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5 min stories- idea post
Posted:Apr 24, 2011 4:57 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2015 2:07 pm

I use to enjoy writing when I had more time on my hands. This gave way to the "5 min stories".
I would pick a prompt and simply write what came to mind in a timed 5 mins. I will share a few of my old favs and also pick prompts for a few new doozies.
If you would like to contribute an idea, please list it under this post so I can check it out.

*also feel free to add your thoughts and input to the other stories with the 5MIN tag, thx*
It's been a while... (A reflection on returning to AdultFriendFinder)
Posted:Oct 23, 2014 5:12 am
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2017 3:25 am
So it has really been a while since I've posted to my blog. Life is an adventure, and things change ...hopefully getting more exciting. I have been on and off the site for a couple years. My account will sit and gold status, and collect the odd email in passing. Sometimes I will go to the blogs and read about the frustration of others and trying to connect. The biggest challenge always seems to be distance and location.
Much like other another dating sites, this place is also a haven for people with great emotional insecurities. ...Especially on the side of females. It is common to run into a woman Who is trying to initiate a relationship before even meeting. Not to say that men here are without issues. My preference is always been an older man. Now that I'm 35, what of you as older is more specific. Experience has taught me to try to have opened mind, so I am expanding my focus to guys that are usually around the age of 40 and up.
The challenge for me is connecting with a likable older man is dealing with their availability and they're growing tendency to have some sort of erectile dysfunction and as they age. The fire is still hot, but the chimney is not putting out smoke. I understand the need for sexual pleasure and the desire to be wanted, but I feel that this important information that should be disclosed to a potential partner because everyone's time here it's valuable. I haven't given up hope, just have adopted a more cautious outlook. I know there is someone out there who can be a real and honest friend, revel in sexual creativity, and match my high demand libido.
5MIN - Good morning...(inspired by J...thanks for the convos)
Posted:Feb 7, 2012 11:43 am
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2019 11:52 pm

As I lay there awake, watching him sleep, a smile tugs on my lips while I think how wonderful my night has been... I snuggle closer, he moans a little smiles I have to touch him my fingers stroll along his chest, and as they do my eyes are following them...he's so handsome to me...kissing his shoulder I move my hand down to his lower belly. He lays there naked; me with nothing on but his shirt with only one button closed across my breasts.
My desire for him is so strong,but he looks so peaceful laying there sleeping. I can't help but touch him; my head on his shoulder I feel his warmth.
As I lower my hand further I look up to watch his face...my hand reaching his manhood, he moans and moves slightly. Smiling, I watch his expression and I can see he enjoys my touch. My palm rubs along his shaft as his moan grows slightly louder. I love touching him.

I kiss his shoulder and he smiles softly, turning his head one of his eyes opens. He clears his throat a little to whisper "good morning baby." , but I just smile.

My hand stills on his cock. I feel him grow stiffer, and immediately my body responds...wanting to just jump on top of him and ride him hard. I control myself by wrapping my hand around his cock. I know he's not fully awake yet, so I roll over on top of him. His arms go around me pulling me to him as I lean forward to kiss him gently...and I whisper "Good morning daddy."

Slowly I move down his body, kissing it and letting my tongue trail as I lower myself. His hands gliding along my back to my neck then up into my hair. He grips me softly and sighs.

My chin rests on the tip of his cock as I kiss and lick at his lower belly and enjoy the soft moans coming from deep in his throat.

I lower myself more; my lips not touching, just breathing warmth against him. My kissing goes to his thighs as my hands rest on his hips.

Looking up to him I see him looking at me through cracked lids and I smile as he replaces his head on the pillow and closes his eyes.

My lips softly kissing the shaft of his cock he lets out a breath of anticipation.

I run my lips up the shaft as my hands run along his belly up to his chest.
I stop and kiss the tip and run my lips back down the shaft.

I pause at his balls...full...hard...waiting...I kiss each of them...licking them...sucking one into my mouth and lightly playing with it with my tongue...releasing it to take the other into my mouth...he squirms slightly...moaning as I release the other from my mouth.

Looking up at him to watch his expression as I trail my tongue along the bottom of his now fully hard cock. I want him inside me so badly.

