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Backporch Antics
Posted:Jul 31, 2017 3:06 am
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2020 7:34 pm

Sitting on the back porch, relaxing while smokin a cig. Its nice to be able to hang out there in the nude.
Looking across at u sittin across from me on the futon my mind starts to wonder. I start feeling wetness as I think of what I want to happen.I start to smile.
I walk over and sit on ur lap facing u...wrapping my legs around ur back. Kissing ur forehead,I press ur face into my breasts. Ur hands on my butt, squeezing my cheeks. My naked pussy resting on ur dick...I start to grind on it. U sucking my nipples and I feel hardness rubbing on my pussy. Sliding ur dick just between my pussy lips ..the head rubbing on my clit as I grind. You reach up and grab my hair... exposing my neck, begin nibbling and sucking on it.
I stand up and push my pussy into ur face. U start licking me. Slowly at first till I started to ride ur face..pressing my wet hot pussy down on ur mouth and grinding on ur mouth.Riding ur face, you slide ur thumb on my butthole and rub it. Im cumming all over ur face.U continue with a few more rubson it and then I sat back on ur lap.
You reach down and rub ur head on my clit.Feeling real good but I want ur dick inside of me. Finally you slide ur dick inside me.I grab the back of the futon and start to ride ur dick, up and down..in and out. Sucking my breast , ur hands on my ass...ur dick moving in and out of me at a good steady pace. Ur dick is so good. Give it all to me.
In a quick minute you rolled us to our side and then guided me to my back with you on top. U pick up the pace and push in me fast and hard. My legs in the air, u ram the pussy,faster...ur balls slapping my ass. Pulling my nipples and twisting them ...ur pace gets faster. Fuck me hard, bury that dick in me. Yes! Fuck yes! Gimme that load. Hell yea!
Your body stiffens...ur hips jerk as ur yelling oh oh yes fuck yes Im cumming. 2 hard pumps and u explode.
U collapse on top of me , and we lay there exhausted.
Ahhh...thank you.
Flying the skies
Posted:Nov 17, 2015 3:22 am
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2020 7:37 pm

As I relaxed in the airport lounge having a few mild drinks to ease my nerves of flying alone for the first time. A couple sitting next to me struck up a conversation with me. We talked and found out we happen to be flying together...which was nice for me cuz I was scared but seemed I had made some new friends to fly with.
As we boarded... it so happen... we were all seated together so we kept talking and laughing together. Asking why I was headed out there...I explained I was coming to see u for a birthday surprise and to meet for the first time. They asked if we might be interested in getting together the next afternoon for a drink. I said I would talk to you and call them to let them know as we exchanged numbers.
Once we landed... I headed to the restroom and so did she. He motioned us on and told me hed grab my bag. Once in the restroom, she became a lil flirty.... playing with my hair while I washed my hands and then leaned in and kissed my neck whispering... I do hope to hear from u with a smile. When I turned to leave, she was infront of me and stopping at the door she turned around and kissed me hard...her hand resting on my breast and her thumb finding my hardened nipple. Pushing me back away from the door... she slid her hand down my side and cupped my ass... still with her tongue probbing my mouth. I returned her deep kiss and slid my hand under her skirt and began fingering her. She started thrusting her hot pussy on my fingers...lil moans escaping her lips. Her head moved down to my chest and she started nibbling my nipple thru my shirt.
We slipped into a stall and continued our escapade. My fingers fucked her frantically as I grabbed her hair and pushed her head back so I could expose my breast. Then placing her mouth on my tit... she licked and bit my nipple. My fingers working in and out of her...my thumb rubbing her clit she began to shudder and a wave of her pussy juice filled my fingers. As I removed my fingers and stepped back... she dropped to her knees and stuck her head up my skirt. Pulling my undies aside... I felt her hot mouth on my pussy and her tongue darting in and out of me.She pressed her face into my pussy and sucked hard on my clit as she slid her thumb into me... fucking me as she sucked my clit... I grabbed her hair and started pussy fucking her mouth.It didnt take long and I was cumming all over her face. Resting back against the stall door... she licked me clean. Arranging our clothes we went out and washed up and headed to meet him. She deeply kissed him and I could see him sucking her tongue. Then he leaned over and whispered to me... u taste really good and winked.
As we said our goodbyes and thank yous, I let them know I would make sure they heard from me.
Driving to ur hotel, I thought of how lovely the trip was so far. I felt my nipples harden again and tried to shrug it off. Ariving at the hotel, I got the key from the desk where u left it for me and made my way to ur room. In the room I showered, taking a bit of extra attention on my pussy. I wanted it to be all good for u. Slipping into my french maid outfit and then sliding a loose fitting dress over top... I left to get us breakfast. Taking the dress off in the car... I came to ur door, knocked and said room service. You came to the door mumbling ..I didnt order room service and opened the door. There I stood in my outfit with a tray of breakfast. Smiling...u let me in. As I sat the tray on the table, u took me in ur arms and began kissing the back of my neck. Uf hands resting on my breasts...squeezing them. Turning me around... u deeply kissed me... letting ur hands slide to my ass and pulling me tight to u. Savoring the moment, we stepped back and looked at one another...smiling.
As we sat and ate breakfast, we talked of my flight and the nice couple I met which helped me get thru the flight. I let u know that they would like to meet us the next day for a few drinks which u readily agreed.
Being that u worked all night, we crawled in bed for some rest. Ur arms wrapped around me holding me close... teasing my nipples with ur thumbs...I began pushing my butt back against u. U start humping my butt and I can feel ur dick getting harder. U slide ur leg between mine and lift my leg with urs. Slipping ur cock into me slowly...u slowly start fucking me while licking my outer ear. Ur dick feels so good inside me.We talked of this for months and it was finally happening... it felt so thick and hard pushing up in me. Pushing back on u... u roll to ur back...bringing me with u...keeping ur dick inside me. I sit up and with ur hands on my ass... begin to ride u. Ur moaning yes baby yes... u have a sweet hot pussy...feels so good. Ur dick going in me hits my spot and I begin to quiver. Juice running down ur cock onto ur balls...I ride u a bit longer. Climbing off... I lean down and suck my juice from ur dick and balls. Crawling up to ur face I deeply kiss u as I straddle u and slide my pussy down on ur dick again. One thrust from u and ur deeply buried in me. Grinding on ur hard dick...u grab my tits and begin sucking each nipple. Sliding up on ur dick, remving all but the head and then thrusting back down on it a few times and u grab my hips and start pounding my pussy. I lean my head back and grab ur nips...lightly twisting them and I feel ur hot cum squirting in me... a loud moan from u and I cum again.
Collapsing on u... u hold me tight and we roll together on our sides and drift off to sleep with u still inside me. When we awoke... we headed to the shower.
We washed each other... kissing passionately many times but keeping our composure because u had to get ready for work. After we dressed, we ran out and ate and then u left for work.
I called the couple when I got back to the room and said u had agreed for us to meet up the next day. She sounded happy yet a lil upset. She said his buddys wanted him to go out with them and she didnt know anyone here so she was gonna be alone. She asked if I would come hang out with her so I agreed.
Thier beach house was just up the road so I headed right up. When I arrived, she was sitting on the deck watching the sunset sipping a drink in her bikini. She went in and made me a drink and told me to get comfy. She returned with my drink and kissed me as she handed it to me... telling me she enjoyed our encounter the day b4. I agreed with her.
Gazing out over the beach... she moved her chair closer to me. Taking my hand in hers and holding it... she slid her hand down her tummy and into her bikini bottoms. I could see she was rubbing herself. I got instantly wet seeing this and thinking of how sweet her pussy tasted the day b4. I nudged her to join me in my chair...having her lay on me. I pulled her close and began kissing her. She played with my hair and sucked my tongue in her mouth. I could feel her hard nipples poking me so reached and untied her top. pulling her further up me I started sucking her tits. She gasped and arched herself...grabbing her ass. I sucked harder on her tits and she moaned. With a quick grab of my hand... she stood up and led me into the house. Pulling me toward the bathroom... she pushed off her bottoms exposing the great ass of hers. Stopping her in the hall I dropped to my knees and began nibbling her butt cheeks. She bent over and I slipped my tongue across her butt hole and inside her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pushed into my mouth.As i began sucking her lips... she stood and walked away. I followed her to the bathroom and there was a jaccuzzi waiting on us. We slipped into the jaccuzzi and started making out again. She sat on my lap facing me...kissing me deeply as my hands lingered on her ass and I slid a finger in her ass. She moaned in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a double headed dildo. Pushing her back... I grabbed it. She helped guide one end into my pussy and then mounted the other end. We began fucking it together...rocking back and forth on it. Reaching up I fingered her ass as we fucked this wonderful tool. She rode it and my finger hard... Each stroke she pushed back on pushed the dildo in me. I wanted her to fuck me with it. I slid her off of it and positioned her on my face. She bent over and I sucked her pussy and ass as she reached down and fucked me with the dildo. As I was about to cum...she pushed her pussy down hard on my mouth and began releasing her cum all over my mouth and face...just then I thrust upward and she fucked my pussy faster... causing me to squirt all over.
We dried off and made our way to the couch and fell asleep naked wrapped in each other.

