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Ohio young stud searching  

Bigz5252 23M
11 posts
2/18/2020 11:56 pm
Ohio young stud searching

Have been on this site for over a month, and have yet to get anything out of it. if interested or have advice please feel free to reach out!

10172 posts
2/19/2020 12:19 am

you could be an art model

Fluffy7591 62F
59 posts
2/19/2020 3:35 am

Maybe not brag. Some of us women do not care for that. If so good no need to announce it.

Bigz5252 replies on 2/19/2020 1:01 pm:
Really not to sure what I’m bragging about? Just wondering how this thing works and what to realistically expect.

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
1193 posts
2/19/2020 3:36 am

Too bad you're so far away, Honey.
The ratio of men to women here is like 1,000 to 1! Don't expect anything too soon, except for fake profiles and gay guys. Get involved in groups. One more thing, the IM sucks here. Happy Hunting!

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

Granny872 67F  
2279 posts
2/19/2020 4:13 am

Just a suggestion: ditch the bathroom photo with the open toilet and clothes strewn on the floor.

None of us are getting out alive, so let's at least try to be nice to each other while we're here.

gentlelovrjust4u 62M  
172 posts
2/19/2020 4:26 am

One whole month?? I am sure there are a lot of men who have been on here for years and not gotten what they think is must out of being on here. I have been on and off of this website for over 15 years and I have not met with 15 ladies in that whole time. I have met with some very nice ladies over the years and have some good times with them, but it has been about 6 months know since I have even had anyone respond to my messages. You do have at least one thing going for you, that is your age. I wish this site was around when I was in my early 20's. You are a Gold member so just keep messaging people and do your best to see how long it has been since a given person has logged in. There are a lot of profiles still on here that people haven't logged in to for years. Good luck

Bigz5252 replies on 2/19/2020 2:29 pm:
Sounds good! Appreciate it man. Just didn’t exactly get how this works fully. Still trying to get the hang of it. Thanks for the input!

onelastchan00 50F  
1099 posts
2/19/2020 6:37 am

The toilet in the pic is a definate turn off for me just sayin

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Bigz5252 replies on 2/19/2020 1:09 pm:
Didn’t know taking a picture before getting into the shower was so wrong but I will keep that in mind. Thanks

10172 posts
2/22/2020 3:13 am

The toilet complainers aren't in your demographic anyways, so don't worry about them.

kimmywells 38F  
1 post
2/22/2020 10:55 pm

one thing that turns me off is when people expect you to live on here 24/7 especially when people have jobs to go to lol so don't be too upset if no answer right away too

Tbadboytoy69 60M
182 posts
2/28/2020 9:21 pm

The pads add a nice touch

fashionablegma 77F
7574 posts
3/12/2020 11:37 am

Could have put the toilet lid down lol,but we are all messy,you should see my walk in wardrobe but have a cleaner for that,to pay to tidy up behind me,she such a godsend,as for you bod well think you will not have a problem on here

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