At the tip I again pause long enough to kiss him; parting my lips with his cock I allow him deep into my mouth. Then backing off to hold just the head slightly in my teeth I breath against his cock and moan softly. He shivers as his grip in my hair momentarily tightens and then releases again.

Closing my lips around the head I slowly lower my mouth on him...he moans "Oh baby, stop teasing me".
I feel my pussy begin to throb as I know what this is doing to him, and it turns me on. I love it...turning him on...making him crazy until he can't take anymore. I can feel a drop of wetness slide down my thigh as I continue to plunge his cock into my mouth.

Feeling his cock slide along my tongue and reach the back of my mouth I curl my tongue around the shaft and increase my suction.
"Mhmm." He moans.

Slowly raising my mouth off his cock, I keep the head in my mouth, with my tongue playing with the tip.

"Stop baby" he demands..."stop teasing".

I grab his cock with my hand and grip tightly as I remove his cock from my mouth and look to him and grin.

"You're so bad" he growls at me...and I wink at him smiling proudly.

Placing my lips back over his cock again I open my mouth to allow him in...his grip tightening in my hair again as he waits...expecting...his body stiffening.

I reach out my tongue to lick the tip and thrust him completely into my mouth...he groans loudly "YES"

Sucking harder and pumping him with my mouth and hand; licking at his cock and thrusting him back in. His hands start moving my head up and down on his cock.

I take his cock out of my mouth and look at him...my hand tight around the shaft of his cock pumping him firmly..."Cum for me daddy...let me taste you...shoot all over my face and tits."

He give a primal yell as I start licking and pumping him faster...into my mouth...out...licking up and down the shaft...back in my mouth.
He shoots his load first into my mouth. As I taste him I pull him out still pumping with my hand and feel him shoot into my face and all onto my breasts. His hands slips down onto my shoulders he as he groans loudly "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Smiling I keep pumping him as he cums; opening my mouth to taste him,licking at the tip. I thrust him back into my mouth, I lick and suck on him until he's completely drained.

He lays back...his body relaxed...a sigh of relief as a smile crosses his face.
LEAVING Older Men for Younger Women-thread post to group
Posted:Jan 13, 2012 4:30 pm
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2017 3:25 am

Stalking is also being maliciously tailed, slandered or mis-treated by anyone who doesn't share your view or agree to play the role they deem fit for you.

That is why I am leaving this group. Although I have met some really good people, I cannot abide by a group moderator who knowingly allows a man to continually harass and mistreat women repeatedly.

JW, although I had no personal issues with you and you have always treated me kindly, it is a great unkindness to allow a certain person to THREATEN ME WITH MY JOB KNOWING that he has harassed and broken group policies before...and also relaying the threat to me.
If you knowingly hear it from the 's mouth, the right and just thing and not make a suggestion for him to get mental help, but to actually do something about it...because I wasn't the first, and won't be the last.

I came to this place to have a break from drama and be among interesting people, and if you see to have me here until Monday, I will be packing up, saying my good-byes and leaving.

Story: "Home" by Chris (edited by Me)
Posted:Jun 14, 2011 9:29 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2017 9:54 pm

Thanks to Chris for getting me this story and for giving me the oppertunity & inspiration to make it into my own. I'm know I am not a superior writer, but I enjoy the change to work with budding ideas. - BBW (Jade)

The day was grueling; much too long of a day at work. Calm eases through your body and a smile touches your lips on your way home. You open the door to see her standing there in only one of your shirts with a sly smile on her face.

“Coy doesn’t become you” you grunt against her neck, as you grab her to deliver a hard kiss pushing her against the door.
“I had been waiting all afternoon for this moment!” she murmurs as her hands begin to trail from around your neck to your waist.

You gasp between breaths as your body rages with desire and surprise. She sighs then moans as you kiss her…deeper… pulling her closer. You pull off her shirt to feel the ripeness of her breast as you dive right in…sucking gently on the hard tips of her nipples… her body blushes aflame.

She grabs your head as she arches towards your mouth. You feel the pulse of your complete arousal, demanding and wanting more. You quickly undo your pants as your lips and tongue tantalizingly trips over sensitive parts of her breast. Once your pants are down you rip the lace at the hip of her panties and lower your face below her navel… slowly and softly touching your tongue to her slick slit. She moans and begins to thrust her pussy towards your mouth.