School Marm
Posted:Sep 2, 2015 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2020 7:38 pm

Arriving early for my scheduled parent/teacher conference, I made my way to the classroom. The people before me came out and I made my way into the room. I knew this teacher was new but looking at her I thought she must be an older teacher. Her back was to me, her brown hair in a bun with a pencil pushed threw it, a below the knee skirt and a white blouse...reminding me of an old school marm.
As she turned to greet me I looked up to see a beautiful young woman.She was drop dead gorgeous...pretty smile, baby blue eyes, medium sized perky breasts pushing against her blouse and nice legs. I took a deep breath before saying hello as I couldnt stop staring and didnt want to be all tonguetied.
We sat down and she began to tell me my childs progress. Showing me papers...my hand brushed against hers. She looked at me and smiled a sheepish grin. Once done with all that she asked if I had any questions. I couldnt contain myself and asked," Your a beautiful woman, why do u dress like an old school marm?" Her reply was... to keep the attention off me.
My time was up and as I rose to leave she said," Im new in town, any chance you would like to join me for a drink and maybe you could give me some insight on this little town." I agreed quickly and asked when I should return to pick her up. She smiled and said, "You were my last meet for tonight so now is good."
We made our way to my car and headed to Joe's pub. Once inside we found a table and ordered our drinks. We sat idley chatting , sipping our drinks, when she placed her hand on mine. Asking if we could go someplace to get a bite to eat and another drink or 2... I smiled and said I know just the place.
We got to the club I liked to frequent...making our way thru the crowd, being stopped by the people I knew for a hug and a kiss and a few pats on the butt...we found a table in the back. I told her I hoped she didnt mind that I brang her here being it was a gay/lesbian club but they had really good food. She smiled and said yes its very ok.
As we waited for food, we talked, watched the couples on the dance floor grinding on one another, and seemed to really get along great. Under the table she laid her hand on my leg and started rubbing it. Looking at me for my approval, all I did was wink at her and we both seemed to breath a sigh of relief that it was all ok.
A few more drinks after the meal, and she was leaning on me. Her breast laying against my arm... I slid my other hand under my arm and rubbed her breast thru her blouse. I felt her nipple poking against her shirt. Her hand was now exploring up my leg...sliding up my skirt and resting near my pussy. I was extremely hot now and she seemed warm also.
Making our way to the back patio, getting another drink, we sat by the pool. A few couples were making out in the pool hot and heavy and by the look on her face I could tell she was getting excited. Leaning over, I asked if shed like to join them in the pool...she nodded in agreement.
Stripping to our bras and panties, we eased into the pool. The water was warm and the night air was a bit chilled... nice combination to watch her nipples grow harder under her bra. We sat on the back ledge of the pool, enjoying the night air. I leaned over and whispered to her...do u mind being here. Turning her head,,she leaned in and kissed me...shoving her tongue in my mouth and laying her hand on my breast. Kissing me deeply, she moved her body close to me pressing all of her against me. Sucking her tongue, I slipped my hand on her leg and a finger in her panties. Her pussy was bare and smooth just the way I like it. I had to taste this woman.
I hopped back down into the pool and had her remain on the ledge. I put my body between her legs and began kissing her titties. Sliding her titties out of her bra... I sucked her nipple into my mouth as I played with the other nipple. She thrust her chest in my face and I continued flicking her nipple with my tongue.
Laying her back , I leaned down pulled her panties to the side and slipped my tongue inside her. Licking her clitty hard and running my tongue in and out of her pussy hole. She was grabbing her tits and tugging at her nipples as she pushed her hips upward,,, pushing her mound into my mouth. She tasted so sweet. Her juices lightly flowing down my chin... I sucked hard on her clit and began finger fucking her. Her moans became more rapid, her hips moving up and down like she was fucking my face. I could feel my pussy throbbing and I sucked harder on her clit. Her cum began to fill my mouth,,,and I kept sucking her pussy...as I reached in the water and began rubbing my own clit. She grabbed my head and pushed it as she pushed her hips upward again ...squirting on my face.
Soon she relaxed her hips and sat up, pulling my hair to bring my head up she bent over and began kissing me again. Her tongue probbing my mouth...her hand playing with my nipple as I continued to finger myself. Kissing her way down my neck...she sucked on my neck and earlobe. I felt myself about to cum and moaned as she sucked on my neck harder. A rush came over me and I could feel my cum spasm out of me. I lifted my finger and slid it between her lips. She sucked on my finger... licking all my juices from it. Then she whispered...lets go back to my place.
As we drove to her place, I called the sitter and told them Id be later than I thought which they had no problem with. They decided to just keep my over night. As I looked over, she had hiked her skirt up and was sitting there rubbing her pussy for me. The thought of being able to be with her again made my nipples hard again and my pussy start to drip.
Entering the door to her place, she completely stripped and started tugging at my clothes to come off. As I stripped for her...she left her long beautiful hair down. Lifting her up... I carried her toward the couch but she directed me to her bedroom. I laid her on the bed, dropped to my knees and began licking and sucking her feet. Kissing up her legs and back down...then kissing up her inner thighs. Licking her pussy lips...sliding my tongue just inside them and flicking her clit. Sliding my tongue down her pussy and licking her butt. Biting her butt cheeks lightly...she moaned. Licking her butt again...her hips pushed upward. I started tonguing her butt...looking up to see her tugging her titties. She took a deep breath and yelled oh yes...and a burst of cum squirted from her pussy. Placing my mouth quickly on her pussy I sucked her pussy hard and sucked her cum from her.
Climbing up next to her on the bed, she laid in my arms for a bit. I closed my eyes and I felt her move. As I opened my eyes, I felt her naked body laying on top of me. her pussy laying on mine, she began to hump my pussy with hers. Her clit was swollen and it rubbed on my swollen clit...making it harder and more sensative. After a few more minutes of grinding together, she excused herself to the bathroom.
Returning I seen something in her hand but couldnt make out what it was. She slid between my legs and started rubbing my pussy again. I closed my eyes loving the feel of her body on mine. Then I felt something pushing into my pussy. Looking at her she smiled and lifted herself to slide the other end in her pussy. She began fucking me with her double headed dildo. It slid in and out of both of us together. We were fucking each other faster...our pussies meeting...the dildo working in us both at the same time. We fucked faster and harder and with one hard thrust from her...I began to cum hard. She kept fucking me fast as I unloaded a massive amount of cum...squirting all over. I rolled her off of me... my pussy still twitching...I pulled the dildo from me...slid in her and began fucking her hot juicy pussy. She rolled over and into the doggy style position without me stopping fucking her. I pushed that dildo in and out of her faster and then brang my mouth down on her butt... slipping my tongue in her butt. She screamed and came again. Still pumping her pussy and sucking her butt till all of her juices were finished flowing. She collapsed on the bed and I crawled in beside her. She curled up in my arms, giving me a kiss, and fell fast asleep.
I laid there a bit and just before dozing off... my thought was... I think I am liking this hot new teacher.
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Ride to remember
Posted:Aug 30, 2015 5:13 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2020 7:39 pm

