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Holy Shit! I fuck my Japanese admin!
Posted:Dec 27, 2019 12:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2020 1:05 pm

This story happened to about ago and makes crazy every time I think about it.

I work for a Japanese software company and very early in career with them, they moved the entire company from San Jose Phoenix, AZ. Not many of the workforce moved with the company, but I did and a cute Japanese admin named Asami did also. When we got PHX, our cubicles were in the very back row and across from each other. We were always very friendly with each other, and talked about a variety of subjects but always bonded over playing the drums.

I had played drums in bands since I was a boy and had a practice kit set up in my cube. I had practice pads placed on the desk for the tom-toms, snare and cymbals and had an actual practice drum pedal that I could use if no was around; it made a lot of noise.

Asami loved the drums and loved rock music, when there were us around, we’d listen tracks on sound set up and I’d show her how those songs.

I had always described Asami friends as the woman you dream about when you dream about Japanese women. Just think of the cutest Japanese girl you can think of and times that by at least . At the time, she was about 26 or 27, less than 5’ tall, slim, small breasts, straight black hair and her lips should have been in the Smithsonian; the sweetest heart shaped lips you have ever seen. Beautiful black eyes, flawless skin. She told me stories about when she was a in Japan and the boys would tease her about her lips. I always told her no one would tease her now. She was so small and cute, we would tease her a bit for having to shop in the ’s section for her clothes. I’m a big guy, over 6’2” and at the time, about 250lbs, big arms, big drum playing mechanic hands that were now used to type with. Asami often loved comparing her size with mine; when people were around she’d stand back to back with me and her head came up to about the middle of my bac She had tiny hands that she loved compare; it was kind of sensual in the way she would do it, she would grab my hand, open my fingers, put her hand up mine and laugh at the fact that her fingers were half the size as mine.

This was something that, looking back on, was always kind of there for me slowly discover, the way she would touch and tease occasionally. I didn’t think anything sexual was happening, but was very comfortable with her soft touch and friendly manner.

Asami was also one of the sweetest all-around people I’ve ever met, full of humor, intelligent, kind, inquisitive of all things American, just a delightful woman. She was born in Japan, came America for college and was married a Mormon guy. She was obviously interested in things beyond the submissive Japanese/Mormon wife and asked very pointed questions quite often about American women and men. She was never overtly sexual in asking, just very interested and I took that as I saw it on the surface. The questions were never dirty of perverted, but were more and more, about sex and sometimes love. I felt a regret in her for her quite traditional marriage and her role as a Mormon wife; it was hard for her and she expressed this subtly and often. She didn’t want to embrace and live the submissive Japanese stereotype.

It was clear that we were becoming closer, bonding over the drum songs I was playing in my cube, the discussions we would have, we ate lunch together in the break room, occasionally went to lunch with other coworkers, never alone, but always sitting across from each other so we could tal

Asami always seemed touch in some way, whether it was a light touch on back as she leaned in to see what I was doing with drum sticks or better yet, she would lean against my thigh while we watched drummers on YouTube. At first, I’d move away just in case it was accidental, but as I did, she always seemed to unconsciously lean into me more; sometimes almost sitting on my lap. I’m almost as tall as she was when sitting, so when she would lean in, her legs pressing against mine, her scented hair close to me and her tiny hand on my bac I started get a bit turned on by our little drum encounters but kept it totally to myself and in my fantasies.

The end of the year was upon us. Asami had been announced as our new HR representative and had to move her cube to the HR department away from mine. I was very sad for many reasons, obviously. As HR rep, she couldn’t be seen as favoring person above another, couldn’t obviously spend time in my cube watching drum videos, even one on one conversations would be harder have with her in her new role. When she told me about her new position, we discussed what it meant to our little relationship. I’m not above telling that I was a little misty eyed when we were talking and I realized our little platonic non-affair was ending. To my shock, Asami was wiping away tears as we discussed her move to the other side of the building.

That year Christmas was on a Wednesday and a good 99% of the office was off the entire weeks between Christmas and Year’s. I had most of my vacation used up so I had work Monday and Christmas eve, and so did Asami. Another woman in our cubical row also had to work and we planned to go lunch on Christmas eve.

That Monday I helped Asami move her personal things to her cube. She was very excited to start a new job and I could tell, reluctant to leave her old cube. We chatted and lightly flirted the day away moving items. She seemed to find more little ways to touch my hand, passing boxes back and forth, accidental rubbing arms together. Once I was standing with my back to the wall and as she was lifting a box, leaned back into me and laid her head on my chest for a split second. This, of course was driving me through the wall and all I could think of was the smell of her hair.

Now it’s Tuesday, Christmas eve. Both Asami and I always get work quite early, we spend much of that time chatting and listening music and this day was more of the same. Asami was dressed in a kind of pseudo Japanese punk outfit, but much subtler; a pair of skin tight stretch jeans with holes at the knees and a Misfits t-shirt, her long black hair in a cute ponytail. She looked like she was in school. .

Asami had very small breasts and I could tell she rarely wore bras. Occasionally, I’d see her hard-little nipples make an appearance through her clothes when she was talking a mile a minute about some cool song, I’d avert eyes so as not to seem like a perv. That day, the Misfits t-shirt looked as though it was made of tissue; it had the worn-away look of a much-loved concert shirt, and as I saw her take her jacket off, I could almost see her ivory skin through the shirt.

I was listening to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, my and Asami’s favorite. Asami came into my cube and was leaning against the desk on the left side of me as we listened and I played it on the practice pads. She smelled wonderful, fresh out of the shower and the faint smell of flowers mixed with shampoo and whatever products she used filled the close space and were intoxicating.

We started playfully arguing about the correct way to play the song; John Bonham’s drums were recorded in a stairway and had an echo to them. In order for a drummer to play that song live, he had to either feed his drums through an echo effect, or play them differently than Bonham did. We had discussed this before, so it was an on-going thing. Asami couldn’t figure out the drum beat. She grabbed the sticks from and leaned in the pads and watch my right foot on the practice pedal. I had lean back and give her access as she pressed her thighs into my leg, her hair in my face and her little arms and hands striking the pads with the sticks. I leaned away thinking she needed space and maybe her touch was accidental, but she leaned in farther. I could feel her pubic mound grinding into my leg. I pushed back on it and lifted my leg a bit to see if she was aware of it and she leaned in harder. In fact, it almost hurt pressing against my thigh. Asami was coming on to for sure. My mind started whirl at the possibilities.

At that moment, the other worker, I’ll her Linda, came in work a few cubes down. I turned down the music and “Merry Christmas” and all those things were passed around and general chit chat was the name of the game for now. I had a real hard time getting up greet her as Asami's rubbing against gave a huge hard-on. I think she knew it, because as I stood up, she purposely brushed her cute little ass across the front of my jeans getting out of the cube, at least I think it was on purpose, I was still kind of wondering if I was misreading signals from my ‘friend’.

Normal work ensued for the rest of the morning. I was lost in some web surfing, Asami was almost done with her cube, one or things left was all. Linda’s phone rang on her desk and I could hear her conversation about missing a bus or something. Asami was in her empty cube as Linda stood up and announced she had to go home, we couldn’t go to lunch together and she was not coming bac We are all on salary in that section, so I didn’t expect her stay all day. “I guess it’s just you now” Linda said as she gathered her things. Asami told her “I’ll walk you out”. And the both of them left.

About minutes later Asami came back into my cube. “I locked the doors” she said. “Umm, okay”, I retorted, “why?” I asked. Asami replied, “No reason, just don’t want people wandering in the building”. A bit mysterious, but I thought nothing of it .

“Let’s Kashmir again!” Asami squealed in her usual over the top enthusiasm. I put the track on and there she was again close beside pressing her legs into mine. “Can I feel your leg moving?” Asami asked, “Of course” I said, backing off the desk so she could reach in. She was now kind of bent over , her hand gripping my knee as I played the triplets of the song with my right foot. “This isn’t working, can I?” she asked as she was already climbing up onto my lap. I didn’t have time to say anything, and what would I have said? Asami had the sticks in her hand and was playing with the song as I had to move back a bit to give her room. “No, move forward, I’m falling off!” Asami said. I did so. Her sweet little ass was grinding into my growing hard-on as I moved my left hand around her waist onto her flat stomach to keep her in place. For a minute there, I thought this was a nice, normal thing that co-workers would do when taking drum lessons, how naive was I? Well, not that naive, it turns .

I could feel her muscles move and twitch while holding her stomach in my hands and it was really turning me on. I had to move and adjust myself because I was harder than I have ever been in my life, I’m sure. I was under no illusions now, she knew I was hard and she was owning it. When I moved to relive the pressure, she moved and put more pressure on. She knew she was putting me in agony and was obviously enjoying it. I took this as an obvious signal, and could not help myself; I reached my hand her shirt to feel the smooth alabaster skin of her torso. I slipped my right hand in and held her close to me, both hands on her bare stomach. She leaned back into me, the drum sticks forgotten, the rhythm now playing through her hips grinding down into my hard lap. Kashmir was the perfect tune for this, was my fleeting thought, we picked well.