You laugh as you pull her back to admire her growing wetness and inhale her scent. You torture her by leisurely teasing her clit with your tongue.

She continues to purr and moan…persisting on trying to grind her cunt into your mouth …needing more from you.

You slide a finger into her juicy passage so hard and quickly that she releases a scream of pure ecstasy melting into a soulful moan…. head tilted back, and eyes fluttering with elation. Within seconds you stand up to spin her around over the back of a nearby couch. You brace her hips as you push your cock into her. You feel the quiver in her legs as you plow through her juices, enjoying the slosh of your balls pounding her dripping clit.
Her screams of pleasure echoes off the walls.

“I know you like it hard hun’. You want it rough. ” you snarl as she continues to whimper and arch to take all of you into her pussy full force.

“Yes…y-yyess…Yes!” she gasps, with each hammering yet masterful stroke.

You grab her hair, pulling her head back to gently bite into her neck… keeping your rhythm steady with your emergent throbs.
Her hot creamy contractions on your cock precede her pleasurful confirmation of her climax.

As she struggles to catch her breath as you murmur, “You like that don’t you?”

“Yes” she replies and she goes down on you to lick off all her juices. You pull her hair hard and begin to grind into her face. You can feel the back of her throat trying to accommodate your rock hard cock as you get closer to feeding her your release.
“You like being a bad girl don’t you? Your loving every minute of this, aren’t you?”

All she can do is moan her affirmation in between each breath as you pound her throat.

You can feel your peak approaching in each long forceful thrust. She continues to grunt her delight as she feels you getting bigger and harder…knowing you are going to going to cum into her mouth.

She sucks faster …wanting all of it. You grant her desire by pumping your hot cum passed her tongue as you continue to thrust into her throat. You cannot help but to groan as she greedily swallows your offering. Her eyes widen with each hot jet you deliver, but she soldiers on…pressing her face into your groin so she can lap up each drop. Her hand drops between her legs which instantly transports her to another climax. Amazingly she still manages to lick you clean, savoring your taste.

She gathers her composure to tender you her coy smile.
“Thank you daddy” she coos…and all you can think is “Damn, I needed that.”
5MIN - The beach house
Posted:Jun 8, 2011 11:02 am
Last Updated:Dec 23, 2014 12:09 pm

Taking a deep sigh, she walked up to the beach house door. She was much calmer on her way up the steps. The gentle crash of the waves in round with the call of seagulls was soothing. As she approached the door, he heart began racing as she fingered the slip of paper he had written the address. It was exciting, meeting like this, secluded on the beach. A week prior she had received her instructions, and at humored her. Their first meeting would not be like some crazy scene out of an erotica novel. Nervous laughter passed her lips as she turned the final steps towards the entrance. Sure enough, there was the blindfold hanging on the door knob or the slightly ajar door.
She had been instructed to strip, put on the blindfold and step inside the house. She thought her heart would leap out if her throat as her shorts slipped over her hips. This was crazy, she thought as she slipped the blindfold over her eyes. He couldn’t honestly expect her to walk into a strange house naked. She kept her coral bra and thong panties on as she stepped into the door.
A cool sea-breeze billowed from behind her as she stood in the entrance. The chill shivered up her back and caused her nipples to harden as she strained to hear...well...anything. She could only her breath starting to come in pants. Was she alone? The silence translated into an electric bolt of embarassment that shot down her spine. The heat spread from her face to the rest of her body. Her trembling hand reached up to remove the blindfold.
Before she could remove the satin mask, she felt his warm hand on top of hers.

“Did I give you permission to take this off?” His gruff voice was in her ear.
His warm breath on her neck jump started a second wave of heat flushing in waves down her chest.
Frozen in slight fear and excitement, she could not gather her wits to mutter any reply. Instead she gasped and melted into a moan as he pulled her wrist together behind her.