As I prepare for our ride today.. a wave of frisky thoughts come into my mind..an evil smile comes to my face and I head to get dressed for the ride.
I slide on my leather thongs...looking at my broken bullet I decided that might work good under the thong and vibrate well with the vibration of the bike. Grabbing it and slipping it between my pussy lips...laying just perfect on my clit. Sliding on my tight jeans ..they press a bit harder on the bullet...sending a chill and making my nipples instantly hard. Slipping on my sheer black bra...the silkyness of it keeping my nipples erect..I rub them lightly and then slip my tank top on.Looking in the mirror I can see my nips poking thru and I give them one last rub...mmm feels so good.
U walk into the room and slap my ass as u walk by mumbling,looking good baby, Lets get going. As u thunder up the bike, I mount myself behind u and off we go.
As we head down I-81, I feel the vibration of the bike between my legs and it worked just like I was hoping it would. The bullet vibrating on my clit and my nipples staying rock hard. I press my titties against ur back so u can feel the nipples poking u in the back and kiss the back of ur neck. Reaching my hands around u... I rub ur crotch. Im feeling very frisky. U push me back... saying this isnt the time for this. So I lean back and let the wind smack at my nipples.
Not wanting to waste these awesome feeling nipples... I pull my top down over my tits and start flashing uncoming traffic. One trucker sees me and blows his horn...I smile and lift my tit and lick my nipple for him. Continuing down the road... I rub on my titties ...flashing select vehicles...having a good time. The intense vibe between my legs is working me into a frenzy. I can feel the wetness building. I slide my hand down my pants and dip my finger inside getting nice and wet. Sliding it out... I reach around and insert my finger in ur mouth to taste.
Next thing I know the bike has veered off onto a ramp to head to a lil diner along the interstate. We go in and place our order...and both head toward the restroom. As I reach the womans room... u grab me and pull me inside the mens room. Grabbing me and kissing me hard. We slip into a stall and kiss more. I feel u tugging at my jeans and I help u open them and pull them down. U slide a finger in me and work it. I notice out of the corner of my eye that there is a glory hole. I remove ur hand from me...reposition myself so that my pussy is right at the glory hole and drop ur jeans and take ur cock in my mouth. Sucking on u... I feel ur hand entwined in my hair and ur hips pumping ur dick into my mouth. Just then I feel something sliding into my pussy. Looking up at u... I notice ur eyes closed and ur busy pumping my mouth. I start rocking back and forth on the fingers in my pussy as I suck u deeper...our moans in unison. U grab my head and press it hard on ur dick as u shoot ur load. As ur load slides down my throat...I can feel my juices explode on the fingers inside me. Gaining our composure... we reapply our clothes and go back to our seat.
Back on the road... I watch the scenery...still feeling like I need to cum more. I reach around u and rub ur nips. No response. So I begin flashing the truckers. Giggling as they look and watch thier jaw drop.One trucker raises his air seat and waves his dick at me. I lick my lips seductively.
As we travel further... dusk sets in. U pull off on a side road and we take a rest off the bike. U lead me to a grassy patch...and strip my jeans off me. Bending me over ur knee...u spank me for being naughty on our ride. I get even more excited. Letting me up... I stand up and shove my pussy in ur face.Pressing down hard on ur mouth...u give in and start licking me. I keep grinding harder on ur lips and u grab my ass...pushing ur tongue deep inside me. I scream as u nibble at my clit and squirt all over ur face.
U lay down in the grass and pull down ur jeans...saying now ride it as ur dick stands hard and tall. I climb on with my back facing u and start riding ur dick. U strip my shirt and bra off...and my titties bounce as I slide up and down on ur dick. Looking toward the road ... I see we have an audience of truckers. I ride u faster letting my tits bounce for them. U reach up and start playing with my nipples. I can feel ur balls begin to tighten...I jump off of u.
Turning and facing u... I slide back on u. Ur dick buried deep inside me. U grab my ass and finger my asshole as we fuck frantically. Ur dick swells inside me and I grind down on it wanting to feel u explode inside me. I grab ur nips and squeeze them as we both climax together. Laying down on u... I slowly pump ur dick and tighten my pussy muscles to squeeze all ur juices out. Baring my wet pussy for the audience. I climb off and turn around to lick u clean. U begin to finger me again and I ride ur hand hard while sucking all our juices off of ur dick. U finger fuck me faster and I cum again hard. U lick the juices from your fingers.
As we stand to dress.. we hear clapping. Turning around we see the truckers smiling and returning to thier trucks. We hop on the bike...time to head home. As we head home... we get lots of air horns blowing at us... and a thumbs up for a very good show.
Nature Walk
Posted:Aug 29, 2015 10:04 am
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2020 7:40 pm

On my daily walk I decided to wander thru the woods. As Im walking I notice a nice *plant* and take a nice pinch from it and find a big rock to sit on and smoke some of it. Catching a good buzz I continue my walk.
Off in the distance I see something that might be some animals mating. As I get closer I hear *fuck me harder*... so I look closer..noticing it was 2 naked ppl fucking in the sunshine breaking thru the trees. He has her pushed against the tree...her legs wrapped around his waist and he is pumping as hard as he can in that position.
I see another rock and plop down on it quietly to watch the show. He bites her nipple as he pushes deep into her. She lets out a lite scream and pushes his head on her tit for him to bite again. As he bites her nipple again she runs her nails up his back and they both moan in unison.
He then eases her down of his dick...he lays on the already laid out blanket and she mounts his face. She grinds on his face as she plays with her tits pinching her nipples. He strokes his dick as she grinds back and forth on his mouth..groaning.She rises and turns around and squats down on his face again. She takes his dick in her mouth and begins sucking him as he licks her pussy,giving special attn to her clit...flicking it hard and then sliding his tongue up her hot pussy to her ass and tongues her asshole. She sucks his dick hard working every inch into her mouth. Cupping his balls she rubs a finger over his ass crack. He spreads his legs and she slips a finger in his ass and finger fucks it while sucking him.
Feeling some wetness in my own panties from watching this hot steamy sex scene. I begin to rub my nipples thru my shirt. They become instantly hard. All of a sudden I hear leaves rustle behind me and feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up and ur looking down at me... hot view isnt it u say to me and I nod my head. U say to me... well I was headed to join them and now I guess it will be a party cuz ur joining too. As I tried to decline... u take me by the arm and back of the hair (not knowing tugging my hair makes me even hornier) and rise me from my seat to walk over to the couple.
As we approach them they greet u. U say look what I found watching and she is gonna join us. Again I try to decline and she runs over and plants a spine tingling kiss on me. I taste his precum in her mouth.I slide my hands around her resting on her ass and pull her naked body to me. She grinds her pussy on my leg. U and ur friend join us and we become all entwined in each other feeling each other up.
U and I finally step back and strip off our clothes. Quickly u grab something and next thing I know...u have handcuffed me to a tree. She moves the blanket to the tree and u force me on my knees on it. U lay under me and force me down on ur mouth. She straddles infront of me and pushes her hot wet pussy in my face...and I begin sucking her pussy hungrily. He starts licking and tongue fucking my asshole getting it overly wet. I cant move...just moan loudly on her pussy as she is riding my face.
Ur friend straddles behing me and starts pushing his dick in my ass...and as he gets it completely inside me... the girl and I both moan in unison and cum together. me covering ur face with my cum and me sucking the cum from her pussy. Ur buddy starts pumping my ass slowly...she removes herself from infront of me and walks around behind ur buddy. She sits on ur hard dick and pumps her pussy up and down on it.Taking his hips she pushes them to fuck me faster. U continue to suck my clit and reach up and pinch my nipples. He grabs my hair and tugs it fucking my ass faster as She rides u faster and harder. She shoves 2 fingers in his ass and he shoots his big load in my ass. She grabs his balls feeling them unload in my she pounds her pussy on ur dick and squirts all over ur dick and continues fucking hard on ur dick. Reaching back she grabs ur balls and squeezes them and u shoot ur load in her.
Ur buddy comes around and uncuffs me. I collapse to the ground, Cum dripping from me. U bend over my lips and kiss me...the taste of my pussy and cum in ur mouth tastes good.She slides between my legs and licks my pussy clean. Then u stick ur dick in my mouth and start slowly fucking my mouth. Ur buddy slides behind her and starts sucking her pussy.
I gobble all ur dick in my mouth...sucking it hard...playing with ur balls. U fuck my mouth faster. Feeling like Im about to cum again I raise my hips and push harder against her mouth. U bury ur dick deep in my mouth and start shooting ur jizz down my throat and I explode in her mouth. He slips a finger in her ass and she jams her pussy in his face and shoots a load all over his face. He reaches down and grabs his dick strokes it a few times and then stands up and shoots his load all over her. We all collapse on the blanket...laying there a bit. Sitting up we partake in some of the *plant* I found. Then lay down all wrapped together and allow our bodies to mold together to begin again. Cant wait to taste u again.
Supper the hard way
Posted:Aug 14, 2015 5:56 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2019 3:05 pm

