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Stop N Drop  

BiOralLove 18M
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4/13/2021 8:32 am
Stop N Drop

It was in my younger years in Tucson Az where much of anyone's time was spent in the Night Clubs trying to get laid. As groups of friends would gather and get on the Dance floor and Boogie It was one such night that my best friend introduced me to this gal. She was 5'5" about 1, and everything was matched fabulously. Nice smile, soft eyes, Firm tits, and a great lookin Ass....
We hit it off almost immediately and danced the night away. We chatted about each other and learned what we could. The bars were closing and we headed out to breakfast. She looked at me and said she wasn't really hungry and perhaps we should go back to my place. Yup....That's just where we headed. She looked in my direction while I was driving and placed her hand on my high. WOW...the feeling was making my jeans tight as he let her fingers do some exploring. It didn't take long to be back at my apartment and up the stairs. The door unlocked and opened we stepped in. Before I could close it she Stopped N Dropped and grabbed my zipper. Soon my pants were down around my ankles.
She deftly began to consume my cock with supreme skill. Licking, Sucking, Swirling her tongue, and swallowing to my balls she performed like a champ. I think even one of my neighbors walked by without my knowing. The sensation was just too good to notice. I grabbed a handful of her hair and we both took up a rhythm while I fucked her face. She took me all the way to my balls and massaged them with her tongue...Such Talent.
I decided it was her turn for some pleasure. I reached around and closed the door, picked her up, and set her on the couch. I started with her blouse and exposed those firm Natural tits topped with Tight N Tiny Nipples and set out devouring them. I worked my way down to her jeans and got them loose. They slid off easily a I dove into and began grabbing her panties with my teeth. She lifted up and the came right off. Her scent was Diabolical. Musky yet sweet. the kind of scent that let's you know it's clean and ready for consumption. Without hesitation I dove in. My face soon became covered with her juice. She began to quiver, then shake, and then BAM! It hit her like a tidal wave. Legs a shakin, eye a rollin, thighs a squeezin, and then her Pussy a squirtin.....Damn near drowned me but I swallowed everything I could.
We jumped up and it was off to the bedroom where we just Fucked, N Fucked, N Fucked some more tossing N Turnin into different positions. Needless to say we both came more than once.

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