Asami was so small, I could almost touch fingers with both hands around her waist. She reached down and moved my hand up to cup her right breast, her head under my chin, her hair in mouth, her little hard nipple between my fingers, my other hand teasing the waist band of her jeans, the music pulsating us, it was sensory overload in the extreme. It may sound cliched but I swear she felt like a china doll in my arms.

I reached between her jeans clad legs and she suddenly turned straddle me. I thought I may have went too far, her beautiful black eyes were hard to read, but the redness in her cheeks, the half open heart shaped lips and her sweet panting breath left nothing to the imagination. I leaned in and took those incredible lips into mine, I had dreamed about her lips for literally and now they were mine. Soft kisses, I wanted taste every inch of those lips the boys teased her about. She was shy at first, it seemed, then her mouth was open and her tongue was in mouth and we seemed feed off each other, I’d suck her tongue, then she mine, darting quickly in and out, I traced the outside of her lower lip with my thumb as we kissed and sighed. She was gripping my shirt on both sides of my chest, a bit of chest hair in her grip painfully added the passion I felt for her at that moment.

I was holding her hair with hand and the other was massaging her bare back under the t-shirt and I slid my hand down the back of her jeans, a little space widening up to accommodate when she leaned forward. I could feel her breath start as my hand slowly tried to find its way down to that sweet little ass. She reached behind and pulled my hand off, “Uh-uh” is all she breathed into my mouth as she kissed me again. I must have moaned pathetically, not masking disappointment well. Asami had my shirt unbuttoned and her small hands were gripping my chest hair as she kissed me, it was so very erotic.

Asami backed off a bit and started to unbuckle my belt. “What are you doing” I asked her as I stared into those black velvet eyes. “Don’t talk” Asami said. “Open them ” she said as she struggled with the button at the top of my jeans. I pushed the chair back and Asami got off my lap as I opened the fly. “Take them down” She said looking me square in the eyes. “But” I stammered, wanting tell her that I wanted to strip her first, lick her body as her clothes were removed, touch every inch of her, “Quiet” she said, “No talking”. I stood up and Asami swiftly pulled pants down along with my underwear in one quick action. I was standing in front of this tiny Japanese goddess with my cock sticking straight out and leaking like I was a again. She reached out and wrapped her small hands around me, the coolness of her touch, the sight of my cock in her hands, the look of lust on her porcelain face, just about did it for me right then and there.

Asami pushed me back into the chair and knelt in front of me. I thought about all those times we talked about subservient women, the Asian stereotype, the man being pleased first and foremost and I started try tell her, “Please, don’t say anything” she whispered .

The moment her beautiful full lips met my hard, leaking cock will be a vision well seared into my brain for all of my life. That may sound a bit melodramatic, but it’s the honest truth. I think of that moment almost every single day. There were more moments to come, but that visual can never be bettered in my opinion, it was and is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. My cock looked huge compared to her lips and the hands surrounding it, a real ego boost for sure. Those little full heart lips opened a bit, her tongue peaked out and slowly licked the shiny tip, painting her lips with head like it was lip gloss. She looked up into my eyes, opened her lips and slipped the head of my cock into her mouth.

I wish I could say this went on for days, but just imagine the sweetest woman, with the sweetest lips on the planet, her cheeks are red from excitement, her black hair like silk tickling my naked lap, those jet black eyes locked onto mine and I was over the mountain alright. I tried to pull her off of me and cried “Asami, you are going make me come” which made her suck me deeper and stroke me with both hands. With one hand, she reached up and put her hand over my mouth to shut me up and I started to orgasm. I had never felt anything like this, it was like a great warmth gathered at the back of my neck, warmed my whole body and every feeling I could possibly have rushed out of my cock in a huge rushing orgasm. When I come, I crash, because every fiber of being is alive. I thrash, and writhe about, swear, grunt, cry, all the while Asami has her hand over my mouth and I come and come as she swallows me and come is leaking out around those beautiful lips and she is licking every drop she can find, her eyes never leaving mine.

Suddenly, Asami jumped up with her hand over her mouth like she was in shock and bolted out of the cube and out of the office. Now I was really confused, did I do something wrong? Was she hurt? Embarrassed? Horrified? I ran the scene over and over in my head to see if I was possibly the instigator or forced this sweet woman into something she didn’t want to do. I could not think of anything I did that was inappropriate, Asami drove the whole experience, maybe drive is not the word, but I know what happened was mutually desired both of us.

So, I sat there, confused, a bit scared, hopefully we didn’t just destroy a friendship. At around noon, Asami popped her head into cube and said “Ready?”. I startled, “Ready for what?” “Lunch, silly” Asami said, as if the last hours had never happened. “Sure, I’m ready”, I said, a little freaked out.

We took my car to a close sushi restaurant and got a quiet table for . Asami was chatting and lightly flirting like times and I was blown away, did that never happen? Did it mean nothing? I don’t mean we should fall in love, leave our spouses and get married, but it damn sure meant something. I said “Asami, should we talk…” and she shushed me, “No talking about that” she said with a stern look on her face that slowly turned into a beautiful smile. “Okay”, I said and we ate as we chatted about music, and places we have been and movies and all that normal friend tal When we were waiting for the check, Asami looked directly into eyes and said, “You are thicker than he is”. I knew who she was talking about. “Much thicker” She said grinning. I, of course, said nothing.

We got back the office and Asami locked the office doors behind us. At the top of the stairs, she went her way, I went mine. All her stuff was gone out of her cube now, so no reason to come back, I guess. I was kind of sad about the whole thing. I mean, what a wonderful experience, but I didn’t give back as I wanted. I just didn’t get to show her how much I think of her, how much I wanted her.

I put on soft classical music, I wanted to thin I sat there for around an hour, mulling over the day’s events when I heard footsteps approaching and who else is there? Asami peeked around the cube and said “Hi”. “Hi yourself, Asami.” I stammered as she once again placed her hand on my mouth so I could not spea She moved in front of , between and the des I was looking up into her eyes as she stared at , her black eyes were twinkling, I swear. They were looking into my very soul. She reached down and started to unbutton her jeans, all the while not taking her eyes off of mine. She pushed her jeans off and stepped out of them, her hands crossed at her crotch. She was so gorgeous, black lace panties, black rock and roll t-shirt and nothing else. Her skin was the color of white marble. I moved forward a bit and she retreated as much as she could with the desk being there and all. “I want to tell you something” she said, not shyly, very matter of fact. “Okay”, I said. “I don’t look like other women down there” she exclaimed. “Okay, what do you mean?” I asked. “ My husband says I look like a little girl” She spoke now a little softer and with some of what I felt was embarrassment. “I don’t have a lot of hair” she said. Now. I almost busted out laughing, but instinctively knew she was serious about her ‘shortcomings’.

I reached out to her, wrapped my hands around her waist and drew her nearer to me . I lowered my hands and grasped her lace panties on both sides and slowly slipped them off her hips and onto the floor. I took both of her hands in mine and moved them. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. She stood there, naked from the waist down, her hairless mound accented by a little strip of hair that may have been 20 strands thick at the most. Strippers would have died for that , Asami was embarrassed it.

“Jesus Asami, you are so, so beautiful” I couldn’t help it, I was breaking the silence protocol, “Any man in the world would die to see what I’m seeing” I said. I reached and lifted her up onto the desk, first after swiping the keyboard and things away. She was on the desk, sitting upright, legs on either side of me, I pulled her t-shirt off as well as my shirt and her sweet little breasts were there for the taking. They were not much more than cute Champagne glass shapes with the tiniest areola and hardest nipples I’ve ever seen. Her chest was right at the perfect height to kiss her breasts and tease her nipples, her legs wrapped around me, my hand in her hair, we kissed and kissed again before I went back those lovely breasts.

She was such a tiny woman, I put my jacket from the back of the chair on the desk, and laid Asami down on her bac I slid off of the chair and onto my knees with this beautiful naked woman in front of like Christmas dinner. I stood and kissed my way down her soft sweet belly and opened her legs. The sight was truly breathtaking; where most western woman had inner labia that extended past their outer lips, Asami had none, or very little, just a smooth little vulva. I about creamed my jeans at the sight. “Do you think I look weird?” Asami asked “Oh no Asami, you look absolutely delicious” I managed to say. And she was.

I knelt back down, she was on her back now, her legs resting on my shoulders as I planted kisses all around her vulva, inner thighs, belly, breathing my breath on her as I lightly brushed the skin with my lips. Asami writhed and moaned as I licked my way up her beautiful little slit, her pussy tasted like cotton candy, I swear on my life, I had no idea how she did that. Her aroma drove me wild, it was indescribable. I licked up and down her sweet pussy, avoiding her sensitive clitoris, just breathing on it, softly touching it every or strokes with my tongue, never quite touching it. She did have inner labia, just hidden in her flower-like pussy, I licked the edges of her inner and outer lips. She was begging touch her clitoris. At least, I think that’s what she was begging for. I altered my strokes so that I would push my tongue closer to her clit, pressing harder just to the outside of her hard, little knob, never directly on it. This was driving her mad. She had my left hand in hers, fingers meshed as I teased her with my tongue and right hand lightly probing her opening with my thumb as I teased around her pussy, never pushing into her vagina, just circling the opening, touching all of those nerve endings. I reached up and painted her lips with her juices on my thumb, she sucked on it like it was a pacifier and I repeated that particular move a few more times, I could tell the taste or smell, or just the naughty-ness of that was turning her on something crazy as she sucked my thumb like it was a Popsicle.

