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Bar that will leave you....  

Billy_LB1979 42M
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4/19/2021 3:32 pm
Bar that will leave you....

I saw you sitting the bar with your drink, slowly running your straw across your lips knowing what every man could be thinking. You glance in my direction and up and down, taking your fingers and running them up and down the straw of your drink so gently and looking as if you want to come to you and fulfill your desires. As you turn back to the bar I walk up behind you and kiss your neck, you lean your head and I hear a soft sigh as if you are relieved that I have come to you. I place my hand on your cheek and turn you back to me and feel your soft sweet lips for the first time. You take me by the hand and lead me outside as if not to make a scene and walk me to our vehicles and there our hands can not be taken off of one another. Looking like two lost lovers hands roaming across each others bodies hard passionate kisses, your nails clawing at my shoulders and back setting you on the seat of my truck, pulling your blouse to bring your breasts open to me, sucking, licking, kissing. Seeing you lay back and letting my fingers follow your body, from your breasts to your belly sliding your skirt up, just enough to see that beautiful valley within. My fingers gently caress and smoothly slide between those lips hearing your slight moans and as you begin to squirm I taste of you with just the tip of my tongue licking from bottom to top kissing your clit, and swirling around it with my tongue I hear you gasp. And as my tongue runs back down it divides your lips and you feel it push from side to side. Your hands grasping at my hair like you are trying to pull me closer, I suck on your clit softly and reach hold your breast. My tongue pushing harder and pressing deeper tickling your clit with my tongue kissing the treasure that I see, slapping it from side to side licking from bottom to top, top to bottom, pushing my tongue inside you, hearing your moans loader and your cries for me to be inside of you. You hear me saying not yet, I want more... engulfing your wet pussy with my mouth sucking, feeling my tongue cover every inch, twirling around your clit, holding your sides as you arch your back. I up you and your eyes are urning for more, so I climb to you and you filled with lust and frustration begin to tare at my clothes to get undressed. You take my manhood in your hands and begin to stroke it while looking up as if you are pleading with to suck my cock. You then lick from my balls to the head and take inside your mouth, feeling it glide against your tongue and your lips engulfing .

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