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In all shapes and colors  

BiSussi 61F
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9/26/2021 2:10 pm

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9/28/2021 4:12 pm

In all shapes and colors

A Saturday can be a wonderful thing, starting out with endorphin production in bed at sunrise, taking time at breakfast and go for a relax walk at the<b> beach. </font></b>Watching USC and the surf contest, is on the menu, young well trained athletes are eye candy for any female who feels deep down the natural need of procreation. A day off work, a day with boyfriends and friends, just having a harmonies day, love to be shared between all and no pain at all, just joy.

It should all come different, a crazy man with a gun, gets close to the spectators of the surf contest, living the HB no choice than to shoot at him. Thank God, no one beside the aggressor was hurt, thanks to the police. Guns are so valuable to our freedom, but in the wrong hands of the wrong guys, regardless of their color or shape, it can not only ruin your day, but also end it. Just thinking what he could have done, what he may had planned, shoots down a chill my spine.

USC loses against the Beavers was not only painful, watching the Beavers bite the balls of the USC team created a depressing effect in the house, except for our visitors from up north. To my surprise, the guys from up north could care less about what happened on the beach, could care less about how we females felt about the incident at the pier. They were delighted about the win of the Beavers and were ready to party, empty beer after beer and hoped to get one or the other female of us into having sex with them.

How can men, who appear sweet, kind and considerate only get so self-centered, cold, inconsiderate, when their team wins and their hormones run away with them.

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BiSussi 61F
1199 posts
9/26/2021 2:14 pm

How desperate, how horny, how needy must a woman be to have sex on a day like this?
I just wish the Beavers would have bitten off their balls, regardless of the outcome of the football game ! There are not many women who cares about who wins a game

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

iraduu 41M
3519 posts
9/26/2021 5:15 pm

invit me very hungry for eat hahaha

iraduu 41M
3519 posts
9/26/2021 5:16 pm

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spunkycumfun 61M/66F  
39560 posts
9/27/2021 3:00 am

Unfortunately, it's the testosterone!
I'm pleased the UK doesn't allow us to carry guns.

citizen4722 63M  
73611 posts
9/27/2021 9:30 am

What Spunky said
I've supported Manchester City F.C. (English Premiership soccer team) for 50 years, so it's a bit of a disaster when they lose.

Leegs2012 48M
87529 posts
9/27/2021 9:52 am

Victory changes some people.

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