As was my normal technique, honed from many between the legs of wives and girlfriends, I worked around her little clitoris with lips and tongue, I circled my saliva slicked thumb over her outer lips, teasing her opening and then down to circle her little pink rosebud of an asshole. That little trick resulted in an immediate sharp intake of breath from Asami as she immediately sat up, pulled me off her sweet pussy and looking me in the eyes said, “You touched my ass”. I said, “Yes”. My thumb was still on her little bud, “You are still touching my ass” she said, very matter of fact. I said, “Why, is it wrong?” as I continued my move thumb slowly around her. “No has ever touched my ass.” She said. She had this glazed look in her eyes as she said this, her cute little ass moving in rhythm with the stroking of my thumb. I started to say, “How can your husband not have never touched your ass?” when she pulled my face back into her pussy. As soon as she did so, I replaced my thumb at her rosebud little hole with my tongue. Asami squealed in absolute delight; “Oh god, Dan, oh god” which was, you know, nice hear if I’m being completely honest. I stroked her pussy with long licks of my tongue from the top, down each delicious lip, down to her ass and circled her little hole before doing it all over again, all the while keeping pressure on the little nub next to her clit with my other hand. About every third time of the series I would push my tongue a little deeper into her little ass as she moaned and moved her cute doll ass off the desk and into my face as hard as she could. This pushed her over the edge; “Oh Dan, I’m coming!” Asami almost shouted, “Keep doing that!” She said through clenched teeth. I had my thumb back just inside her slick pussy and was softly sucking up on her clit as my tongue pressed down on the spot next to it as she started to orgasm. What an orgasm it was, she was moaning and shoving my head into her crotch, I circled her little anus with thumb as she came and came and we were both laughing and moaning and she came and came and I thought she’d pass out .

I sat back onto the chair exhausted. Asami was still laying on the desk, legs open in front of me, her pussy slick with saliva and her sweet nectar, breathing hard, her cheeks rosy from the excitement, her gorgeous skin had a sheen of sweat that made her look like someone spritzed her with a water bottle. It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen and I was hard as a roc

Asami sat up, and said, her voice husky and soft. “Stand up” I did so immediately. Asami grabbed at my jeans and before I knew what do had them at my knees and had my hard cock in her little hands once again. I tried back off and take my jeans all the way off, but she was in command now. Asami pushed back onto the chair. The chair had arms that adjusted in height, Asami reached over and put both arms all the way down.

She was now climbing back onto my lap, we were kissing again, her taste on lips and her kiss was driving us both to manic heights for sure. I knew where this was heading and I wanted her so very bad, but stopped her; “Asami, I have no protection” She was now right above , one hand on cock, one on the back of my neck, I could feel the heat from her pussy just about touch my cock and she breathed into my mouth; “I’m already pregnant.” As she said those words, she lowered herself down onto my hard, aching coc

The feeling was everything sexual I’ve ever dreamed of boiled down one exquisite experience. It is so very hard describe what that slick, velvety pussy felt like slowly engulfing my cock that I know I am underselling it every time I try explain it. But I will try. Just imagine the softest fur you have ever felt, but somehow it is warm the point of almost hot, and somehow it is also slippery slick with softly fragrant oils and somehow it’s able grip your cock like a fist. Something like that.

Asami whispered into my ear as we embraced and she lowered her body down onto my cock, “You are so very thick”. All I could think of in the moment to say is “You are so very delicious.” It seemed like the right thing say, she was rocking back and forth, cock deep inside her, I could feel her pubic mound as she ground her clit into my crotch. I have never been so turned on in my life. Her pussy squeezed my cock along the entire length, I felt totally engulfed in pure pleasure. I already came once that day, I figured I was good for at least 20 minutes of this or so, but we were not going to last that long. I had one hand on her ass moving it up and down on me as I gripped her glossy black hair to keep our exploring lips together.

Asami was breathing harder and harder into my mouth, we were sucking each other’s tongues, biting each other’s lips, as if we were drowning and couldn’t get enough air. Asami started to come and as soon as I felt those pulsating contractions in her velvet pussy’s grip I exploded like a rocket. Like I said earlier, when I come, I come hard, especially the second time. We were bucking and cumming and kissing and laughing and moaning and just eating each other up. I don’t know what I said to her during orgasm and don’t know what she said to me, maybe we didn’t say anything, but I knew that I loved her in that moment more than anything in the world. I also knew as well as she did, that this would never, ever happen again.

I held her to my chest as we caught our breath, I reached over and covered her with my jacket and we stayed in that position for at least a half hour or so. Her small frame against my naked chest, her hands in my chest hair, her soft breath on my chest, I stroked her silky hair and breathed in her exotic aroma. I was so turned on from the whole experience that I stayed hard inside her. As I stroked her hair, she would contract her pussy around me and I would do the same with my coc Over and over we played that game, grip, release, grip release, like a language, a message each other that we are here, we are one.

We parted that day still as friends. It didn’t seem awkward, as I thought it would. I won’t lie and say I didn’t want her desperately every time I saw her, but we both handled it with grace. Our discussions of music continued, but much less frequently, mostly at lunch. I told her I was lending her drum kit, a vintage 83 Tama black label kit with all hardware to ‘get it out of the garage’. She doesn’t know this yet, but I have gifted it to her.

Asami left our company a few ago, we IM each other every once in a while, “Do you need your drums back?” She’ll ask, “Nope, keep them as long as you want”, I’ll reply, that kind of thing. We see each other around town from time to time, because we live in the same area, each time we meet, we have a secret kind of message to each other; I’ll lean in, kiss her on the cheek, she whispers in my ear, “Dan, You look so much thicker” and I tell her, “Asami, you look so delicious”.
What's with all this face fucking then?
Posted:Oct 24, 2019 11:11 am
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2020 7:43 am

There I was, yesterday on the Grindr app, just minding my own business and looking at all the dicks, figuratively because that app shows no nudity unless you share with someone. But damn, do people have be such assholes?
Yes, is the answer that question, for sure.
I answer an add from a 40 year old guy, nice build, seems nice, nice huge cock pic, nice conversation. Did I mention he seemed nice?
So I blast over there, around a mile or so away, very convenient and not at all wasteful as far as I'm concerned; I'm trying do my best for the planet and drive my German luxury yacht as fast as I can so as not waste precious resources idling in traffic.
I get the apartment, the dude lets me in, I look around, nice apartment, could use a thorough cleaning, but whatever.
Guy whips off his shorts and sits on the couch. No beating around the bush, this guy, but cool.
I kneel between his legs and start suck his soft coc He starts grow in my mouth and that really gets going for some reason, I feel that cock getting bigger and bigger.
Right away he takes my head in his hands and starts shoving it down on his cock, moving his hips off of the couch and fucking my mouth hard and fast. I don't mind at first, sometimes that's kind of hot, plus he wasn't totally hard yet, so I was good to go.
But he started grow and grow, he had a huge dick, maybe a true 7-8 inches and very thic I have a questionable gag reflex as it is; if I can control what going down my throat, I can relax and take it, but he was kind of relentless and kept shoving his big cock down my throat. Plus, kneeling over him was not the best angle for this throat fucking action.
He was pretty vocal, which is sometimes nice, I love enthusiasm. When he let go of my head, I was able control things and took him deep, stroked his cock, he was moaning and moving with my strokes , then of course, he grabs my head and starts the face fucking again! I choked and and choked and tears were now spilling out of my eyes. When I choke, the saliva produced is slick, I pull my mouth off of him and breathe and stroke his huge cock with the slick saliva (name of my new heavy metal band).
I was having a difficult time trying not to rake his dick with my teeth, he said more than once: "watch the teeth, please". (A polite sadist, which is nice).
This went on for a while, he was close to cumming but wanted to cum while fucking my face and I just could not sustain it. I'll have to admit, there was a small part of my psyche that was a bit turned on by the forcefulness , but only a bit.
I kept coming up for air and apologizing for my choking and teeth.
Suddenly, he stood up and said, "let's go to the bedroom, I want to cum on your belly". Well, sure Mr. Man, why were we not there in the first place? Of course, I said yes, a bit hoarsely, you know, from my throat being relentlessly pounded by a huge dic
So we go into the bedroom, I whip off my clothes and lie back on the bed, pillow under my head. He climbs on top of , his huge cock on my stomach and starts humping away . This was actually really hot, I had his nice ass in one hand and his hard chest in the other as he humped away. "I love your big belly" he was saying as he started to cum. I reached down and jerked him off as he came all over my belly and hand.
He jumped off of me and fed me his dripping cock and I licked the cum off of him and sucked him softly until he started to deflate.
All together, not the worst encounter of my life, but I have to ask: What's with all this face fucking then?
Is that what porn is doing to us?
Should I have been more assertive?
Does everyone else here love getting throat pounded and I'm an anomaly?
Holy Shit! I meet a crossdressing goddess!
Posted:Sep 26, 2019 11:18 am
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Been quite a while since I've posted a story.
This story is 100% true! The names have been change to protect the not-innocent.

