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First time blog post! Let me tell you a story?  

BigDandeMan1962 58M  
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7/3/2018 9:48 am
First time blog post! Let me tell you a story?

Among some of my other talents, or at least interests, is the written word. I love to write and communicate. A hard thing to do on AdultFriendFinder. Many people just want to fuck, damn the conversation. I respect that, I really do, but opening up oneself with writing to me is very freeing and very erotic.
I realize there is now a section for erotic stories, but they all seem to be fantasies, this story is as real as I can make it, no bullshit.
If you like it, please respond.
If not, what the hell is wrong with you?
Here it is, the story of the ex wife and the discovery of my secret porn stash.

Back about 15 years ago, I was married to my first wife, Bobbie, tall, 5'10", 120lbs, blonde, beautiful perky little b cup titties (I'm a sucker for a streamlined woman) long legs, pert little ass and very, very gorgeous. I have a knack, I shit you not, of attracting gorgeous women and unfortunately, marrying them, anyhow, she was the classic nympho, which sounds great, until she's fucking everyone else also, but that’s another story.
Bobbie was my dream, the first thought that entered my head when I saw her the first time was: “I’m going to marry that woman” and I sure as hell did just that. But on to the story.
I came home from work one day; we were highly in tune with each other to the point that I could tell pulling into the driveway that something was off, something was wrong, and I had one of those feelings. The were gone doing teenage girl things and I entered the dead silent house wondering what the problem was. I walked through the house and into the bedroom calling her name and stopped dead in my tracks when I walked through the door. She had found my super-secret porn stash.
This was pre-internet days, magazines and VHS tapes were the name of the game, which meant you had to stash all of it in very creative ways. I guess not creative enough. My stash was spread out all over the bed. I about had a heart attack. She was aware that I had porn, of course, but this was the type of porn that I had to hide in the secret stash; Barely Legal girls with shaved pussies (of course) and even more troubling, MMF bi porn and straight out hardcore gay porn.
I thought she was going to freak the fuck out. She started asking me about the , what was the attraction, was it the hairless pussies? Did I prefer no hair at all? Well, that was fairly fucking obvious right? I was trying to stammer my way through a reply when she pulled up the long skirt that she had on; she had no panties on and she had shaved all of her pussy hair off. I took this as a positive sign so I started to relax a little. She had very light blonde barely-there pubic hair anyhow, but seeing that smooth pussy really got me going and made me wonder what the fuck is about to go down.
She started to leaf through the gay porn mags, as I stood there looking stupid. I was hoping in the back of my mind that she didn’t know what they were, but that was ridiculous. I just stood there very fucking humiliated, I mean, I'm the man, you know? Big, burly, bring home the kill kind of guy. “So, what is this?” she asked. I couldn’t think of a thing to say. She had opened a page on which two beefy guys were locked into a 69 with giant cocks in each other’s mouths. “Is this what you want?” “No” I stammered. So why do you have it? Do you want to fuck guys now?” I tried to figure out an answer that would ease the situation but nothing came to mind, I just stood there, thinking I’d never get to taste that shaved pussy now. “Does this turn you on?” “Yes” I managed to get out. “Why?” “I don’t know why” I was shaking now, scared of what this is going to turn into, was she going to leave me? What would my family and friends think when this got out that my wife left me over gay porn? But she did flash me that shaved pussy, so maybe there is hope.
“Show me why it turns you on” she said after a few minutes of paging through the magazines on the bed. I picked up one of the tapes that had bi MMF scenes and put it in the machine as she moved to the top of the bed in her normal watching TV position. Maybe the gorgeous women with the guys would temper down the shock of two men fucking, at least that’s what I was hoping for. We often watched girl on girl porn, she loved that, so my hopes were starting to rise. We lay back, side by side on the bed to watch. I was extremely nervous and still had my work uniform on.
The video started like any other porn, but with one gorgeous girl and two muscled buff guys with huge cocks. Standard stuff; eat her pussy, she sucks both of their dicks, and on we go.
The girl was sucking this huge cock as the guy lay back on the bed and the other guy starts sucking the hard cock with her. They are kissing and sucking, up and down that gorgeous dick. I could tell Bobbie was getting turned on, squirming a bit, moving her hips; she was absolutely transfixed on the action.
The guys in the film now moved into the 69 position and started to really suck those huge dicks into each other’s throats. The beautiful girl moved into position and started rimming the guy on top, seriously fucking hot action. Bobbie just said under her breath “oh my god" and said she had never seen anything like that. By now her hand was up her skirt and she was grabbing at my growing cock through my work pants.
We both stripped our clothes off as if they were on fire and she attacked my cock with her mouth like she would devour it whole all while watching the video out of the corner of her eye. Bobbie absolutely loved having cock in her mouth and always knew exactly how to work my dick, but this was something entirely new; the pure spell of lust that she was under had me gasping for breath and thinking about baseball in the effort to not come then and there.