Music on, Cooking supper and doing a little dance at the stove, I didnt hear you come in. I feel ur presence and u approach me from behind and start dancing behind me...grinding on me softly. We dance a little longer and then I turn and kiss u slowly,intensly,my body melting to u. Pushing u away, I go back to cooking.

I hear the shower start so I know ur cleaning up to get dirty..hehe I set the table and finish cooking just as the shower shuts off.

Idle chit chat over supper was nice. Not sure how u kept ur composure as my toes played with ur dick under the table.Rubbing it with my feet,stroking it between my toes.

Clearing the table... ur hand wanders up my thigh beneath my dress. Surprise! no undies...just a smooth shaven semi wet mound of pussy. U begin to slide ur fingers up and down my lips. Then placing ur finger on ur lips to wipe my wetness on them and returns to between my legs. I lean over to grab the last bowl and u slip a finger in me...pushing it in and out slowly. I wiggle away amd put the dishes in the sink.

Coming back to u...I straddle u,facing u.Kiss u sweetly on the lips and then slide up onto the table. Spreading my legs, ur gaze turns to my sweet looking pussy. With no hesitation...u lean in and start licking me. Your tongue teasing my clit...u sldie a finger back inside me and finger fuck me as ur sucking on my clit. My hands go to my breasts and I begin to squeeze them taunting the nipples with my thumbs. Sucking hard on my clit...finger fucking me... I can feel u stroking ur cock. I arch my back and push my pussy into ur mouth more...pinching my nipples.

Ur head moves from my pussy and u stand up. Spreading my pussy lips u slip ur dick onto my clit and smack my clit with the head of ur dick.Holding it and rubbing it up and down inside my pussy...not letting the head slip deep into me. I feel more juices of mine oozing into my pussy and sliding down my butt crack. Placing ur cockhead back on my clitand rubbing them together...slowly sliding it down and deep inside me. Pumping ur hips ever so slightly... my pussy wrapped tightly around ur cock. Pushing a bit faster, I reach up and start playing with ur nipples. U start pushing harder and faster in and out of my hot wet snatch. I grab my bullet from my dress pocket and lay it on my clit. The vibe of it on high...u can feel it to as u fuck my tight pussy harder and faster...slamming ur rock hard cock in and out of me. My pussy tightens and I squirt all over ur rock hard cock making it so wet that u keep slipping out.

I grab ur hand and motion u to the couch. U sit down and I straddle u as u lean back. Pushing my soaked pussy on ur mouth. U start licking and sucking my juices as I grind my pussy on ur mouth...fucking ur mouth with my pussy. U grab my ass and start helping me along.Slipping a finger in my ass and fingering it... took no time at all to cum in ur mouth. I wiggled and wiggled on ur mouth and finger till u sucked every drop of my cum. Then I slid down to ur lapand eased on to ur rock hard dick...easily slipping deep inside me. I grab the back of the couch and begin to ride u. U deep inside me and me grinding down on ur dick. Grabbing my ass u help me push up and down on ur cock. It so filling up my hot pussy and I wrap my muscles tight around ur cock and fuck u faster.Fucking hard and fast u grab my tit and suck my nipple hard as I feel ur dick inside me harden even more and the felt the first hard cum shot.Hard thrusts down on u... ur cock pulsating in me as u cum hard inside me I still continue to fuck ur cock. I want to milk all that cum from u. Climbing off of u... I turn around and lay my pussy on ur spent dick...rubbing it up and down inside my pussy lips...the juices all mixing.

Ur hand moves between my pussy lips and rubs the inside of my pussy. Ur fingers soaked with cum...u bend me over and start rubbing it on my ass. slipping a finger in and fingering my ass. I feel my pussy getting hotter as u fuck my ass with ur fingers.Ur other hand postions ur cock to go back inside my pussy.I work my way onto ur semi erect dick and ride it slowly as ur still fucking my ass too. I am so hot... I wanna fuck hard and steady. Reaching for the coffee table drawer, I pull out a dildo and hand it to u. U insert it in my ass and begin to ass fuck me as u pushing deep in my pussy. slamming both dicks in me at the same pace...fast and steady. Then faster and faster...I arch my back and cum shoots all over us as I cum so hard. U shoot a load after that and we keep pumping to pump us dry.

Collapsing on the couch...we stay intertwined and just lay there to weak to move. The music playing....we fall asleep still entwined.
Neighborly Lust
Posted:Jun 27, 2015 7:25 am
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2015 3:52 pm