I wrote the story in a bunch of back and forth emails with a very nice guy I met on AdultFriendFinder but never did play with him. Still waiting!

From my email:

John, here is the story of the gorgeous cross dresser, enjoy!

I start chatting with an 18-year-old cross dresser that identified himself as female on AdultFriendFinder. (Almost 19, what? She reads at a college level).
Her name was Stacy, she described herself as very new and only had a very mysterious picture of herself in her profile.
The age was not the point, a selling point for sure, but she sent a picture that was out of this world (I'll send it if you'd like) and it drove me crazy wanting to meet her.

Anyhow, she says told me she had never been with a man, OK, who knows, right? We talk back and forth, I say I'd like to see her in more outfits, she says she is just starting to dress and doesn't really have much. So, I go to Castle super store in AJ, nice place, pick up many cute things (panties $8.99 or 5 for $20.00, I'm a sensible pervert, for damn sure), a few cute bra and pantie sets, and the small stainless steel jeweled butt plug shown in the picture.
She had mentioned when we were emailing how she wanted one with a tail on it, but that one was way more expensive...

Anyhow, I leave the house at around 11:00, going to meet at her place at 1:00. I tell the little wifey that I'm going to the drag races. I leave early enough to go shopping. As I'm traveling and shopping, she emails a couple of times postponing and moving the time so I really thought it probably would not happen. Said she wanted me to, upon the door opening, kiss her forcefully and lift her up by the ass while shoving my tongue in her mouth. Um..OK.
I'm fucking serious, this happened.
So finally, 2:00 it is.

I go up to the door, knock and wait for what seems like several minutes, shit, not going to happen.

Finally, and slowly, the door opens and she is there, taller than I expected, around 5'10" or so, dark Mideast complexion, high heels, tight form-fitting purple velvet knee length dress, smoky gorgeous makeup, lightly lipstick-ed lips, short boy hair, I think to myself; “Oh, fuck I'm in way over my head here...”
I walk in, we close the door and instantly I'm kissing her and grabbing that incredible ass, un-fucking believable ass actually, I kiss the inside of her neck, she seems to purr like a cat, groping, kissing like mad, me holding the bag of gifts in one hand like an idiot.

She takes me by the hand and guides me into her room, we are still making out like teenagers (well...) I pull the dress over her head and she is wearing a bustier type thing with black sheer panties underneath. She is so slim and that ass is so fucking hard and a perfect heart shaped bubble ass that I sit on the bed, turn her around and just start kissing her all over her ass.
I'll admit, she was a bit hairier than I expected, but not a problem, I assure you. I stroke her cock through the panties as I absolutely thank the universe for this moment and taste the small of her back above those hot lace panties.
I stand up and turn her to face me. She is stroking my cock through my jeans as we kiss and I'm off with those mother fuckers like they were full of spiders, (working on my similes).

She kneels before me and takes me fully into her gorgeous mouth. If I believed in a god, I'd have thanked him in this moment and devoted my life to him, (but there's that whole bone cancer in thing he won't fix so fuck him) but I digress.

So, our hero is standing there, cock in the mouth of a beautiful teenage boy/girl that is more gorgeous than anything I have ever seen and....
I must stop, I need to get some goddamned work done!
I swear to everything that is real that I'm not making this up.
Here is a pic...

Enjoy, I'll finish the story tomorrow, maybe this afternoon.
Meeting for coffee is cool, just remember, I like my coffee like I like my women, naked and with my cock in it..
Take care,

From John's email:

You’re like a walking male pussy magnet! There must be a line to be your wingman! lol. T girls just fascinate the shit out of me, everything you need all in one package. won't get pregnant, no period, doesn't go bat shit crazy, unless on hormones. and some are so beautiful they could be runway models, without the bat shit crazy part. Oh, loved the pic!

Just waking up, trying to transition back into one of you day walkers, why the fuck you people want to be awake during the day is beyond me. other than, in your case, to chase ass!

I got to HAAF in June 85, assigned to the blackhawk unit there, don't even remember what the unit designation was. We will have to catch up over coffee etc. on the old days. Oh ya, how you like your coffee.... I promise I won't laugh when I see your reaction to putting your junk in steaming hot coffee...or post to utube! lol.

This one unfortunately is a short one, the email you prev! the problem with days is they start out real busy right from the start. Again, that daywalker shit is the cause.

You are truly awesome my man, I really look forward to your wit, humor, and modern day style of Mark Twain prose. And when I catch a break I'll continue where I left off.

I bow before the master!


From my email:


I mean, can you fucking believe that?
I still cannot believe it.
We have emailed since Saturday a bit but I haven't heard from her in a few days.

Here is her pic, I know you wouldn't share with anyone, sharing the pic with the wifey is OK and encouraged actually, but had to ask.
She is so freaking gorgeous, she'll be a model someday.
I must be the luckiest person on the planet, I was in that moment, I assure you.
I'll regret it forever that I did not have the smarts to take more pics, she said she would model the things I bought and send them, but such is life.
Plenty of story left, will write more tomorrow.
Try not to work too hard.
He said hard...

From My Email:

Good morning John,
I had to actually do some work yesterday so I'm behind on the story. They said something about not paying me or whatnot, wasn't paying attention, but thought I'd complete some things to make them go away.
So, let's see, where were we?
Oh, right, standing upright, my hard cock in the mouth of a beautiful trans girl in hot lingerie, got it.

You could tell she was either new or just inexperienced, not knowing really what to do outside of just sucking on my cock, not complaining mind you, by a long shot. I was running my hands through her short hair and cupping her face in my hands as she explored me with her mouth. I was so keyed up that I needed to stop or I'd blow the whole thing then and there. I popped my cock out of her mouth and she looked up at me with those gorgeous smoky eyes and I just about lost it. I couldn’t help myself, I softly cooed: “Suck daddies balls a little, you are so fucking hot Stacy, I was just about to cum”. Or some such mindless babble. She opened wide, stuck out her tongue and moved in to place my balls in her mouth. Holy god, her head is in my hands and her mouth and tongue are doing sweet things to me. I could stand it no longer and had to disengage or the day would end here.

I had her stand up and face me, we were kissing passionately, exploring each other’s mouths with or tongues, I was softly biting her lower lip as she moaned into my mouth. I suggested she try on some of the things I brought.
We laid the frilly items out on the bed and went through them piece by piece. We decided on a pink frilly halter bra set with matching panties. I have awesome taste, I shit you not.

She went into the adjoining bathroom to change as I sat on the bed contemplating the universe and its magic as to how I, just a normal everyday guy, found myself in this position. It’s a good fucking universe.

When she came out of the bathroom, she was a vision to behold; she was so slim and her body was smooth throughout her tight torso and the pink lingerie looked like it was made just for her.

We were face to face and we started to kiss again and I moved to the base of her neck and breathed in the smell of her as I cupped that rock-hard ass and we ground our cocks together.

I moved her around and ground my cock into her ass covered by that lacy material, I had one hand around her caressing her stomach and the other in her hair at the back of her head as I started to kiss my way down her back. I reached down and stroked her hard, lace covered cock and she moaned and pushed her ass into my cock in circles; harder and harder.

I had her lay face down on the bed and ran my hands up her back and then back to that magnificent ass, truly a sight to behold; hard as a rock and shaped like a peach, a light cover of boy hair all over it and down the crack of it as if it were a trail for me to follow.
It was a trail for me to follow.

I was massaging her back and ass and every time I grabbed and massaged her ass it moved in circles as she ground her cock into the bed. I started at the small of her back and kissed and licked my way all around the lace panties as I massaged each beautiful orb.

I ran my mouth over the pink lace, down the center of her ass and breathed in the clean smell of her and breathed my hot breath into the lace. That little maneuver had her moaning and grinding like a person possessed. Very inspiring indeed. I pulled the panties down as she moved her ass in the air to help me get them off. I now have this beautiful ass staring me in the face, what to do? She's back grinding her cock into the bed now and I'm licking the crack of her ass slowly, teasing with my tongue and breathing into her ass. I open her legs and my tongue is now up and down deep into her and when I pass her little rosebud, I tease it only lightly and her ass comes up like a cat in heat. While her ass is up I take the opportunity to run my tongue onto her soft scrotum as I stroke her lovely hard cock. I lick down her shaft and around the tip, popping it my mouth for a quick taste then continue to tongue her balls. I had asked her in our emails if she liked to be touched and sucked, she was very enthusiastically in favor of it, and thank you very much for asking.

She is now on her knees, ass in the air, head down on the bed, and I'm circling her rosebud with my tongue and it's driving us both ape-shit. I'm about to spontaneously erupt but I can hang for the moment. I stroke her hard cock, slick with saliva, and start to push my tongue into her ass, light poke, teasing, then as deep as I can go as she is now moaning and grinding on my face and calling me daddy, which is nice, to be quite honest.

