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Late night peep
Posted:Apr 19, 2021 3:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 8:41 pm

You are curled up on your couch watching tv as you notice a slight shadow by the back window. It's a man looking in watching you. At first overcome with fear only realize this mans arm is moving up and down. Not trying be caught yourself watching him you see that he has been looking in at you stroking his thick hard coc In a wonder, you walk away from the window take a shower having that thought that this man is pleasuring himself thoughts of you it makes you want the same. As the hot steam builds and your body is covered by rolling warm water your hands float across your body in search of that complete arousal that you saw through the window. As your hands massage your breasts and softly press against your puffing pussy lips you hear the click from your back door shutting. Startled, you grab your towel and begin to look down the hallway to see if you are just hearing things or if that man from the shadows has broken into your house. As you slowly walk from the bathroom your arms are pulled behind you and quickly restrained and a blindfold placed over your eyes. Your towel falls to the floor and you are picked up over his shoulder only to be dropped down on your bed. You feel the bristle of his beard against your skin, the roughness of his callused hands, and the soft tender touch of his lips. Your hands are released only to be tied to the bed posts and your legs freely opened knowing what is to come. His fingers at your mouth, his tongue ever so gently opens those soft lips between your thighs. His hand moves from your mouth to your neck and feel as his hips press against yours. Already hardened by his own hand, you feel the sensation of something thick and hard against your clit. The silence and the darkness is unnerving. Only being able to push away and attempt to wrestle with your legs he grabs your calves, picks you up and turns you face down. With one swift motion he grabs your hips, pulls you tightly and his massive cock slides inside your tight little pussy. Your mind tells you to scream, but all you can do is think how amazingly good this feels. His thick hard cock slamming deeper and harder inside you. His balls slapping your clit. He reaches forward to grasp your neck and pull you bac As his manhood claims your tight wet pussy you begin say... more, deeper, please more. He stops, becoming saddened you immediately wonder where he has gone and in that same instance the taste of pussy soaked cock touches your lips. So thick it's difficult to fit even half of it in your mouth. As you lick his shaft and suck on his balls you finally hear the sound of his voice in a low toned moan. He moves again and to your surprise laying down beneath you for you to ride and control. As you rock your hips front to back sliding his cock in and out he leans in to suck on your nipples, grabbing your ass to regain control again he picks you up and back down, his hips thrusting hard and fast. Harder, faster, deeper, you feel his cock swell and he pulls your blindfold to look in your eyes as he is about to fill your warm wet pussy full of his thick hot load of cum. The fuzz fades from your eyes and to your surprise it was me. As my cock erupts inside you I notice your pussy tighten and feel as you massively orgasm you begin to yell due to it's intensity.
Bar that will leave you....
Posted:Apr 19, 2021 3:32 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 8:41 pm

I saw you sitting the bar with your drink, slowly running your straw across your lips knowing what every man could be thinking. You glance in my direction and up and down, taking your fingers and running them up and down the straw of your drink so gently and looking as if you want to come to you and fulfill your desires. As you turn back to the bar I walk up behind you and kiss your neck, you lean your head and I hear a soft sigh as if you are relieved that I have come to you. I place my hand on your cheek and turn you back to me and feel your soft sweet lips for the first time. You take me by the hand and lead me outside as if not to make a scene and walk me to our vehicles and there our hands can not be taken off of one another. Looking like two lost lovers hands roaming across each others bodies hard passionate kisses, your nails clawing at my shoulders and back setting you on the seat of my truck, pulling your blouse to bring your breasts open to me, sucking, licking, kissing. Seeing you lay back and letting my fingers follow your body, from your breasts to your belly sliding your skirt up, just enough to see that beautiful valley within. My fingers gently caress and smoothly slide between those lips hearing your slight moans and as you begin to squirm I taste of you with just the tip of my tongue licking from bottom to top kissing your clit, and swirling around it with my tongue I hear you gasp. And as my tongue runs back down it divides your lips and you feel it push from side to side. Your hands grasping at my hair like you are trying to pull me closer, I suck on your clit softly and reach hold your breast. My tongue pushing harder and pressing deeper tickling your clit with my tongue kissing the treasure that I see, slapping it from side to side licking from bottom to top, top to bottom, pushing my tongue inside you, hearing your moans loader and your cries for me to be inside of you. You hear me saying not yet, I want more... engulfing your wet pussy with my mouth sucking, feeling my tongue cover every inch, twirling around your clit, holding your sides as you arch your back. I up you and your eyes are urning for more, so I climb to you and you filled with lust and frustration begin to tare at my clothes to get undressed. You take my manhood in your hands and begin to stroke it while looking up as if you are pleading with to suck my cock. You then lick from my balls to the head and take inside your mouth, feeling it glide against your tongue and your lips engulfing .
Short hotel meeting
Posted:Apr 19, 2021 3:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 8:41 pm