“Didn’t I say come in naked?”
The words remained frozen in her throat, as she sensed him stepping closer behind her. Although there was harshness in his question, his hands gently unfastened her bra and softly nibbled on the back of her neck. He blew a curly tendril of hair from the nap of her neck as he pressed himself closer.
Her stomach tied in knots as he moved his hands around her waist to tug at the lace top of her panties...slowly down over the curve of her ass. Stopping momentarily to cup her mons as he plucked away the thin material, he elicited a purr. Her pussy already radiated the heat of her excitement.
He let a single finger linger along her moistened slit...
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5MIN - The hotel hook up
Posted:May 1, 2011 11:03 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2017 9:55 pm

You pull off of I-10 to the 11th Street exit. There is a hub of hotels there. Any one of them will do.
You get a room and then page her. Funny, you don't know her name, but you really don't care either.
You sit by the door flipping through channels on the television, not really paying attention to what is on.
5, 10, 15 ... TWENTY minutes go by. She is late. What the hell could be taking her so long?
You know she would not dare stand you up. This whole thing was her idea.
She told you how much she wanted, no NEEDED you to fuck her properly.
She said she was long overdue and it has been months since a man touched her.
You are more than willing and you know you have the proper equipment, shifting in your seat to accommidate the growing bulge in your pants.
You hear a timid knock on the door.
You open the door and you see her standing there a little breathless and looking scared.
“Hi” she says, “I’m glad you waited.”
You step over to the side and let her in.
She nervously begins to ramble,
"Oh this isn't too bad..it looks clean...I hope the room didn't cost you too much.

You look her over as she goes on talking.
A plain yellow t-shirt, blue jeans, black tennis shoes, hair pulled back in a pony tail.
Not really sexy, but then again, you aren't there to critique her look.

You catch a whiff of her scent; warm, sexy…a slightly spicy rose.. and a faint hint of wetness.
You silence her rambling by closing the door and taking a step towards her catching her in a startled look.
You forcefully grab the back of her neck, and plunge your tongue deep into her hot mouth.

She meets your kiss hungrily as you back her onto the king-sized bed.
She falls back onto the edge as you quickly unzip your pants.
"What do you want to do?" She asks trembling.
You ignore her as you push her shirt up to grab her breast underneath the thin red lace bra.
"That is the best things about thick girls," you think, "Big, juicy, luscious tits."
You tear away the bra to lick at her huge, pert, nipples.
You slip a hand into her pants, past her red satin panties.
You notice the heat and that she is quickly getting wet.
She lets loose a deep lusty moan on pleasure, and gently trembles to the rhythm of you stroking her.
Her clit is swelling hard against your rough fingertips.

You use your other hand to pull your hard cock out from its confines.
Slowly you bend over her to bring the glistening tip closer to her face.
"You were very late." You growl at her.
"I am so sorry" she whispers as her eyes bounce from your face, to your rock-hard cock, and back to your face again.
"I'm going to have to spank that fat black ass of yours for punishment ... but that will just have to wait."
You sigh as you push past her to make yourself comfortable by reclining onto the bed's pillows.
"Come here" you order as she scrambles up to your side looking eager to please, licking her lips greedily .
You catch a drop of pre-cum from the head, and rub it onto her thick red lips, into her mouth and onto her tongue.
She sucks your finger completely dry and thanks you for the taste.

You pull her down to kiss her again, pinching at her hard nipples…she begins to moan against your lips.
She excites you with her dark skin and deep dark eyes.

Her kisses are sweet and you begin to fuck her mouth with your tongue.
She begged you to make this happen after seeing your pictures online.
You could not help yourself, you had to meet her after listening to her tell you about her fantasies.

You know she likes it doggie style but needed your big thick cock to hit that pussy past that juicy round ass.
You continue to fondle her tits with one hand and reach around to slap her ass with the other.
Her wetness begins to slowly drip down her thigh.
The sight causes you to emit another drop of pre-cum.

You will makes sure she sucks you dry....
Oh yes, she was made to pleasure a man for hours.