Waking to an empty house for the day but Ienjoyed the peace and quiet. Laying there I started to let my mind wander. Stretching, twisting and rubbing my body felt to good and knowing I didnt have to get up was even better. My hands stopped on my breasts and started playing with my nipples. I luv how my nipples pop thru the fishnet so I continued to rub them...making them nice and hard. Sliding one hand down my tummy and resting on my pussy lips...I slip a finger onto my clit.Rubbing lightly my nipples got rockhard. My hips start moving with my finger and I rub my clit harder. Licking my lips... I feel the juices seeping inside my pussy. I dip a finger and get some juice on it..and begin to suck the juice from my finger. By this time Im really horny.
Reaching to the night stand I grab some tantalizing cream and place it on my clit. It heats up immediately...tingling. Grabbing the bullet I lay it on my clit and press hard. My hips rise... I slip 2 fingers in me. Pumping on my fingers... I slide a 3rd finger and feel juices flowing faster. Finger fucking myself...mmmm feeling so good.
Just as Im about to cum... the doorbell rings. Removing the bullet and sucking my fingers free of juice. I toss on my robe... forgetting its see thru and head to the door.
Opening the door to a neighbor lady and her friend wondering if I was ok. They heard moaning and knew I was alone. I apologized for the noise and yes I was ok. She looks at me and says yes we can see ur alright...smiling. Turning red I realize Im in the see thru robe and my nipples were hard poking thru the holes.
Again I apologize for my appearance. She says no apology needed... she likes what she sees and asks if I would like some company. Inviting them in... I asked if theyd like coffee...walking toward the coffee pot. Just hitting the brew button ... we sat at the table.
I admitted I had seen her around but not her friend.I found her attractive when Id see her in her tight short shorts and tank top with her perky nipples poking thru. Her friend was thin with small breasts but also attractive. We exchanged names and sat chatting till coffee was ready.As I turned to get up she lifted he hand and touched my breast. I knew then this wasnt going to be any ordinary coffee.
As I returned with coffee ... I seen her checking me out. She leaned in and softly said...My friend and I would like to help u moan.She walked over to me and slid into my lap facing me... and pressed her hot lips on mine. I felt hands on my shoulders and someone biting on my neck. A small moan escaped... I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. I cupped her sweet lil ass and slide a finger in her from behind. She began to ride my finger as she kissed her friend. I was so freaking hot... I invited them to the bedroom.
Removing my robe..I went to hang it up and her friend came over behind me. Bending me over... grabbed my ass and ran a hand up the inside of my pussy.Flicking my clit. I stood and turned to begin kissing the friend. She comes up behind us and starts nibbling my butt.
Moving to the bed... she lays down and I waste no time taking that sweet pussy in my mouth. She tasted delicious and my wetness increased. Just then her friend was under me licking my pussy good thru the crotchless fishnet.I started writhing on the friends face and grinding hard as I sucked her pussy hard. She was pushing her hips up to bury her pussy deeper in my mouth.At that momment we moaned and came at the same time. My face was dripping of her juices and the friends face was dripping with mine.
Her friend came around and leaned over her. she sucked all my juices from her face. Then the friend licked my face free of juices...probing her tongue inside my mouth.
Her friend laid on the bed... and she stripped off her panties. To my surprise she was a tranny. I knew this was my lucky day. I have always imagined being with a tranny and it was about to come true. Her and I started licking her cock together as she played with her breasts. She would let me suck it all in my mouth and then she would take it in her mouth. When it became rock hard ...the neighbor lady laid on the bed and her friend pushed her dick inside her. The neighbor told me to come ride her face. I straddled her face and began pussy fucking her mouth as she pumped her with her dick. I leaned in and sucked her titties while rubbing the neighbors clit. It was so hot. I came quickly.
I removed myself and went to the nightstand. grabbing my strapon and double headed dildo I return to the bed.
She removes her dick and strokes it a bit. The neighbor and I position ourselves doggystyle but with our butts touching. We slide the double head dildo into our pussies. We start pumping on it. The friend straddles my ass and slides the dick in my ass. We all start fucking hard. The moans getting louder from all of us.
Friend is slapping my ass while she fucks it and her balls rubbing neighbors ass. Neighbor and I are fucking harder and faster on the dildo. I feel her squirt on me and I get off and squirt on her.
Neighbor slides the dildo out of us and turns to lick me while friend is still fucking my ass. I feel another orgasm coming and bury my pussy on neighbors mouth...squirting into her mouth.
Friend slides her dick out...stroking it a bit. She bends over and neighbor mounts her with the strapon.I lay under friend and suck friends dick while neighbor fucks her ass. Friend is moaning loudly... I feel her balls tighten and she shoots a big load in my mouth. Neighbor pulls out and comes down to kiss me so we can share the juices.
All of us collapsed on the bed. Me being cuddled in between them. We all doze off. When we wake up... round 2. >>!
School Girl Exam
Posted:Jun 15, 2014 7:52 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2015 3:17 am

Arriving on ur doorstep... dressed in my leather trenchcoat and fuckme boots...I wait nervously for u to answer.
Looking away for a second... I hear a voice say... Welcome and come in.Walking in and closing the door...I turn to find ur face directly at mine. Ur hand comes up behind my head pushing it to ward urs till ur lips press firmly and passionately on mine.Deeply kissing me...ur fingers entwine in my hair...making a light moan escape between our hard pressed lips.
Taking my hand ... u show me to the couch as u go get us drinks. Mellow music playing low... a get in the mood setting...but hey after that kiss ..Im more than in the mood.
Returning with our drinks...u sit across from me on the loveseat. As I went to cross my legs,my trenchcoat falls open and exposes my sexy thigh. Looking across at u...I see ur eyes flutter a bit and notice a bit of bulge in ur crotch.
As we sit and talk ... it begins to get warm and I remove my trenchcoat exposing my bare shoulders and deep cleavage. I see ur eyes become fixated on what u see. Smiling...I walk over to u...lean over and plant a deep kiss on u. My tits resting on ur chest...straddled across ur legs...I feel a hand cupping my pussy.Slipping ur fingertip inside on my clit...encircling it. My hips begin to move with ur finger...pressing down on ur finger harder.Grabbing ur hand...I push ur hand to let the finger slide inside me.I begin riding ur finger...my juices sliding down ur finger.Removing myself from ur hand I drop to my knees. U quickly push ur sweatpants off and my mouth comes down on ur cock.Looking up at you... I see u sucking the juices from ur finger that was inside me as I began licking the shaft up and down like an ice cream cone. Playing with ur balls.Sucking hard on ur cock till it was rock hard.
I rise and straddle ur lap...letting ur cock slowly fill my hot wet pussy. Leaning down and kissing u as ur cock settles in my pussy...my pussy gripping around ur big cock. Slowly sliding up and down on ur cock as ur mouth finds my nipple and ur finger finds my butthole. Ur other hand gripping my ass cheek as u slide ur finger in my ass. My pussy juice begins flowing as I ride u faster and ur finger fucks my ass faster. My head drops back as I cum all over ur cock.Removing myself from ur cock... I drop to my knees and lick u clean... sucking hard on the tip of ur throbbing cock.
Just then the doorbell rings and u get up to answer the door. Returning back holding the hand of a younger girl dressed in a school girl outfit with pigtails. All I could think was what a nice surprise.
Settling her on the couch... u remove ur sweatpants and straddle across her...rubbing ur cock across her lips. She smiles and flicks her tongue across it.Sitting infront u the 2 of u... her legs part a bit and I see a sweet clean shaven pussy looking like it needs attention. I reach up and place my finger just inside her pussy on her clit and begin rubbing lightly. Her legs open further and she begins grinding on my finger as u slide ur cock into her mouth. She slides her butt to the edge of the couch as she sucks ur cock.I lean in and place my mouth on her sweet wet pussy. Slipping my tongue inside her... her sweet necter tasting so good.I begin to tongue fuck her and rubbing her ass which makes her grind harder on my mouth...sucking ur cock deep in her mouth.U lean forward and start fucking her mouth. I remove my mouth from her pussy and start fingering her again as my mouth finds ur balls and I lick ur balls as u fuck her mouth. She begins to cum all over my fingers as I feel ur balls getting tighter and u shoot ur hot cum in her mouth. I slip my hand to ur mouth so u can taste her juice ... u licking the juice from my fingers as I put my mouth back on her pussy to clean her juices.
We all colapse for a few minutes and catch our breath. U hit the remote as we all cuddle on the couch together with her between us. We sip our drinks u prepared for us as the porn movie starts. She watches intently...as I reach over and rub her leg and u rub the other one. Her nipples jutting out hard as rocks. She slips her hand down and begins rubbing herself as we both lean in and suck her nipples into our mouths. Hearing the moans from the movie seemed to arouse her more.She places her hand on ur cock and begins stroking u. I postion myself under her as she sits on my mouth and rides my mouth while she strokes u. Ur moans start getting louder and I know she is getting u hard again. She jams her pussy down on my mouth... my tongue going deep inside her...she moans loud and squirts into my mouth. Her and I stand up and kiss deeply as u lasy down on the couch. I guide her to straddle u and slide down on ur cock. While u slowly fuck her pussy... I place a dildo in me and then slide on my strap on. I get behind her . Slowly sliding the head of my strapon into her ass... she moans.We begin fucking her together. As I push in her ass... my dildo pushes up in me. We are all moaning and fucking hard now... feeling so good. I reach under me and grab ur balls and play with them as we fuck her faster. She is moaning so loud which is turning us on even more and we fuck harder and faster. I feel my orgasm cumming quickly and let out my own scream as I squirt time and time again. She starts riding both cocks faster and screams and squirts all over ur cock. Removing herself from ur cock she hops on ur mouth and starts grinding. I remove the dildo and strapon quickly and slide my hot soaked pussy down on ur cock... fucking u faster and harder. She leans over and kisses me as our hot pussys are all over ur mouth and cock. We hear u moan and boith grind down on u as we all cum together...her juice flowing in ur mouth...my juice all over ur cock and ur squirting ur cum deep inside me. She removes herself from ur mouth and pushes me off ur cock...putting her head between my legs and licking up our juices. I lean down and kiss u tasting her.
Wow! Exhausted we all just rest on the couch and get ready for the rest of the night.
Chocolate Delight
Posted:Mar 16, 2014 7:28 am
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2019 10:05 am