If I could have had a heart attack and died at that moment I would have been just fine with that. The explanation to my wife and two daughters (from 1st wife) would have been interesting and would no doubt be talked about in the annals of family history for the known future if not forever, but I don't care, I'd be dead. But I didn't succumb and soldiered on like a troop.

This went on for maybe 10 minutes, I don't know, I was wearing my watch but it was hard to see without my glasses and the time was really not that important at the moment so...

She was really responding to my antics and I flipped her over on her back. I moved up her body with my lips, kissing and licking her hard stomach, teasing her belly button, my hands at her hips, teasing each nipple for a bit before kissing her deep and hard, my hand on the back of her neck forcing her to me, our cocks now touching, grinding together.

I suddenly thought of the butt plug! Hey! I reached over and pulled it out of its velvet bag and lightly passed the cold steel tip along her lips, teasing her with it. She turned on her side, one leg farther up than the other with her ass exposed and I started to tickle her with the tip. "It's cold!" she said laughing, I held it in my hand to warm it up while I massaged her beautiful ass, balls and cock with my other hand. I licked the steel and placed it at the entrance to her little hole, and teased it a bit, in a little and out, I was so fixated on watching that ass that when I looked up I was surprised to see her looking directly into my eyes with a look of lust that I don't think I've ever seen in my life, but want to, again and again.

Little by little I pushed it in until it popped into place and she practically yelled "Oh my god that feels so good daddy!" which, you know, was just the effect I was looking for, if truth be told.

I've never seen anything as hot as this, so let's preserve the moment in pictures, right? She was all for it and I fumbled with the phone for a few funny seconds and took the shots. I ran my tongue all around the jewel and slathered her smooth balls with my tongue. I was between her legs with her smooth hard cock in my mouth and tugging lightly on the jewel to put pressure on her little hole and it was driving her crazy.

Wow, life sure is funny; one day you’re working your boring job all day, the next you are twirling your tongue around a jeweled butt plug up the ass of a gorgeous girl in pink lingerie that happens to have a nice hard cock. But let’s move on from this happy contemplation.

This was so fucking hot. Really quite hot. Wait a minute, it literally is so fucking hot, the temperature in the room felt like it was about 110 degrees and I was really sweating now, she didn't seem to mind but I needed to cool down, and fast, I was burning up. I can't imagine why.

I told her I was burning up and I laid back on the bed with pillows under my head. She says she wanted to try on more clothes, and tried to walk away with the plug still in place, couldn't do it so she bent over, ass in my face and she slowly pulled it out, god damn.

She went into the bathroom to change and I was laying on the bed drenched in sweat and started to think.

'Never Think When Boning' is my mantra and a country song I wrote back in the day, but I did begin to think: "Jesus fucking Christ, this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, she wants me to fuck her, she said in her emails that she wants me bareback, can I do that? Are those sheets from Target? Why is it so fucking hot in here? Is that a Godzilla action figure over there? That A/C unit sounds like it needs serviced. Where are my socks? Wonder what time the Dbacks are on today?" And oh shit, that rigid fucking boner started to deflate like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon that was deflating like some big sweating mother fucker’s boner.

This has happened to me before; March 24th, 1987, wife giving me a fantastic blowjob in the car after graduating from aviation technical school. I graduated 'Soon-to-cum-louder' and the wife was proud of her man and was showing me in a most delicious way. As that beautiful blonde head bobbed up and down on my knob, for some fucking stupid reason, I began to try to deduce why the bored out 396 big-block engine in the SS Chevelle we were desecrating was breaking rocker arms at high RPMs and blam, no boner. This particular incident was a point of contention and teasing until the wife's incident with the self-waxing kit and my subsequent solution involving WD-40 that happened in the spring of 1995, so then we were even. But I’m off of the story.

Hey man, you wanted real, this is real! Maybe I'll edit this section out for publication though I will say, as a plot device it's somewhat necessary; puts a human feel to the story and without disappointment and potential failure, how does the hero prove he is the hero?

I best get to work, have a great weekend John, if you get that kind of thing...


From John's email:

When you had the 396 bored out did you upgrade the rockers to a race spec alloy rocker AND shaft? you didn't mention you had bent push rods so I'm assuming those were upgraded.
Had to get the important stuff out of the way first! lol.
You violated the cardinal rule, as opposed to violating the young lady in question, NEVER let the BIG head assume command when the LITTLE head has it all under control. It's like a West Point LT. trying to tell a Command Sgt Major he's doing it wrong. I have to give you credit, your one honest dude! Your buddies would never let you live it down. However, being the kind and sympathetic person that I am, you still have my support and we shall not speak of that moment ever again....unless I need leverage for something. Not that it's EVER happened to me... but i hear you can play it off as if you planned it. "No darling it's fine, I really like it when you take me from soft to hard again" it worked for me..errr, my friend, I meant to say my friend!
Well, did you a least get a rain check? That little honey pot has got to be tighter than Warren Buffett's purse strings. Inquiring minds want to know, pics wouldn't hurt either. Yeah, getting greedy here, no proof without pics!
You do live a charmed life, how you just waltz into these situations is beyond me, I'd probably have to pay for the experiences your racking up!
Now, about that Chevelle.....

From my email:

Good morning John,

All car talk behind us now, this was quite obviously the first time I had ever messed with someone like this! I've been with guys, you know, big hairy guys with beards that dressed in their wife's clothes before (OK, once) but this was an entirely different thing. She was a girl, in manner, in smell, in taste, her voice, almost everything...

But fret not, the hero does gather forces and rises to the occasion in a manner that would not bring shame upon his family and colleagues, but like life, there can be no redemption without the fall.

I'll finish that story later, must go do manly things, I have a T-bucket in the garage that needs welding done, how fucking goddamn manly is that!? I can feel the testosterone overload as we speak, I need to fuck something now...

From my email:

Hey John,
I’m just hanging out, watching baseball and I thought I’d try to finish the story! I’m on the iPad, a little harder to compose with but that’s kind of a first world problem, isn’t it?

So, I get up off the bed, still sweating like a pig and she has a few towels on the chair, quite the little hostess, I might add. I take one and dry off as much as I can and sit back down with my back propped up with pillows. I’m stroking my cock, not panicking yet but getting close. I was thinking of asking god for help but since he couldn’t save millions of Jews during the holocaust, he probably wasn’t going to help sweaty Dan fuck a teenage cross-dressing goddess in the ass so I bagged that idea.

She came out of the bathroom in her new outfit. She mentioned in the email exchange that she had never worn stockings, so when I went shopping, I bought a pair of stockings, black, thigh high and with little bears peaking over the top of them, strippers wear them with school girl skirts, or so I’m led to believe.

Holy fuck, those tall ass legs and those stockings. The bra and pantie set was shiny black with chrome rings and lace like dominatrix meets Japanese school girl kind of thing. Things are looking better...

She is so fucking sweet, says nothing of my situation, and crawls fully on top of me and shoves her tongue deep into my mouth. She’s between my legs and grinding into me as we make out like it was the last thing we’d ever do. She kisses her way down until she pulls my hand away and takes me into her mouth. I feel a reboot is in the works! I pull her off my cock and with her face cradled in my hands, start telling her exactly what I need. I push her into my balls as I take her hand in mine and start stroking my now growing dick. I tell her to suck daddy’s balls as she bathes me with her tongue, my god, the visual was incendiary, her ass in the air kneeling, that beautiful face between my legs.
Suddenly, yay! The theme from Raider of the Lost Arc plays (in my head) and I was back in business like a MF. She was taking direction quite well, I told her to run her tongue around the head of my cock, now down the shaft, open a little, rub my cock on your lips, it was as if she would do anything I said. Imagine the possibilities. I told her to kiss me, she moved up, ground our hard cocks together as her tongue popped into and out of my mouth. I told her to suck my nipples, I put her hand on my chest and had her pull my chest hair and told her to softly bite my nipples.

Now I’m facing the opposite problem, I’m about to blast like something that blasts really, really hard (still working on those similes). She’s back between my legs now with my balls firmly ensconced in her mouth and I grab her hand that’s stroking me and cut off my inevitable orgasm. I’m holding her hand tight around my cock and tell her she’s so fucking hot that she’s making me come. She says, “I want you to”, I say “I’m not ready”, she says “yes”, I say “no, not yet”.

I’m holding her hand tight around my rock-hard dick and I’m leaking precum, the head turning bright red. She starts licking the shiny liquid and she is circling the head of my cock with her tongue and planting kisses on my knuckles that are holding my cock like I was choking the fuck out of my worst enemy, that fucker. Now, I had saved up for this moment, almost a week, possibly a world record for me, I’m going to come now whatever I do, I can’t take it anymore. I loosen up ever so slightly and pow! The first shot flies about three feet in the air, I shit you not! I’m not a guy that cums mildly and quietly, I orgasm hard, it feels like my whole body is pushed through the head of my dick, and it’s so intense it’s almost to be described as painful but it’s not, just intense. Often my partner will ask me if I’m OK afterwards and that’s nice to be asked, thank you very much...