I go to meet you this little hotel, you are already there waiting. I knock on the door and when you answer, you notice my cock hanging of my pants. You up with a smile and as you grasp my manhood with your soft hands you pull in past the door. Slowly kneeling infront of I begin to pull your blouse off and I feel your wet lips and tongue sliding down my throbbing cock. I reach to hold your hair and carress your breasts. Hearing a slite hum from you as if you are tasting something so good. Running your finger nails down my chest and stomache as you try to fit as much of me as you can in your mouth. I start to help you stand so we can move to another part of the room but you shack your head no and keep pleasuring me. As soon as you move, we don't even get to the bed, you bend over in front of me and lift your dress. I hold your thighs infront of me and let my lips press against the inside of your thighs, moving my tongue ever so gently closer to that beautiful peach that lay between. I lick from bottom to top, tickling and teasing your clit so softly at first. Taking all of your pussy in my mouth and sucking till you hear my lips pop. Spreading your pussy lips apart I enjoy all of the juices that touch my tongue, licking and sucking, feeling my finger rubbing inside of you. Swirrling my tongue around your clit rubbing my finger tips between your lips. Enjoying every moment, hearing your moans of desire, your body shakes. You moan softly... no more... fuck me... I stand up behind you and let my cock slide between your pussy lips letting the head flip your clit. Slowly you feel the tip pushing inside of you and softly out... almost, just enough so you can still feel it. With every stroke you feel me sliding inside of you deeper and just a little faster. Feeling my cock so hard it's throbbing inside of you, I can feel your pussy so wet. We move to the bed at last and I lay you down, hold your legs against my chest and with every thobbing inch push into you harder... deeper... faster.... you reach up to me and say WAIT! You push me down and straddle me rubbing your pussy on my cock.... It's my turn, you say. Having your pussy swallow my cock you lean towards me, I begin to suck and lick on those beautiful breasts. Teasing your nipples with my tongue. We one another almost the same time and.. oh... uh... ....cummmiinnngg!!!!
Picking her up
Posted:Apr 19, 2021 3:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 8:41 pm

As you get into my truck you place a small kiss on my cheek. I softly you up and down and say, “You beautiful today”, you greet with a smile. As hardly any words are spoken on the drive I see your hands running up and down your thighs, gently biting your lip and I notice you sitting there starring my crouch as it starts to bulge from watching your body move. I take my hand and place it on your leg and you squeeze them together as if you don’t want to move too far. You take my hand and set it cupping your breast letting caress your breasts, softly pinching your nipples. Your hands begin rubbing my leg and grasping my thick hardened cock. My hand moving down your stomach and massaging your pussy. You push my hand away and unzip my pants, pulling my shirt up and kissing my stomach. Hearing gasp, you lick the head and take it all in your mouth. Feeling your lips gliding up and down on my thick hard cock. Having your hand smoothly sliding up and down the length of it. Your tongue licking from the base of my dick to the tip and then feeling your lips surrounding it again. I reach over and begin to massage your pussy, feeling it so , so wet. You push my pants down so that you can feel my balls in your hand. Feeling my manhood swell in your mouth and in your hands you pull away and glide your lips down my hardened shaft, tickling my balls with your tongue and back up again. Your lips wrapping around that long thick cock, feeling my fingers tickling your pussy, hearing you moan and you suck harder, faster… I finger you harder and deeper, we pull close to my house and yet we don’t know what to do. Continue now or wait just a few moments…I walk you to my house and not letting our hands part from each others body make our way to the door. As soon as the door is shut I press you against the wall and kiss your lips, sliding down your neck and caressing your firm breasts. Taking your clothes off one by one I kiss every piece of your body that is exposed. Tickling your nipples with my tongue, sucking, kissing. I lay you down upon the bed and place my lips on yours. Kissing your neck, biting your shoulder, letting my lips glide down, massaging your breasts with my tongue kissing down your stomach. Kissing your thighs and running my fingers up your calves as I raise them above my shoulders. I pull you close to me and lick from bottom to top, I suck on your clit. Dividing your pussy lips with my tongue, moving it from side to side. Hearing you gasp and letting out a faint moan I place all of it in my mouth… sucking, tickling your clit with my tongue and letting it slide back down to push inside of you, teasing you a little. Caressing your breasts, having you suck on my finger. You reach to grasp my hair but I place your hands your sides and I shake my finger you…. No, no. Feeling hum as my lips engulf your sweet pussy, sliding my tongue between your lips feeling my finger gliding inside of you, so gentle, so slow. Your moans get louder with every stroke and your cries for wanting , I finger your pussy deeper and lick your clit and your pussy lips faster. You try again to grasp my hair but you stop and instead hold your legs higher as if you were giving more to love with my mouth. You cry out “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and I lick harder and faster pushing my tongue inside you… not giving you one moment to escape the erotic pleasures. Watching your body quiver, and hearing you gasp for air with every stroke of my tongue I see a glazed in your eyes and you tell “Now you will finish what you started!” And yes, I agree! I reach up to you feeling my hardened cock sliding between your pussy lips I .....

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