Going thru the grocery store to grab the fixins for dinner date... I am unsure of dessert. We had never discussed any sweets besides the Cadbury cream eggs. Walking past a display gave me an idea. I picked up a bag of melting chocolate, some peanut butter, and a few cream eggs (since it was that time of yr) and headed to the checkout.
Driving home, I started deeply thinking what I was gonna do with everything I just bought. Started to stir a lil wetness in my panties with my naughty thoughts. Luckily I always carried a small vibrating bullet with me and at the next red light I grabbed it from the console and shoved it down my panties... resting it on my clit. Turning it on to the pulsating feel ...I got a smile on my face. Continuing on my drive home... I would find myself grinding on the seat...the vibe being stronger that way. I felt the juices oozing from inside me and shuddered slightly. I felt another gush about to cum just as I pulled in my driveway...I put my car in park and grabbed my nipples, pinching them as I gushed hot juices into my panties.
Inside I put dinner in the oven... put the melting chocolate in the crockpot and headed for a shower. While showering I shaved my legs and pussy for a hair free feel. So extra stimulating when I am hairless.
After drying myself off I dressed in a sheer sundress with nothing underneath.
U arrived on time...just as dinner was finished cooking. U fixed us drinks as I set dinner on the table. Leaning over to place the last plate on the table... I see u hand me my drink from behind as ur other hand slid up my dress and rest on my butt...letting ur middle finger slip into me. A quick breath and a smile crossed my face... I know this is gonna be a good night.
As we ate... I rested my feet on ur chair between ur legs...my feet rubbing the crotch of ur pants. I can feel ur cock getting hard inside ur pants. Looking at u while I sucked the olive from my martini between my lips seductively and then licking my lips... I see ur eyes quiver shut and feel ur cock grow even harder.
After dinner was over... I cleared the table and told u to get comfortable as I prepared dessert. U fixed us another round of drinks as I disappeared in the kitchen.
Putting raspberry nipple cream on my nips, peanut butter on my clit...then dipped my nips in the warm chocolate in the crockpot. I dribbled the warm chocolate down the front of me. Unwrapping 3 cream eggs, I placed one inside my pussy, one between my pussy lips on my peanut butter clit, and one in my butt. I felt myself getting excited as I could feel the cream eggs melting in my hot spots and at the thought of u eating my dessert.
Returning to the living room, u are relaxed on the couch ,music on, and ur head leaned back with ur eyes closed. I see u rubbing lightly on ur bare cock... as I approach u.
I climb up on the couch... laying my hot chocolate sticky pussy upon ur lips. U begin licking my pussy lips. I look down and see the quizzical look on ur face...as u start licking me harder and darting ur tongue inside my pussy lips. U grab my hips and pull me down tightly on ur mouth... licking and sucking harder on my clit. Slipping ur tongue into my pussy...sucking the melted cream egg from every part of my pussy. U push me up a little and move ur tongue to my butt. Tasting more cream egg...ur tongue darts in and out my butt...sucking the cream eggs from there. Ur moans against my butt tell me u are enjoying dessert. My juices are flowing out onto ur lips and I begin to ride ur face... needing to gush my hot cum on ur mouth. U slap my ass and slide a finger in my butt... just as Im about to cum. I moan loudly and cream all over ur face. I can hear u slurping my cum as to not miss a drop.
Removing myself from ur face... I get on my knees infront of u. Pouring some of the warm chocolate on ur hard cock... the chocolate runs down ur whole shaft and onto ur balls. I lean over and start licking and sucking the chocolate from ur balls. Looking at ur cock as I suck hard on ur balls... I see precum oozing out and down over the chocolate covered cock. Licking up ur cock to suck up the chocolate flavored cum... I suck ur cock into my mouth. Using my tongue to cleanse ur cock... I rub ur balls...feeling them getting tighter. U grab my head and begin to fuck my mouth. Pushing ur hard cock in and out of my mouth...I squeeze ur balls. As u continue to fuck my mouth... I straddle my pussy onto ur foot. I hump ur foot as ur cock pushes in and out of my mouth. U grab my hair and fuck my mouth faster...and with a moan...I feel ur hot load hit the back of my throat. Swallowing fast I keep sucking...milking all ur cum into my mouth. Mmmmmm.
Moving back from u... u open ur eyes and look at me. Seeing the chocolate cover nips... u push me on my back onto the floor and get beside me to suck my nipples. Ur hand finding its way between my legs... u begin to finger fuck me as u suck my nipples. My hand finds ur cock and I stroke u as u finger me. Rearing my hips upward... u slide 3 fingers inside me and finger fuck me faster. Ur cock growing harder... I know I want u deep inside me. U crawl over me and straddle my face. U push ur cock in my mouth and start fucking my face. I suck hard on ur cock and play with ur balls. Ur cock becomes massively hard.
Removing ur cock from my mouth... u roll me over and position me doggystyle. Slapping my butthole with the head of ur cock feels so good. Ur cock slides down and into my pussy. U grab my hips and push faster in and out of me. My pussy grips around ur cock...sucking it in as u slide a finger in my butt. We start fucking faster...ur finger in my butt moving just as fast. Letting out a loud moan... my body twitches and I squirt all over ur cock...drenching ur cock and balls. Removing ur cock from my pussy... u slip it into my butt. U push slowly in and out. I reach between my legs and rub my clit as u begin to fuck my ass faster. My ass so tight around ur cock...I can feel ur about to explode. I rub my clit faster and harder...u pumped my ass harder...and with a loud moan from both of us... we explode at the same time. Ur hot cock juice shooting deep in my ass...as my hot juice covers my hand. Collapsing on the floor.. ur grab my hand as we lay there and sux my cum from it.
Resting... I say we repeat dessert.
Posted:Jun 23, 2013 1:32 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2014 4:09 am

Moving into a new area where you really dont know anyone can be hard but some times we need to do it for a new start.

Being that I moved into the new place in winter time... I had lots of time to get the new place set to my standards. It looked good and comfy by the break of spring. Even though it took most of my time I was happy but made no time to explore the area except to work and the local errands.

As spring had sprung... I noticed the outside of my new lil place was kinda dreary looking amongst the other homes in the area so I decided that maybe a lil landscaping was in order. I am not so good at that type of work so I decided to seek out some help.

Driving to work one morning I noticed a landscaping truck and figured yes thats it. So I scribbled down the number and decided to call. I set up an appointment for Saturday morning so I could fit it in with the rest of my errands.

After a few mixed drinks the nite before by myself, I went to sleep in a mood that a partner would have been happy for and needless to say... I woke up in that same mood...a sexy mood. Showering early so I had time to shave my legs, underarms and the *hope* area... I was feeling even more sexy. Taking a lil extra time to play with *hope* and relieving the edge by a small orgasm ...I was ready to start my day.

Still feeling in a sexy mood... I decided to carry the feeling with me by dressing sexy. Sliding my lacey blue boyshorts and matching bra on... I ran my hands over my body, thinking damn I shoulda taken the time to mingle and meet someone for local pleasure. Sliding on my silky thigh highs, the feel of them gave me a slight shudder. Guess that lil orgasm wasnt enuf to help.