On the video, one stud flipped the other over and started to eat his ass, his legs in the air, his ass open and he was eating his ass and popping each large ball into and out of his mouth. She was absolutely the most horned up woman I have ever seen. She seemed to get an attitude, a dominate streak going; like she was still pissed off and was going to make me pay for this. Bobbie was always my equal when it came to instigating sex and taking control, we each enjoyed making the other do what we want, but this was different, she was like a woman possessed. She made me get on my knees facing the TV, got behind me, opened my ass cheeks and started to tongue fuck my ass. I couldn’t believe it, just eating me out like she was starving. This was a first.

I think that there is no better feeling in the world, I had done it to her many, many times, so she knew. My god did it feel good. I was basically in the doggie position, my ass in the air and my gorgeous wife’s tongue up my ass, the day was coming along quite nicely. I had never felt something like that before; she opened my ass cheeks as far as they would go and I felt her hot slick pointy tongue push past me and into my ass. She was teasing my ass with her fingers now, lubed up with all that saliva and popping in and out of my hole, aggressively starting to fuck me with her fingers. It felt painful and humiliating in some manner and I tried to pull away, I needed pussy, goddamn it, and this hurt. But she was in charge now and she was insistent that she was going to fuck my ass with her fingers, as a punishment. I had experimented with dildos and vibrators up my ass of course, who didn’t? But this was out of my control.

She wriggled her way under me and started to suck my dick with her fingers still in my ass. I’m a big guy and always was cognizant of not smothering my much smaller wife, but she pulled me down so that my cock was down her throat and she was fucking my ass with her fingers. It was just too much; I couldn’t stop for the life of me and came like a mother fucker, down her throat, trying to pull out thinking she’d choke as she continued to fuck me with her fingers and holding me deep into her throat, I came and came in my wife’s mouth like never before. Whew.

One thing about Bobbie, she was always had the wettest pussy I had ever encountered in my life, bar none, genuinely turned on all the time. I ate her pussy and used our favorite vibrator on her until while she watched the video action until she came as hard as I did.

The next day was Saturday.
We had talked after last night’s action of going out and finding some serious toys. We went to an upscale porno shop in Salt Lake City no less to pick out a strap-on. We had visited this shop many times, Bobbie had been tattooed here a few months back. High end, very nice, clean, and full of tattooed college girls as sales clerks. Allowing those hot pierced sales girls to help us to pick out the right cock that was going to fuck me was one of the most erotic things I've ever done. Bobbie was relishing the role, some of the girls knew her from the tattoo session, I was relegated to the submissive role, they talked about which one would feel the most real, which one would hurt me, as if I was a piece of meat ready to get cooked.

Now it’s the night after shopping for the dildo, Saturday night.
We had eaten dinner and had a few drinks and I hit the shower.
We knew a hot fuck session was going to happen, so I'm on the bed, naked of course, and she tells me to wait and goes into the bathroom. I'm sitting there stroking my dick when I hear the door open; holy shit, she is naked, with thigh-high black leather (probably vinyl) boots on, and the strap-on harnessed around her waist and nothing else. I'm telling you, she is a<b> smoking </font></b>hot woman, at the time she had short blonde hair, lightly tanned skin (she's 1/2 native) and a large purple cock sticking out of her crotch. Jesus Fucking Christ. Where did those fucking boots come from?

She slowly gets on the bed like a cat would, works he way up and straddles my chest, the cock now hitting me in the face. "Suck it" she says. I start sucking the cock like I've seen in a hundred pornos, up and down, licking the head, the whole works, she's getting off on the sight, holding me by the hair (I had hair then) and making me gag on that dick. I could smell her pussy and it was driving me crazy, she is always entirely and utterly wet, anyhow, I grabbed the cock and licked my way down to her pussy lips. I was smelling the rubber of the cock, the leather of the harness and her sweet pussy, it was driving me wild. She was so wet and sweet; her pussy lips were trapped between the leather straps between her legs making her clit stick out. She would grind her pussy into my face as she stroked that cock like a real dick, she came and came on my face, I thought I'd drown on her pussy juice, what a way to go.

