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Picking her up  

Billy_LB1979 42M  
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4/19/2021 3:31 pm
Picking her up

As you get into my truck you place a small kiss on my cheek. I softly you up and down and say, “You beautiful today”, you greet with a smile. As hardly any words are spoken on the drive I see your hands running up and down your thighs, gently biting your lip and I notice you sitting there starring my crouch as it starts to bulge from watching your body move. I take my hand and place it on your leg and you squeeze them together as if you don’t want to move too far. You take my hand and set it cupping your breast letting caress your breasts, softly<b> pinching </font></b>your nipples. Your hands begin rubbing my leg and grasping my thick hardened cock. My hand moving down your stomach and massaging your pussy. You push my hand away and unzip my pants, pulling my shirt up and kissing my stomach. Hearing gasp, you lick the head and take it all in your mouth. Feeling your lips gliding up and down on my thick hard cock. Having your hand smoothly sliding up and down the length of it. Your tongue licking from the base of my dick to the tip and then feeling your lips surrounding it again. I reach over and begin to massage your pussy, feeling it so , so wet. You push my pants down so that you can feel my balls in your hand. Feeling my manhood swell in your mouth and in your hands you pull away and glide your lips down my hardened shaft, tickling my balls with your tongue and back up again. Your lips wrapping around that long thick cock, feeling my fingers tickling your pussy, hearing you moan and you suck harder, faster… I finger you harder and deeper, we pull close to my house and yet we don’t know what to do. Continue now or wait just a few moments…I walk you to my house and not letting our hands part from each others body make our way to the door. As soon as the door is shut I press you against the wall and kiss your lips, sliding down your neck and caressing your firm breasts. Taking your clothes off one by one I kiss every piece of your body that is exposed. Tickling your nipples with my tongue, sucking, kissing. I lay you down upon the bed and place my lips on yours. Kissing your neck, biting your shoulder, letting my lips glide down, massaging your breasts with my tongue kissing down your stomach. Kissing your thighs and running my fingers up your calves as I raise them above my shoulders. I pull you close to me and lick from bottom to top, I suck on your clit. Dividing your pussy lips with my tongue, moving it from side to side. Hearing you gasp and letting out a faint moan I place all of it in my mouth… sucking, tickling your clit with my tongue and letting it slide back down to push inside of you, teasing you a little. Caressing your breasts, having you suck on my finger. You reach to grasp my hair but I place your hands your sides and I shake my finger you…. No, no. Feeling hum as my lips engulf your sweet pussy, sliding my tongue between your lips feeling my finger gliding inside of you, so gentle, so slow. Your moans get louder with every stroke and your cries for wanting , I finger your pussy deeper and lick your clit and your pussy lips faster. You try again to grasp my hair but you stop and instead hold your legs higher as if you were giving more to love with my mouth. You cry out “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and I lick harder and faster pushing my tongue inside you… not giving you one moment to escape the erotic pleasures. Watching your body quiver, and hearing you gasp for air with every stroke of my tongue I see a glazed in your eyes and you tell “Now you will finish what you started!” And yes, I agree! I reach up to you feeling my hardened cock sliding between your pussy lips I .....

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