Laying back against my pillow I decided to play a lil more. Grabbing my vibe and my new glass dildo, I started to feel a bit excited. Turning the vibe on... I placed it on my clit... hearing the hum and the vibration on my clit was feeling real good. I began sucking on the dildo ... licking it up and down like it was a lollipop. My fingers playing with one of my nipples...mmm so hard. Sliding my panties to the side... I began to massage my pussy with the dildo but not entering my hot hole. My hips started churning... the vibe working my clit... I slipped the dildo in *hope* . Slowly at first.. in and out of my hot pussy... I started to feel more wetness. My fingers controling the dildo were wet and juicy... so I started pushing in and out faster. Within a few minutes I was cumming. Grabbing my tits as the gush of cum started flowing out my pussy, I pinched my nipples and raised my hips feeling the cum slide down to my butthole... and another orgasm comes from the feel of the juice on my ass. Colapsing on the bed, I felt more relieved so knew it was time to finish dressing.

Looking at the clock I realized I was now running behind. So quickly I put my shirt ,skirt and boots on , run a brush thru my hair and out the door I went. Driving to the landscaper appt which I was already late for ... I realized I hadnt cleaned the cum from my ass or pussy...so I sprayed a lil extra body mist on my clothes hoping noone could smell it as I could...or maybe because I knew it was still there.

Walking into the landscapers office I noticed a handsome man sitting behind a desk smoking a cigarette. He smiled and asked if he could help me. Quickly I glanced at his hand and noticing no wedding band and a thought went thru my head... boy could u help me. Smiling ...I said I had an appt and apologized for being late. He came from behind his desk and shoke my hand and asked me to sit down.

As I sat down my skirt slid up my silky thigh highs exposing my legs a bit more than I thought it would. I looked at him and he had noticed too. Looking at him and seeing him looking at my legs I smiled and felt even sexier at this point.

Finally we started discussing business, and having a hard time getting comfortable in the hard chair I kept readjusting in the chair... my skirt riding up a lil more. He noticed I was uncomfortable in the chair and asked if I would like to sit on the sofa to view the pictures of some of the landscaping they could offer. Obliging I moved to the sofa and he brang me the picture book and sat beside me. Laying the book on my lap , I leaned over to get a good look ... not noticing my lowcut top had gapped open and u could see my breasts bulging from the top of my bra. Feeling that he was staring I looked over and noticed his eyes noticing me. I smiled and looked down his body. Stopping briefly at his crotch I noticed a rise happening in his pants. A bit embarrassed , I smiled and went back to the photos.

He leaned up to point out some nice butterly bushes that he thought I would like....I could feel his hot breath on my neck. Almost immediately I felt my nipples harden. Gosh and I thought I had taken care of this extremely horny mood I was in.

I chose what I liked and made the arrangements for his crew to come do the work.

As I drove home I couldnt help remembering his smell and how hot I got at him just leaning over me. I began to get wet again and felt my clit start to swell.

As I walked in the door the phone was ringing. Answering it I found out it was him...asking if he could stop by... there were some papers I forgot to sign. Guess we both lost track of what we were supposed to do. I agreed for him to come by.

Putting some smooth music on... I relaxed on the couch while I waited. Thinking again of his aroma I decided to play awhile. Sliding my hand down my thigh and then to the inside of my thigh... I slipped a finger inside my pussy lips. Rubbing my clit lightly...my hips grinding a bit and a ruch of warmth filled my pussy. Removing my finger I placed it to my lips and began sucking the juice that was on my finger. Mmmmm I tasted do good. Placing my finger back inside my pussy... I added another. Grinding even harder on my fingers... I began rubbing my nipple...and fingering my pussy faster. Not hearing the knock on the door... I continued to finger fuck myself. Then a huge climax came and I let out a huge scream... OH FUCK... and the cum covering my fingers. I stuck them in my mouth quickly as to not miss a drop. Then I heard the knock at the door.

Gathering myself... I answered the door. The aroma of fresh cum on me... I apologized and invited him in. He handed me the papers and as I leaned over the bar to sign them... I could feel him staring at my ass. Reaching back I realized my skirt was up a bit far exposing my ass. Turning and smiling at him... I asked if he liked what he seen. He smiled and said yes... and I like the aroma I smell too.

Feeling a bit embarrassed... I reached back to pull the skirt down and he said... u dont have to on my account... and placed a hand on my cheek..saying NICE. Instantly my clit started to throb again. Turning to look at him... I dropped to my knees... pulled out his cock and slid my lips around it. Sucking it deep in my mouth... I began sucking it hard. I needed to taste some cum. I kept sucking it as I started fingering myself again.

Grabbing my arm...u pull my fingers from my pussy and begin sucking them as I suck faster on ur cock. A load of cum hits the back of my throat. Sucking u harder...as not to lose any cum I place my hand on ur ass and push all of u into my mouth.

He pulls me up from ur cock and kiss me deeply...ur tongue tangling with mine. Ur body pressed hard against mine. Ur cock dripping onto my leg. Ur hands rest on my ass and u slide a finger inside my butt and start massaging my butthole. I push harder on u.

Pulling away... I motion with my finger to follow me. I saunter toward the couch...u following. U seat urself on the couch... and I straddle ur lap facing u. In a quickness... u have my breast in hand and begin sucking my nipple. I grind in ur lap. As u suck my breast...ur hands find my ass again. U replace ur finger on my butthole and rub. Finally flipping me on my nack on the coffee table... ur begin to undress me and lick every visable part of me. Ur lips sliding down my body... u lick at my hot pussy...sliding ur tongue to my butt... u lick it and rim it. My hips moving in a grinding motion trying to get more of ur tongue and I feel it slide inside my butthole. U begin tongue fucking my ass... and juice starts oozing out my pussy. U dip ur tongue into the juice and then shove ur tongue back in my butthole. Bringing me off on another intense orgasm... I squirt all over ur face. Juice running down ur face and dripping on my ass... ur breathing so heavy...u clamp down on my pussy and suck it hard... sliding a finger in my ass... I squirt in ur mouth. U suck it all down.

U stand up and I notice ur cock is rock hard again. I know I want that cock but I need to excercise my mouth first. I stand up and lead u to my bed. Stripping u down... I lean over and tongue ur nips...litely nibbling them as I use my hand to stroke cock. Nibbling my way down... my tongue flicking everywhere... I go down and start sucking ur balls. Each one alternately in my mouth as my finger explores ur butthole. I collect saliva and let it drip on ur balls and let it run down ur butthole. My tongue follows the saliva...flicking ur butt hole...feeling u squirm in pleasure beneath me. I kiss and nibble my way back up ur body... biting litely on ur nipples. Carefully I climb up and straddle ur face...and lower my pussy on ur mouth. U pull me down tightly on ur mouth... sucking hard on my pussy... I grind hard on ur mouth. Looking back I notice ur cock is pulsating hard and I have to have it. Prying myself off ur face, I straddle ur waist and slide down on ur rock hard cock. Grabbing ur nips and squeezing I ride ur cock faster... ur balls rubbin against my butthole. U spread ur legs and push harder into me... fucking me faster and harder... we both explode in a massive orgasm. Our bodys jerking as the cum spills out of us.