Anyhow, three fucking feet, not a record but goddamn impressive for a guy deep into his fifth decade on the planet. She squeals with delight and wonder, I swear, like she had never seen this before, “Oh my god daddy!” she almost yelled and immediately her lips clamped down on the head of my cock. Well, that’s fucking it, I'm coming and coming and I’m watching her swallow me and release me, and cum is spurting and she’s catching what she can and I’m watching the hottest show in the world and my cock knows it. Her hand is still in my hand around my dick and we are stroking every drop out of me and she is lapping every bit as if it’s ice cream and moaning and licking our hands clean. Un-fucking believable.

I feel I’ve been coming for ten minutes! We are both laughing now at the intensity, I have no idea what I told her in the moment, probably offered to buy her a car, but I can give a fuck now. It’s was worth a car. She tells me in the sweetest voice and with wonder that I taste so sweet daddy, which is always nice to hear a person say, I shit you not.

I pulled her on top of me and kiss her like mad. I can taste my cum on her lips and her tongue, she is so hot and sweet that I think nothing of it and it actually turns me on even further. We make out for a few minutes softly and sweetly. She then lays down on top of me with her head on my chest and I wrap her tightly in my arms. We lay like that for almost a half hour, just breathing, smelling her hair, stroking her face and back and just being there. I may lose my street cred as a macho guy here, (probably too late) but I’ll admit that laying there with her in my arms was the best part of the entire encounter.
Three fucking feet! A goddamned yard.

Anyhow, it’s now starting to get late and I really must go.
I begin to massage her back and down towards her ass and she starts slowly moving in circles, grinding her now growing cock into me. I tell her to move up a bit and I start to massage her ‘clit’ she calls it, cute, right? She’s breathing into my neck getting excited, I tell her I’m going to take care of her and eat her pussy, would you like that.? I was answered with the enthusiastic affirmative.

We swap places and I spread her legs like I would any woman and start by kissing her hard and deep, I move down and shower her chest and stomach with licks and kisses while I stroke her beautiful hard cock, little smaller than me, brown skin, smooth, tasty. I’m between her legs and treat her cock as I would a pussy, tease, brush it lightly with my lips, kiss her inner thighs, bathe her scrotum with my tongue and try not to touch her. It’s driving her crazy and she tries to stroke her cock but I take both of her hands in mine and keep them away as I tease and tease. She’s moaning and thrashing as I move my lips up and down her shaft, breathing into it but trying not to touch it. I slowly taste more and more of her as I move up and down her shaft. “Oh daddy, you are going to make me come!” Whew.

I take her fully in my mouth and she starts to come, and come she does. Oh, to be a again. She comes and comes and I’ve never had so much cum and it’s sweet and delicious and her hands are all over my bald head as if shoving me into her pussy as she comes and comes. I swallow her and stroke her and savor every drop of her. Good lord. I clean up every spilled drop and then we lay side by side kissing and stroking until I say I have to go sweetie.
So that’s that, I swear it’s fucking true, every bit. She had said she was willing to take pics in the emails we were swapping, and I guess I was so blown away by the situation that I just spaced it. At least I got the little jewel shots! I didn’t get to fuck her and that’s OK, maybe one day...

We emailed a few times since, I can tell she’s very busy with school and whatever 19 (her birthday was Tuesday) year old’s do.
I’d sell my soul to get back with her, but I can’t imagine that’s worth too much.
So that’s the saga of Big Dan and his very happy Saturday afternoon, all and all, probably the best Saturday I’ve ever spent, but there’s still time.
So, John, tell me, when’s a good time to get together? I don’t really need a coffee meet, unless you insist, just get together, get naked and let nature take over? Sounds like a good time to me.
Enjoy your weekend,
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Holy shit! I deflower a bisexual virgin!
Posted:Jul 18, 2018 3:01 pm
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2020 10:57 am

I put these stories on the Erotic Stories section of AdultFriendFinder also, just to see if they'll get more exposure.
Believe me, these stores are all 100% true, I shit you not.
Enjoy, comment if you'd like!

