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My Humiliation  

Bi_in_Fernley 50M  
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7/14/2021 4:29 pm
My Humiliation

One week ago, a Dom contacted me on here and Explained to me that He wanted to meet me, in the desert for the sole purpose of pissing on me and jacking off onto my face. He stated I would not be allowed to speak to him, unless allowed, and that I was to disgusting to be allowed to look at Him.
Well, this morning the Dom contacted me and said "Be available this afternoon". So, before noon, I shaved, showered, did an enema and shaved my body. Around 1:30 He contacted me and said between 3:30 and 4:00. Yes, I do believe he purposely kept my waiting, which is His prerogative.
At about 3:30 I arrived at the prearranged location, I put up an Easy Up, laid down two blankets and set up a chair for Him and had water available for Him, if needed. He showed just before 4:00pm. I was kneeling on the blanket when He arrived, I kept my head and eyes facing down, as instructed. He stood there for a while just staring at me. Then He said He needed to<b> piss. </font></b>He had me lay on my back, He walked around and stood at my head, took His cock out and pissed on my chest, on my face, and in my opened mouth. I swallowed that which I could but He just kept going and going and I could not swallow all that He offered me.
When He was finally done pissing He moved to my side, with me laying there, eyes closes and started jerking off. He allowed me the pleasure of taking a peak at His cock, It was beautiful. After looking at it, I again closed my eyes, for I knew He did not want me staring at Him. He then moved around me, had me open my mouth and cummed all over my face and in my mouth. His final instructions to me were to keep the cum in my mouth till I got home and not to wipe the cum off my face.
He then walked away from me, and left. I stayed laying there, relishing in the thought that I just was HUMILITED, pissed on and cummed on, like I have never been before.
I am writhing this, still wearing my pissed soaked cloth, His cum on my face. I did fail in that I was not able to keep His cum in my mouth, till now, as instructed. I don't know how He is going to take that news.
Yes, the whole time He was pissing on me I was excited. I have never been pissed on before and it was one of my "curious about" things. I loved it. I enjoyed the Humiliation and Degradation that He bestowed upon me.

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7/14/2021 7:30 pm

you're hardcore, man

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