Collapsing beside u on the bed... we lay there...drained. U look at me and ask if u can work inside the house while ur crew works outside. I just smile.
Posted:Oct 30, 2012 11:33 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2013 1:32 pm

Coming up behind me... I feel ur right arm embrace my waist as ur left hand grabs my hair...gently pulling my head back and ur lips plant firmly on my neck. Kissing and nibbling my neck all the way to my shoulder. Kissing ur way to the back of my neck.. my head drops forward and u kiss across to the other shoulder...nibbling ur way up that side of my neck. My hard nipples now poking out the silk cami ...I can feel moistness between my pussy lips.
Feeling ur hand slide down my tummy into my silk gstring. A finger sliding inside of my pussy lips and onto my clit...working my nub lightly...small moans exscape my lips. Leaning my head back...u plant ur lips firmly on mine. Deep hungry kiss...as u work a lil faster on my clit.
Ur hardness pressing against my butt... ur lips on mine. Mmmmmm
Ur hands moving to my nipples...u rub them as u slowly bend me over. I feel u rub the head of ur cock between my pussy lips...circling my clit...sliding it down to my hole and back up again. Teasing me with just the head... trying to push back on it and u slap my ass. U pull it out and slap my butthole with the head... then slip it back in between my pussy lips. One quick thrust and ur buried deep inside me. U begin pumping me slow and easy...making me feel every thick inch u have to offer. I feel each thrust deep and fulfilling. Grabbing my vibe I place it on my clit as u push in and out of me. Reaching further under I place the vibe lightly on ur balls. Ur cock seeming to grow harder... u grab my hips and push in and out a bit faster. Putting the vibe back on my clit... u pull ur cock from me and rub the precum on my butthole. Grabbing the buttplug...u insert it in my butt. Slipping ur thick hard cock back inside me. Working the buttplug with ur thumb as u slide in and out of me steadily. The vibe buzzing on my clit.
U grab my hips and begin to pound my pussy with ur throbbing cock...faster and harder with each thrust. My pussy tightens around ur cock as my hot cum shoots all over ur cock and balls. U thrust faster and faster..ur balls slapping against my pussy...I hear ur groan and feel ur hot cum shooting deep in me as I grind back on u...wanting every hot drop u can fill me with.Draining ur whole load into me...mmmmm
U pull the buttplug...and slide out of me. Sitting down... I turn around and clean the cum from ur cock with my mouth. Ur hand in my hair...u guide my lips down over ur cock...getting every drop of ur sweet necter. Sucking each inch clean.
Looking up and smiling at u... I give my approval.
Public Places...Smilng Faces
Posted:Aug 24, 2012 7:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2012 10:29 am

An early morning walk thru the state park to start the day out right... I stop at the point to look out over the river. Seeing a few fishermen on the river ... the fog over the river makes them seem so far away.
I woke in a mood this morning so decided to put my bullet in for my walk. The lite buzz on my clit as I walk feels so erotic that I get tingles. Feeling the slight wetness it has caused.
As I relax on the bench...I adjust the speed a bit faster...and begun rocking back and forth to move it slightly. Seeing noone around... I begin to rub my breasts while the bullet buzzes faster on my clit. Leaning back on the bench and closing my eyes... I slide my hand inside my shorts and start fingering myself. It felt so good that small moans escaped my lips. I rubbed faster ...fingering myself...feeling my juices flowing on my fingers...I remove my hand and suck the juice from my fingers. Mmmmm I taste so sweet. I replace my fingers in my wet pussy and continue to fingerfuck myself. My legs spread wide... the cool breeze against my hot pussy made me wiggle harder on my fingers. Just as I was about to cum... I feel a hand remove my hand and feel a tongue slide between my pussy lips. I jumped to look and everything was dark. I feel someone licking hard on my pussy... nibbling my pussy lips... thumbing my butthole. Reaching down... I push the head ... while thrusting my pussy upwards as I squirt a hot load of cum in the persons face. They suck hard...lapping all the sweet nectar.
I feel the head remove from between my legs and in one quick thrust they pull me to my feet. Turning me around... they bend me over the bench and slide my shorts to the side... slowly pushing a nice hard cock inside me. Fucking my pussy slowly at first... I could feel the hard cock push in and out ... throbbing with each stroke. Placing his hands on my hips... he starts slamming me back against his hard cock... faster and harder.
A wave rushes over me and I squiet all over his cock... hearing his cock slap into my pussy... I was so turned on.
Stopping himself... he takes his cock out and places my hand on it... leading me with it. Soon we stop and we helps me onto a new seat.... laying me back... he props my legs up and enters me quickly again. Pushing in and out ... he puts his fingers in my pussy and collects some juice. Rubbing my juices on my butthole... I feel something sliding into my ass... his cock still thick in my pussy. He begins fucking me again... both holes getting penetrated at once. I grab my breasts and start pulling on the nipples and rubbing them.He fucks me faster and harder... pushing deep inside me. I feel him start to shudder and he pushes in deep... and keeps it inside me while the thing in my ass moves fast and deep. I raise my hips and moan loudly... letting my cum squirt all over his cock he rams it hard and moans as I feel his hot cum cover my pussy.
Collapsing on me... he tugs my nipples with his teeth. Then I feel him move off me. I reach to find out why I couldnt see and feel a blindfold. Removing the blindfold... I see noone. I look down and see my clothes all ruffled around me. I sit up and fix myself. Looking out I see the fishermen looking at me intensly and smiling. I stand... they clap... I bow and walk away.
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Posted:May 6, 2012 4:05 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2015 2:22 pm

Sitting at the pool party... I keep looking around at the eye candy. The drink in my hand... the ladies in skimpy swim suits and the men in thier wet look... I realized I was getting a bit turned on. I politely excuse myself and head for home.
Up ahead I see that billboard for the toy store and remembering I have become bored with the toys I already have... I decide to swing on in and see what I can find. When I parked I seen only 2 cars in the lot so figured it was a slow day.
Entering the store ... I was greeted by the clerk. Scanning the walls I was searching for just the right toy. My wet swin suit still clinging tightly to me... I could feel eyes on me. A little embarrassed... I rounded the corner and found the different vibes. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the viewing booths. I decide to slip in one and watch a lil porn.
Feeding the machine with money... I select a movie and begin watching. It was quite erotic and caused alot of wetness for me so I began to rub my breasts. Sliding my hands down my tummy and into my bottoms... I slip a finger inside me and rub my clit. Working my pussy slowly... I close my eyes and listen to the moans of the movie.Slipping 2 fingers into my pussy... I grind on my fingers ... letting my own moan escape. I start rubbing faster... not hearing the sounds around me.
All of a sudden... I feel someone removing my hand and a hot mouth clamp down on my hot pussy. Opening my eyes... I see its the clerk and a spasm hits me and I squirt a load of cum. Not letting up the clerk continues to suck hard on my pussy and rubs my butthole. I grab for thier head and push thier face in deeper. Grabbing my nipples and tugging on them. My back arches as I cum again. Drinking down my cum... they remove thier head and stand me up. Sitting on the seat... she pulls me to my knees and pushes my head to her bald hot pussy. my ass against the wall and my face buried in her pussy I suck her clit between my lips and nibble on it. Her pussy tastes so good. Licking and sucking on her I slip 2 fingers in her. She is writhing and tugging my hair... load moans coming from her... she cums in my mouth. I continue to lick her... wanting to keep tasting her sweet pussy. I keep fingering her as I lean up to suck her beautiful tits. I kiss all the way down and lick her thighs back up to her sweet mound. My ass still plastered against the wall... I feel something entering me from behind. Turning to look... she grabs my head and pushes it back to her pussy... as something hard is workin in and out of my pussy. My pussy getting pumped makes me suck her hot pussy harder till she covers my face with her cum. I stay there between her legs still licking as I feel myself about to cum... I buried my face deep in her pussy as I cum hard against the wall.My body shudders with every jolt of cum squirting out... and she rides my tongue hard... cumming right along with me.
Taking a moment to regain myself... I stand and she stands and kisses me. Taking my hand she leads me to another room with a workout mat on the floor. She lays down and pulls me on her. We begin kissing and rubbing... shes moaning lightly. Hearing the door... we both look and in walk 2 men. She smiles and winks as if to say ok. They walk over to us and join us on the mat.
We were all over each other... kissing, rubbing and enjoying all our naked bodies touching each other. The one guy lays down and I crawl between his legs and take his cock in my mouth. She climbs on his face and begins to ride. The other guy gets behind me and enters me. Reaching up I rub her clit as he sucks her pussy and sucking his cock while I get pounded from behind. He places his hands on my ass and squeezes as he fucks me fast and hard. I slide off the guys cock Im sucking and she mounts his cock. My mouth finds her butt and I suck it as Im getting pounded. In one quick motion... we all let out a moan together and shoot our loads.
Collapsing on one another... we remain entwined for awhile. All of us spent of cum.
Collecting myself... I gather my swim suit and get dressed. Smiling at them all I leave and head for home.
Now thats one trip I plan to make often. Maybe next time I might even buy a toy.
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