I took the day off this particular Friday, just to get some things done, I was supposed to meet early with my regular plaything; the National Guard dude, but he fell through, so I placed an ad on Craigslist Personals, I’m hosting (the magic words for us DL married guys) said how I loved new guys and curious etc...
A nice guy answers the ad, says he’s 40, 6'3" in shape, his first time ever, never even touched another cock, always wanted to play etc... We e-mail back and forth a few times and I convinced him to come over!
I quickly hit the shower and went to the garage to set up my man cave. I’ve hosted a few times there before and works out well. I started the air conditioner, laid out a quilt over a pile of packing blankets, went into the house, grabbed some throw pillow and then stepped back to see my work. This will do fine!
He showed up, which was surprising, I’ve gotten no-shows from guys losing their nerve before. I had done it myself, sadly. I had my laptop hooked up to my TV and had some very hot bi porn playing. I opened the garage door to let him in and closed the door after him. He was a very nice-looking guy, taller than I thought, slim like a runner, sandy blonde hair; very pleasant. I shook hand with him and introduced myself, I’m like that, and he said his name was Allen. He was very nervous, said he didn’t know what to do.
We made our way over to where the blankets were spread out. We were standing facing each other and kind of watching the porn on the TV. He said, “That’s really hot” a teenage guy and girl (legal age of course) were both sucking a huge cock, sharing, kissing, having a spectacular time, it seemed. I reached down and started to caress the front of his jeans, I think it startled him a little, but then he leaned in and let me stroke him more as he reached down and did the same to me. “Is this OK?” I asked, he was glancing at the porn, then looking at me and I could tell the eye contact made him a bit more nervous so I looked down where I was stroking the front of his jeans. “Yes, it’s nice” he managed to say. I could feel his cock stating to harden under my touch. I had to be careful here, I thought, I didn’t want to scare him away. I moved and started to unbuckle his belt. He let me. I unbuttoned the top snap of his jeans and opened the zipper. He had nice blue underwear on and I reached in and cupped his cock and balls over the material. He moaned and almost lost his balance and steadied himself by reaching out and grabbing my shoulder, his grip was strong and he kept his hand there as I played with him for a few seconds. I reached under the spandex at the top of his briefs just a little, and traced the outline of them across his tight hard abs, the back of my hand on the warm skin. Now I’m usually attracted to big bellied guys for some reason, maybe because I’m one myself and want to help a brother out? Maybe. But his smooth hard torso was a fucking thrill and I was going to take every advantage of this opportunity.
I pulled him towards me with his underwear, I wanted him off balance a bit and liked his hand on my shoulder. I had one hand pulling him towards me and the other circled around the waistband to touch the skin all the way around to his back and slipped my hand down the back of his briefs to cup his ass. What an ass I found there! Smooth and hard as a rock. I pulled his pants and shorts down with me as I knelt before him, one smooth motion and I was face to face with his growing cock. He was smallish and uncut. I definitely do not have a preference for size whatsoever, all good to me, I do prefer cut, just because they look cleaner, I guess is a good way to put it. He was completely shaved, no pubic hair at all, so very hot. He reached down and whipped off his shirt, now he was naked except for the jeans and underwear pooled around his ankles, still holding my shoulder lest he fall over. I reached up and ran my hand up his tight abs and over his chest. He had light blondish hair from his navel to a nice worked out almost hairless chest. I couldn’t help myself, I laid my head in the middle of his stomach and pulled him into me by my hands around that tight ass. His cock was under my chin as I planted kisses on his stomach and all around his cock, teasing him. He had one hand now on my head pushing me into him and caressing me. The morning was coming along quite well….
I took his cock into my mouth, he moaned and I could feel it growing as I held him there for a few seconds. I released him and bathed his smooth very large balls with my tongue. There is something about the smell of a man and for that matter a woman that drives me crazy, it’s not that soapy shower smell, that’s part of it, but more that primal scent that we have when we are excited that really cranks me up. His cock was growing a bit more. I took him back into my mouth and cupped and played with his balls as he grew a little more. He was starting to get harder and harder. The somewhat smaller cock that he first displayed was growing at an almost unbelievable rate. I backed off a bit and started to stroke his cock now slick with saliva. I pulled his foreskin back exposing his head and ran my tongue around and around and then back in my mouth blowing him and licking and sucking. His cock was now at maximum size, I couldn’t believe the cock that grew from those meager beginnings, he was now probably 7 inches at least, thick and tasty, warm and solid in my mouth.
I looked up at him and I asked him what he was looking to try and he said, “Everything”, which was like music to my ears. I stood up and he took my shirt off and pulled my basketball shorts down. I was free-balling as one often does when dressing for hot guy encounters in one’s man caves. His warm hands grabbed my cock and started to stroke it gently. “I’ve never held another cock before in my life” he said, “What do you think?” I managed to get out. “Whew, it’s so warm and the skin is so soft, I like it a lot”. “Let’s lay down” I said.
He laid down with his head propped up on the pillows, giant dick sticking up towards his chest. I knelt beside him and was touching him all over, massaging his chest, lightly brushing those abs. I wanted to touch every inch of this man.
I knelt beside his head and asked him if he wanted to try sucking me. “Oh yes” was his enthusiastic answer. I had one hand on my cock and one hand on the back of his head, fingers in his hair. I brought my cock to his lips, I could see drops of pre-cum on the tip of my cock as I lightly touched the tip to his lips and painted his lower lip with the shiny liquid like it was lipstick. His tongue snaked out and touched the tip of my cock tasting it, then tasting his bottom lip. “Oh wow, that tastes good, I’ve tasted mine but” he said as if my cock was a microphone. He opened his mouth and took me in. It felt heavenly, so warm, so tentative, not quite sure what to do but moaning into my cock making his throat vibrate making me want to abandon being nice and fuck his mouth hard like I was mad at it. But I held back; let him find his way. He took me deep as he could then started to suck in and out faster and faster; he probably saw this in porn and thought it was the thing to do. It is not the thing to do.
I pulled out of his mouth and said “Slow, take it slow” He said’ “I want you on top of me” I moved until I was straddling his face, almost sitting on his chest. It was a bit awkward at first until he got his arms where he wanted. His head was still up on pillows and I lifted my cock up and placed my balls into his waiting mouth. He was eagerly lapping and sucking each of my nuts as I rubbed my cock on his smooth shaved face. He took me into his mouth again and I had my hands on both sides of his head, my fingers in his hair and slowly, very slowly fed my cock into his mouth as his lips closed over it. The feeling was exquisite, as I very slowly fucked his mouth and pulled out occasionally to have him lick my balls. He was a fast learner alright.
“I want to try something” He said, once I pulled my cock out of his mouth of course not talking with his mouth full, you know, like a gentleman, “Lie down”. I did what he suggested; I lay down in the same spot he was, head propped up on the pillows. He moved over and on top of me to 69 me, what a fantastic idea Allen had, right up there with democracy and quite possibly the infield fly rule. He moved into position and that tight runner’s ass was right in my face. I decided to take advantage of that and before he could lay on top of me I pulled him down so that he was literally sitting on my face. I think that was completely unexpected to him and he moved to give me some space but I held him in place and immediately put my tongue on his hole. That really had a great effect and he was moaning and grinding his ass into me and I could hardly breathe and I was stroking his cock as I ate his ass like a fat eating someone’s ass like an even fatter eating a pie at a pie eating contest. (I’m Working on my similes and metaphors; how do you think It’s going so far?)
I had to push him off my face or I was going to pass out, he laid down atop me and engulfed my cock with his mouth and I wriggled under him to suck him. We were now in the hottest 69 I’ve ever experienced, at least with a guy, that is; his weight on me like a warm blanket and his mouth was doing wonders on my hard dick. I found myself unable to breathe again, his thick hard cock in my mouth left me little room and I was getting lightheaded. I rolled with him over on our side neither of us releasing the cocks in our mouths; this was much better without all the imminent death hanging over my head and such. Both of us had to stop the other and wait a little or we’d cum way too soon and that was the last thing I wanted at that moment. I had my thumb moving gentle circles around his saliva slicked asshole and he gyrated his hips in response, he really loved my touch there and that drove me on.
We were both moaning and groping and touching everything we could get our hands on. “I want you to cum on my cock” Allen said, upon releasing my cock from the warm grip of his mouth. I was on fire and needed to blow, I was not going to make it much further. He laid back on the quilt with is head on the pillows and started to jack that fine cock up and down, an expert in jacking his own dick, obviously. I took a kneeling position, one leg between his thighs and our cocks together. He took both of our cocks in his hands and stroked them up and down together, sliding on each other in the mix of saliva and pre-cum. His cock was so warm and hard on mine that I could stand it no more and I started to cum and cum hard all over his hot cock. I grabbed my dick and stroked the cum out while thrashing about and calling out to various gods, demi-gods, old girlfriends, family pets and other assorted entities as I came and came all over his dick.
He was now using my cum to jack himself off, I was mesmerized watching him, I was playing with his balls with one hand and my other hand almost finger fucking him, I was totally fascinated with his hand going up and down that big dick slick with cum, the head disappearing when the foreskin enveloped it.
Suddenly, he was convulsing and he came like a fountain, if that fountain was dick shaped and spewed white cum out of it. I couldn’t believe it, his cum flew in a thick stream up his whole body and hit him square in the face! I’ve never see anything like it, he kept cumming and cumming in huge ropes of white cum reminding me of stepping on the Elmer’s Glue bottle in 5th grade and seeing it shoot all over Mrs. Sharp’s ankles, a sight that now upon further reflection, may have shaped the course of my sexual proclivities more that I realized up until now but I digress. I bent over quickly and took his still orgasming cock into my mouth and swallowed what I could, there was plenty left as he still came and came. I kept his cock in my mouth, moving my tongue around, tasting the cum from both of our cocks until he started to relax and his rock-hard monster started to slowly lose its strength. He was still shaking and moaning as I licked the cum off his hard stomach on to his chest, then back sucking his spent cock for one more taste.
After a few minutes, we stood up and got dressed, the action was still playing on the screen. I opened the fridge and gave him a beer. We drank our beer and watched the porn on the screen not saying much, just catching our breath. We parted with a handshake and said our goodbyes.
I got an email from him a few days later thanking me for the wonderful and eye-opening experience. He said he was guilt ridden by cheating on his wife and would probably never do it again. I was bummed out of course, but wished him well. I don’t believe for one second he’ll not do it again.

First time blog post! Let me tell you a story?
Posted:Jul 3, 2018 9:48 am
Last Updated:May 12, 2020 2:44 pm

Among some of my other talents, or at least interests, is the written word. I love to write and communicate. A hard thing to do on AdultFriendFinder. Many people just want to fuck, damn the conversation. I respect that, I really do, but opening up oneself with writing to me is very freeing and very erotic.
I realize there is now a section for erotic stories, but they all seem to be fantasies, this story is as real as I can make it, no bullshit.
If you like it, please respond.
If not, what the hell is wrong with you?
Here it is, the story of the ex wife and the discovery of my secret porn stash.

Back about 15 years ago, I was married to my first wife, Bobbie, tall, 5'10", 120lbs, blonde, beautiful perky little b cup titties (I'm a sucker for a streamlined woman) long legs, pert little ass and very, very gorgeous. I have a knack, I shit you not, of attracting gorgeous women and unfortunately, marrying them, anyhow, she was the classic nympho, which sounds great, until she's fucking everyone else also, but that’s another story.
Bobbie was my dream, the first thought that entered my head when I saw her the first time was: “I’m going to marry that woman” and I sure as hell did just that. But on to the story.
I came home from work one day; we were highly in tune with each other to the point that I could tell pulling into the driveway that something was off, something was wrong, and I had one of those feelings. The were gone doing teenage girl things and I entered the dead silent house wondering what the problem was. I walked through the house and into the bedroom calling her name and stopped dead in my tracks when I walked through the door. She had found my super-secret porn stash.
This was pre-internet days, magazines and VHS tapes were the name of the game, which meant you had to stash all of it in very creative ways. I guess not creative enough. My stash was spread out all over the bed. I about had a heart attack. She was aware that I had porn, of course, but this was the type of porn that I had to hide in the secret stash; Barely Legal girls with shaved pussies (of course) and even more troubling, MMF bi porn and straight out hardcore gay porn.
I thought she was going to freak the fuck out. She started asking me about the , what was the attraction, was it the hairless pussies? Did I prefer no hair at all? Well, that was fairly fucking obvious right? I was trying to stammer my way through a reply when she pulled up the long skirt that she had on; she had no panties on and she had shaved all of her pussy hair off. I took this as a positive sign so I started to relax a little. She had very light blonde barely-there pubic hair anyhow, but seeing that smooth pussy really got me going and made me wonder what the fuck is about to go down.
She started to leaf through the gay porn mags, as I stood there looking stupid. I was hoping in the back of my mind that she didn’t know what they were, but that was ridiculous. I just stood there very fucking humiliated, I mean, I'm the man, you know? Big, burly, bring home the kill kind of guy. “So, what is this?” she asked. I couldn’t think of a thing to say. She had opened a page on which two beefy guys were locked into a 69 with giant cocks in each other’s mouths. “Is this what you want?” “No” I stammered. So why do you have it? Do you want to fuck guys now?” I tried to figure out an answer that would ease the situation but nothing came to mind, I just stood there, thinking I’d never get to taste that shaved pussy now. “Does this turn you on?” “Yes” I managed to get out. “Why?” “I don’t know why” I was shaking now, scared of what this is going to turn into, was she going to leave me? What would my family and friends think when this got out that my wife left me over gay porn? But she did flash me that shaved pussy, so maybe there is hope.
“Show me why it turns you on” she said after a few minutes of paging through the magazines on the bed. I picked up one of the tapes that had bi MMF scenes and put it in the machine as she moved to the top of the bed in her normal watching TV position. Maybe the gorgeous women with the guys would temper down the shock of two men fucking, at least that’s what I was hoping for. We often watched girl on girl porn, she loved that, so my hopes were starting to rise. We lay back, side by side on the bed to watch. I was extremely nervous and still had my work uniform on.
The video started like any other porn, but with one gorgeous girl and two muscled buff guys with huge cocks. Standard stuff; eat her pussy, she sucks both of their dicks, and on we go.
The girl was sucking this huge cock as the guy lay back on the bed and the other guy starts sucking the hard cock with her. They are kissing and sucking, up and down that gorgeous dick. I could tell Bobbie was getting turned on, squirming a bit, moving her hips; she was absolutely transfixed on the action.
The guys in the film now moved into the 69 position and started to really suck those huge dicks into each other’s throats. The beautiful girl moved into position and started rimming the guy on top, seriously fucking hot action. Bobbie just said under her breath “oh my god" and said she had never seen anything like that. By now her hand was up her skirt and she was grabbing at my growing cock through my work pants.
We both stripped our clothes off as if they were on fire and she attacked my cock with her mouth like she would devour it whole all while watching the video out of the corner of her eye. Bobbie absolutely loved having cock in her mouth and always knew exactly how to work my dick, but this was something entirely new; the pure spell of lust that she was under had me gasping for breath and thinking about baseball in the effort to not come then and there.

