for total insertion. First one finger sliding in and out as I stated to open up. A 2nd finger joined the first and began to twist and twirl around opening me up further. A 2nd hand joined the first and I had 3 fingers inside me soon joined with a 4th finger. My ass was being spread. Then it happened.

The fingers were removed and that magnificent cock behind me probe the opening. Resistance was futile. That monster found it's way into the opening and was thrust deep >>! inside me with a solid grunt from the owner. I nearly bit the cock I had in my mouth. I was on fire and being Spit Roasted. The feeling was amazing. Cocks being swapped in and out of my mouth and a monster splitting my Ass apart. What a slut I had become....I couldn't get enough.

Soon the monster in my ass was replaced by another, and then another. I was being used and abused by each of those guys. All eager to get to their turn behind me. My diligence to sucking cock finally paid off as the first of the 4 began to tremble, grab the back of my head, thrust his cock down my throat and explode. He kept the hold on my head until he was spent. Pulling away with 1 last throb he left a bit on my face. Quickly another jumped in and I sucked that cock all the while being pounded from behind. Suddenly I felt the cock in my ass harden and pulse. The pounding intensify. And then the volley of cum being injected. He withdrew only to have it replaced by another. Taking up where the other left off He took up pounding my ass fast and deep until he grabbed my hips, thrust savagely once, then twice, and then the third time spilling his load. He withdrew with a trial of his cum dripping out and down my balls.

At some point in the rotation I found myself face to face with the monster that first entered me. What a beautiful sight it was. Large and thick and oh so delicious. I found myself begging for him to be in my mouth. My hands were released and I grabbed that cock and proceeded to worship that cock with Licks, Kisses, Massaging, and sucking. I fit what I could and then some til I gagged. A true mouthful and a good pounding from behind was all I needed. The 3rd explosion in my ass was a signal that I was free to enjoy the glory in front of me to the end. I couldn't get enough of him in my mouth....But He Could. He pulled away, turned me around, and split me open again. This time he wasted no time in driving deep into my ass. >>!Thrusting and pile driving me into oblivion. His thrusts were amazing as he filled me with his cock. He changed his rhythm several times for his pleasure. Then he withdrew, spun me around again, and showered my face with a huge load. ...\8 it got in my hair, my eyes, on my cheeks, lips and into my mouth. I didn't think anyone could cum that much.

Just as I thought I was finished, someone dropped to their knees and finished me off with my own glorious orgasm. It was all I could do to find a chair and rest before putting my clothes back on and finding my way back to my car.....

danieloliv15 19M
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5/24/2021 12:21 pm

i love it!

12676 posts
5/24/2021 11:25 am

ripped shirts, monsters, anonymous fingers, volleys of cum . . .what's not to like about this story

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

BiOralLove replies on 5/24/2021 12:02 pm:
The only thing to not like is the wait for it to happen again.....I just couldn't get enough and it ended way too soon.....

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