She dropped down and started to blow me, long strokes, sucking my balls, almost making me blow. She pushed my legs up to my ears and started to tongue fuck my ass, I was open like a woman would be, vulnerable and a little scared, just like the video! It was so fucking hot. As she was tonging me, she slipped a finger in, I was a bit surprised and clenched up like before, she gabbed some lube and lubed up my ass and her fingers and started to fuck me, sucking my dick at the same time. She got two fingers up there and I was getting kind of uncomfortable and it hurt like hell.
The dominatrix that was hiding in her came out then. She pushed my legs up further and started teasing my asshole with that big purple cock. She rubbed the cock up and down my ass teasing me by pressing it against and into my hole until I cried out to stop and then backing away. I admit, it was feeling pretty good, the in and out teasing. She started pressing it in a bit further and I was begging her to stop. My ass was being violated and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I looked at her as she was staring intently at what she was doing to my poor ass and saw the determination and power in her face that she was not going to stop. It hurt so fucking bad, so much pressure.
The cock started to push in. I could tell it was only in a few inches, maybe less, I begged her to pull it out, that there was no fucking way it could fit and she had to stop. She started to draw it out and I relaxed and thought she had relented and was done with this. She sensed that I had relaxed and she popped that cock in my ass past the head. Holy fuck, it was both a relief and so painful at the same time. I was almost crying that it hurt so bad and she was now cooing to me softly to “relax lover, just relax baby, let me move it a little now” She started to push a little, then pull a little, the rubber of the cock was pulling me in and out with the tugging and hurt so bad. “Please, more lube, please” I gasped. She stopped and grabbed the lube while that cock just sat there in my ass. She was softly talking to me as if I were a that needed to settle down, her dusky voice like velvet. She poured the cold lube on my balls and started to work it around the cock and into my ass, pulling out a little, fingers circling my ass and the cock, as she pressed in a little. It hurt so fucking bad but now it was slick and started sliding with ease. In and out, a millimeter at time, the lube pushing past the cock into my ass making it juicier and slicker.

I started to feel this warm rush sensation in the back of my neck, spreading from my head, down my shoulders and into my arms. I had never felt anything like it. The cock was now slowly moving an inch or two at a time and the warm rush was intensifying and growing. I started to feel the warm sensation at the point that the cock was now slowly moving in and out of me. It started to feel really fucking good. She was stroking my cock as she fucked me, it felt amazing. I was somewhat embarrassed that my cock was not rock hard, but the sensations in my ass were taking over now. I wanted longer strokes and begged for it, she complied, the cock went into the hilt then out almost to the head, I cried out, “please don’t pull it out!” In and out she is now fucking me in my ass like a possessed woman; intently staring at the cock moving in and out, her sweat dripping all over me as he banged her husband’s ass.

I couldn't take it anymore, the warm feeling was now a hot fucking fire, I was being fucked royally and I couldn’t take it anymore and begged her to pull out, we were both sweating and so enveloped in lust that I had tears pouring from my eyes; Bobbie had one hand pushing my left leg up and one gripping the hair on my chest so hard I was crying as she fucked and fucked me. My cock was now rock hard and I started stroking myself, Bobbie slapped my hand away and with no warning, popped the purple dick out of my ass and shoved my cock all the way down to the balls in her mouth. The cock coming out of my ass was so fucking painful and so much of a relief that I started to cum like I’ve never cum before. Someone once asked me, a girl on a sex forum, what it’s like for a man to orgasm. I tried to explain that for me, it was as if this huge hot wave that starts at the base of my neck grows and intensifies until I shoot my whole entire body out of the head of my cock. This was a hundred times that feeling. I came and came, all the while she is massaging my now sore as fuck asshole. I was cumming like a fucking madman and was so delirious I didn't notice that she had climbed on top of me, and engulfed my dick with her sopping wet pussy, I was still hard as fuck and she started to kiss me with my load of cum in her mouth, I was so turned on, it didn't matter, her cum bathed tongue was deep in my mouth as she came and came on my cock with the purple cock trapped between us.

japaneseass 53F  
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7/3/2018 12:46 pm

such a nice experience...

▀▄▀▄▀▄ ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄

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BigDandeMan1962 replies on 7/3/2018 3:23 pm:
Thank you so much!
Holy hell, your blog is amazing!
I am seriously in awe, you are one hot sexual woman.
Again, thanks for the advice, I love to write stories about my encounters and kind of crave an audience, know what I mean?
I think you do.
Best to you!

BigDandeMan1962 58M  
17 posts
7/3/2018 3:16 pm

Thank you so much!

Luvvvpussyncock 57M
11 posts
12/27/2019 12:48 pm

Such a very nice experience

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