On the video, one stud flipped the other over and started to eat his ass, his legs in the air, his ass open and he was eating his ass and popping each large ball into and out of his mouth. She was absolutely the most horned up woman I have ever seen. She seemed to get an attitude, a dominate streak going; like she was still pissed off and was going to make me pay for this. Bobbie was always my equal when it came to instigating sex and taking control, we each enjoyed making the other do what we want, but this was different, she was like a woman possessed. She made me get on my knees facing the TV, got behind me, opened my ass cheeks and started to tongue fuck my ass. I couldn’t believe it, just eating me out like she was starving. This was a first.

I think that there is no better feeling in the world, I had done it to her many, many times, so she knew. My god did it feel good. I was basically in the doggie position, my ass in the air and my gorgeous wife’s tongue up my ass, the day was coming along quite nicely. I had never felt something like that before; she opened my ass cheeks as far as they would go and I felt her hot slick pointy tongue push past me and into my ass. She was teasing my ass with her fingers now, lubed up with all that saliva and popping in and out of my hole, aggressively starting to fuck me with her fingers. It felt painful and humiliating in some manner and I tried to pull away, I needed pussy, goddamn it, and this hurt. But she was in charge now and she was insistent that she was going to fuck my ass with her fingers, as a punishment. I had experimented with dildos and vibrators up my ass of course, who didn’t? But this was out of my control.

She wriggled her way under me and started to suck my dick with her fingers still in my ass. I’m a big guy and always was cognizant of not smothering my much smaller wife, but she pulled me down so that my cock was down her throat and she was fucking my ass with her fingers. It was just too much; I couldn’t stop for the life of me and came like a mother fucker, down her throat, trying to pull out thinking she’d choke as she continued to fuck me with her fingers and holding me deep into her throat, I came and came in my wife’s mouth like never before. Whew.

One thing about Bobbie, she was always had the wettest pussy I had ever encountered in my life, bar none, genuinely turned on all the time. I ate her pussy and used our favorite vibrator on her until while she watched the video action until she came as hard as I did.

The next day was Saturday.
We had talked after last night’s action of going out and finding some serious toys. We went to an upscale porno shop in Salt Lake City no less to pick out a strap-on. We had visited this shop many times, Bobbie had been tattooed here a few months back. High end, very nice, clean, and full of tattooed college girls as sales clerks. Allowing those hot pierced sales girls to help us to pick out the right cock that was going to fuck me was one of the most erotic things I've ever done. Bobbie was relishing the role, some of the girls knew her from the tattoo session, I was relegated to the submissive role, they talked about which one would feel the most real, which one would hurt me, as if I was a piece of meat ready to get cooked.

Now it’s the night after shopping for the dildo, Saturday night.
We had eaten dinner and had a few drinks and I hit the shower.
We knew a hot fuck session was going to happen, so I'm on the bed, naked of course, and she tells me to wait and goes into the bathroom. I'm sitting there stroking my dick when I hear the door open; holy shit, she is naked, with thigh-high black leather (probably vinyl) boots on, and the strap-on harnessed around her waist and nothing else. I'm telling you, she is a smoking hot woman, at the time she had short blonde hair, lightly tanned skin (she's 1/2 native) and a large purple cock sticking out of her crotch. Jesus Fucking Christ. Where did those fucking boots come from?

She slowly gets on the bed like a cat would, works he way up and straddles my chest, the cock now hitting me in the face. "Suck it" she says. I start sucking the cock like I've seen in a hundred pornos, up and down, licking the head, the whole works, she's getting off on the sight, holding me by the hair (I had hair then) and making me gag on that dick. I could smell her pussy and it was driving me crazy, she is always entirely and utterly wet, anyhow, I grabbed the cock and licked my way down to her pussy lips. I was smelling the rubber of the cock, the leather of the harness and her sweet pussy, it was driving me wild. She was so wet and sweet; her pussy lips were trapped between the leather straps between her legs making her clit stick out. She would grind her pussy into my face as she stroked that cock like a real dick, she came and came on my face, I thought I'd drown on her pussy juice, what a way to go.

She dropped down and started to blow me, long strokes, sucking my balls, almost making me blow. She pushed my legs up to my ears and started to tongue fuck my ass, I was open like a woman would be, vulnerable and a little scared, just like the video! It was so fucking hot. As she was tonging me, she slipped a finger in, I was a bit surprised and clenched up like before, she gabbed some lube and lubed up my ass and her fingers and started to fuck me, sucking my dick at the same time. She got two fingers up there and I was getting kind of uncomfortable and it hurt like hell.
The dominatrix that was hiding in her came out then. She pushed my legs up further and started teasing my asshole with that big purple cock. She rubbed the cock up and down my ass teasing me by pressing it against and into my hole until I cried out to stop and then backing away. I admit, it was feeling pretty good, the in and out teasing. She started pressing it in a bit further and I was begging her to stop. My ass was being violated and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I looked at her as she was staring intently at what she was doing to my poor ass and saw the determination and power in her face that she was not going to stop. It hurt so fucking bad, so much pressure.
The cock started to push in. I could tell it was only in a few inches, maybe less, I begged her to pull it out, that there was no fucking way it could fit and she had to stop. She started to draw it out and I relaxed and thought she had relented and was done with this. She sensed that I had relaxed and she popped that cock in my ass past the head. Holy fuck, it was both a relief and so painful at the same time. I was almost crying that it hurt so bad and she was now cooing to me softly to “relax lover, just relax baby, let me move it a little now” She started to push a little, then pull a little, the rubber of the cock was pulling me in and out with the tugging and hurt so bad. “Please, more lube, please” I gasped. She stopped and grabbed the lube while that cock just sat there in my ass. She was softly talking to me as if I were a that needed to settle down, her dusky voice like velvet. She poured the cold lube on my balls and started to work it around the cock and into my ass, pulling out a little, fingers circling my ass and the cock, as she pressed in a little. It hurt so fucking bad but now it was slick and started sliding with ease. In and out, a millimeter at time, the lube pushing past the cock into my ass making it juicier and slicker.

I started to feel this warm rush sensation in the back of my neck, spreading from my head, down my shoulders and into my arms. I had never felt anything like it. The cock was now slowly moving an inch or two at a time and the warm rush was intensifying and growing. I started to feel the warm sensation at the point that the cock was now slowly moving in and out of me. It started to feel really fucking good. She was stroking my cock as she fucked me, it felt amazing. I was somewhat embarrassed that my cock was not rock hard, but the sensations in my ass were taking over now. I wanted longer strokes and begged for it, she complied, the cock went into the hilt then out almost to the head, I cried out, “please don’t pull it out!” In and out she is now fucking me in my ass like a possessed woman; intently staring at the cock moving in and out, her sweat dripping all over me as he banged her husband’s ass.

I couldn't take it anymore, the warm feeling was now a hot fucking fire, I was being fucked royally and I couldn’t take it anymore and begged her to pull out, we were both sweating and so enveloped in lust that I had tears pouring from my eyes; Bobbie had one hand pushing my left leg up and one gripping the hair on my chest so hard I was crying as she fucked and fucked me. My cock was now rock hard and I started stroking myself, Bobbie slapped my hand away and with no warning, popped the purple dick out of my ass and shoved my cock all the way down to the balls in her mouth. The cock coming out of my ass was so fucking painful and so much of a relief that I started to cum like I’ve never cum before. Someone once asked me, a girl on a sex forum, what it’s like for a man to orgasm. I tried to explain that for me, it was as if this huge hot wave that starts at the base of my neck grows and intensifies until I shoot my whole entire body out of the head of my cock. This was a hundred times that feeling. I came and came, all the while she is massaging my now sore as fuck asshole. I was cumming like a fucking madman and was so delirious I didn't notice that she had climbed on top of me, and engulfed my dick with her sopping wet pussy, I was still hard as fuck and she started to kiss me with my load of cum in her mouth, I was so turned on, it didn't matter, her cum bathed tongue was deep in my mouth as she came and came on my cock with the purple cock trapped between us.


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