She sits back to catch her breath, and instantly focuses on the throbbing vein in your tall, hard cock.
You coo to her, "See how hard you made me woman? You need to do something about it."
"Yes" she repeats as her mouth waters, " I need to do something about it..."
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5MIN - The urge to drive
Posted:Apr 24, 2011 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2013 8:03 pm

While driving over you can feel yourself growing in anticipation and you take a moment at the stop-light to rearrange the hardness pushing against your fly. Lucky you to find such a willing “friend” who can make time for you at the spur of the moment. She was not Barbie, nor Miss America but her libido might be greater than your own. You have grown to appreciate her “ample” assets….she was a thick, curvy woman with dark cocoa skin, double D tits and full lips.
She has never asked you to meet her in public or to take her out on a date. She was the independent type who appreciates her privacy and you were fine with that. It is nice to be with a lady who wasn't manipulating the situation for her next hand-out. This chick was all class with a nice ass.
In a moment you are there at her door…she is slow to answer and she looks like she just get out of the bed. You wonder very little about this because it is you prerogative to get her right back there. YOu smile...she smiles. She has never let you down.
She plays the kind hostess and offers you a drink while she leads you into her living room. She is chattering away with small talk, and so you take the opportunity to run your hand up the hem of her gown to touch her round, soft ass.
Her warm dark skin is so smooth to the touch, and when she turns to face you her eyes are smoldering. She licks her lips, and the signal is clear... this is not the time for small talk or a casual visit. Both of you anxiously work at getting your jeans off… she sinks down to her knees and begins to nips at your exposed thigh. She gives the best head. You can tell she enjoys doing it, enjoying the taste…as she wraps her arms around your waist to pull you closer and deeper into her hot mouth.
Enjoying the moment, you can’t help but cum as she swirls her hot tongue around the head of your cock, then takes it all in while following the vein underneath. Outstanding.
You try to stay steady on your feet as you follow her to the bedroom. You begin to undress her and play with her nipples. You are a little surprised to feel yourself stiffen again so quickly, but pleased to see she is wet and ready for you. You are going to enjoy fucking her hard and deep…
The Bitch Factor
Posted:Feb 12, 2011 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 23, 2014 7:19 am
I have been here for about a month now and I have interacted with a good amount of people. Some are awesomely cool and far away, but most are in state and challenging.
The challenge that I paused to blog about is the "Bitch Factor". Whenever a woman does not instantly accept the sexual approaches of a man on this site, chances are that he will fling the word "Bitch" at her as if it is a weapon. Does this make him feel better because she had the nerve to deflate his little hard-on? I have something specific I am searching for and if a person has not taken the time to review my profile, then I think I have every right to ditch the chat request. For examples, I have ZERO interest in talking to couples or the guy from a couple. The last request I denied did indeed result in a “Bitch” comment in a second request.
I'm just curious about this, because every time I log on I get called a bitch by at least 1 guy. I never realized that success on this site depends on your willingness to become a "come one and all" service to me.
If you have had any contact with me, you would know that I am pleasant and mannerable in my communications, as this is a sign of intelligence.
What I want to hear about is your experience with the "Bitch Factor" and what the situation was that called for it to come into play. Guys, if you use it, you can confess your transgression. Ladies, let me know if your experiences are like mine.
Yours in pleasure,
Prefer Not to Say...
Posted:Jan 17, 2011 10:20 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 5:26 am

I have not been here very long, but this is this first thing I began to think about when considerring my blog. I have seen my fair share of fake people, but what disturbs me most are the actively dishonest people.
If you don't care to complete your profile, why are you here trolling around wasting the time of people who have complete profiles? If you can't read my profile, why do you get mad and insulting when I turn your offer down becaus eyou are not what I want? I have my own standards, (and hopefully you do too) but what bugs me the most is when I see:

This statement, at least to me, shows that a person cannot be trusted. What is there to hide? You perfer NOT to tell me what your height and build are when we are considerring meeting? You prefer to not tell me if you are married? I am suppose to accept your offer of sex without know the basics of who I am going to be with?
Very FEW people on this site are looking for a serious commitment, but I think we are ALL looking for a little trust.

I trust you to be honest in this sexual exchange.
I trust you to be serious and not waste time and energy.
I trust you to be STD clean and safe sexually.
I trust you not to put me in a dangerous situation.
I trust you to know that NO means NO.
I trust you with my confidentuality.
I trust you to enjoy the intimacy and not hold back.
I trust you to give me the same trust.

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